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Chapter 43

An Ending

Part one

Aizen zoned out the annoying drawl of the person squad one person who was talking to him, he didn't need to listen to the person telling him about when they were going to execute him. He was going to die and he knew it, he didn't care about the technicalities.

While the person droned on he pondered on whether or not he was going have an opportunity to get a 'final wish' he doubted it, Old man Yamamoto was pretty bitter about these sorts of things so he was probably going to get executed before the captains were even given the chance to request his 'final wish'.

He glanced down at his nails and frowned at the dirt on them, he missed his immaculate hands, as well as his hair- in a morbid way he was grateful that Yamamoto was going to do him in because when it came down to it he would prefer death to this uncleanliness and the smell! Don't even get him started on the smell!

He glanced up at the ceiling and started to count the wooden beams to pass the time. 'huh, so that's where Gin's Gum went…' he sucked in air in a slight laugh as he noticed the gum on the fifth beam. 'Mouldy cake…' on the tenth beam, he wondered why no one had bothered to clean that, or had smelled it. 'Yachiru… a pie? Carving of a penis…' he honestly found it baffling that no one else had noticed the array of objects that adorned the ceiling of this room- he took a glance at Yamamoto who was listening to the squad member talk and he found himself wondering why he hadn't done something about this. He surely wasn't that senile?

Upon finishing looking at the ceiling, Aizen looked down at his shirt and began to count the stiches, had anyone realised what he was doing they would have realised how much he hated Yamamoto because the man wasn't even this bored in his cell- though that could be because of the surprising amount of visitors he receives.

"Do you understand Aizen Sosuke?" Aizen jumped at the sound of his name- apparently the droning had finished and he was being addressed. He realised now that he probably should have paid some attention to what was going on around him but when it came down to it, did it matter? They were going to kill him anyway.

Luck would seem, was on his side today, as before he could even open his mouth the sound of footsteps reached his ears- looking behind him he could see the squad captains (with the exception of squads one and two who were already in the room) walk in.

Yamamoto raised a brow and glared at Byakuya who was standing at the front of the gathering. "What are you doing here Captain?"

Byakuya took three steps forward so that he was standing beside Aizen. His face was hard like stone and his posture seemed to be more rigid than usual. Why the only indication that he had a soul was the light gleam in his eyes, however this was only noticeable if you were to pay attention, not that many would have given the sudden drop in temperature in the room.

"I am here to discuss," he began with a voice that left little room for argument and Aizen noted that the room had gotten even colder than it had a moment ago- if that were even possible. "giving the man who is to be executed, Aizen Sosuke, a final request."

The largest smile Aizen had worn in a long time graced his lips at the uproar those words caused.


"So hows things with your girlfriend?" Lilinette sang teasingly as she walked into the kitchen where Ash was doing some homework.

Ash sighed and resisted the urge to bury his head in his hands. He was so sick of people assuming that he was in a relationship with someone! He had gone out to get a smoothie, once! One time only! For some reason everyone now thought he had a girlfriend. He sent her a withering glare and went back to doing his homework.

Lilinette in response let out a laugh and sat on the chair beside him, leaning on one arm she stretched herself out of the table. A Cheshire cat grin took her face and she leaned close to Ash, so close in fact that Ash was able to get an eyeful of the small but definitely ample cleavage her school top was showing. He gritted his teeth and went back to his work- why did she have to distract him so!

She leaned closer to him and she could feel her breath against his cheek as her face was pressed close to his. Her hand reached forwards and covered his homework, making it difficult for him to write anything while the other touched his back sending tingles down it.

In a soft, almost sultry voice she sang. "Aaassshhhh…."

He grunted and pushed her away, a little harder than he intended as she ended up falling on floor. She looked at him with wide eyes as he went back to his homework. While he did feel bad for what he had done he had hoped that she would have taken that as a hint that he wanted to be left alone, instead this led her to playing dirty. Her lips trembled, she let out a whimper, her arms reached up to clutch herself and to add the final nail in the coffin, her eyes welled up with unshed tears.

"A-All I wanted was some attention…"

Ash sighed and put down his pen, he hated it when she played dirty like that. "What did you want to do with me today?" he rose from the floor and held a hand out to her.

Grinning she grabbed his hand, rose from the floor and dragged him out of the house while shouting. "We're gunna have some fun!"

As they fled the house Stark walked out and smiled at the spot where they had previously been. He didn't know why but watching the pair filled him with something that he had never experienced. It almost made him happy… he let out a snort at the thought, he probably just enjoyed watching Lilinette bother someone else.


