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Chapter 1: Admit it

Something was haunting her and he knew it. He knew it from the moment she walked into his office that morning, two week ago, to give him a case from the ER pretending that everything was alright.

But he knew better…

Being in a relationship with Allison Cameron for almost seven months and leaving with her four of them had made him an expert at reading her. He could read her like an open book.

And he knew exactly what was wrong with her. He was a doctor too for crying out loud, did she think that she could hide something like that from him?

He wondered when she was going to finally tell him. After all it was something that concerned him too, he had a say to that.

He was tempted to wake up from his pretend sleep every time she got out of bed, rushing to the bathroom and make her talk about it. But every time he decided against it. She would talk to him in her time.

He just hoped that it would be sooner than later. He hated to watch her in that condition and having to deal with it on her own.

He cared about her, damn it, and he wanted to be there for her.

As much as he tried though he couldn't find the reason why she hadn't told him yet. He assumed that when that happened she would be thrilled and she would go running to tell him.

But it had been two weeks since he started noticing the symptoms and she hadn't told him anything.

The first thing he noticed was her frequent visits to the bathroom the early hours of the morning. She would get out of bed and arrange the covers around his body so that he didn't wake up from the lack of her warmth. Always the mindful one… But he would wake up the moment she got out of bed. He wanted to get up and be there for her but he never did. She would tell him when she was ready…

The second thing was the dizziness that she said was from the lack of sleep when he happened to point it out.

The next thing he noticed was that she replaced her morning coffee with tea or milk but he chose not to comment on that one.

But as the days past by he was starting to get really worried. Instead of talking to him she was starting to withdraw to herself and shutting him out.

She didn't do that, that was his field. And that's what scared him.

He thought that she would be delighted about the pregnancy but everything pointed at a different direction.

The thought that she wouldn't want the baby made him feel uneasy and created a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach, a feeling that he had never experienced before.

And since when had he started thinking about it as a baby? Well, that was new…

He had to admit that when he first started connected the pieces of the puzzle and found out about her pregnancy he was terrified. But the more he thought about it the more excited he got. Although he was still terrified…

And the fact that she had yet to tell him scared him even more.

Talking coming from the conference room startled him out of his thoughts.

He exited his office and went to check if his team had a new case.

"Welcome back boys and girl!" he exclaimed, getting their attention "Did you bring any interesting cases for daddy?" he said and stopped momentarily, the use of the last word making him feel something that he couldn't place yet.

Foreman just rolled his eyes, Thirteen and Taub raised their eyebrows at him and Kutner just looked at him, mumbling an apology.

House scowled at him.

"Ok, since you are incompetent to find a good case I'm heading to the ER." He said after a moment.

"Are you going to torture Cameron again?" asked Foreman when he saw the look in his eyes.

"Now, why would you say that?" House asked innocently.

"Because that's what you do…" Foreman said "And, anyway, just give her a break, I don't think she is really well today."

House's concern grew immediately at his words and made his way to the ER as quickly as possible, but trying simultaneously not to draw the attention on him.

When he reached his destination he found her stitching a little boy's knee. He didn't know what that feeling was when he saw her with the boy but he decided that he was willing to find out. He approached her and signaled for the boy to keep quiet as he leaned in to whisper in her ear.

"Missed me?" he breathed out, making her jump at his sudden appearance.

The boy laughed and House smirked.

"What are you doing down here?" she asked him, after she recovered.

"I was hoping that you would have a case for me…" he said hopefully.

"Sorry… Just minor injuries and cuts. It's been a quiet day thankfully." She said, giving him a weak smile.

He eyed her carefully not failing to notice the black circles under her eyes and how tired she looked.

Her look told him that she was exhausted and that something was bothering her. At that moment he wanted to tell her that he already knew and that he was just as excited and scared as she probably was but he wouldn't do that.

"I'm going to see if his parents have arrived, can you please watch him for a while?" she asked him.

He nodded and turned to look at the boy who was watching them with his big brown eyes intently.

"What's wrong with you?" he asked him, tilting his head to the right.

"I fell of my bike…" the child mumbled and new tears started to form in his eyes as he answered the question.

"Please don't do this to me, I don't know how to deal with crying kids…" pleaded House and sat down on the bed next to the boy, putting his hand into his pocket, searching for something.

The boy looked up at him and nodded, trying to stop the tears from falling.

House found what he was looking for and retrieved two red lollipops from his pocket.

"Now, if you promise not to cry I will give this to you, ok?"

The boy nodded, giving him a wide smile. He took the one lollipop from House while he proceeded in unwrapping the other one. He put it into his mouth and turned to look at the boy who was now happily enjoying his lollipop.

"What's your name?" he asked the boy who was now swinging his feet back and forth.

