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" Do you have mom's birthday off this year Christian?" I asked me brother as I cleaned up my office.

" Yeah I do Eve. So how is the big pay-per-view going?" My brother asked laughing.

" Well...I had to send Show to the hospital for a M.R.I and Randy broke his clavicle. Not to mention all the ice I had to give out. Why are wrestler such dumbasses sometimes?" I grumbled.

" It's our job Eve. I better go. See you latter little girl."

" Okay bye Chris." As I hung my phone I heard a knock on my door.

" Come in." I shouted throwing my phone on the table. Matt Hardy opened the door and he was followed by his limping brother.

" Eve could you look at his knee?" Matt asked giveing Jeff a push towards the table.

" There is nothin' wrong with my knee Matt. I just banged it a little durin' my match." Jeff said barely putting any weight on his knee.

" Get on the table Jeff." The older man ordered.

" With knee is it Jeff?" I asked looking in his big green eyes.

" Left one." Jeff said sullenly. I know he hates haveing to come anywhere near my office. I think he has a slight fear of doctors.

I rolled up his pant leg. Covering his knee was a thick layer of tape. That bastard knew his knee was bugging him. I cut of the tape to see his knee was red and swollen.

" So, Jeff what's wrong with it?" I asked but the daredevil just gave me the silent treatment. " Fine Matt what's wrong with his knee?"

" He can't put much weight on it and it keeps giveing out on him."

" Okay Jeff. Stop acting like a two year old and listion to me." I paused looking up at him. he smile at me as I continued. " Ice it when you get back to the hotel and rest it. Oh and come back to see me before Raw tomorow." I gave Jeff a ice pack as he stood up.

" Why thank you Ma'am. I'll be back to see you tomorrow. Let's go Matt." Jeff said limping towards the door.

" Thanks Eve. See you around." I waved bye to the dark haired man as I collapsed in my chair. As I started to relax me door opened.

" Eve are you coming out with us tonight?" I opened my eyes to see Jessi Angle standing at my door in her clubbing clothes.

" Oh yeah I forgot. Can I borrow some clothes?" I asked my dark haired friend.

" Yeah hurry up. We are meeting as bunch of the other girls and Dave is coming home tonight." Jessi said grinning at me.

"Okay let's go." I locked my door as I followed her to her dressing room.

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