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Back and forth, back and forth, their bodies moved in the eternal rhythm. One moment his hand held hers, the next they were separated. His mind in a hyper-focus he only found in moments like this. His senses burning, roaring, as he caught that look in her chocolate eyes, the light reflecting that glint in them. He felt on fire as he caught her succulent scent, as his crimson eyes followed that bead of sweet down her neck. It was completely intoxicating, never before had he enjoyed this so much… had so much fun with such a mundane action…

This certainly was a female.

His eyes were mesmerized and trained on the finely moving body of the young woman next to him, each thrust of her limbs affecting him, his mind honing in and focusing on the way she moved over everything else. He knew it was dangerous, knew it was foolish, but never before had been so taken by such a display…

The way this woman fought was absolutely brutal.

-And absolutely fascinating- Yoko's crimson eyes followed the snake-masked woman's every move as she plowed through her opponents with brutal efficiency. Her strikes moved quickly like the vipers she summoned, one blow leading into the next with barely a pause, nor any concern for the opponents she left on the floor bleeding. She would move from a jugular strike on one to a jerked axed to another right into a rapid finger-strike combo to the heart on a third, then raising her arms and sicing a horde of summoned serpents on a forth. The woman had absolutely no restraint when it came to mowing through enemies, and the fox-masked ANBU was almost positive she was smirking like the devil under that mask of hers, enjoying every minute of torturous pain she delivered to these men.

Without even paying attention, as it was all on his accomplice, the red-haired man's arm reached out and grabbed a would-be attacker by the throat, and quickly crushed his wind-pipe, effectively ending the man's life. Then with barely any pause pulled a kunai from his side pouch and threw it an inch behind the woman, effectively hitting a man with a club between the eyes. Her masked seemed to turn towards him for a moment, and Yoko wondered if she was pouting at him.

The two of them had effectively cleared this room, the snake-masked woman giving one barely living guy a swift kick in the balls, just for effect, before the two of them quickly disappeared out of the room. Yoko led the way, hopefully, out of this godforsaken base. The two of them had been trying to make their way out of this place for the past hour, constantly running into some kind of resistance, and having no help. They had to simply forge on ahead, hoping they didn't die. It was times like this that Yoko wished he had the powers of his former glory, sure hoping now was kind of stupid, but it was nice to dream every now and then.

"There should be an opening up ahead," His partner said, even her gruff voice he found irresistibly appealing at this point. He paused a moment in his running to allow her to get ahead of him, as she lead the way. The other members of their 'team' hadn't liked her snake summons all that much, right now; Yoko was finding the slippery bastards to be quite handy, especially with their abilities to sense out heat signatures in pitch black areas. It certainly helped them to avoid a few potential ambushes here and there.

Yoko's ears twitched as they turned a corner, "Shit!" he quickly dove for the woman in front of him, pushing her out of the way as he threw himself in the way of a spring trap set up with poison kunai. He heard the woman's breathe hitch as he took over twenty in the back, and heard her confusion as another of himself quickly grabbed her hand and dragged her to her feet and kept running. He heard her breathe a sigh of relief as she looked back and saw that the 'Yoko' that had saved her had burst into a cloud of white smoke, and the man pulling her arm was in fact the original. Yoko simply pulled her hand tighter, his voice was gruff from all the exertion, "Come on."

"Right," he sensed the woman nod to him as she retook up her place in front of him, "This way," she took another sharp turn, cleverly avoiding the slightly more obvious trap, as the two of them continued down the hall, hopefully, towards the exit. As luck would have it, the end of this hall was the exit, but as it seemed ever present in Yoko's new life, nothing was ever what it seemed, or that easy.

As soon as the two of them stepped out the door they were pelted down with thousands upon thousands of poisoned kunai, and a couple with explosive tags. It was only through years of experience and reflexes that the two ANBU bolted to an all out run 90 degrees from the way they were coming and took cover behind various debris. The two of them immediately went to eliminate those closest to their hiding spots, Yoko using the clawed knuckles he had to rend his three opponents, while the snake-woman pulled out two kodachi and sliced one of hers in twain and completely eviscerating the other. The two managed to avoid the hail of more kunai from the remaining forces blocking their way to freedom, and met up behind a rather large trench made from one of the extremely volatile explosive notes.

