I'm Strong

I'm Strong


I don't need any

Of your help

After all!

I'm strong.

I mean,

I made it this far

All on my own,

Didn't I?

And I'll fly solo

From here on in, too.

Other people just can't

Be counted on.

That's why

I have to

Be strong.



They were all lies!

So I can't let

Myself trust

You again.

I will not

Trust you again!

But tell me why...

... Why did I...

... Feel happy again

Back there?

When I think of You

When I think of you,

I can become kinder...

... And more honest.

Now I really

Want to become stronger,

From my heart...

... And it's the first time

I've felt this way.


... I pretended I was

Going back because

I didn't want

To get to close to you.

Bu the truth is

I'm afraid.

Afraid of getting

Serious with you.

Afraid that I'll fall for you

And end up

Getting hurt when

You eventually hate me.

Always been with you

I've always been

Watching you,

So I know you well.

I know how,

Once you set

Your mind to


You stick with it.

How you

Hate dishonestly.

How you often

Put on a brave


How you're obstinate,


A cry baby...


I gave up


I tried...

... To escape my


That is why I

Cannot do this.

But you,

You can overcome them.

You will

Face up to them.

Your eyes tell me

That you will

Never give up.

And that is why...

I shall entrust you

With my power.

If you tell me

To believe in myself...

... I will gamble

Everything on you...

... And have no