Ginny Potter stared down at her long, slender fingers, completely enthralled

Ginny Potter stared down at her long, slender fingers, completely enthralled. She wiggled them, just a little, and felt almost dizzy. Her brain had sent the command, yes, but she was currently inhabiting the body of her husband, controlling his body (though he would say that there was nothing different about today as opposed to yesterday or last year) caused a deep thrum of desire to suffuse her (Harry's) limbs.

"Harry?" Hermione said sharply. Ginny dragged her eyes away from contemplating Harry's fingernails. The tone of Hermione Weasley's voice made it quite clear that the other witch had been trying to get "Harry's" attention for some time now.

"Er -- yes?" Ginny said. Even talking feels different, she thought to herself. Her voice seemed to rumble up from some deep place in Harry's chest that simply did not exist in her own body. It gave her chills, and Ginny wondered how Harry concentrated at all when he spoke... it sent pleasurable little jolts to her stomach. Her cock -- her cock! -- twitched again, and she moved her thigh, so the soft fabric of the boxers she wore beneath the robe would pull tightly across it.

She'd pretty much been hard since they took the Polyjuice Potion an hour ago -- before they'd stopped at the Burrow for dinner and to torture each other with this sexual adventure -- and she'd started to discover little tricks to make her erection feel better than it already did. A happy little sigh escaped her lips. What a wonderful idea her husband had! She was going to have to spend the next few weeks... possibly the next few years... rewarding him for saying "But I want to know what it feels like for you!"


"Sorry," Ginny colored. "I'm just really distracted..."

"Are you all right?" Hermione asked, concerned.

"I'm fine," Ginny answered quickly. This had been the wrong move. She noticed, with a sinking feeling, that Hermione's eyes had narrowed in characteristic suspicion. She knows! Ginny thought wildly. She never should have suggested trying to masquerade as each other in front of their family... it was too dangerous, especially with Hermione the Terrier on the scent.

It had seemed like a good idea at the time. Ginny and Harry had been teasing each other sexually in front of others for years now. They'd both gotten quite good at non-verbal spells that could send a jolt of heat to a specific place on each other's body. Ginny liked to tease Harry with not wearing knickers every once in a while... and he, in turn, liked to tease her with putting on the handy Invisibility Cloak and taking advantage of her naked state. They'd gotten increasingly confident, and the time -- just a few weeks prior, in fact -- when Harry had made love to her under her parents' table (under the Cloak, and silenced) starred in her fantasies. It had been strange and arousing to hear voices and see legs walking around while Harry had been thrusting into her from behind...

But this seemed to be pushing it. These people knew both of them very well, and it was only a matter of time before they figured it out. Sweat beaded on her brow, and Ginny realized with a mixture of relief and disappointment that her erection had gone away.

"I'm sorry, Hermione," she said. "I've got a lot on my mind."

"That's all right, Harry," she said. "I know you have that anniversary surprise --"

"Shh!" Ginny said loudly. At any other time, she would've jumped at the chance to find out why her husband had been acting incredibly mysterious this last week. She would beg for hints -- Hermione would refuse -- and then Ron would let something slip, just enough for her to have an idea. It was like a ritual, and Harry was fully aware of it (sometimes Ginny thought that he instructed Ron on what, exactly, he could say), and she didn't want it spoiled. "Not here, Hermione!" she added in a fierce whisper.

"Ginny isn't even around," Hermione said in a normal voice. "She went upstairs a while ago."

"She could walk in at any -- she isn't around?" Ginny swivelled her head from side to side, eyes narrowed. She had a suspicion that he was cheating. And if he was cheating, she wanted to cheat, damn it. Harry was, in fact, nowhere to be seen. George and Ron chatted in the corner while Angelina tried to make baby Fred laugh. She saw the corner of her mum's robes twist out of sight toward the kitchen, and she could hear her dad accepting a Floo call from Kingsley Shacklebolt.

All this meant that Harry was upstairs, alone with Ginny's body.

