Title: Untitled (tentatively under the working title of "The Kou Family of Cute")
Pairing: none
Rating: G
Summary/Warnings: short ficlets or long drabbles of the Kou's pwning Seiran. Non-AU, set pre-series. Un-betaed, so all mistakes are entirely my own.

Part 4 of 4


They went off, hand in hand, because the Master and the Madam going shopping together was a disaster waiting to happen, and they still haven't recovered from the last one. The good thing was that he was learning some interesting things about carpentry from the hired help...the bad thing was that their kitchen was at the center of Master's last cooking attempt.

At least he was trying to just boil water at the time, so the stove was only slightly, not completely, destroyed.

"Seiraannnn," his attention turned back to his shopping-partner. She tugged at his hand, swinging them all the attention they should be accorded for a six year old. "How much money did Tou-sama give you? Is there enough for candy?"

"Maybe," he said with a smile, "But first we have to get the groceries for tonight's dinner. We can't eat candy for dinner, right?"

She pouted, but by then they had arrived at the marketplace and she was greeted as befitting a princess, with calls and waves and smiles from most of the vendors. He let go of her hand to let her run as she liked, keeping an eye on her as he made the rounds for groceries.

When he had the various vegetables in-basket and was just starting to haggle for the meat, she returned and attached herself to his side. "Seiraaaan, there's sesame candies today," she mentioned beseechingly, shooting forlorn looks at the sweets stand. The last time they were here, the shop had been out.

He glanced down at the money left after the vegetables, the eggs and the salt, and then at the cut that had been the topic of discussion for the last minute or so. The butcher's wife usually manned the stand since he tended to scare the customers away, and for good reason. Seiran had failed so far in convincing the man that the price he wanted was exorbitant. There definitely wouldn't be any extra funds left over if they went with the quoted price for the meat. "Ojou-sama, you know Master wanted a nice hot-pot for everyone today. Maybe we can get you some sesame candies later."

Shuurei seemed to realize that too, and her small face fell in disappointment. He was proud of her, though, when she didn't make a scene and just said in a small voice, "Okay."

The butcher was glaring at him and packaged the meat. Seiran blinked when half of the money he handed over was handed right back.

"Special sale today," the man growled. "It's getting late and I won't be able to sell it by the end of day anyway."

Considering just a minute ago Seiran confirmed that there were no special sales and it was barely a few hours past noon, he couldn't help but conclude that the man was lying through his teeth.

He hesitated too long and the butcher grabbed his hand and dumped the money in there. Still glaring hard enough to chip rock at fifty paces, he pointed to the candy stand. "Just go buy the girl some candy already!"

"Thank you, sir," He nudged Shuurei. "What do you say, Ojou-sama?"

"Thank you!!" The girl chirped, and Seiran watched the lines in the man's face arrange themselves into what appeared to be a rarely-used smile. Shuurei grabbed his hand and started dragging him to the candy stand.

He made a mental note and added the butcher onto the list of people with confirmed weakness against his Ojou-sama.