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Chapter 23: Birthday present

"Big box…" commented Wilson from his position next to the door making House almost drop it on the floor.

"Do you have to sneak on people like that?" he asked, glaring at his friend.

"I don't usually sneak on people, that's your domain. I just asked a question before making my presence known." Wilson stated and House rolled his eyes in annoyance.

"So, are you going to tell me what this is?" he asked again and moved into the room in order to stand next to his friend.

"It's Allison's birthday so apparently this is her present." House clarified.

"It's big…" Wilson said looking at the box.

"Yeah, you said that before, when you sneaked on me." House replied with a smirk.

"What did you get her?" he asked curiously, looking intently at the box.

"I got her a… I'm not going to tell you!" House said smiling mischievously.

"Come on House! I'm your best friend!" Wilson exclaimed making House laugh.



"Because you are my best friend who has a very big mouth. She is definitely going to get it out from you." House explained and moved the box behind his desk.

"You do realize that the box is in plain view, right?" Wilson asked, raising his eyebrow.

House tilted his head to the right and looked at the box. He groaned and took the box again in order to place it somewhere else.

"You can put it in my office." Wilson suggested innocently making House look at him with raised eyebrows.

"I'm not an idiot you know…" he replied and moved to the conference room to find a place to hide the box.

Wilson followed him and they found Kutner and Thirteen sitting around the conference table.

"What's that?" asked Kutner curiously when he saw House.

"None of your business." He replied and tried to find a cupboard that would fit the box but to no avail.

"This is pointless!" he exclaimed when he found no place to hide it.

"There is always my office…" suggested Wilson again and House scoffed.

"You can cover it with your lab coat. It's not that you ever wear it…" suggested Thirteen without averting her gaze from her laptop.

House looked at her with narrowed eyes and after a few moments he opened one cupboard and retrieved his lab coat.

He then took the box again and moved back to his office. He placed the box behind his desk again and covered it with his lab coat while Wilson eyed him inquisitively.

"You do realize that she is going to know that something is down there, right?" he asked pointing at the box.

"Yes, that's why it is a great plan." He stated and sat down in the chair behind his desk.

Wilson raised an eyebrow and looked at him quizzically making him roll his eyes again.

"It's obvious that she will think that I will hide it. So, if I leave it in plain view like that she won't think that it's her present. Plus, I'm going to get on Cuddy's nerves because the box is wearing my lab coat!" he said with a smirk and Wilson shook his head.

"I will never understand how your mind works…" he said in defeat and House grinned.

"I don't think that anyone ever will." Cameron's voice sounded making the two men look at the door.

She moved in the room and went to place a kiss on House's lips.

"What is your lab coat doing out here?" she asked him with a raised eyebrow but he just shrugged.

"I'm trying to find a good way to annoy Cuddy. Tricks with the lab coat always do the job." He stated and although she wasn't exactly convinced she decided to leave it for the time being.

"What are you doing here anyway?" he asked and grabbed his oversized tennis ball in his hand.

"Need a consult…"

"Tough case?" he asked, his interest already spiked.

"You have no idea." She replied and he grinned.

"Ok, let's go see that patient!" he exclaimed and got up, tossing the ball to Wilson.

"See you later Jimmy boy, we are going to have fun!" he said and walked to the door leaving Cameron and Wilson behind, shaking their heads.

"I really want to see what will happen when Beth starts to talk." Wilson commented with a smile and she smiled back.

"That will be interesting." She agreed.

"What are you still doing here?" asked House who had returned when Cameron didn't follow him.

"I'm coming, don't be so impatient!" she said and followed him outside leaving a very amused Wilson behind.

"Ah, goodie, he is asleep!" exclaimed House when they entered the patient's room and he slammed his cane on the table of the bed startling the patient awake.

"Dr. Cameron, what is going on?" asked the patient in confusion, looking around the room.

"It's ok Mr. Blake, just Dr. House acting in his own way…" she explained and glared at House who had an innocent expression on his face.

"He is a doctor?" he asked looking at House wearily.