"I need to go find her," she mumbled, standing up. She vaguely wondered how Muggle men (who generally wore tight pants) did not embarrass themselves. She was very grateful for the robes, as the erection had returned with almost painful intensity. She couldn't wait to touch it... her palm itched with the urge to stroke it. Her hand was actually moving toward it--

No, Ginny, she told herself sternly. Harry would never forgive you if Hermione saw him touch himself. She ignored the smaller voice that came back with: but he's breaking the rules too!

"Honestly, Harry," Hermione said waspishly. "How do the two of you manage to go to work? You've been married for three years, and you still can't keep your hands off each other!"

"I go visit him at work a lot," Ginny said distractedly. It was not until Hermione gasped loudly that Ginny realized what she'd just said. "I mean... I -- er -- she comes -- I go to her," she furiously tried to backpedal, but the throbbing thing in her boxers made things all the more difficult. She felt a wave of compassion for Harry -- how many times had he told her that he couldn't concentrate when he was aroused?

"Ginny Potter!" Hermione's mouth gaped open in shock. Already, she was starting to laugh.

"Quiet!" Ginny hissed. She glanced nervously at Ron and George, but neither of them appeared to notice.

"The two of you are completely insane," Hermione said in a low voice. "I suppose this explains why Gin -- I mean Harry -- kept putting his elbow in the butter dish. The two of you..."

"This is the first time we've done this," Ginny said. "We just wanted to know what it felt like... you know. Arousal. Orgasm."

Hermione's eyes sharpened with interest. She turned her head and gave Ron a lingering look that traveled from the top of his head, paused in the middle for long moments, and continued on to his feet. She cocked her head. "What a remarkable idea," she murmured. Her cheeks turned pink.

"It's pretty amazing," Ginny said. She was torn between wanting to stay and chat with Hermione (they generally told each other everything, though they both pretended that they weren't talking about Harry and Ron), and going upstairs to find her husband. "You should try it. You'll have an easier time of it, making the Polyjuice Potion."

"I --" Hermione began.

"Keep looking me like that, and we're going home right now," Ron said loudly from across the room. Hermione's blush deepened, but she lifted her chin and kept her eyes on her husband. Ginny took advantage of Hermione's distraction (she suspected that the two of them would be gone by the time she came back downstairs) to make her escape. She took the stairs two at a time, and felt a sharp flare of desire when she "accidentally" brushed her hand up against her erection.

She knew right away that Harry was getting up to something in Ginny's old room. First, the door was shut. Her mother never closed it anymore, claiming that having it open helped the air flow through the Burrow. Ginny was almost certain that she was lying, but could not think of any other reason for this to be so. Second, Ginny could only get within one inch of it.

She grinned. Harry was being remarkably careless. She pulled out her wand and whispered, "Finite Incantatem!" The charm around the door broke silently, and Ginny pushed open the door--

And found Harry in Ginny's own body sitting on the floor up against the bed, legs spread wide and hand in between them. He was staring avidly into the mirror he had propped up against the opposite wall, and did not appear to have noticed her entrance. "Sorry," he said quietly. He knew she was there, he was simply too intent on his task. It was odd to hear his inflection with her voice.

"Couldn't help yourself?" Ginny grinned wickedly. She closed the door, and added three charms to the door: Silencing, Impenetrable, and Imperturbable. She watched intently as Harry continued at his task. He did not appear to be pushing himself to orgasm... his fingers swirled and dipped and stroked as if he were trying to memorize every sensation. She felt a frisson deep in her stomach that was more than lust or desire... it was incredible, watching Harry worship her body in a completely new and different way.

She pulled her robes off, and let her boxers drop to the floor. Her erection sprang free, slapping against her belly. There was a roaring in her ears as she gently stroked it from the base to the tip. She felt dizzy and her eyes unfocused. It was... somewhat similar to what she felt when aroused, but different at the same time. She could not describe it, even to herself, and now she understood why both she and Harry had found it nearly impossible to find the words to describe the difference.