"Well this day just sucks," the young woman said without much ado, bringing a smirk to Yoko's hidden face.

"Well, it could be worse…" he offered lightly, completely ignoring the vibrant yelling of their foes not far behind them.

The purple haired woman next to him snorted, "Worse? What the hell could be worse than this?" she absentmindedly started pulling out spare kunai and wrapping explosive notes around them, Yoko was almost pensive by this action, seeing as she was rather pissed while doing it, "I mean first this crappy mission," she held up one finger, "Then being assigned to those assholes of 'teammates'," a second finger, "Then the fuckers up and leave us in the middle of a goddamned mission, just because they were too much of pussies to deal with a little resistance," a third finger, although the red-haired man next to her had to laugh at the fact she thought all this was just 'a little' resistance. Her snake mask turned to him, and he was almost positive she was pouting, or glaring, "then all this crap," she held up four fingers, mask still 'glaring' at him, "And to top it all off, I'm stuck in a ditch, pinned down by morons, with you…" he could almost feel her eyes narrowing as she made a fist.

Yoko turned to the side, making it look like he was observing their enemy, when he was really just smirking, "Is being here with me such a bad thing?"He turned back to her, the face on his fox mask mimicking his real one.

She turned to the other side, her body language screaming she was pouting and pissed at the same time, "No, I suppose not," she looked over her explosive kunai, "Least I know you won't 'accidently' try to kill me… like those other fuckers," she seemed to shrug like it was nothing.

Yoko frowned, he knew it wasn't nothing, "Teammates are supposed to watch out for each other," he clinched his fists; "If I ever find those bastards again I'm stringing them up by their manhood…" the scowl on his face was easy to hear in his voice. The blood and rage was pumping in his veins when he thought about those traitors, and how they just left them to die. So he was rather surprised to hear light laughter next to him from his comment.

"Hehe, if you do ever find them," the snake-mask turned towards the fox-masked ANBU, "Make sure I'm there to watch," she pulled out one of her kodachi and seemed to eye it sadistically, "I want to savor every moment…" Yoko could hear the sadistic purr in the young woman's voice at the idea of torturing them.

He grinned behind his mask, "I'll keep that in mind," their jovial mood was quickly ruined by another hail of poisoned projectiles from overhead. On reflex he grabbed her and pinned her down beneath him as the kunai ate away at their meager cover. When the dust cleared and the whirring of that kunai-throwing contraption these bastards used stopped, as Yoko assumed to 'reload', their little hideaway was nothing but an inch above him, leaving absolutely no cover whatsoever. The red-head grunted, "Well their goes any hope of not being shot at…" he looked down at his partner, finding it odd she gave little to no reaction about their position, if anything she was rather receptive. Yoko's eyebrow rose at the concept –And here a moment ago she was badmouthing working with me of all people- He smirked under his mask, "So what say you we go 'greet' our hosts?"

The fox-ANBU could swear he could hear her lip curl into a smirk, "Fine," she seemed to say with a sigh, he heard the familiar click of a kunai being drawn from below him. Her serpentine mask leveled with his, like she was giving him a pensive glare, "but first I think you should put the little fox away," she tapped the sharp tip of the kunai in her hand expertly between Yoko's legs, making her threat very clear. The sharp blade point rubbed up against the red-head's most prided anatomy, and he was actually fearful for a moment she wouldn't accidently have it slip.

Yoko scowled at the woman below him, and wondered if she realized he was, "Woman," he said low, raising himself as much as he dared to, considering their situation, even though the two of them seemed to ignore it, "I'll have you know that is a perfectly natural reaction to high amounts of adrenaline and physical exertion," he would thank that old monkey later for forcing him to study medical Ninjutsu and anatomy, sure it made him a more efficient killer in this limited human body, but it also made him know too damn much about certain things. There was a hail of more kunai and he was forced even lower onto her, again his mask leveling with hers, "And I suggest you not complain, considering the situation."

The snake-mask seemed to jerk, and he got the impression she was rolling her eyes at him, "fine, fine," she brought her hand that held the dreaded kunai away from the male's 'little friend'. She looked to the side, seemingly trying to get her bearings of the situation before looking straight into the fox-mask again, "so we going to do it or what?"

