Severus Snape sniffed as he leaned into the library. If one had been looking from either the right or left of Severus from inside the library, they would have seen his nose protruding from the doorway.


Maybe he had fallen asleep; it had been known to happen.

He stepped inside and let the door fall closed behind him, the wood resting against his palms when it did. Severus felt his shoulder blades brush against the door and it reminded him how thin he was, how bony and awkward, just a little too short to be gangly.

A few steps forward and everything that had been dark went darker.

"Hello, Sev."

Severus growled and turned around with a grin. "What've you been up to?" he asked, grazing his lips over the werewolf's jaw.

Remus Lupin sighed. "Bit of studying, as always." Severus snickered. "One of us has to earn a living one day. How else will we pay for your outrageous acid pop addiction?"

"I'm not entirely against the idea of robbing Honeydukes."

"Yes well, one of us also has to have some morals and…standards."

"We could do it naked. It'd be harder to identify us…"

"Maybe I'm not so opposed after all," Remus led Severus over to a table by a window, and then sat at the head chair. Severus sat in the chair to Remus' left and Remus grabbed Severus' hands in his.


"Want to snog?" Severus suggested bluntly.

Remus held back a smile. "No. Let's have some stimulating conversation."

"I know other ways we can get stimulated…"

"You're awful frisky tonight. Have you been taking lessons from Filthy Filch?"

"Remus!" Severus gasped mockingly, holding a hand to his chest. "Succumbing to mass name calling, are you?"

Remus blushed. "Maybe a little. But…he deserves it!" he defended. "He stole my best quill."

"I'll buy you a new one."

"Severus," Remus laughed softly, "you can barely afford to feed yourself. How about this, instead of you buying me a quill, I buy you lunch. Look at you. Soon, my boyfriend will be invisible. And what will the fun in that be?"

"It's not like I'm all that much to look at. I'm sure it would be an improvement."

"I assure you, it would not be."

As their conversation had progressed, their faces had inched closer with each sentence, the tension tightening with each movement. Remus looked down at his fingers which were gripping the desk quite painfully. He hadn't noticed the pain until he had looked down. Before he could think any more, Remus forced his lips onto Severus', giving in to his werewolf side. At least, that was what Severus called it.

Severus didn't hesitate to deepen the kiss. As he nipped at Remus' lower lip, he growled, "I want to be the one with you next time. They're useless. They think it's just a game."

Severus' other half pulled away abruptly. "We've been through this." He placed his hands on Severus' shoulders carefully. "I can't put you in that danger."

"I can take care of myself."

"No. Let me say it again: no. No. No. No."

"But I can help you! I can make wolfsbane! Or…I almost can."

"No, Sev. The guys…they know what they're doing."

"And I don't? Remy…"

"No, Severus. I'm not having this argument again. You're not coming. Now, don't spoil the night."

The future-potions master clenched his jaw, unwilling to fall into Remus' trap.

"I hate you," he pouted.

"No, you don't."

"I wish I did."

Remus chuckled before pressing his lips to Severus'.