A/N: Hey you guys. This is just some random fic my friend Sadiya worked on a LONG time ago. As I went over this story and its chapters, I think I should warn all of you that this is a VERY LEMONY story. I mean, like, I'm not even sure may like me putting this story on here. Heh. But, I hope you guys like it. There will be a twist! Keep that in mind! Anywho! On with the story!


Fire And Desire

The woman groaned loudly when she was slammed into the wall behind her. A male growled and began to tear eagerly at her clothing and she moaned as his tongue ran down the pulse of her throat. Intertwining her fingers through his hair, the woman hurriedly unbuckled the belt to his very expensive pants and pushed them down as hard as she could and managed to get them past his knees. She smiled in triumph but it did not last long for the male had pushed them both into the nearest room as he kicked off his pants and left them in the middle of the hallway. Gasping, she moaned as he ripped her bra away from her lush breasts and quickly latched his mouth onto one. The female grabbed a hold to his silver mane and roughly snapped his head back up and pressed her lips to his. The demon growled as he pushed the both onto the bed and divested them of all of their clothing and was fully worshiping the woman's body. His eyes pricked red as he ran his claws across her pert breasts and down her soft curves as he kissed his way down her body. Silver hair dragged itself over her stomach, to her thighs as the male licked the sides of them. When the soft moan was heard, he looked up and all she saw was the silver mane and the wicked honey eyes staring back at her. A soft lick to her very sensitive nub was all it took for her to scream out his name.

"Sesshoumaru!" The woman panted as she came down from her high. She was not able to calm herself too well for he had went back to what he was doing before. He delved his tongue inside her wet channel. She bucked up her hips to his mouth and he quickly grabbed her hips to hold her down as he indulged in her sweetness. The only thing the woman could do was moan, scream, and throw her head back. Sesshoumaru knew she was close when her tight muscles clenched around his tongue. He groaned sending small vibrations through her and he grew painfully hard every moment of it. She came again for the second time and before she could register what he did, he swiftly pulled his tongue away from her center. Whimpering her protest, she looked down at him with lust-filled eyes, her chest rising and falling as she panted. He growled low as he traveled back up to the female's body. Sesshoumaru licked her belly button on his way back and before he got to her lips, he ran his tongue over her nipples. When she moaned, he no longer had any restraint. He quickly captured her lips and pushed himself into her tight body. The woman broke away from their kiss and screamed out to the heavens as he filled her. He groaned when he felt his hard shaft being clamped down by her tight walls. Panting, he started his long, hard strokes. He stole another kiss from her as he pulled himself out and pushed in again. The woman mewled as he began leaving soft kisses on her neck as his pace began to quicken. Sesshoumaru's eyes never strayed from her face as he pulled completely out, only to join them once again.

His breathe whispered against her lips as he whispered, "Kagome..."

Kagome threw her head back and moaned when he lifted her leg to his waist for better leverage. Kagome did not quite understand it. Sesshoumaru made her felt so alive when they shared moments like this together. He made her see the wanton woman inside of her that she didn't even know was there. As she racked her fingernails down his back, she looked up into his eyes and slowly brought her fingers to his hair. She pulled slightly and he growled and bent down to ravish her already swollen lips. Kagome sighed in contentment as he began to plunge himself over and over into her awaiting heat. This is what she loved when she was with him. She loved making love... No, having sex. They do not make love. They have sex. There was no love in this relationship. But... Kagome had to admit she had some sort of unwanted feelings toward Sesshoumaru. Though, she would never tell him that. He did not want love. He did not want care. He wanted her body and that was it. She wanted his body as much as he wanted hers. In that precise moment, he quickly pulled out and turned her on her stomach, plunging himself back into her wet depths. Kagome moaned as he filled her. Sesshoumaru pressed her head down into the lush pillows and held tightly onto her hips, his claws digging painfully into her hips as he rode her hard. Grabbing a fist full of her hair, he pulled her head back and roughly kissed her lips. Kagome could only moan and scream when he pulled away from her mouth and pressed her head back into the pillow.

Sesshoumaru snarled as he impaled his swollen shaft and grabbed a hand full of her hair for the second time. "You like that, don't you bitch?" He growled at her as he rammed his cock into her dripping cunt. Kagome's screams had gotten louder throughout the room and as much as Sesshoumaru loved them, he wanted to hear her. Kagome felt a sharp slap upon her bottom and she moaned at the pain and pleasure it caused her.

Sesshoumaru slapped her ass again as he fucked her. "Answer me bitch!" He demanded, his voice husky.

Kagome screamed out, "Yes, Yes I love it. Fuck me. Fuck me hard." she moaned the last sentence when he reached underneath her and rubbed her hard clit. Sesshoumaru would have smirked if he wasn't fucking this hot bitch beneath him. She was tight. Oh so tight. He pressed head back down as he impaled her wet pussy onto his cock. He heard her scream out his name when her climax hit and her muscles rippled around him. He growled.

