Title: Untitled (tentatively under the working title of "The Kou Family of Cute")
Pairing: none
Rating: G
Summary/Warnings: short ficlets or long drabbles of the Kou's pwning Seiran. Non-AU, set pre-series. Un-betaed, so all mistakes are entirely my own.

Part 1 of 4


The pristine whiteness of the snow-covered fields gradually fell away to the grayer slush of the city streets as they made their way through Sa Province. Shouka was glad to see that the new member of their entourage was doing better day by day under his wife's diligent care. While she could no longer close wounds with a touch, there was still something special about the way she worked with the injured.

Shouka was reasonable enough to admit he was a bit biased, but it was true that Seiran was up and about mere days after they found him, when Shouka had seen grown men laid flat on their backs for weeks from the same wounds. The boy had seemed even younger after they cleaned him up, wrapped his wounds, dressed him in new clothes and gave him food; the bewildered air surrounding him in the few days where he was at Shoukun's mercy only added to it.

Shuurei had taken to the new member of their family as well, following Seiran around like a duckling with its mother as soon as Seiran 'escaped' Shoukun's care. It was the most adorable thing Shouka had ever seen, despite the slight disappointment that his daughter hadn't done that much with him on this trip. But she still showed up regularly to haunt his steps for reading lessons and he already had plans to start buying books for her as soon as they arrive at the Capital. So that was enough to tide him over, along with his laughing wife and Seiran's confused looks, until they finally reach their destination.


At the checkpoint, Shouka handed over his papers with a smile to the bored looking clerk manning the side-office. It might have been simpler to flash their pass, emblazoned with the mark of the Kou clan, but Shouka had never been in the habit of flaunting his family's power. It was power that belonged to his little brothers now, in any case, and he would be the first to agree that they are much better at wielding it than he ever would be.

The clerk looked at the paper. "It looks like this travel authorization form has been updated in the offices here." He noted. "For...Shi Seiran?"

"Yes, sir," Shouka confirmed, but before he could extrapolate, Shuurei had already started.

"Seiran's going to come with us!" She said with a big smile, peeking over the edge of the clerk's desk. "And he'll play with me and he's good at climbing trees and beating up bullies!"

The clerk blinked. "Ah...I see." His gaze turned to Seiran, who didn't look like he was just the subject of a little girl's adoring outburst - unless you looked very carefully. "And what do you say to that?"

There was a moment of silence before Shuurei piped up again. "Seiran doesn't talk much, but he'll shake his head if he doesn't want something." Her face suddenly turned worried and she detached herself from the clerk's desk to tug at Seiran's sleeve. "You are coming with us, right??"

Shouka hoped the man didn't mind that his daughter seemed to have taken over the whole interview, but it seemed like the clerk was waiting expectantly for the answer as well.

In the meantime, Shuurei had taken Seiran's silence as reluctance - instead of overwhelmed-by-cute - and was now earnestly trying to convince him while holding onto his sleeves with both hands. "Come with us! Tou-sama said there'll be a big garden and books. We'll have lots of fun! Please come...!"

Before it could get down to tears, Seiran knelt down and loosened Shuurei's grip on his clothes. At her beseeching look, his expression shifted into what passed as a smile, and he nodded.

Shouka felt Shoukun's hand slip into his, and met her dark amber eyes with a smile. The joyous cheer from Shuurei didn't quite cover the sound of the clerk's seal of approval on the travel pass.

They were going home.