Keiko stood at the gate of the school and waited for her child. It had been a long day and she really wanted to get home and watch a movie with her son. She smiled as she saw him running towards her with his arms stretched out. She picked him up and cuddled him.

"How was your day?" she asked placing him on her hip. She began walking down the street.

"Good mummy." He hugged her tighter. "We read 'Goldilocks and the three bears' today." He explained enthusiastically. "We also learned what two plus three is!"

"Oh?" Keiko raised her eyebrow. "And just what is two plus three?"

"Five!" Her son said excitedly.

Keiko smiled and continued walking. As she did she glanced at her son, his pale hair was getting darker at the roots. It was almost a warm brown, she wondered if that's what his hair would grow to be and if that had been Jushiro's hair colour had been before he had gotten sick.

She frowned at the thought of Jushiro, she wondered how he was doing. If he still thought of her… if he was still alive… she felt her eyes water at the thought of the latter, she hoped with her entire being that he was still alive, that the illness hadn't taken him.

"Mum?" her son asked with a frown. He had noticed her sad expression and had instantly become worried about her.

Keiko jumped from her thoughts and smiled at her son. "Yes, I'm fine." She kissed his cheek. "Thank you for asking."

The pair continued on with their walk and their trip seemed to be pretty uneventful, however, since the gods so enjoyed tormenting our poor Keiko, when she turned into her street she found herself coming face to face with her ex.

Her eyes went wide and she glanced at the other side of the street and wondered if she could make it there before he noticed her.

"Keiko." Shit.

"Oh hi!" Keiko feigned a smile and held her son closer to her.

"This brat yours?" he asked with a smirk.

Grimmjow jumped onto a rooftop in that moment. He noticed what was going on and glared, walking closer he decided to watch. Just on the off chance something happened.

Keiko remained silent and glared at him.

He barked a laugh. "Shoulda known you'd have a bastard child by now. Pathetic, just like you."

Before he even had a chance to react Grimmjow watched with wide eyes as Keiko raised her fist and slugged him straight in the jaw. He took satisfaction in the fact that the man staggered back several meters from the blow. He watched with a smile as Keiko walked off and went straight into her house. The blue haired male chuckled at the stunned expression on the mans face- not that he could blame him, it wasn't every day you saw Keiko slug someone, and it was without the influence of Leone- Grimmjow hadn't detected the slightest trace of the hollow during that encounter. He smiled and found himself nodding in approval- Keiko was learning how to take care of herself.


Keiko walked into the house with wide eyes. Her heart was pounding as she shut the door behind her. She set her son down and walked slowly into the kitchen. Her body appeared to be on auto-pilot as she made herself a cup of tea and set herself down at the table in front of Stark who was watching her with a frown.

"Mum?" her son piped as he slowly walked into the kitchen.

"Sweet heart." Keiko replied quietly. "What you saw was something I never wanted you to see…" she looked at him, the auto-pilot seemed to be switching off. "but believe me when I say the man deserved that."

Her son came up and hugged her waist. "I believe yoo mummy." He said with a smile. "I've neber seen yoo hit before."

Stark raised a brow and continued to drink his coffee. Who needed television? Every five minutes there was something startling happening in the house. He watched as Keiko smiled and hugged her son back.

Nobody seemed to notice Leone's silence.


"Hey Szayel." Tiana chimed from her spot at Mayuri's desk. She had her feet on the table and was reading over his research notes, she had been in that position for nearly twelve hours now.

Szayel felt the hairs on his back stand on their ends. "Yes?" he ground out trying to focus on the work he was doing.

"Put that down." She gestured to his work.

"And why would I want to do that?" Irritation laced his voice. He didn't even glance up from his work.

"I want to tell you something." She used the universal 'you'll do what I want or you wont get laid' tone.

Szayel let out an annoyed sigh and turned to face her. "You have my undivided attention." Tiana didn't miss the sarcasm that laced his voice.

"I'm pregnant with your children."

His first instinctual emotion was rage, rage that she would even dare to claim that the children were his. Especially after the conversation he had heard her have with Kisuke. As he went to follow said emotion, he paused and studied his wife, he had been with her long enough to know when she was telling the truth and there was no lie in her eyes. He frowned logically his brain told him that either his wife was such a good liar that even a person with almost the same mind could not fault her, or that she was telling the truth and perhaps he had misheard some part of her conversation with Kisuke.

