Epilogue: Pieces

Near was good at solving puzzles. There was always a logical solution. He felt best when he could sit back and watch the full picture come together. The new L. The one who had beat Kira at his own game.

So why was he at a loss to explain the questions that now posed themselves to him?

How could a man as intelligent and as promising as Beyond Birthday have fallen into a spiral of obsession and self-destruction?

What had the greatest detective of all time, L, seen in the eyes of Kira before he succumbed to the final sleep?

What would lead a man as rational as Matt to think he could pull off such an insane scheme?

Why had Mello resigned himself to his fate so peacefully, when Near had known him to be a person who would have gone kicking and screaming into a not-so-gentle goodnight?

Why was it that Light Yagami-Kira-despite all his fear and defiance of death, been discovered dead with the peaceful look of an angel on his face?

Near had no answer to this. Perhaps human emotion was one component that could not be explained with logic.

Perhaps love was more than just a game.

The End

Authors Notes: Yes I have read the manga I just borrowed heavily from the anime series because it suited the mood for my story. I hope you all enjoyed!