Yoko smirked, the grinning mask becoming his true face as he grasped her tighter, bringing the two that much closer, "Now or later?" while a moment ago he may have been ready to claim up and down that the hardening in his lower anatomy was simply from 'physical exertion', now he was willing to play the dutiful pervert. –Hey, she said it, not me!!- That long neglected portion of his foxy-nature just couldn't help the chance of being release, even if it was in the middle of a life-or-death battle, where they could easily both die.

He seemed to hear a long sigh from the woman below him, but overall not a definite 'no', which gave him a moment to pause trying to consider this possibility… for all of five seconds before the snake-woman kicked him up over her and the two went tumbling away from their minimal cover, only for it a moment later to explode with a fiery fury as some kind of large explosive was thrown down. For a moment in their roll Yoko was the one to sigh, and in the next the two jumped apart several feet, taking a flanking side each, he with his clawed fists and that woman with her expert kodachi.

Yoko had gone right, while the snake-ANBU had gone left, him into a large grouping, and her towards that kunai spewing machine they kept loading up. –Apparently they still haven't finished loading it- The red-head grinned under his mask. –Perfect- He barreled into the small mob surrounding the right flank, putting his foot into one guy's face and a clawed fist into another's, following with him breaking one guy's skull over his knee.

When three men fell in less than a second the remainder took that moment to step back surrounding the fox-masked man. What they saw currently horrified them; at least two of their group simply ran away when they got the chance. Here was a man, if he could be called that, decked out in the familiar black and grey armor of the Konoha's ANBU-black Ops. With these huge gauntlets that covered his fists with claws coming out of the knuckles, they were already scary just thinking about what they could do, but seeing the blood of comrades dripping down them with a chunk of flesh or two from the men currently lying at his feet, well to say the least one guy lost his lunch. Then there was his face, or mask, but if ever asked these men would simply call it his real face, that smirking grinning wicked face of a kitsune as it studies its prey. Add in the nine long blood red pony tails the 'man' had with the rings tied to the end and these poor fools were almost convinced they were seeing the Kyuubi no Kitsune in human form… oh how right they were.

Without a seal or sound Yoko created enough kage-bushins to flank each man, about three of them managed a blow on his, killing two, before the other ten or so seemed to finally notice they were 'surrounded'. One simply dropped to his knees at the sight of another red-haired kitsune, another got his face blown off by that clawed fist, three went for the original after dispelling theirs, realizing it was only some kind of bushin, and the rest handled whatever they could. Yoko bounced back and around, dodging his opponents, dealing damage to some, all the while saturating the place with his killer intent, giving these people more to fear with their conscious created illusions of him. He'd found that this tactic worked rather nicely, ningen were idiots who let their fear of demons control them, and with his mask and hair, plus throw in a few rumors that Konoha had the Kyuubi as a weapon, and all it took was the rest of their imagination to put the rest in place. Usually this tact left him with shaken opponents, or they just run, like a few of these men had, otherwise he just has to deal with the rest. He blew a hole through another man's ribcage when the thought of –Maybe that's why others don't like working with me- came to mind.

He shook his head. –Now isn't the time to care about that- After dodging another man's sword, and receiving information that one of his clones had Poofed! He chanced a look over at his current co-worker, finding an odd tug at his conscious mind when he saw her weaving in and out of a fight with five obviously male opponents much larger then she was. He saw her lashing out with her kodachi, and a snake here or there, but they seemed to be cornering her. Despite their bulk the five men seemed incredibly fast, and they weren't taking much damage from her blades, obviously these were the real fighters in this pathetic group, seeing as he was taking his out left and right. Speaking of which there went one guy to his left, and another to his right, and Yoko didn't even remember sending a fist out to pound their pathetic ningen skulls in. A growl escaped his lips beneath his mask, something was wrong, his mind was becoming hyper-focused, his opponents were becoming slower, weaker in his frenzied mind, and his instincts were honing in on his movements.

He had felt this before, in many battles when things became life or death, but something was different about this one. These fools weren't enough for him to feel that threatened, in fact he just cut one guy's head off with his hair wrapping around his throat and pulling it taught, the beautiful jugular fountain lost on his frenzied mind, as well as that odd red shimmer that seemed to be coating that tail of hair that just killed that man. He felt like there was a barrier in his mind, and ever time this 'frenzied' mode seemed to kick in he was getting closer and closer to touching that barrier. It was red in a sea of black in his mind, but still he could never seem to touch it, or get close to it, and for some reason his long forgotten instincts were trying to rush towards it. There were two men left, and from the looks in their eyes they weren't even going to stick around to the end, both simultaneously bolted in different directions. –Cowards- and two kage-bushins formed in front of them with a wisp of red tinted smoke and bore down on them with their clawed fists. Yoko's feral eyes were passive to the gory display, his burning red eyes turning towards the others that were behind them, and that weapon.