Then his brain supplied him with her use of the word 'children'. "Children?" he repeated his brain hastily trying to repair itself.

Tiana smirked. In all of the years that she had known her husband she had never seen him completely loose his cool like this. Slowly she raised her hand so that it was level with Szayel's face. Her smirk widened and she wagged two fingers with a cheeky smile.

"Twins…" Szayel had the sudden urge to sit down.


Leone smiled from her position on one of the ceiling beams above Yamamoto. She had risked a lot coming there today and watching Aizen's sentence, but it was worth it, this had to be the most amusing thing that she had seen in a long time! First it looked as though Aizen was going to be put to death, but with the arrival of Byakuya the event had no only become more pleasing to her, but it had become damn near amusing!

She bit back a laugh. It wouldn't do well to have someone notice her. She was honestly surprised that she hadn't been noticed yet. She rested her head in her hand; she kicked her feet leisurely and watched the scene unfold.

Yamamoto watched Byakuya with hard eyes. His eyes were hard and his lips were thinned into a straight line and were white from how tight he was pushing them. His dark eyes scanned the Captains who had accompanied the Noble. He then took another scan of the crowd and noticed that Ukitake was not present. That piqued his interest.

"Under what circumstances do you believe that I would even consider the act of treason that is giving Aizen Sosuke a final wish." The tone in his voice was final. The last thing he expected or wanted was for someone to argue with him.

Byakuya seemed to have the air of smugness about him. While the man was known for being a haughty bastard, he never outwardly showed his feelings of superiority in his face in the way that he was doing it right now.

Leone bit back laughter. Byakuya was going to win, she knew it, the others didn't know it yet, but she could tell. He was a smart man, a persuasive man and she could tell that he was going to win. Magically, a slupree appeared in her had and she leaned against a pole while trying her hardest not to make a loud slurping sound while she drank.

Byakuya gestured his hand to the Captains who were standing behind him. His eyes darkened as a smile took his lips. He looked like a hungry tiger ready to lunge at its prey.

"You have been outvoted." He replied calmly. "The Captains behind me have all agreed. Every person deserves their final wish." He reached into his robes and pulled out a scroll. "Here are all of the details of what we want, and who exactly is on our side. Unless of course you would like to care to fight us all by yourself?""

Leone's eyes widened. Who was that and what had they done with Byakuya? From everything that she had see and heard of the man, not one of them had involved the man being cool. Or involved talking back to the head honcho.

She glanced down at Aizen and noticed that the man was staring at Byakuya with a similar expression to the rest of the people there- even those who were on Byakuya's side! It seemed that no one actually expected him to be like that!

Yamamoto, it seemed, was having similar thoughts to those that Leone and the rest of the people in the room were having. His eyes had widened fractionally and his lips had thinned. He looked as though he was torn between submitting and going into a rage. This however seemed to be only noticeable to those who were paying attention. So, naturally, most of the Captains could see it but those who were below the rank of Captain missed it.

The old man raised his hand to silence Soifon who looked as though she was about to say a few things. Silence took the room, all eyes were on Yamamoto who was staring into the dark eyes of the Kuchiki heir. Both sets of eyes were full of challenge, full of their own opinions. The tension between the two was so strong that one would not have been able to have cut the air with the knife.

Leone watched with rapt attention by the gods did she want to see what was going to happen, and boy did she want to hear what Yamamoto was going to say. She knew however, that if she didn't hear the results that she wanted she was going to go down there and murder her some Shinigami.

She snapped from her thoughts at the sound of the General clearing his throat. Her eyes widened and she leaned forwards. He was going to tell them his decision…


Keiko sat down at the table across from Stark, her son was in the living room watching some television while he coloured. She took a sip of the tea sitting in front of her and let out a sigh of relief. She was glad to be home. Her eyes moved to Stark who was watching her intently.

"Are you alright Stark?" she asked with a slight frown.

Stark smiled. "Yes I am well, thank you." Was all he replied. He was unnerving her.

She frowned and took another sip of her drink. Something was wrong. Stark seemed unnaturally happy. This never happened. This was scary…

"Your son's hair is turning brown." He continued to smile as he took a sip of his coffee.

Keiko nodded. "I think it's from Jushiro…" she trailed off to a whisper. No matter how many years it had been her heart still clenched painfully whenever she thought of the Captain.

"Maybe one day you will be able to ask him." Stark's smile seemed to widen to the point where he would have been able to audition for the part of the Cheshire cat and get the part with no effort.

Keiko looked away sadly. "I doubt it…"

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