Title: Loosing Yourself

Disclaimer: I own a whole bunch of merchandise but unfortunately don't own the boys or the show.

Summary: They tell you that you scream his name because he's the one who put you here.

A/N: Just a little drabble kind of thing based on the season 3 finale. I'm slowly working on some other things as well and they should hopefully be up in the next few months. Schools been beating me over the head with assignment after assignment!

They tell you that you scream his name because he's the one who put you here. They say it again and again, and amidst the pain, the all consuming pain, some of their words, lies your mind yells at you, start to make sense.

There is no one out there that loves you or they would have saved you by now. It makes sense that you'd scream the name of the person who put you here, and the more they hurt you the more you scream that name, until its the only thing on your mind anymore. Until it's all you can breathe.

You don't know what you look like, can't remember, so you don't know your eyes are turning black. You don't know that the demons, brothers and sisters, around you are smiling and rejoicing in their ultimate success. Because when they finally let you up, when they finally stop hurting you, you know its because they, your family, want to help you get to him. To the person who put you here. And when you find him, which you will, you're going to tear him limb from limb, going to bathe in his blood and listen to his screams like a lullaby. Because it's Sam who sent you here. And it's Sam who's going to pay.

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Mishka xXx