The Games We Play

By Angel of the Odd

Introduction: The Players

Their lives had intertwined like links in a chain. Six men. Six lives shattered by loss. Six stories of those who professed themselves geniuses. Six players in a game.

Beyond Birthday. The first to roll the dice. He knew the rules and he knew how to break them. His method was one of percision. Every little move calculated right down to the last detail. He hadn't expected the addition of a wild card. Naomi Misora. The fatal flaw in his plan. Beyond met defeat in the hot lick of flames.

L. The central figure. He was the one who had set up the board. He always seemed to be right at the finishing line, ahead of everyone else. In the end, however, he had underestimated his opponent. He hadn't known about the hidden trump until it was too late. The Death Note. L met defeat in the empty echo of church bells.

Light. The most aggressive player. He seemed to have the winning hand. He knew how to keep a poker face. He had over-estimated himself. He claimed victory far too early. He had not expected another player to take his opponent's place. Near. Light met defeat in a free-fall from grace.

Matt. He was bored of the game. He chose to stay only to help his partner win. Once he started, he knew he had to finish. He wasn't paying attention to his own position. He relied on his teammate's far too much. Matt met defeat in the sweet sting of lead.

Mello. He was tired of always coming in second. He was unpredictable. It made things more interesting. He sacrificed the wrong piece in a rash move. Mello met defeat in a futile blaze of glory.

Near. The self-proclaimed winner. One by one, he watched the others fall until only he was left standing. He picked up the pieces left behind and began to reassemble them. As if it were nothing more than a puzzle to be solved.