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"Well. Do you have anything to say for yourself Miss Momomiya?" The principal asked sternly. Ichigo could see she was trying her hardest not to glare.

"I'm trying...I just...I-I didn't mean--" Ichigo stumbled for the right words.

"That's enough." The principal interrupted, holding her hand up signaling her to stop. "I don't need anymore excuses, Ichigo. What I need is to see improvement. It's obvious that just giving you detention isn't enough. Clearly a more severe punishment is in order." She paused. Thinking. Ms. Honaka wasn't the most understanding person. You could tell just by looking at her that she was the strict and insensitive type. She wore a powersuit usually gray or black. Her slightly graying brown hair was worn in a short, bob cut. Frown lines were visible among the many wrinkles on her face and everywhere else. Nope. Not the caring type at all. Ichigo couldn't help but wonder why such a cruel old bat would choose to work with kids when she could be a funeral director. It probably be much more fun for her.

Still, the strawberry-haired girl couldn't help but hang her head in shame. Considering this was the fifth time she'd been late this month, Ms. Honaka had gone considerably easy on her.

"I've got it." Ms. Honaka announced, snapping the young girl from her thoughts and causing her to groan. "In light of your despicable behavior you are hereby band from the end of the year class trip."

"NYA?!" Ichigo cried in shock. The principal couldn't help but be a little shocked herself. Nya? "Y-You can't do that!" Ichigo protested, shaking her head furiously. "I've already paid the 55 and turned in my permission slip."

"Hmm...I see." Ms. Honaka furrowed her brows together, perplexed. The money had already been spent to charter the buses so a refund wasn't at all possible. "Then here." she handed Ichigo a sheet of paper.

"What's this?"

"A second permission slip. In order for you to attend you will have to bring a chaperone."


The old lady sighed tiredly. "Just bring it back by Monday. You have the entire weekend. Someone 18 or older must accompany you on this trip or you will NOT be going. Am I understood?"

"...Yes m'am." Ichigo muttered sullenly. Her principal seemed satisfied with this.

"Good. You are excused." she waved her away. Ichigo shuffled toward the door. Highly dissapointed, but eager to get out of there. "And Ichigo..." she turned toward her principal. "...try not to be late on Monday."

Later that same day:

"What am I gonna do?!" Ichigo whined, throwing her hands in the air. She was on her way to work and her two friends, Miwa and Moe, were following her since their houses were on the way.

"What do you mean? You're gonna ask your mom or dad to go with you." Moe provided.

"Duh, Ichigo." Miwa added.

"It's not that simple you guys! My dad probably won't leave me alone for one second to go on a ride, and if my mom goes I'll probably have to chaperone for her!" she shuddered just imagining it. "No way! I can't take either of them."

"Well unless you know someone 18 or older who's cool enough to take it looks like you won't be going with us." Moe said a little coldly. "Later Ichigo." she said as her and Moe turned the corner to go to their houses while Ichigo kept straight heading towards the cafe. The abandoned nekomimi waved watching her friends dissapear around the corner.

"Great." she muttered sarcastically. she thought as her eyes widened. I've got it! she ran the rest of the way. "Damn! I'm gonna be late. And that's definitely not gonna get me on his good side..."

At the cafe:

"Looks like Strawberry's late...again." Ryou said nonchalantly. He leaned against the wall by the stairway looking bored.

"Hmph. So what else is new?" Mint snuffed sipping her tea. Pudding was getting her props ready with Lettuce's help and Zakuro was at a photoshoot. "She'll come in here huffing and puffing, mumbling incoherent excuses like always and then begins work."

"You think it's that predictable?" Ryou asked just as the front door slammed open.

"I-I'm sorry...I'm late..." Ichigo breathed out. She leaned against the door for support. "Something happened at school and--"

"Save it, Strawberry." Ryou sighed, holding his hand up much like Ms. Honaka. Mint just smirked as she was proven right. "Just get to work." Ichigo glared briefly before making her way to the changing room, muttering something about no one ever wanting to hear her side of the story. Ryou turned to see Mint smirking.

"You could get to work too for once."

"I could...or Ichigo could manage alone making her usual clutzy mistakes along the way. Now which do you think is more likely?" she asked retorically. Ryou just shook his head and went back up to his room.

"Why do I pay her?"

That evening:

"Phew! I'm done!" Ichigo sighed in relief as she put the broom she'd been using away. As per usual, she had been left to do clean up, which is a lot harder than it sounds. Lettuce had succeeded in breaking the un-breakable while Pudding had helped, thinking it was an game. Mint sat on her ass the whole time watching, but c'mon. Who couldn't have predicted that?

Ichigo gazed longingly at the stairway that would lead only to her jerk of a boss. Now's as good a time as any...Here we go Ichigo. It's now or never! She took a deep breath and hesitantly started up the steps.

She folded her hands in front of her as she presented herself in front of his door. The young girl raised a shaking hand and knocked twice on her boss' door. "'s me." When she didn't recieve an answer she thought of going back and trying again tomorrow. Just then the door clicked open and a young blonde peeked out.

"Ichigo? What are you still doing here?" He asked emotionlessly.

"Ano...I need to talk to you."

"If it's about a raise I--"

"It's not." He stared a minute before opening the door wider, letting her inside. She stepped in and Ryou closed the door behind her. Ichigo stood by the door nervously with her hands still folded in front of her.

"So...what do you want?" He asked, laying down on his bed and turning his head to face her. He watched curiously as she blushed and fumbled with the hem of her skirt.

"I..uh...I need a favor!" she blurted out embarrassed. Ryou blinked and kept staring, wondering if she was at all serious. She looked back at him with a semi-serious, semi-nervous expression. He smirked.

"Well this should be good." he said with more than a hint of smugness in his voice. "Continue." Ichigo took a deep breath and started.

"Well...the thing is...I kinda got in trouble at school for being late--"

"Hunh. Big surprise there." Ryou chuckled.

"Like I was saying..." Ichigo muttered, trying her hardest not to glare. "I got in trouble, and the principal says I'm not allowed to go on my class trip...unless a chaperone comes with me."

"So ask your parents."

"I can't! They're embarrassing!" She cried hiding her face in her hands. Ryou looked amused.

"Ok. So...this concerns me because...?"

"The only thing Ms. Honaka said was that my chaperone had to be at least 18 and they had to pay to go as, uh...I-I was kind of hoping...maybe..."

"You want me to be your chaperone." Ryou finished for her. She blushed and nodded.


"You can't be serious. Why me? Why not Zakuro?" Ryou asked incredulous.

"Well 1: She's only 17. 2: She'd probably say no anyway. And 3: She's famous Ryou. I can't take someone like that to a school field trip." Ichigo said quietly. Almost pleadingly. Ryou had never seen her beg before. "Please Ryou."

The blonde teen sighed and got up, walking toward her. "So let me get this straight," he said standing directly in front of her with his arms folded across his chest. "You want me to spend my money so I can come babysit you on a trip."

"Well I-I just--"

"Goodnight Ichigo." He said reaching past her and opening the door. Silently telling her his answer and that she should be going now. "See you tomorrow Strawberry."

"Wait. Ryou I--"

"I'm not interested. Goodbye." He said firmly ushering her out into the hall, not noticing her distressed expression. She looked broken and her eyes lost their shine. Ryou was closing his door on her, when she thought of something.

"Ryou!...I'll make it worth your while."

"...I'm listening."

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