"The fact that a box wears my lab coat doesn't mean that I'm not a doctor." House replied matter-of-factly before Cameron could say anything.

"Please behave…" pleaded Cameron and handed him the patient's file which he willingly took.

"Ok! What are you lying about?" he asked as he read the file.

"I'm not lying…" said the patient and House finally looked at him.

"Let me tell you something: Everybody lies… So, you are lying too!" he said like it was the most natural thing in the world making Cameron sigh.

She knew that it was going to be a long day.

"I don't even know why I agreed to bring you to see the patient. You'll excuse us Mr. Blake but we have a meeting. I will send a member of my team to draw some blood for extra tests." She said with a reassuring smile and dragged House out of the room.

"No, mommy, I want to play some more!" he whined childishly as she walked out of the room with him close behind, her hand grabbing his arm.

"Even Beth isn't acting this way and she is a ten month old baby." She stated as they walked towards her office and he smirked.

"Maybe I should teach our kid some things…" he said thoughtfully and she rolled her eyes.

She let go of his arm and moved in her office but before she could walk to her desk he grabbed her arm and pinned her to the wall next to the door his lips finding their way to hers at once.

Although she knew that anyone could see them from their position she didn't move away but instead she laced her arms around his neck and kissed him back, their lips molding together.

He held her as close to him as possible, his arms around her waist holding her to him, her body flat against his.

"Happy Birthday…" he mumbled against her lips when they broke the kiss for air.

She smiled widely and pecked his lips while her hands came to rest on his chest.

"I didn't have the time to do that in the morning, you left really early for my liking…" he admitted and his lips moved to her neck this time making her sigh in contentment.

"Sorry… got a page…" she mumbled and tilted her head to the right, giving him better access but then remembered that the blinds were open and pulled back slightly.

"Where do you think you are going?" mumbled House against her neck and tightened his grip around her body.

"Everyone can see us…" She managed to say.

He pulled her away from the wall and closed the blinds without taking his right arm from around her waist.

"There you go, now no one can see us!" he said with a smirk and his lips returned to her neck nibbling and kissing the sensitive skin there making her moan.

"Greg…" she said trying to sound annoyed but failing miserably.

"Don't try to convince me that you don't like it…" he said between kisses and she sighed.

"Not at work…" she said, her hands gliding down his back and making him smirk.

"You know you want to…" he said in a low tone, his lips returning to her lips this time preventing her from talking.

She broke the kiss and rested her palms on his chest holding him back. He pouted childishly and she laughed slightly.

"Tonight…" she promised and dropped a soft kiss on his lips.

He sighed theatrically and she smiled at him.

"So, no big party tonight?" he asked her, his arms remaining around her waist.

"Nah, I just want you and Beth." She said and he smiled.

"Clair isn't going to throw a surprise party like last year?"

"No, I warned her this time. We will go out on Saturday night for some drinks though." She explained and he nodded.

"As long as I get to have my wicked way with you tonight I'm in." he said with a glint in his eyes and she shook her head.

"Now that we explained everything do you remember that patient?" she asked but he just refused to let her go.

"Yeah, I do. Can I have him? Pretty, pretty please!" he said in a high pitched tone.

"Fine… just don't torture him a lot." She replied and he finally let his arms drop from around her waist.

"Ok! Just give me the file and I'll let you do your thing while I'll go do mine." He said, grabbing his cane that was resting against the wall.

She handed him the file and after scanning it briefly he placed a quick kiss on her lips and exited her office leaving her alone.

It was some hours later that his phone started ringing. He checked the screen and saw her name on it.


"Hey… I'm going to be a little late. There was an admission twenty minutes ago and it seems pretty serious, I need to stay." She said apologetically.

"Do you want me to wait for you?" he asked.

"No, just take Beth and head home; I'll meet you there later." Came her reply.

"Ok… just don't be too late."

"I'll try…" she said and he could hear the smile in her voice.

"See you at home then…"

"See you at home…" she replied and hung up the phone.

He placed his mobile in his pocket and got up in order to head to the day care to pick up Beth.

Once he was there Beth immediately spotted him and smiled widely at him.