"David!" exclaimed the boy happily "What's yours?" he asked.

"I'm Dr. House." He said and put the lollipop back in his mouth.

The boy laughed.

"You don't look like a doctor" he observed, eyeing him up and down.

"That's because I am a cool doctor. I'm like the Spiderman of the doctors!" exclaimed House making the little boy giggle loudly. He smiled, thankful that he managed to distract him.

At that moment she returned in the room only to see House and David, both swinging their feet and talking animatedly.

"Hey…" she said once she reached them, giving him the first genuine smile in days.

"Your mommy and daddy should be here any minute." She informed the boy who smiled widely at her.

"Well, I guess that's my queue to leave since you don't have a case to give me." He said and got up from the bed.

"Bye Batman." He said to the boy.

"Goodbye Dr. Spiderman!" shouted the boy, waving his hand and smiling at him.

Cameron raised her eyebrows and House shrugged. She smiled and shook her head.

He didn't go too far though. He knew that she would finish her shift in less than fifteen minutes so he stayed there and watched her.

The sadness in her eyes returned when he left and she thought that he wasn't around. Suddenly, as he watched her, dread started to wash over him.

What if she had done something stupid? What if she had gone and… No, she couldn't, she wouldn't do it.

And it suddenly stuck him that he wanted this baby more than he originally believed.

He watched her, watched every move, his eyes followed her around. The wheels in his head were turning all the time. Why wouldn't she just tell him?

He rubbed his hands over his face and when he opened his eyes again he saw her moving towards the locker rooms.

He followed her and stood out of the door waiting for her to immerge. She came out ten minutes later and gave him a weak smile when her eyes connected with his.

"You are going to make people wonder why you are following me around…" she said.

He just shrugged and reached out to caress her cheek lightly. She raised an eyebrow and he shrugged again.

"No one is watching…" he said but pulled his hand away not wanting anyone to spot them. No one knew about their relationship and that wasn't the best time to reveal it to the whole hospital.

"Are you going to come home early tonight?" she asked him and he nodded.

"Got to go… Cuddy is going to come looking for me." He said with a theatrical sigh making her laugh slightly.

Had it been that long since she had last laughed that he missed the sound of her laugh?

He watched as she made her way towards the main entrance of the hospital and sighed. Today he was going to change that. He was going to make her talk to him.

Cuddy's voice shouting his name startled him. First he had to avoid her and then go home and solve this, he decided. And with that thought he went to hide from his boss.

Things didn't go as he planned though. Cuddy didn't want him in the clinic but to give him a new case so he returned home later than he thought he would.

He found her already lying in bed, watching TV when he returned. He quickly undressed, leaving only his boxers on and went to lie in bed with her.

"You're late…" she mumbled and scooted closer to him in order to place her head on his shoulder while she remained lying on her back.

"Sorry… Cuddy came to me with a case." He replied, placing a kiss on her forehead.

"It's ok…" she said and turned her attention back to the TV.

But his attention was drawn to something completely different. He turned on his left side, propping his head on his left elbow and placed his hand on her stomach, a small bump already visible.

At first she flinched at his sudden move and turned to look at him.

He didn't talk, he just stared intently into her eyes and moved his hand upwards only to cup one of her breasts through the fabric of her t-shirt and massaged it gently earning a low moan from her.

He pressed his lips to hers, gently at first, his tongue slipping past her lips to explore her mouth. She willingly opened up to him, allowing him to deepen the kiss, moaning into his mouth, enjoying the feel of his tongue moving in languid motions against hers.

He helped her remove her t-shirt, breaking the kiss only to take it of her head and settled his body on top of hers. He moved his lips down her neck and between her breasts, placing wet kisses all over her skin, making her arch her back towards him.

She laced her fingers through his hair, encouraging his ministrations as he went lower. He lowered her pajama bottoms and panties in one slow motion and removed his boxers.

She took control after that turning him on his back but before she could straddle his hips he moved in order to rest his back against the headboard.

She claimed his lips with hers in a slow but passionate kiss and without breaking the kiss she straddled his hips and started lowering herself on his erection, taking him in inch by inch making them both groan at the intimate contact.

He grasped her hips with both his hands and encouraged her to start moving above him and she complied immediately, setting a slow and purposeful rhythm.

Their hearts had already started to beat out of control as they continued that slow rhythm that stimulated their bodies to the edge of torture.

He kissed her gently and drew back to look into her eyes. He was sure that he hadn't seen anything more beautiful.

"You're… hiding something… from me" he managed to mumble.

She didn't respond, she just leaned to him and captured his lips with hers in a passionate kiss.

"Talk to me…" he murmured against her lips when she broke the kiss.

"There's… nothing to tell" she said, never seizing her movements above him.