She edged over until her calf brushed up against Harry's shoulder. She saw herself full length in the mirror. Tall, slender, slightly pale, and pointing straight at her was Harry's penis. She stroked it again, and felt her breath hitch in her throat. She used her fingernails on it, and sighed. He really was the most beautiful man in the world. She took her hands off his penis, and stroked his chest and his arms, watching with delight when his penis bobbed when she brushed against his nipples. It was as if everything was connected to it, every nerve ending. She felt it throb, and she moaned each time it did.

She turned to the side and watched in the mirror as she rubbed in earnest. She loved seeing it in profile...

"Do you want to have sex?" Harry said hoarsely.

She glanced down at him. He was staring in the mirror, and when she looked that way again, she met her own brown eyes with his green ones. She suddenly knew what she wanted. "Use your mouth."

"Only if you do it to me... er, you... I'm having issues with how to think of your body," he admitted with a little chuckle. "Is it my body while I'm in it? Is it yours?"

"It's your body, Harry, wasn't that in the vows?" Ginny said. "Though I know what you mean. It feels weird to think 'my penis'. I'm touching my penis. I'm stroking my penis. I want to know what a mouth feels like on my penis..."

"Weren't we supposed to wait until we got home?" Harry smirked.

"Too torturous... we overestimated our ability to not jump in bed," Ginny said sadly. She sat down on the bed and parted her thighs in invitation for him to put his head there before she remembered that the mechanics of a blow job were entirely different when one was male. He didn't appear to notice, but scooted over until he knelt in between her legs.

"This is," he announced, "one of the weirdest things we've ever done."

"I'm quite enjoying myself," Ginny said. He flicked her erection gently, slapping it against her stomach again.

"I can tell," he grinned up at her. "I wouldn't go down on myself for just anyone, you know."

"Of course I --"

But then he opened his mouth, and she felt the warmth, the gentle suck, and the firm grip of his hands -- which were really her own. Her arms immediately started to tremble, and her hips thrusted forward by their own volition. Husky grunts came from her own throat, and she felt the most amazing tightening in her balls. It took all her will to keep her eyes open... they wanted to slam shut. Harry's head -- her head -- bobbed up and down between her thighs and she couldn't hold it in anymore --

She squeezed her eyes shut and groaned, low and hoarse, "Harry." The orgasm nearly sent her falling off the bed with its immediate intensity... it charged into her with the force of the Hogwarts Express, and left her feeling intense pleasure, and the immediate desire to go to sleep. Now I know why he wants to roll over and go to sleep, she thought dreamily. She blinked her eyes open, and let them close again.

"Don't go to sleep," Harry warned. He sounded highly amused, as if he wanted to say "I told you so." It had taken almost a year for Ginny to break Harry of that habit. Now that she understood the pleasant heaviness of his eyes and limbs, she felt a little bad for that.

"How... is it like that every time?" Ginny asked. She was still panting.

"Not always," Harry said. "It's not as good with the hand. And it's better during sex. Also, it feels better if you last for more than ten seconds."

"I couldn't help it," Ginny said. "It was like -- and then -- I couldn't -- Merlin, Harry. That was bloody incredible."

"My turn," he said firmly.

Ginny did not know how she could possibly force her (Harry's) limbs to cooperate and give her own body (and Harry) an orgasm with the same intensity as what she had just felt. She felt a little disoriented and shaky in the aftermath. She was so tired... how could she possibly do it?

"And now you know why I always, always let you go first," Harry said. "This is what happens."

Ginny chuckled. "Poor Harry. You're such a hero, and I had no idea..."

She enjoyed the sensation of doing something that Harry had often done to her, but he was far too large for her to do to him: she hooked her hands under his elbows and drew him up and kissed him. It was bizarre, to feel her own lips moving against lips that also felt like hers. She wrapped her arms around her own body just the way she liked and finally understood exactly why Harry always said that she fit perfectly against him. She knew that he fit perfectly against her but to feel it reciprocated and rebounded... suddenly she wasn't quite as tired as she was moments before.

"I hope I'm good at this," Ginny said doubtfully. Harry moved to lay down and opened his legs.

"If I can give a blow job..."

She waved her hand. "I imagine it doesn't take much finesse with men."