"Hey angel, time to go home! We have a party for mommy to plan." He said smiling down at his daughter and she waved her little hands in the air happily.

He placed her in the baby sling and he walked out of the day care and to the parking lot. He had already put Cameron's present in the trunk so he just placed Beth in the car sit and drove off.

When he arrived at their place he changed and fed Beth and then made sure that everything was ready for his surprise.

He placed Cameron's present in Beth's room and after checking their dinner he returned to the living room with Beth in his arms.

The moment he heard Cameron's car he placed Beth in the baby sit and went to the kitchen in order to retrieve the small birthday cake he had bought that morning. Then he returned back to the living room, switching the lights off on his way there.

He managed to light the candles before Cameron opened the door and when she entered the living room she found him on the couch with Beth in his embrace smiling widely at her and the birthday cake on the coffee table in front of them.

"We would sing 'Happy birthday' to you but Beth thinks it's a little lame." He commented with a small smile and she grinned at him and immediately made her way to the couch where he was sitting with their daughter.

"Mama!" Beth said happily once her mother sat on the couch and she saw her making both her parents look at her astonished.

"Wait… did she just talk?" asked House incredulously and Cameron grinned widely.

"I think she did. Come here baby girl!" she said to the baby who gurgled happily and waved her hands in the air in order to get picked up by her mother.

Cameron kissed the baby's cheek softly and hugged her to him tightly.

Beth sat in her mother's lap, looking at the candles on the birthday cake while her parents looked at each other, identical smiles plastered on their lips.

"I think that's the best birthday gift I have ever received…" whispered Cameron looking at Beth and then she leaned into him in order to place a soft kiss on his lips.

He rested his forehead against hers and smiled tenderly.

"So, are you going to blow the candles? Make a wish?" he asked with a small smirk and she smiled.

"I have everything I ever dreamt of… But I guess I can blow the candles." She replied with the same smirk.

"Ok, let's help mommy blow the candles!" House said to Beth who turned to look at him when she heard his voice.

Beth giggled happily once Cameron blew the candles and she received a kiss from both her parents who were watching her intently.

"You go to the kitchen and bring a knife to cut this thing and I'm going to bring your present!" he said excitedly and limped out of the room.

He returned some short minutes later with the big box and set it down on the coffee table in front of Cameron.

"That's what was under your lab coat." She stated and he smirked.

"Come on, come on. Open it!" he told her and she handed him Beth, who had a spoon in her little hand covered in chocolate, in order to open her gift.

She opened the box and stayed there just looking at the content of it.

She glided her hand over the smooth material of her gift, her eyes always transfixed on it.

"Do you like it?" he whispered in her ear and it was then that she realized how close he was.

"I love it…" she whispered back, a small smile finding its way to her lips.

She placed a small kiss on his lips but stopped abruptly when Beth started whimpering between them.

They both laughed slightly and House picked her up making her stand on the couch between them.

"So, are you going to play something for us?" he asked hopefully and she smiled.

She pulled the black acoustic guitar out of its box and run her fingers over the chords.

Beth looked intently at the new item that her mother held making House smile at her actions.

"It's been years since I last played…" she whispered, her fingers stilling over the chords.

"I believe you are going to do just fine." He said reassuringly, caressing her cheek softly.

She leaned into his touch and kissed the inside of his palm.

Beth caught their attention as she started moving up and down while House held her with his free hand.

"You better play 'cause I think she is going to run today too." He commented with a smirk making her smile.

She took a deep breath and started playing a simple rhythm, something he hadn't heard before.

But as time passed by she played one after the other all the classical pieces he loved and all he could do was stand there mesmerized, just listening to the woman he loved play, revealing another side of her that he had never seen before.

When she finished she looked at him expectantly.

"So?" she asked waiting patiently for his reaction.

All he could do was stare at her though. Greg House was rendered speechless and that was a rare occasion.

"Are you going to talk or was it that bad that you don't want to tell me?" she asked with a raised eyebrow trying to hide her eagerness to hear his opinion.

"No wonder you got accepted to Julliard with a full scholarship…" he mumbled in awe, his eyes locked with hers.

