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Ianto Jones gazed in awe at the sight before him. He now understood why Jack had disappeared for so long that afternoon. Usually, the Torchwood shower room was boring, white and green tiled, clinically lit, and smelt of the bleach Ianto used to clean it. Now the benches in the middle of the room had been pushed aside to make room for the biggest hot tub Ianto had ever seen. The lights were out, but Jack had strung up fairy lights and lit candles so that the room was bathed in a soft, inviting, and temptingly romantic glow. The water was bubbling invitingly, and the smell of a relaxing blend of oils reached his nose. He stepped forward to see that not only was there a trail of rose petals leading to the tub, there were also a few in the water, and a bottle of champagne on ice in a special compartment on the side.

"Like it?" Jack asked, coming up behind Ianto to pepper kisses on his neck and jaw line.

"It's amazing…" Ianto gasped, turning in Jack's arms, his eyes shining. "It's beautiful. It's perfect." He whispered, before pulling Jack forwards into a heart stopping kiss. The two melted together so that Ianto wasn't sure where he ended and Jack began, and only broke apart to gasp for air and undress each other.

This wasn't like usual. Usually, they had a grand total of fifteen minutes to have a quickie in Jack's quarters or the archives. Usually, the removal of clothes was rushed, and buttons ended up lost or shirts torn. This was something different. Jack batted Ianto's hands away and set about undoing the buttons of his suit jacket, slowly sliding it off him and putting it onto a hanger he had brought down specially. Ianto smiled at him as he started on the red shirt, slowly undoing buttons, placing soft kisses to the newly exposed patches of skin. Ianto took off his own tie and cufflinks, putting them safely into his trouser pocket and hanging the tie up as Jack slipped his shirt off of his arms and folded it neatly. Turning, Ianto decided that Jack was over-dressed, and smoothed his hands up his lover's chest to begin unbuttoning the dark blue shirt. They continued to undress each other slowly, unhurried, luxuriating in the feel of the other's skin beneath their hands. Once both were naked, Jack pulled Ianto close, kissing him deeply. Ianto sighed happily into the kiss, pressing himself closer to the warmth of Jack's body, and feeling himself growing steadily more aroused. Jack pulled back, his eyes dark and lust-filled.

"Hot tub?" He asked. Ianto nodded and Jack led him over to the pool, helping him in and climbing in after him. Ianto settled on the far side, tilting his head back and enjoying the warm water soothing his joints and muscles, and was surprised to find himself with a lapful of Jack Harkness. He opened his eyes to smile at Jack as the older man straddled his hips, pressing their bodies close, and dipped to lick a line from the base of his neck to his right ear. Ianto groaned as Jack began to grind their hips together slowly.

"This is…" He tried to find a word, but couldn't, so leant to kiss Jack, conveying his feelings through the touch, and bucking his hips up into the wonderful friction Jack was causing.

"I know, love." Jack whispered, cupping the back of Ianto's head, resting their foreheads together. He closed his eyes. "Let me take care of you…" He breathed, barely making any noise. When his eyes opened, they were filled with emotions Ianto didn't know Jack could feel. The intensity focused on him made him shudder with pleasure, and he nodded, mouth falling open. Jack seized the opportunity to kiss him, his tongue begging entry to Ianto's mouth, which was granted, allowing them to melt together, drawing soft moans from each of them.

When they pulled apart, Jack stopped rubbing his ever-growing erection against Ianto's hip and pulled back to open the champagne, drifting back across the tub with two glasses a moment later. Smiling sincerely, he handed Ianto one glass and pulled the younger man into his lap, facing away from him, wrapping his arms round Ianto's waist and kissing the back of his neck and his shoulders. He flattened his hands out on Ianto's chest, holding him close as he kissed down his spine until the water stopped him. Holding him in place still with one hand, he reached along he tub to get the massage oils, pouring a generous amount onto his hands, whispering,

"Don't move." To Ianto as he let him go. Rubbing his hands together, he warmed the oil, then began to slowly massage the abused muscles of Ianto's shoulders and upper back. The young man gasped and groaned beneath his hands, and wriggled delightfully in his lap, moaning as Jack hit just the right place between his shoulder blades, and dropping his head forwards.