A red ball of fury and chakra seemed to crash into the gunnery-team. They had no idea what hit them just that it was fast, it was big, and it burned to the touch. The red-head smashed into one man with all the fury he had, another with his foot, and when all that was left was that machine he simply gathered all the chakra he had into his fist and smashed the damned thing to pieces. He didn't care that he was supposed to retrieve it, didn't care that he probably just destroyed the only proto-type of a weapon his village wanted, all he knew with his frenzied mind was that it was something that had agitated him for far too long, and to make matters worse it was aimed at that woman.

There was a sudden scream that pierced through Yoko's hazed mind. His ears twitched and he turned towards it, his eyes burning as he did. That yell was very distinct, it was female, and in the language of instincts that these foolish ningen seemed to always ignore it meant 'Pain', deep, unequivocal pain. His crimson eyes locked on the scene before him and the world seemed to slow to a crawl. That hebi-mistress, the one who didn't seem to mind him like the others did, seated against a tree, the deep indent in it meant she had been throw there, and hard, her left arm wasn't moving and she was panting heavily, with only a single kodachi in her right arm in front of her in a bloody fist that looked like it was probably broken. At some point in the scuffle her mask had come off, her violet hair was matted and covering over a single chocolate colored eye, while the other was closed with blood pouring down the right side of her face. Yoko didn't notice the body laying a few feet away from her, or the man approaching him, he didn't notice the earth begin to tremble around him, or the fear in that bulky man close to him's eyes. All he saw was her, that defiant look in her one open eye, the sweat on her face, the fury, and the blood. He saw the three remaining men closing in on her, hear them grin and laugh, hear that sick urge in them to take her before she died. He felt his blood begin to boil and rage cloud his mind.

-never again…- he heard his mind say as they closed in on her.

-Never Again- He could feel his mind finding that red barrier, his fingers brushing against it.

-NEVER AGAIN!- His eyes closed and he could see the same scene play out to him, the same scene almost five years ago when he barreled through the bushes to find the body of his dying mate, her kits ripped from her womb and her body bleeding out. He could see those filthy ningen who had murdered her, taken her away from him, thorn away his life. He felt his fist crash through that red barrier.

"NEVER AGAIN!!" screamed Yoko's human voice as it transformed into a demonic roar, his flaming eyes opening to see nothing but red as his flaming fist tore through that squirming ningen closest to him and he charged towards the three perpetrators. This time he would kill them, this time he would save his female, this time they would feel his revenge before they even committed the crime.

The mission had started out easy. A simple get in, grab the enemy ninja's gear and whatever scrolls on whatever weapon, and get the fuck out as quickly and quietly as possible. Simple. Yeah, right.

First there was their team, if she could even bring her mind to call them that. It was her and That guy, along with four other wannabe ANBU sent out to find some weapon a boarder clan had made and retrieve it, in worst case scenario destroy it and bring back the blueprints. Easy enough, so why was it once they got within a mile of the place their supposed 'Leader', a newly minted prick who got captain by sucking the right peoples' asses, goes and tells her and 'Yoko' to infiltrate the place, to 'scout out the forces' he says, so they know what they're up against. She knew from the beginning something was wrong, but that stupid fox had to say 'Yes sir!' and drag her along with him to 'scout'. She swore they both knew it was a trap, and when they walked into it she was fucking surprised to see the rest of their 'team' shaking hands with the enemy and exchanging scrolls. The fuckers had sold them out. She remembered gritting her teeth as she saw them both exchanging scrolls, so the bastards didn't just sell her and the fox out, but the village as well.

Her, she could understand, who the hell wanted Orachi-fucking-maru's reject around anyway. Hell she understood why they wanted to get rid of the bastard fox, he was a cocky asshole that constantly showed them up, but she doubted they actually knew who he really was, like she did. But the village? Who the fuck in ANBU sells out the village? She was tempted to send a couple of snakes at the bastards, but was beat to the punch by that chivalrous bastard trapped with her, who threw a good sized fireball at the whole lot, badly burning one guy, freaking out their prick 'teammates' and burning both scrolls. Oops, too bad.

