Author's Note: Heya, my beta is really busy so Caring For Ianto isn't up yet. To keep you Janto junkies happy I've decides to write you some fluffy fluff (YAAY fluff). This chapter's short, and the whole story will only be three chapters in total. Anyways, I own nothing at all, it all belongs to RTD. This is set sometime at the beginning of S2. Reviews are love, and cookies are your rewards. enjoy xxx

Ianto Jones was in a bad mood. In fact, that was a supreme understatement. Ianto Jones was in an extremely foul mood. That afternoon, his favourite suit had been ruined on a wild goose chase through Cardiff culminating in an unexpected bath in raw sewage. Ianto wouldn't have minded too much about that if it weren't for the fact that it had turned out that the 'alien' he had been chasing had actually been a particularly fast and agile puppy, who the owner had accidentally spray-painted green. As it was, Ianto was furious, because not only had he ruined a suit and been forced to change into Owen's spare clothes, which were way too small for him, (note that his darling lover hadn't bothered to offer him any) he was now being made to write, proof-read and archive all the paperwork for this ridiculous fiasco. Angry as he was, it was unsurprising that when jack decided he would come onto him, he got a fairly lukewarm reception. Lukewarm being another understatement.

"Hey Ianto." Jack purred, sidling up behind his newly bathed lover. "I wanna try something new…" this did not sit well with a certain Welsh archivist. Not well at all. Slapping jack's hands from where they had come to rest on his waist, Ianto spun around and growled,

"What? Like actually cleaning up your own mess? Lying still for more than five seconds after sex, or, heaven forbid, spending some time with me where the main conversation doesn't come from you cock?" He spat out the last word as though it disgusted him, sighed, then turned away. "I'm trying to catalogue your fuck up. How about you go attempt to shag Owen? One hole's the same as another to you after all…" He didn't see the shock on Jack's face, or the hurt look that replaced it, but he did hear the slight tremor in his voice which he was trying to conceal. It gave Ianto a perverse sort of pleasure to think that he had actually pierced the indestructible Captain Harkness' impenetrable skin.

"Ianto… You're mad." Ianto snorted at that. Time for a state the obvious competition, evidently. "Why are you mad at me?" Blinking, Ianto turned to look at his confused boss. Surely, he could not be serious. Ianto was served with a sharp shock. Jack really didn't have a clue why he was angry. Shaking his head, he decided it was about time this cocky Captain got put in his place.

"Jack, I am mad at you because not only did I not get the afternoon off to visit my mother as I had scheduled for the past three weeks, I spent the time I was supposed to be visiting her chasing a fucking Labrador puppy through a sewage plant. I am also angry because that suit got ruined. You know, the suit, the only thing you ever fucking notice about me, yeah, well, that got ruined. And it happened to be my fucking favourite one. I ran 4 miles today. I'm tired, I ache, I got covered in shit. I dragged Tosh half a mile back to the SUV when she sprained her ankle falling down those stairs. I cleaned everything up, rescued your fucking military coat, sent everyone's clothes to the dry cleaning, binned my favourite suit, borrowed Owen's fucking clothes because I knew you needed me. Now I'm doing all the paperwork for the case; paperwork which is supposed to be spread across the team, most of which should be done by you. I do all that. Gwen got a 'Well done you were fantastic, go home and have a life', Tosh got the next two days off, Owen got the afternoon off and a pat on the back. What do I get, Jack?" He paused for breath, glaring at his lover. "I get an offer of a new sex position." He closed his eyes and shook his head. Rant over, he was exhausted. He looked up to see Jack looking sheepish.

"That wasn't what I was gonna say. I was gonna say; 'I wanna try something new, how about I take care of you this evening', but since you obviously don't want to be around me, I guess that romantic dinner for two in the Japanese restaurant down the road, the hot tub and massage oils I set up in the basement, and the king-sized double bed I hauled into one of the spare rooms will have to just collect dust." He glanced at Ianto, who actually looked on the verge of tears. It struck him that the man was exhausted to the point of collapse. He stepped forward to wind his arms around his waist. "I spent all afternoon setting this up to say thank you." He said softly, tilting Ianto's face to look him in the eye. "Please let me look after you?" Ianto looked at him, tears welling up.

"I can't go to that restaurant. I'm wearing a track-suit that's two sizes too small." He whimpered, sounding like a chastised child. Jack chuckled.

"I had noticed that it was too small. It makes not looking at your gorgeous ass a hell fo a lot more difficult." He grinned. "If you go down to my quarters you may be pleasantly surprised. Don't be too long." Jack winked, pressed a soft kiss to his tired lover's lips and wandered off to do something Ianto was sure he wouldn't like. He expected the older man was about to drink milk out of the carton again, but he was too tired to chase him, so he made his way into Jack's office and down the ladder.

At the bottom of the ladder, he turned to see that Jack had hung a suit bag on his wardrobe. Grinning like a child at Christmas, Ianto stepped over and unzipped it, gasping as he uncovered a suit. It was made of the softest charcoal wool he'd ever felt. He brushed his fingers over the material over and over, as if trying to convince his mind that this was really here. The material was thick and warm, with a thin pinstripe running through it. One look at the cut said it was expertly tailored, and extremely expensive. There was a plain black waistcoat on the hanger, and a beautiful dark red silk shirt too. Turning, Ianto saw Jack at the bottom of the ladder, smiling, with his hands behind his back.

"It's… Beautiful." Ianto gasped, stepping forward to cup Jack's cheeks. "Thank you." He breathed, kissing the older man softly

"My pleasure." Jack smiled, kissing back before pulling away. "There are two more things." he grinned and wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. "A tie…" He pulled out a black tie from behind his back. It was made of soft, supple silk, and melted through Ianto's hands as he took it.

"Wow…" He ginned, placing the tie on the bed and returning to kiss Jack again. Jack grinned as he pulled away.

"And these…" He took a box from behind his back, and for a second, Ianto was terrified Jack was going to propose, and he'd have to refuse. Thankfully, the box was a cufflinks one. Biting his lip, Jack opened it, displaying a set of cufflinks. The left one had a silver J on a black background, and the right one an I. The dot of the I was a tiny, pristine diamond. Ianto gasped, tears welling up in his eyes again.

"And there was me thinking the other one was going to be kinky underwear…" He breathed against Jack's lips, peppering him with tiny kisses. "They're beautiful. It's all beautiful… I…" Jack cut him off by pressing a finger to his lips.

"You're beautiful." He insisted. "Thank me later, tonight's about you. Now get changed, or we'll lose our table." He graced Ianto with one last kiss, and disappeared up the ladder. Grinning like a loon, Ianto stripped off the tracksuit Owen had lent him, and put on the suit. It fit him perfectly. At last, as he put on the cufflinks, he hummed to himself happily, and thought about how, sometimes, Jack could be so amazing that all of the crap was worth while. Climbing the ladder, he straightened his tie and walked out into the hub, ready for his first ever date with Captain Jack Harkness.