"Just do what you like," Harry said. He looked at her intently. She had a feeling that he would be cataloguing her every move and watching her like a hawk. For reasons completely unknown to her, Harry needed affirmation that what he was doing felt good for her, that he was a good lover. It wasn't as if he was insecure... just considerate and giving and unselfish and wonderful.

And because she wanted to show him that she appreciated the little things that he did for her, she put aside the weirdness she felt about going down on herself. She spread his legs wider, leaned in, and blew gently on the heated flesh. He did that sometimes, and it was like a signal that he was going to draw out the pleasure as much as possible. Then she nuzzled him. He'd done that the first time they'd ever had sex. She'd been embarrassed that he was seeing her fully for the first time... but he'd leaned over and nuzzled her and it had been so tender a gesture that she'd forgotten her embarassment.

She took a finger and tickled the moist folds. She grinned to herself when his hips moved and she heard his gasp. She turned her head and kissed the inner thigh at the same moment that she slipped a finger inside. Harry was already wet... his ministrations earlier had primed him. She brushed her thumb across the clitoris and his hips lifted off the bed. She toyed with him, the way he usually did to her, the way she liked it. She kissed the top of his knee.

"Ginny... please..." he said. "I promise I'll never torment you like this again..."

"You know you like it," she grinned at him slyly. But she only dallied a few more moments. She added a second finger and began pumping in earnest. She circled his hips with her other arm to hold him still and pressed her tongue against the clitoris. He cried out. She closed her lips around the small bundle of pure nerves and began to suckle in time to the movements of her fingers.

It was about the time when Harry's hands fisted in her hair and began to pull none too gently that Ginny got hard again. She stopped her movements and looked up at him. "I'm hard again," she said in wonder.

"My body... likes... the taste... of yours," Harry explained, panting. "Always does it. Merlin, Ginny! Ginny... I want to feel what you feel when I'm inside of you."

"In front of the mirror," Ginny said. It was amazing that she sounded exactly like Harry when he was this aroused. She pulled away and slid to the soft carpet of the floor. She lay on her side, and propped herself up on her elbow, and started to stroke the penis. Harry vaulted over her. She wondered if he would like the feeling of being completely enclosed by him. She liked it sometimes when he held her so tightly that she could only barely move... not every time...

It took her three tries to get her penis to go where it wanted to, and she was amazed again at Harry's dexterity. He generally made everything seem so effortless. She felt a flash of nervousness. What if she wasn't any good? What if she couldn't use Harry's body to give her own an orgasm? The first several thrusts were awkward and felt forced. Ginny feared that if she didn't stop feeling so self-conscious she'd lose her erection. But then--

Nature took over, and Ginny realized that Harry's body knew exactly what to do. Her arms went around Harry and pulled him tightly up against her chest while she thrust harder and harder. He was making whimpering sounds and Ginny was amazed anew at her own grunts. It sounded so erotic...

"Feels so amazing," she whispered.

"I know," Harry said.

With one hand, she squeezed a breast and pinched a nipple, and with the other she swirled a little pattern around the sensitive clitoris. Her movements became more erratic as she pounded away, and she felt that tingling in her balls and knew that the orgasm was about to knock her flat again. Wait for Harry, she chanted. Wait for Harry, wait for Harry, wait for Harry...

She bit his shoulder and felt it sending him tumbling over the edge. Her penis was squeezed tightly with the force of his orgasm, and she exploded again. Through a haze of pleasure, she could hear Harry swearing incoherently. If she wasn't so damn tired, she'd join in. She moved onto her back, feeling the wetness of female arousal and semen on her thigh, and did not care at all. She was in a state of bliss. I do this to Harry, she thought triumphantly.

"Can we do this again sometime?" she asked.

"Count on it," Harry said.

Ella's Pirate Bounty Hunt Clue: Ye'll find the next clue in a hidden place. Ye see, I like to pilfer and pillage from other journals, like any respectable pirate. This one was Mel's, smack in the middle of WWOAB. What I wouldn't give for a massage table in the Captain's Quarters right now. Argh!