So the other bastards had bolted, they'd been clubbed over the head and sent into the bowels of their fucking base… where with a pretty damn good punch from that fox had completely destroyed the gate 'holding' them in. With a few well placed snakes, the guards were gone, and they were free, well would have been if that stupid grinning bastard next to her hadn't said they needed to get a copy of the blueprints or the machine. She wanted to rip her fucking hair out at that. What the hell was he thinking? They needed to get out and abort the mission, they had to catch those traitors and punish them, hell blow the whole fucking base up while they were at it, something!!

…and normally she would have made all those thoughts known, loudly, but for some damnable reason she simply nodded her head curtly and sent a snake out to search the base. They quickly found what they needed, killed a few guards, and dipped from the place as quickly as they could. Or so was the plan, somewhere along the way an alarm was tripped, guards started pouring out of nowhere, and suddenly there were traps everywhere!! A whole mess of them too… so dodging kunai, avoiding deadly poisonous traps, and she grudgingly had to admit the bastard had indeed saved her life more times then she could count, but then again so did she so she figured they were even.

All was perfectly fine until they went out that fucking door. Out of the blinding darkness into the stunning light, and hail of poisonous kunai, courtesy of that Gatling machine they were trying to steal and-or destroy. So he goes right, she goes left, he kills three guys, she slices two in half, they meet up behind a crater-rock-thing that provides them enough cover to let her fester about how fucking bad her day is. Only to make matters worse when she saves her, AGAIN, by a pelting of poisonous, and a few explosive kunai that demolish their little shield. And the first thing she thinks of is his rather hard cock rubbing up against her leg through their standard issue ANBU uniform. Not that he saved her, not that they were in serious DOOM, not that they could die with one well placed explosive, no her exhausted, hormonal, adrenaline pumping mind zeros in on his anatomy and their more than compromising position. AND she calls him on it, what the hell!? Not to mention her normal reflex of 'threatening' said male with losing 'said anatomy', thanks the kunai in her hand.

He gives a rather well maintained 'medical' and logical reasoning, not apparently too annoyed with her perverted teenaged mind, and she's reminded that some people, not her, don't get horny just because they could die in the next five seconds. He even chastises her, and she's reminded that the situation doesn't really call for any of this, so without thinking the words, "So are we going to do it or what?" slips out of her mouth.

She suddenly finds herself pulled in tighter by the guy, their position making itself even more 'uncomfortable', and she can practically hear the prankster grin in his deep voice when he responds with, "Now or later?"

… And for a good second she is actually considering his proposition. –right here, now, behind this crumbling rock, with who-knows how many enemies a few moments away from killing us…- now, while the more 'kinky' side of her mind, and the side that loves being an absolute prick to anyone around, is seriously considering taking him up on his probably mocking offer, right now, that self-preservation instinct kicks in really quick when her senses twinge on an incoming explosive. With a heavy sigh she kicks him more to the side, ending any thoughts of perhaps legendary 'kink', and saves their lives from a rather large explosive as they both simply roll away, only to quickly bolt apart from each other quickly after.

For a moment she thought she heard that fox-masked bastard sigh.

Again, they bolt in separate directions, her left, him right, him going after the larger force of twenty or so young men, her going after that stupid machine that started this whole bad damned day. For a moment she heard the sounds of battle kick up, along with the unmistakable sound of bones cracking and agonizing pain. She would have chanced a glance to her right, to see how that fox was doing, but the slit eyes of her snake mask didn't allow for that kind of peripheral vision. –I wish they designed these things better, I mean seriously, what if something came in at us from beyond the stupid 70 degree angle we can s- unfortunately her thoughts were cut off by the exact problem with the masks she was considering.

Coming in low on her right side, outside her limited peripheral vision came a large man's fist. Only instinct had her turn her face just enough so that the mask took the brunt of the impact. Hey, the thing was made of an enhanced reinforced metal and wood for a damn good reason, they weren't just meant to hide their charming good looks and be badass. She managed to spin in mid-air, sliding one of her kodachi along her flight path, hopefully hitting the man's fist. Unfortunately it only hit armored gauntlets, and her mid-air body was plummeting towards another rather large man. –These must be the real guards- like she needed another fucking reason to hate this day.

