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Chapter 35

Kagome sighed as she at her desk, a pen was in her hand and she tapped it impatiently against the paper pad in front of her. 'What to write…?' she thought as she stared into nothingness she could feel it in her heart, the million of things she could write, the millions of things she wanted to write but none of it felt right. She wanted, no needed, to write something that would express her feelings, to express the things that she couldn't tell her family.

"What to do…" she plopped her head against the table and let out a sob. She wished that she could just tell them, use her words and tell them everything that had happened and what was going to happen. She wanted to tell them about how she was more or less married to the coldest and cruellest demon in the west whom also happened to be the kindest man she had ever had ever met and that she knew that she loved him beyond belief.

A smile took her lips as she thought about her love, her mate, her Sesshoumaru. She truly did not deserve him, he was such a sweetheart, and more than that, he was beautiful. She couldn't believe that he was hers and what'd more that he actually wanted to have a family with her! That was why she was writing this letter, while she loved her family, Sesshoumaru was offering her a life she had never thought that she would have, a life with him and even if she never saw her family again after this she could deal with that because this was something she wanted- something she hadn't been forced into.

Suddenly a moment of clarity hit her and she knew what to say- write to them. She picked up her pen and started to write, words flowing onto the page almost as fast as she could think them. As she wrote she felt more and more secure about her decision, she knew it was the right one, and suddenly she had written two pages and finally four.

When she had finished she looked down at the pages with a sad smile, she was done, she was ready to go now, she slowly put the papers into an envelope and walked downstairs with her backpack which she had previously packed. The first thing she saw when she got down there was her mother cooking and her brother and Gramps watching T.V which caused her smile to falter.

"Are you going sweetheart?" her mother asked walking towards her.

Kagome smiled weakly at her mother and nodded. "Yup you know how Inuyasha gets." She laughed and silently apologised to her friend for using him as an excuse.

Her mother nodded and smiled. "That's okay, come back soon I want you too be there for Souta's birthday."

Kagome almost winced as she realised that she probably wouldn't be back for her brother's birthday. She smiled, but there was no happiness in her eyes, she held an expression that her mother instantly pinpointed but chose not to comment on.

"I will mom." She gave her mother a hug, a hug that her mother did not fail to notice was tighter than usual- nor did her mother fail to notice the envelope clutched tightly in her daughters hands, but the lithe kind mother she was she did not comment, knowing that something very important was going on in her daughter's life.

Kagome then said her goodbyes to her brother and grandfather before she walked out into the courtyard of the shrine. However instead of walking straight to the well she instead opted to walk to the shrines letter-box. With a shaky hand she looked at the wooden object, then at the letter in her hands, such a small object but its contents would forever change the lives of her family. She wondered if they would hate her for doing this, for just leaving a note instead of coming out and telling them what she was going to do.

'Come on Kagome.' She inwardly growled as she looked down at her shaking hand as it rose to the letter-box. 'You can do this…' she closed her eyes as her hand slid the letter into the box. She was a coward and she knew it, but this was the only way she could think of for her family to know about her choice without actually having to tell them- gods she was a coward.

Kagome felt her eyes water and she hastily finished putting her letter away before she ran in the direction of the well, tears streamed down her eyes as she leaped into the dark depths, a bright light took her and suddenly she was hit with the familiar smells of the past- the clean, fresh and crispness.

Resisting the urge to cry as she climbed up the well she tried to think on happy things, such as what could have happened while she was gone… not her family… she let out a choked sob and just as she was reaching the top of the well she lost her footing and fell.

She let out a scream that lasted a few moments before she stopped as she realised that she had not in fact hit the ground. She was in fact floating in the middle of the well… floating with the aid of someone who was holding onto her arm. She looked up and let out a strangled laugh as she saw Sesshoumaru looking down at her with a delicate brow raised.

She let out a strangled laugh and raised her other arm to place it on the arm holding her. She smiled as he pulled her up and set her down onto the grass.

"Thank you Sesshoumaru." She moved forwards and wrapped her arms around him in a tight hug. Her smiled widened when she felt him returned the affection. The pair stayed like that for some time before she pushed herself back lightly and leaned up to place a kiss on his jaw- the act of affection causing him to let out a low growl, but this sound was not meant to scare her and it didn't anyway, it made her fell warm and loved.

"What happened while I was gone?" she asked placing her head back on the chest plate of his armour.

"The company has left for the north. With the exception of Rin they are all waiting at the northern border."

Kagome looked up at him. "Rin is staying with Kaede?" she asked and received an agreeing grunt in response. She smiled and hugged him tighter for a few moments. She wanted to enjoy the feeling of completeness that came with being near him for a few moments longer.

"Sesshoumaru…" she eventually said breaking the comfortable silence between the pair. "Can you take me to the others?"

Sesshoumaru looked down at her with a raised brow before nodding. He lifted her to his side as a cloud of his youkai formed under their feet and up and away they went.

Kagome let out a half shriek, half laugh as they were lifted from the ground. She clutched onto Sesshoumaru for dear life as she felt them being lifted higher and higher into the sky. Sesshoumaru, she noticed seemed to take great enjoyment out of her terror and she sent him a withering glare.

Eventually Kagome felt the courage to look down and she gasped at the sight below them. It was like looking down from a plane! Only the grass was clearer and she could actually make out the scenery unlike the time when she had rode a plane. She smiled and breathed in deeply, the air seemed cooler and crisper up in the sky and she enjoyed it, it was refreshing.

Holding onto Sesshoumaru she watched the scenery disappear as they flew overhead she found herself grinning, this was a wonderful feeling. She felt light and happy as she watched the flowing rivers and trees from above- it was as though all of her worries and stresses were just flowing from her body. She glanced up at her mate and found him looking down at her with a peculiar expression. She raised a brow at his expression, he did this on purpose, he wanted her to not think about her troubles- he was such a little git!