"You are lying…" he accused and his right hand came to sprawl on her lower abdomen.

He looked intently into her eyes, increasing their pace, a low moan escaping her lips as he moved faster in and out of her.

Realization hit her suddenly as his hand remained on her abdomen and his thumb started drawing random patterns on the skin there.

"Tell me…" he breathed out, his lips a whisper away from hers.

She shook her head 'no' and tried to look away from him, to avoid his eyes afraid of what she might find there.

He kissed her gently, his hand never leaving its spot on her abdomen and he increased their pace even more, making her gasp. She was really close, he could tell by the already fluttering inner muscles.

"Allison, look at me." He said, squeezing her hip with his other hand. The gentleness of his voice caught her of guard and she opened her eyes and looked straight into his blue orbs.

"Greg…" she breathed out, feeling her orgasm approaching fast.

"Please tell me…" he rasped out, his hot breath caressing her lips.

She felt hot tears rolling down her cheeks and she splayed her hands on his chest.

"Tell me, Allison" he pleaded one more time and suddenly it was all too much to bear. His movements in and out of her, his hand splayed on her abdomen, his hot breath caressing her lips and his blue eyes looking straight into hers.

"I'm pregnant." she almost yelled against his lips and moments later she was falling over the edge, with his name on her lips.

His hand that moved from her hip to her clit only added to the power of her explosion and a few hard thrusts later he followed her over the edge, the cry of 'Allison' on his lips.

And suddenly she threw herself on his chest burying her face in the crook of his neck and let the tears fall once again.

He wrapped his arms tightly around her body, trying to sooth her; calm her down from both the emotional and the physical high.

He kissed her forehead tenderly and just held her as she cried, not knowing what else to do. He was never good with words at situations like these and he did the only thing that came to his mind. He just held her to him, his arms wrapped tightly around her body and he waited. Just waited for her tears to subside…

But even when her tears stopped falling from her beautiful eyes she didn't talk. She just held him tight, like her life depended on it.

He slowly maneuvered them so he was lying on his back, still holding her securely. Her head came to rest on his chest, just below his chin. He used one hand to tilt her chin in order to look in her eyes only to find them closed.

He sighed and hugged her even closer to him if that was possible.

"You know… whether it's a boy or a girl I really hope it takes after you…" he said in a low tone and she opened her eyes to look at him for the first time after her admission, a look of surprise in her beautiful green-blue eyes.

"You mean… do you… you want the baby?" she asked him, her tone just above a whisper.

It was his time to widen his eyes in surprise as everything fell to pieces in his mind and realization hit him really hard.

That's why she hadn't told him. She was afraid of him, afraid of his reaction to the news, afraid that he'd tell her that he didn't want the baby or even worse that he would ask her to do something that she couldn't.

He couldn't speak at that moment; the only thing he could do was nod his head and tighten his embrace around her body.

Suddenly he rolled them over so that he was lying on top of her and he kissed her lips softly.

She looked at him straight in the eyes, giving him the tenderest look he has ever received in his life.

"I don't think I would be able to choose one of you…" she mumbled, catching him off guard again.

"I don't think I would be able to make you choose…" he admitted in a whisper and pulled away from her only for a moment to move lower.

He placed a small kiss on her abdomen and laid his head there, listening to her heartbeat. Her fingers entwined in his short hair while he remained there for long minutes, holding her to him.

He crawled back up and placed his head on her pillow drawing her in his embrace and looking deeply into her eyes, his hand splaying on her lower abdomen again.

She smiled at him widely and he couldn't help but smile back at her.

"I've known for three weeks…" she confessed after some quiet moments.

"Two…" he said "Have you been to a doctor's appointment?"

She shook her head 'no' and for some unexplainable reason he was glad. He didn't want to miss it; he wanted to be there with her.

"Ok… then that's what we do first thing tomorrow." He said in a serious tone and she nodded.

His hand never left its spot on her abdomen as he hugged her closer to him and looked into her eyes.

"Allison, I…" he started but her finger on his lips stopped him. He didn't even know even he would be able to complete his sentence.

"I know." She admitted and placed a quick kiss on his lips. "I love you too…" she said and buried her head in his chest.

His arms tightened around her body and soon her breaths evened out as she finally fell asleep, exhausted but content and happy for the first time in three weeks.

His arms remained around her as a small smile graced his lips. Things were going to change. But he was ok with it, really.

Her movements in her sleep caught his attention as she rolled on her back but her head remained tilted to the right so that she was still face to face with him.

He placed one last kiss on her forehead and pulled the blankets over their bodies. He placed his hand on her abdomen again and drew her as close to him as possible.

I can do it… he thought as he watched the sleeping woman in his arms.

He closed his eyes too and soon he fell asleep as well, knowing that if she was with him he would be just fine.