With her diminishing chakra reserves she summoned a fairly large snake and siced it on the man, he was distracted for a moment as she used him as a vault and flew towards the other man again, this time with both kodachi bared, ready to take the man's life… only to yet again be thwarted, this time with a world shattering punch to the gut from a third very large man. She was sure that if it wasn't for the ANBU armor most, if not all, of her ribs would have been broken. She skidded on the ground hard, going in for a roll as she righted herself into a kneeling position. –I'm really getting sick and tired of being backhanded by mysterious wingmen- the hebi-mistress took the moment on her position to catch her bearings of the situation, and gauge the real number of her opponents.

-five of them, shit- she was strong, hell having gone through life as she had, with everything thrown at her, including her fucker of a former teacher, and spending the day blowing out of an enemy base with that guy, she had to be strong. But damn it all to hell even she knew she was nowhere near invincible, her bastard-teacher taught her that pretty fucking well, plus with all she'd been going on today, did she really have enough left to take on five armored and more than likely well trained shinobi at least twice her size each? –Oh fuck no- she brought her kodachi up across her chest as she scanned her opponents –I'm so fucking screwed- she gripped her half-sized swords tightly, and glared at them defiantly behind her snake-mask –but like I have a fucking choice- an evil smirk let itself loose on her lips.

If only for this moment, before she died would she be brave.

She charged forward, with everything she had, right into the center of the cadre. If she was going to go down today, with as bad of a day as it had been, she was taking as many of them with her to hell as she could. One closed in on her left, she spun, lashing out with a snake, as she jumped his fist and managed to cut another while a third went to grab her forearm. She ducked into a roll, cutting one man's calf causing him to fall from the pain, but she took a blow across the face that cracked her mask, skewing it to the side, a chip around the right eye coming loose and cutting across the top of her brow. Half of her face was revealed, not that she had any time to really take note as another came in with an axe-kick aimed for her exposed ribs. Without thinking she thrust her left hand out in front of her, as if to stop the coming blow –Senei Jashu- at least four snakes managed to extend out of her arm and grab the bulky man's leg, biting into him effectively ending the attack. He fell over wincing; trying to remove his leg from the serpents, and the hebi-mistress could see the building fear in his eyes as she knew he was losing feeling in his limb as the poison started creeping up his body.

She didn't have any more time to consider the outcome of that man's life as another quickly grabbed her distinctly smaller arm around her slim wrist, practically crushing it as he lifted her up to his eye level. She gritted her teeth as he squeezed her arm tighter, in a last ditch effort she raised her right fist and plowed it into the guys face, breaking his nose and maybe one or two of her knuckles. The guy seemed to snap, screaming at her, grabbing her already imprisoned arm with both hands and swinging her harshly towards a nearby tree.

Anko could not stop the blood curdling scream that escaped her throat as she hit the thick tree with enough force to dent and crack the bough, not to mention completely dislocate her left shoulder and slam to the ground with enough force leave her legs numb. She vaguely realized her mask had slipped off completely, and blood was pouring down the right side of her face. Her left arm was now useless until she could pop it back in, and she was in too much of a shock to get up and move from her spot. She was panting and sweating, gnawing on her lower lip in an attempt to ignore the pain her exhausted body was pumping up to her brain. What little sense was left in her mind noticed the large bulky movement towards her, instincts kicking in and she reflexively raised her remaining kodachi in front of her in a defensive manner, even though she knew it was useless.

-I'm not dead yet- her mind screamed, her defiant eyes burning into her enemies as they approached her, saying all kinds of obscenities, hell she'd heard worse in her life, but even she had some shred of pride left in her to die killing any bastard that tries to touch her. Her bloody knuckle gripped her remaining half-sword as she bared her teeth at these 'men'. –I'll bite out their throats if I have to-


Then she heard that roar, and suddenly the entire area was saturated with an unfathomable killer intent, if she wasn't already half-dazed from that crack against the tree, she was sure she'd be losing her lunch, if she had any, right now. She breathed in deeply against possibly cracked ribs as her sole open eye witnessed a flaming kitsune suddenly rip one of those huge bulky bastards in half with a single punch. She could feel the malice, feel the hatred, feel the sheer rage in the crimson juggernaut as he approached the remaining three. His hands moved like fire, that crimson cloak of what she could only assume was youkai reached out passed his body and grasped another perpetrator and burned his screaming body to ash, another simply crushed another one, and with only one man left she saw a limb of pure chakra from behind him snake around to impale the man straight through the chest, sending out a shockwave of flames that consumed his entire being to dust.

