Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach(or any of the bleach characters), however Keiko and Ash are mine

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach(or any of the bleach characters), however Keiko and Ash are mine

Chapter 1
The meeting

"Ash!" a woman called, "Ash! Where are you!!" she called again.

The woman was roughly twenty, she had a slim body that was curved in the right spots. Her hair was a deep purple black and rests at her hips. Her skin is a snow white, though doesn't look pasty or ghostlike. Her eyes are a light violet and match her light pink lips.

She was wearing a black singlet dress that ends just above her ankles with a pair of black high heels. Running across the bottom of the dress was an ivy design, the dress made her look as though she was going out someplace exquisite.

"Ash!! Please come back!" She cried, tears building in her eyes as she ran down the sunny streets of Karakura.

'Let me out and I'll find the kid!' a smug female voice said from the corners of the woman's mind.

"NO! You're not coming out!" The woman yelled allowed before freezing and looking around her and noticing the strange looks she was receiving from the people on the other side of the road. She could hear the smug female's laughter echoing in the back of her subconscious.

She laughed nervously before running off down another street, all the while calling out for her younger brother Ash.

"ASH!!" She damn near screamed as she ran forward, her eyes closed as she attempted to hold back her tears. She then heard that familiar dark chuckle in the back of her mind and just as she was about to question the owner of the voice she collided with something firm and fell backwards, landing on her bottom.

Jushiro Ukitake looked down at the woman. He had come to the human world to meet with Urahara over the increase in hollow activity. Despite the fact that the war with Aizen was over, it seemed as though there were more hollows that before.

"Ugh…" the woman said as she looked up to see what she had ran into. Her eyes widened and she let out a gasp as she saw the handsome captain standing in front of her.

Her eyes raked up and down his figure. And she couldn't help but blush, she liked what she saw! Though she had to admit despite his good looks she found what he was wearing strange, though she decided not to think on it.

'Feudal era clothes work for him…' she mused as her eyes scanned his figure again until her violet eyes met with his copper.

Jushiro stared at her confused. Could she see him?

"Um… I'm sorry…" She said softly as she pushed herself up.

Jushiro didn't respond. He was stunned that she could see him. He wasn't wearing a gigi so how could she see him? He sensed her spiritual pressure, it was immense. More than one would feel from any regular human. Perhaps that was the reason she could see him? It wasn't as tough things like that hadn't happened before.

"Are you alright miss?" he asked, his voice concerned, though he couldn't help but notice how her body swayed as she mover around to brush the dirt off herself. He also couldn't help but notice the cleavage that showed as she leaned forward a little to straighten her dress.

'What am I thinking…?' he berated himself as several lecherous thoughts flowed into his mind. 'I am not like Kyouraku!'

"Yes, thank you." She said politely before giving him a bow, not noticing the strange looks she was getting from people passing by who couldn't see thirteenth division captain standing there.

Jushiro opened his mouth to reply but stopped when the expression on the woman's face changed to worry and fear. 'What could be wrong?' he wondered.

"Goodbye!" The woman suddenly spoke, her voice crackling. She then maneuvered past him and continued her search, "Ash!" she called desperately.

'I wonder who she could be searching for.' He thought. The woman had caught his interest, firstly because of her immense spiritual pressure and her ability to see him. And secondly because she seemed to be distressed, something he didn't like seeing in people, especially women.

"Ash!" She called as she began walking down a dark alleyway.

'God where is he!!" she thought panicking, though despite her state of panic she couldn't get the image of the pale man she had bumped into out of her mind.

'Why am I thinking of him!? My only brother is missing and all I can think of is some guy I'll probably never see again!?' she mentally yelled at herself.

'Awww... now Keiko… you must admit he was handsome?' that smug female voice in the back of her mind drawled.

Keiko clenched her fists, 'Shut up Leone!!' she inwardly spat, 'Just leave me alone you stupid hollow!' she growled at her 'other'

Her hollow merely chuckled darkly before disappearing into Keiko's subconscious.

She sighed and called her brothers name again, and again, and again. And just when she was beginning to loose hope she heard a soft groan from next to a large dumpster.

"Ash!" she cried as she ran to the side of the dumpster and gasped at what she saw.

Lying on the ground was a young boy barely the age of ten. His short brow hair was messed and parts were covered with slowly drying blood. His slightly tanned face had several bruises and cuts on it.
He was wearing a green sweater and blue jeans with a pair of black runners that were covered with dirt and traces of his own blood.

"Sister…" He croaked while looking up, his green eyes just visible through his bangs.

"Oh god… ASH!!" Keiko cried wrapping her arms around the boy's small form and holding him close to her chest.

'He did it to you again didn't he?' she thought as she felt her dress absorb Ash's hot tears. 'Don't worry Ash I won't let it happen again.' She silently promised.

A voice suddenly broke her train of thought. "Excuse me but… What happened?"

Keiko looked to up to the side of her and saw the white haired man from earlier staring down at her. His copper eyes filled with concern and worry.

"My… My brother…"

Jushiro's eyes widened as he saw the boy in the woman's arms. He saw the blood all over the boy and noticed the small cuts and burns on the boys hands that looked as thought they went all the way up the boys arm.

"We have to get some medical assistance!" Jushiro stated as he moved to help her up.

"No!" Keiko yelled moving away from him.

His eyes widened and he stared at her stunned. Didn't she want her brother to be treated? He opened his mouth to protest but remained silent as he watched her lay the boy down on the ground and place her hands over his heart.

'What is she doing?' he asked himself confused as he watched her close her eyes and mutter unintelligible words under her breath as though in a trance.

Suddenly her hands began to emit a blue light which crackled with energy. The blue light seeped over Ash's body and the wounds he bared just disappeared.

Jushiro nearly gasped as he saw this. 'What is this?' he asked himself as he watched the light dissipate as she removed her hands and passed out, collapsing on top of her younger brother.

He knelt down in front of her and lifted her, holding her close to his chest with his left arm while he did the same with young boy with his right arm. He then stood slowly so that he didn't drop the pair.

'Where can I take them so they can rest?' he pondered before flash stepping to Urahara's where the pair could rest and when they awoke he could get some answers.