"God Jack!" He gasped, putting the champagne down so as not to spill it, "God yes, right there!" He arched and practically purred. Jack gasped as Ianto wiggled in his lap again, rubbing up against his cock. He let his hands slip round Ianto's waist again, playing with his nipples teasingly, and replaced them with his mouth on Ianto's neck. Groaning, Ianto tilted his head to the side to allow Jack better access, arching his back more as Jack's hand slowly stroked down his side and into his lap, gripping his erection tightly. Jack bit lightly on his neck, and Ianto bucked his hips into Jack's hand, unwittingly grinding himself against Jack as he did so. Jack's moan was muffled in the skin of Ianto's shoulder, but he lifted his head, gasping as he began to slowly stroke Ianto's cock.

"This is all gonna be over too soon if you carry on doing that." He mumbled, gently biting Ianto's spine between his shoulder blades. Ianto moved away, and Jack whimpered at the loss before he realised that Ianto was only turning around. He pulled the younger man back onto his lap to straddle him, and returned his hand to its previous position, grasping both their erections together, and stroking slowly. Ianto gasped, burying his face in Jack's neck and kissing him wetly.

"Mhhh. That's good. Like that. Yeah." Ianto mumbled, barely coherent, his hips bucking wildly into Jack's hand. Gasping, the older man picked up the pace, moaning himself as Ianto dug his short fingernails into his shoulders and made the most erotic noises he'd ever heard. Gasping, they came together, moaning wildly, and collapsed into the side of the hot tub, the water washing away the evidence of their encounter. Ianto shifted himself to nestle against Jack's shoulder, sipping some champagne before sagging into a sated, boneless heap on Jack's lap. The Captain was no better; the only thing keeping him upright was the wall of the hot tub. After long moments, they regained their senses, and Jack wrapped his arms round Ianto tightly.

"If we stay here any longer, we'll turn into prunes." Ianto mumbled from somewhere near Jack's clavicle.

"Very sexy prunes though…" Jack replied, head still a little fuzzy.

"Mmmhh." Was all Ianto had to say. Chuckling, Jack hooked one arm round Ianto's back and the other under his legs and stood, carrying Ianto out of the hot tub and settling him on a bench. Ianto blinked up at him and allowed his lover to dry him gently with a towel. Laughing, Jack dried himself and threw a pair of silky black drawstring pyjama bottoms at Ianto's head. He put on a matching pair of his own and pulled Ianto up, leading him out of the bathroom and into a different room down the corridor, and watching as the young man's eyes grew to be as big as saucers.

The room, which was usually dark and dank with a not-so-subtle hint of mildew, was clean and dimly lit by candles, and smelt of vanilla and jasmine. Jack had somehow gotten a huge four poster bed into it. It was massive, ornately carved from dark wood, with white curtains and a canopy all the way around. Stepping forward, Ianto peered between the curtains to find pure white silk sheets. Rose petals were scattered everywhere again, and there were enough pillows to satisfy a sultan. Turning, he took Jack in his arms and backed onto the bed, pulling the older man down with him to kiss languidly.

"Everything is perfect." Ianto stated, punctuating each word with a soft kiss, before raining kisses all over Jack's face and neck. Jack laughed and climbed off the bed to rummage in the bedside table.

"Lie on your front, Cariad." Jack drawled, and Ianto shivered to hear him speak Welsh, before realising what he had said. Complying, he teased,

"Oh my, how romantic." He heard Jack snort.

"If you don't want the rest of that massage you were so enjoying, we can skip it." He offered as he returned, climbing over Ianto's face down form, straddling his hips and arranging his lover how he liked. He poured out some massage oil from a different bottle this time, this one promising to be an aphrodisiac. It was slightly spicy and heady, and Jack nearly lost himself in the smell as he warmed it in his hands. Deciding that Ianto's back was far more interesting, he began to massage him again, rubbing small circles into his shoulders before smoothing his palms down the length of his spine. As Jack worked, Ianto mewled and moaned and writhed and mumbled incoherently, sometimes in Welsh. Jack grinned, evidently he was good at this, and continued to make Ianto fall apart under his hands, pressing soft, wet kisses to him whenever and wherever he could reach.