She smiled softly and blushed at the intensity of his look.

"You know, it's a crime that you stopped playing." He commented honestly making her smile again.

"I had other things going on in my life. I sort of tried to forget how I felt when I played…" she admitted sadly.

He cupped her cheek and caressed it with his thumb tenderly before kissing her lips softly.

"Thank you for my gift, it's perfect…" she whispered against his lips.

"Thank you for playing for me." He whispered back and it was at that moment that Beth's whining got their attention making them smile.

"I think she wants a kiss too!" exclaimed House and picked her up in the air making her giggle.

"I have an idea…" he said with a smirk after handing Beth to Cameron.

She looked at him with a puzzled expression making him laugh slightly.

"Don't worry; you are going to like it." He said surely and he walked out of the living room returning two minutes later with Beth's baby sit.

He took Beth from Cameron and placed her in the baby sit and then he sat on the piano bench, putting the baby sit next to him so that Beth could watch him.

Then he patted the spot next to him, inviting Cameron to sit down next to him.

"Bring the guitar with you…" he said and she nodded.

She sat down next to him and he glided his fingers over the ebony and ivory keys pressing gently on them.

"You can choose the song." He told her, his eyes locking with hers as he played a soft melody.

Her hands moved over the strings of the guitar and she pointed at the tablature on the piano.

He smiled softly and started playing her favorite classical piece. She stayed there unmoving, just listening to him playing, before she decided to join him.

His eyes connected with hers once again when she started playing. She smiled softly at him and she averted her gaze, her eyes closing and enjoying the music.

The two melodies fused together creating one beautiful tune…

His eyes were drawn to Beth who was observing her parents with wide eyes. He continued playing with his left hand and he reached out with his right one to caress her hair making her look in his eyes and smile.

He returned his hand on the piano keys and leaned to Cameron in order to whisper in her ear.

"Look at Beth…" he whispered and her eyes opened, looking at her daughter.

Beth's eyes were focused on House's hands as he played, observing every move he made.

"I guess she likes it…" she commented with a small smile and he nodded a soft expression in his eyes.

He kissed her forehead tenderly and they continued playing together, one song after the other until they noticed that Beth had fallen asleep.

"Someone needs to go to her crib…" said House once he saw their sleeping daughter.

"I think we need to go to bed too…" replied Cameron and he nodded.

She rested the guitar against the piano and moved to pick up Beth from her baby sit.

She rested the baby against her chest, her little head on her shoulder, and waited until House stood up as well.

He kissed the baby's head softly and looked at Cameron.

"I'll tuck her in and come to bed." She said in a low tone not wanting to wake Beth up.

"Ok." He replied and moved to their bedroom while Cameron made her way to Beth's room.

She placed the baby in her crib and after kissing her goodnight she walked towards their bedroom where House was waiting for her.

She went to the bathroom to change into a nightgown and then she lied down on the bed next to him and he immediately took her in his arms, making her lie between his parted legs, her head resting on his chest.

"Hey…" she whispered, turning to look at him, a soft expression in her eyes.

"Hey…" he replied, his hands gliding up and down her back.

He leaned forward and captured her lips in a lazy kiss, his hands lacing around her waist and holding her to him as close to him as possible.

Her fingers laced through his short hair and she deepened the kiss, earning a low moan from deep inside his throat when her tongue touched his.

She smiled into the kiss and her hands came to rest on his chest. She lifted herself and came to straddle his left leg, never breaking the kiss.

His hands roamed all over her body, giving a squeeze to her firm buttocks and then coming to rest on her hips.

"You are not going to need this…" she whispered against his lips making him smirk as she tugged at the hem of his t-shirt.

She pulled it over his head and dropped it on the floor.

Her fingers moved in lazy circles on his bare chest as they continued kissing.

"I think you are too dressed for my liking…" he commented and pulled the short nightgown she was wearing over her head.

"Guess I am more dressed than you now…" he said, looking at her appreciatively when he saw that she was wearing nothing under it.

She smirked mischievously at him and her hands traveled to the front of his boxers, tracing the outline of his erection, making him groan and close his eyes.

