"Come on, please?"

"Penny, I'm sorry no, I'm not going."

"Seriously, I would really like to have some company."

"Please, you just need a ride."

Penny stamped her foot impatiently. Leonard was tidying up dishes from their usual Monday-night Mongolian barbecue takeout and being unusually stubborn. Changing tactics, she siddled up beside him and ran her hand up his arm. "You got me to go outside my comfort zone and go back to school, and since I've been going there, I'm joining things. Now I'm just trying to help you grow as a person and join in with me."

"But yoga? Penny, there is a reason I don't work out, okay, I'm not very comfortable in stretchy pants putting everything on display for women and gay men to see." Leonard shuddered at the thought of being oggled in spandex. "Plus, they don't make contact lenses strong enough in my prescription which means I'd have to wear sport goggles and nothign says 'pick me last for your team' than sport goggles."

"Leonard, it's yoga, okay? An individual activity where you can wear basketball shorts if you like and plenty of other women wear their glasses when they do yoga."

"Did somenoe say yoga?" With lightning speed, Howard appeared at Penny's elbow, ears and libido on full alert, making Penny roll her eyes.

"Yes, Howard, I've joined the yoga club at school-"

"Oh yes that's right, you've started at West Valley, if you can call that a school," Sheldon chipped in, rummaging in a bag for a napkin, "because let's be honest, how much academic credibility can an institution have when their mascot shares its image with a brand of sexual prophylactics?"

"Anyways," Penny continued through gritted teeth, making Leonard snicker, "the point is my usual friend who goes with me has a presentation to prep for, and I don't want to go alone."

"I'll go." Howard's response was immediate and predictable. "Just the thought of all those lovely ladies stretching and contorting their bodies into surreal positions makes so many naughty thoughts run from my brain down to my pelvis."

Penny's eyes bulged in fear as she looked around the room. "Anyone else? Raj?"

Raj whispered something to Leonard who nodded. "I am a hatha yoga master, and any other kind of training would upset my routines but thank you for the offer."

"Actually, Penny, I'd love to go with you," Sheldon said suddenly, making the other four pairs of eyebrows in the kitchen shoot skywards.

"You, Sheldon Cooper, who can barely function with others in a science lab, want to go to a social environment that involves exercising?"

"Yes, it will be great research for my new paper on streamlining and drag of various bionic surfaces."

Leonard grinned broadly at Penny and ran his hand up her arm. "And you thought you'd be bored without your friend there."