"If you carry on doing this, I'm going to fall asleep." Ianto managed drowsily, and Jack chuckled and pushed himself up, allowing Ianto to turn over underneath his legs, as he was still straddling his hips. Grinning, Jack leaned back down to cover his lover's body with his own, kissing him passionately whilst pushing their hips together, making his arousal obvious. From the reaction he got, Ianto wasn't far behind him. Kissing down the younger man's neck, he slipped off the pyjama bottoms, his own following shortly, and settled back on top of him for another kiss, their tongues sliding together comfortably.

"Awake enough to make love to me?" Jack asked, rolling them so that Ianto was on top. Ianto grinned and bit down on his nipple by way of an answer, and Jack chuckled and gasped at the same time, his back arching upwards to Ianto's mouth.

"Awake enough to take me?" Ianto quirked his eyebrow, settling between Jack's legs and reaching for the massage oil.

"Course I am. What's that for?" Jack wondered aloud.

"Lubricant." Ianto stated matter-of-factly before pushing a finger inside of Jack, who gasped and arched and moaned almost simultaneously.

"Ohh yeah." Jack breathed, writhing as Ianto worked just the one finger in and out of him painfully slowly. "Iantooo… More!" He pleaded, gripping the silk sheets in tight knots. Ianto chuckled and pushed in a second finger, stretching him, and pressed hot, wet, imprecise kisses to Jack's neck and chest. When Jack began to wriggle and attempt to buck his hips onto Ianto's fingers in desperation, he added another, capturing Jack's mouth in a greedy kiss, and swallowing the frantic moans and whimpers as he found his lover's sweet spot. "Ianto Jones, If you don't get your hand out of me and make love to me properly this instant I swear I'll…" Ianto laughed and removed his fingers, smoothing some of the oil over his aching erection.

"You'll what? Beg like the slut you are?" Ianto teased, positioning himself at Jack's entrance. Jack whimpered and pressed back against the pressure of Ianto's cock.

"Don't make me…" He gasped, but fell silent, his mouth a soft 'O' shape as Ianto pushed inside him in one smooth motion, burying himself to the balls.

"Don't worry, Cariad. I've got you." Ianto whispered, pulling Jack's legs up and around his waist, before wrapping his arms around his lover to hold them close as he began to move his hips softly.

"Yes…" Jack whispered. "Oh God yes." He moved his hips to meet Ianto's each thrust, gasping as the younger man brushed his prostate every time. Ianto took it slow for a while, and Jack didn't complain, each was so focussed on the emotions they were feeling for each other. They maintained eye contact as they moved, each trying to tell the other through their touch and their eyes what they were too afraid to say out loud. Finally, they both grew impatient, and Ianto's thrusts became more frenzied, his hand coming between them to grip Jack's cock tightly and stroke in time to his thrusts. Jack gasped and shook as his orgasm overcame him, a quiet look of awe and love on his face instead of his usual noise. Ianto came with him, gasping softly and shuddering as Jack held him tight, and he heard his older lover whisper,

"I love you, Ianto." Tears pricking in his eyes, he looked deep into a matching set of blue orbs, and breathed,

"I love you too, Jack." Watching tears well up in Jack's eyes as well. Kissing them away, he collapsed into Jack's arms, overcome by the sheer emotion of the evening. He settled, curled around Jack, who pulled the silk sheets over them both and held Ianto as thought if he simply willed it hard enough, they could dissolve into one another and be together for eternity. Just as Ianto fell asleep, he heard Jack sigh,

"And I'll always love you, Jones, Ianto Jones." He snuggled a little closer and whispered,

"I'll always love you, Captain Jack Harkness."