"What a good bitch you are!" He ground out as he felt his own release approaching. When he emptied his seed into her tight little body, he was still hard. The damned woman was insatiable. He's had her many times, but each time he fucked her it made her the more irresistible. Kagome tried her best to meet his thrusts, but he continued to pound into her mercilessly. She could only hold tight onto the silk sheets, scream and moan as he reigned dominance over her body. Sesshoumaru had finally came again for his second time and he roared out his release as he slowly pulled out of her sopping cunt. Kagome's thighs were coated with her and Sesshoumaru's juices. As he grabbed her waist and pulled her tired body to his chest, Kagome closed her eyes and quickly fell asleep. Sesshoumaru looked down at the woman he held and covered them both with the sheets. He could only smirk as he closed his eyes. His smirk fell when he felt a shift in the bed. He opened an eye to see her at the other end of the bed, he growled low. Quickly and gently grabbing her, he brought her to his chest. Sesshoumaru looked down at her stoically as he always did after they had sex. He did not love her, nor did he care for her, but she was undoubtedly his. His for the taking. She was his from the time she spread her legs for him and joined for the first time. This little bitch that he held was his and he was not planning to let her go any time soon.

Yes, this was Kagome's life. Sex life, if you would call it that. See she had met this really neat guy right? And this guy wanted to be her friend. Kagome was like Okay, that's cool. But then after a month or so, her and her friend became friends with ibenefits/i. You know, at first she didn't mind these arrangements. They hung out and by the end of the day they got laid. Who doesn't want to get laid? But sometimes, she had to wonder, is this quite worth it? I mean, of course the guy was inhumanly hot, gorgeous, worth spending her entire time with . . . but their relationship kinda sucked. Like, sometimes, he would yell at her for no reason, leave for a long period of time, ignore her and then at the end, he would want her. Randomly at times too! One would have to ask, what the hell?! But, Kagome never says anything about it. She is completely patient with him. She pretty much guessed that he doesn't know what he wants and is letting him take his time. Even though they mean nothing to each other, he is really possessive. Like . . . Well, she would get into details later, she was too tired to think anymore. There will be more the next day. Goodnight.


That afternoon, Kagome was at Sango's house, hanging out. She needed to be away from Sesshoumaru. He was not healthy for her. He wanted sex everyday wherever, whenever. She couldn't take it. She needed a break. The sex was great, but sometimes it was too much. Kagome was eating popcorn and watching a movie with Sango when her cell rang. She ignored the first two rings and Sango looked at her questioningly.

"What?" Kagome asked as she popped a piece of popcorn in her mouth.

Sango rolled her eyes. "Are you not going to answer that?" she asked, already having a good idea of who it could be.

Kagome groaned and irritably grabbed her phone, excused herself, and went into the kitchen and she answered it.

"Hello?" she asked with a irritated sigh.

"Where are you?" Was the angry reply of her demon lover.

Kagome's eyes narrowed as she poured herself a drink. "Out."

Apparently Sesshoumaru was not happy with that answer for he growled on the other end of the line. "Out. Where?" he asked menacingly.

Kagome just wanted to wring his neck. "None of your business!" She all but yelled into the phone. Sesshoumaru snarled back.

"Bitch, I suggest you get your ass here right now. For if I have to come retrieve you myself, I will not be gentle about it." He threatened and Kagome's anger rose.

"You will never find me." she said with a smile, but somewhere inside of her told her otherwise.

Sesshoumaru chuckled darkly, "I can find you woman. And I can bet anything that you are at that girl Sango's house. Now, I suggest you bring your tight little ass here for I would hate to get you myself and ravish you in front of your friend. I will give you 20 minutes to be in my driveway. Any later will result in worse punishment..." As Sesshoumaru continued with his threats, Kagome rolled her eyes and mouthed to Sango that she had to leave. Sango smiled slyly and nodded. She knew about the guy Kagome was seeing. After Kagome had finally ended the conversation, she gathered up her things, said goodbye to Sango and went on her way to Sesshoumaru's home.

As Kagome drove her way to the devil's home. See! this is what Kagome was talking about. This man was emotionally unstable. The only reason she was at Sango's was because he wanted to yell at her for something so stupid as forgetting to cut off the light in the bathroom. I mean come on! Seriously?! She already assumed he wanted her at his house so he could screw her. They had angry sex like crazy, but him, this time, probably wanted someone to vent out his frustration. And she was always his outlet. She hated that he did that, but at the same time it excited her. He did things to her body that no other male was capable of doing. Enough thinking to herself, she was at the demon's house now. She had to be alert.