"Like it?" she asked saucily, moving her hand inside his boxers.

"U huh…" he mumbled incoherently, his eyes always closed, his head thrown back in pleasure.

Her lips attached to his neck and sucked intently on his Adam's apple while she tried to remove his boxers.

She was starting to get really frustrated because it appeared to be a hard task to complete with one hand. He sensed it and grabbed her shoulders with his hands, making her lie on her back.

He removed his boxers and turned his attention back to her, his lust filled eyes roaming all over her beautiful body.

He noticed her flashed face and he licked his lips involuntarily.

He used his left knee to part her thighs and then settled his body on top of hers, using his elbows to brace his weight.

He kissed her lips softly and she circled her legs around his waist.

She grinded her hips to his making him groan and he wasted no time and thrust into her ready warmth making her moan at the feeling of having him inside her.

Her eyes opened and locked with his and he smiled.

It still amazed him how dark her eyes became when they made love.

He kissed the tip of her nose tenderly and she sighed contently.

He started moving in and out of her, pulling out completely before plunging in again and she moaned.

He hit all the right places with this low pace he had established making her moan with each thrust.

Her legs wrapped higher around his waist and he used one hand to caress her creamy thigh while he increased his pace a little.

"God, Greg…" she mumbled, her eyes closing when he thrust harder.

"Greg is… just fine…" he mumbled, dropping his head on her shoulder, his scruffy chin reddening her sensitive skin.

"I thought… you… had a God complex…" she gritted out and he placed wet kisses all over the soft skin of her neck and shoulder.

"Nope… just think I'm better…" he explained and increased his pace even more.

Her hands glided over his sweaty back and she met each and every thrust, moving her hips in time with his.

He felt her inner muscles start to quiver and he smirked against her skin.

He lifted his head and kissed her lips, drowning her moans and groans as he continued to thrust hard and fast inside her.

"Allison, how close are you?" he asked her, his hand coming to rest between their joined bodies.

"So… close…" she managed to mumble and he smirked again.

He used his deft fingers to find her clit and he applied the right amount of pressure making her cry out.

"Greg!" she yelled out, her inner muscles contracting violently around his cock making him burry his head in the crook of her neck.

He continued thrusting inside her as she came down from her climax but it wasn't long before she started moaning loudly again.

She started kissing his neck, nibbling on the skin there while her hand traveled between their bodies to massage his aching balls.

He jerked his hips into hers harder when he felt her delicate fingers and he opened his eyes to look at her green-blue ones.

"Come for me baby…" she whispered against his lips and kissed him softly.

His hand found its way to her clit again and he rubbed the small bundle of nerves in circles, slowly at first till her inner muscles started to contract again.

She bit down on his shoulder and he squeezed her clit between his thumb and forefinger making her cry out again in pleasure.

This time he couldn't hold back any longer and after a few hard thrusts he came inside her, her inner muscles milking him till he had nothing else to give.

His head dropped in the crook of her neck and her hands glided up and down his back in a soothing way.

Their heart beats returned to normal a few minutes later but they didn't move from their position.

She kissed the spot bellow his earlobe making him shy contently and she smiled.

"I don't want to move…" he said in a low tone.

"Then don't…" she replied in the same tone and he kissed her shoulder tenderly.

"I have to... I don't want to crash you…" he said and turned to look at her, his eyes locking with hers.

She kissed his lips softly, her arms lacing around his neck as they kissed.

A small cry made them break the kiss and they rested their foreheads against the others'.

"I'm going to get her…" said Cameron and he nodded.

He rolled off of her, groaning at the lack of contact and he grabbed his t-shirt and boxers from the floor.

She took the t –shirt from his hand and pulled it over her head and then took his boxers as well.

"Hey!" he whined and tried to reach for his boxers but she held it out of his reach.

"Get another pair, I have to pick up Beth." She replied with a cheeky grin and moved out of the room, swaying her hips seductively.

"Damn, you, sexy, distracting woman…" he muttered under his breath, a smirk finding its way on his lips.