Closing her eyes she leaned against him and hugged him. Gods she loved him! "I love you…" she breathed.

Sesshoumaru let out a low growl and she felt his arm tighten around her waist.


The sight that took Kagome upon their arrival to the Northern border was not quite what she had thought it would be. The group were all sitting in random spots on the field watching Inuyasha with bored expressions as he slammed his sword into what appeared to be a barrier surrounding the north.

Kagome raised her brow in a way that resembled Sesshoumaru as she noticed that the others were all just watching Inuyasha with a bored expression on their faces. What was going on? Why were they just watching him?

"What's going on guys?" She asked as they landed.

Sango rushed over to them. "Kagome you're back!" She touched Kagome's shoulder in a kind gesture. "We've been here for nearly two days now."

"Two days?" Kagome looked at everyone. She could tell that they had just been sitting there from the rather irritated expression on Inuyasha's face. Travelling with Inuyasha for as long as she had, she had learned next to all of his expressions and their meanings. "Why were you waiting for two days?"

Tiana was the one who answered her. "Because they cant get through the barrier." She walked over to where Inuyasha was standing. "I can get through because of my blood," to emphasise her point she jumped through the part of the barrier that Inuyasha had been hitting before jumping back next to Inuyasha. "These guys can't." to emphasise this point she grabbed Inuyasha and flung him at the barrier, which resulted in the half demon banging into the barrier and bouncing off.

Kagome tried her hardest to hold back the smile she had at Inuyasha bouncing off the barrier, normally she wouldn't have found something like that amusing but she just couldn't control herself, he was hilarious. She glanced up and saw Sesshoumaru smirking down at her- obviously he shared in her amusement.

"So what do we do now then?" she asked biting her lip. "Why cant Inuyasha's sword break the barrier?" she crossed her arms and tilted her head in confusion.

Surprisingly it was Koga who answered this question. "The barrier is created through spells made from the blood of those able to enter, it is a royal barrier and without the consent of the lord of the land you cannot pass." Koga threw a rock at the barrier and growled as the rock's path was unaffected by the barrier.

"What he said." Tiana added.

Kagome walked over to the barrier and placed her hands against it, the demonic energy crackled and fought against the holy energy, the energy crackled and sparked hotly causing her to snatch her hand back, Sesshoumaru was by in side in an instant inspecting her red hands.

"I'm fine, it just stings…" Kagome smiled warmly at him. She took note of the grins that she was receiving from Sango and Miroku. She poked her tongue out at them, which caused Sesshoumaru to raise a brow.

"So it reacts to holy energy?" Miroku spoke after returning the gesture to Kagome. Swiftly he threw a sutra at the barrier and watched as it crackled and fought the barrier briefly before catching fire and burning to a crisp.

Sango tilted her head. "Well then do you think that Kagome and Miroku would be able to use their powers to make a hole in the barrier?"

Kagome thought about it and nodded. "I suppose we could, but I wouldn't know where to start with doing something like that." It was times like these she wished that she was a little more like Kikyo, maybe then she would be able to know what to do in situations like these- not that she would ever say that to Inuyasha, no he'd have a field day if he knew those thoughts.

"Kagome it would take a lot of spiritual powers to make a hole in the barrier and given your current state I would not allow it." Tiana said slowly. "Not that you guys would be able to anyway…" she mumbled.

"And why not!?" Kagome snapped, her hands landing on her hips as she stomped over to Tiana. "Don't you think I'm strong enough to do it!?"

"Honestly no." Tiana replied, her voice sounding tired.

Miroku suddenly grabbed Sango and moved her a little away from the two women. Inuyasha did the same for Kagura- Kagome had that look in her eyes, that look that usually meant trouble for those on the receiving end, Inuyasha knew this from experience that this was unpleasant.

"Oh? And why?" Kagome's eyes flashed dangerously.

"Because doing so could seriously hurt you," Tiana's voice held nothing but concern. "And besides if we can find the thunder pike then we wont need to worry about you hurting yourself- that has more than enough purification powers."

Something in Tiana's words calmed Kagome as she relaxed. The others assumed it was something to do with the fact the Tiana seemed concerned with Kagome's welfare and wasn't just having a jab at her miko powers.

"What should we do then?" Kagome asked quietly stepping back and leaning against Sesshoumaru she all of a sudden felt very tired. "The pike is gone and the only other alternative would be using out spiritual powers."

Ayame crossed her arms. "Tiana if you can get through, couldn't you just kill your father? You're heir so once he was gone we could get in by your permission?"

Tiana frowned at Ayame whereas the others all looked rather thoughtful- it actually sounded like a good idea. "No Ayame." Tiana said before any of the others could start voicing their agreements with the wolf princess. "I cannot go into lands that have over ten twenty thousand strong and have any hope of getting to my father without getting caught or killed- not even I am that strong."

Sesshoumaru looked around the group as though he sensed something, Kagome looked up at him questioningly but he just shook his head. Koga, Ginta and Hakkaku apparently also sensed the same thing as him as they all had a look around as well.

"Ya reckon we would just coat ourselves in yer blood?" Inuyasha piped.

"Sit!" was more than enough of an answer for the others, even though it was probably very plausible.

"Do you guys need some help getting through the barrier?" a playful voice enquired.

The group lifted their heads to the sight of a tall orange haired demon who was standing on a rock with his arms crossed in a smug action. His scent hit the noses and those who knew him felt their hearts stop, those who took the sight of this demon in felt in their hearts that they knew him, it wasn't until Ginta and Kagome spoke that they realised who it was.