She had seen many things, often horrible things, twisted experiments from her former master, even the sadistic atrocities she had done herself when killing, hell she saw what happened that long night almost five years ago, yet somehow seeing him like this was just as horrifying, if not worse. She had never seen Yoko's real face, always only that damnable mask, so seeing burning crimson slit eyes and bared fangs etched into pure hatred was scary, throw in those four black gashes on the sides of his face and he certainly looked like that beast from five years ago. The malicious flaming orange-red chakra cloak in the shape of a one-tailed fox only added to the obvious. Through in the blood steaming off of his bodysuit and fists which was pooling in the almost tangible chakra and he was downright horrifying.

-He was a demon- was the last thought she had before blissful darkness over came her senses and she knew nothing more.

She came back to the world of the living with a startled gasp, then as if on reflex drew a kodachi and put it at his throat. She seemed to have a lot of reflexes, Yoko noted. –And all of them end up with something sharp and pointed at some part of my anatomy- The fox ANBU could only sigh as he slowed his pace and stopped completely on a rather large bough, the kodachi still at his throat. She didn't ask any questions, and he wondered if she'd remove it even if he said he meant her no harm. He gave a disgruntled sigh, "You can put that away, you know…"

She seemed to let the blade linger for a moment, considering what to do with it, before she actually decided to remove the sharp object from his exposed flesh, "so what are we doing here?" she said nonplused, not really making any indication to right her position on his back or get off. Yoko merely grunted and adjusted her as he saw fit, forcing her back into the piggy-back position she had apparently been sleeping in.

"We're getting the hell out of here, what else do you think we're doing?" he asked, his voice seemed strained, like it was sore, or was he just growling?

She was half tempted to just lay her head back down on his shoulder and sleep, but the images of the fight decided to take this moment to come back to her. She gripped him tighter as she began to remember perhaps the worst day of her life, well okay maybe not the worst, that had to have been that day over five years ago, and no she wasn't thinking about the one when the Kyuubi attacked. She gritted her teeth –But damn it all to hell, today pretty much sucked too- she remembered the betrayal, their capture, escape, all the fighting, all the pain, and then almost dying by a bunch of no-name jackasses because she was tired… then Yoko tripping shit and… her mind seemed to click as she noticed something, or really the lack of something, "where are my wounds?"

The former-fox had been holding his breath for what she would say next, thinking it'd be something along the lines of 'Demon!!' or 'Get away from me!!' or any of the other myriad of things his mind could throw at him for what happened. So, when all he got was a simple question about her lack of wounds, he was surprised, and almost tripped, but he quickly corrected that. He continued looking forward, "I healed them," he told her, wondering if she would leave it at that or not. –Does saying I force-fed her all the healing-stimulant pills I had while popping her arm back in place and using what little first aid Ninjutsu I knew on three cracked ribs and couple broken knuckles sound right?-

"oh…" her voice was low as she nuzzled into the layers of his long red hair, "Okay," for some reason she felt more tired than she did a minute ago, and even weirder she didn't have that feeling of being attacked crawling up her spine. She would have found it more surprising if she wasn't already falling fast back into the world of sleep. –I guess for a little while would be okay…- her dazed and slipping mind began to wonder if this is what being comfortable felt like.

"Hebi?" Yoko glanced over his shoulder and saw the unusually peaceful face of her sleeping on his shoulder. –With how much she squirms in her sleep, I wonder if it's actually okay to let her rest- he gave out a defeated sigh as a small smirk came to his face, "sleep tight, we'll be outta here before you can scream 'Bastard Kitsune', hehe," and he continued his run as far away from that base as he could, hopefully to an inn, or some other place hospitable to war-worn shinobi. He smirked –Well if worst comes to worst I could always look up an old den-

In a low voice he could barely hear if it wasn't next to his ear he heard the hebi-mistress mumble in her sleep, "bas… ta… d… kit… une…" before rolling her face over to the other shoulder, finding the spot more comfortable.

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