He retrieved a new pair of boxers and a t-shirt and he moved to the kitchen to grab a glass of water and his pills.

When he returned he found Cameron already there with Beth sitting between her legs.

"Hey, it's my angel!" he exclaimed and Beth turned to look at him, grinning widely.

Beth tried to stand up, using her little hands to push but it was hard to stand up on the bed and she fell back into her mothers' arms.

She tried one more time and then started waving her hands in the air, looking at him with her big blue eyes.

"Do you want daddy to pick you up?" asked Cameron and Beth smiled, looking at her.

"Dada!" she exclaimed making House stare at her, his eyes wide open, always transfixed on his daughter.

"I think she wants you to pick her up." Cameron said with a soft smile when she noticed the dazed expression on his face.

He nodded and moved on the bed next to her and picked Beth in his arms who smiled at him.

He broke into a huge grin and kissed her forehead softly.

"I think I received the best gift ever too…" he whispered turning to look at Cameron with a soft expression in his beautiful blue eyes.

She kissed his lips softly, her hand coming to rest on his thigh, but broke the kiss when she felt Beth's little hand on her cheek.

"Mama!" she exclaimed and Cameron shook her head with a smile.

"She knows the way to get away with it." She commented and House groaned.

"Great! How am I going to stay mad at you?" he asked Beth and tickled her making her giggle again.

He held her hand and she walked carefully towards Cameron and she caught her in her arms.

"She is getting really good at this." House said with a smirk as he watched Beth try to stand on her own on the bed.

"Yeah, in a little time she'll be running around the house. She already walks a few steps on her own." Cameron replied with a smile.

Beth yawned making her parents smile and she walked again, her little hand in Cameron's hand for support, until she was in the middle of the bed between them. She sat down on the bed and yawned again.

"I guess someone is sleepy." Commented House and caressed Beth's cheek softly.

Cameron took her in her arms so that she was lying on her chest and House lied down next to Cameron, his head on her pillow.

"Aren't you sleepy?" he asked, kissing her cheek softly.

"A little…" she replied, titling her head to the left so that her forehead rested against his.

They stayed there for some silent minutes 'til Beth fell asleep again.

"How come you had never played before? With one of my guitars, I mean…" he explained and she smiled, biting her lower lip.

"I don't know… There were times that I just looked at the guitars on the wall, wondering how it would be if I played again. One time I even took one down but I didn't play, I just held it." She replied.

"You are an idiot…" he said with a smirk "If you had told me you played we would have been together years ago!" he exclaimed and she laughed.

"Riiight…" she said mockingly making him scoff.

She closed her eyes, her forehead always resting against his, and Beth slumbered peacefully on her chest.

She moved towards him so that she was pillowing his bicep and he hugged her to him.

He placed a soft kiss on her forehead and she hummed contently.

He looked at Beth, who was sleeping peacefully and he rubbed her small back with his hand tenderly.

"Greg…" he turned his eyes back to Cameron to find her looking at him with so much love and affection in her eyes that he felt his heart swell.

"What?" he asked, like he didn't know what she wanted to tell him.

"I love you…" she said softly and he smiled.

He dropped a small kiss on her lips and his hand came to rest on her arm.

"I love you too, angel…" he whispered making her smile and snuggle closer to him.

It wasn't long before she fell asleep as well and he was left to watch the women of his life sleeping peacefully.

There were times that he still wondered when his life had turned into this, when he had reached the point of caring about someone else more than he cared about himself.

He reached out and caressed his daughter's soft, blond locks softly and then rested his hand on Cameron's shoulder after dropping a small kiss there.

He knew that he should take Beth to her crib but he just wanted to hold them both a little more.

He watched them with a soft smile on his lips and he wondered what he did to deserve this.

He was sure that he was never going to find out but he was also sure that he would do anything to protect them and keep them in his life. He loved them both so much that he didn't know how to live without them anymore.

He sighed contently and closed his eyes as well. He would take Beth to her room a little later. Now, he just wanted to have his girls in his arms.

For the first time in years he was happy just the way he was, with his little family.

And who knew what the future had in store for them…