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Well, I'm just an author trying to get out of a small funk I've been having, but let's consider this moment a chance to know me…

Ya know, a few years ago, when I first started writing fan fiction, I admit that I wasn't that good…heck, most of my stories were cheap knockoffs of stories that I had read when I was younger and put them in context for the stories genres I had…and my stories had bad grammar and weren't that great…

Then I wrote A Tortured Duelist in the GX section, sure the grammar in it was bad, but the story line was good enough to gather attention to several writers who's work I enjoyed, for example Seeker of the Soul and Wolf General, but those were only a couple. I enjoyed the reviews of anyone who did read them…

When the story was over, that's when I wrote (and still writing) two branch stories from it. Duelist's Open Destiny and Duelist Twilight, both had better writing and a few fans, coupled with a decent storyline that seemed to intertwine with each other if you carefully read in between the lines.

I still love those stories and will continue writing them in junction with this, but I had to get away from them, at least for a while.

Hence why I'm here, to try my hand at another story that had inspired me…as to why you're reading this, either you are either of fan of my work and were curious why I did this…or you were just curious with an author who hasn't dabbled in the original series…

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Many different things lie await in our world…most of them are different depending on what people see them through their eyes.

For many people when they hear that concept, the first thing on their minds would have to be a treasure or even perhaps a chance for the sweet life.

But, humans…they tend to only think of these things, however there are bigger things that await for us. Destiny, a new life, a chance for love…

Though we may try to achieve these things on a whim, humans can only truly achieve them through hardships and trials on a track that we have to make ourselves.

Sometimes, we stray from the path and forget what we first went to search for, going on a completely different walk on life. Many times, we hurt ourselves trying to get back on the path and yet we cannot truly grasp this until the very end…

However, in a miracle's one chance, a soul can get back onto the original path that they once strived for, while still carrying the scars from the wrong path…

This is one of those brave souls…striving to retain his past and make light for his future.

How do I know this? I was once like this brave soul…

Who am I? You don't need to know…at least not now…

Just sit back…crack open that liter of soda you've got in the fridge…and enjoy the show…


Vyser Dragoon


Drawn Back to the Basics

A Yugioh GX Fan Fiction


Draw 1

Dark Deal



Running through the darkness, the young man continued to run away from an unknown being, turning back a few times to see the mysterious being.

"Odoroki…don't run…"

The youth didn't stop…

"You can't run…from destiny…"


Sitting up directly in his bed, the same young man began laboring for his breaths placing his hands onto his face as his alarm clock began buzzing him to wake up.


Duel Monsters…

Ever since he could remember, it was a game of prestige created by the quite intelligent (if not somewhat questionable) Pegasus J. Crawford. And for many people, the simple game had transformed into a serious factor for their lives…

Tournaments provided money for duelists, as well as sharpening their skills so that they can become better duelists, earning more money as well as fans.

Entertainment wise, the audience of duel monsters were always captivated by the thrill of the duels (thanks to one Kaiba Seto for providing holographic projectors), how every card played an important role in the duels…the thrill to see their favorite duelist make a comeback when the decks were stacked against them and their backs to the wall…

But…not everything is perfect…

There is a dark side to this wondrous game…

This darkness…

…For the past three years since he joined the darkness, also known as the Underground Dueling League, he had grown accustomed to the dim lights and creepy people who seemed to thrive on the darkness. At first he may have been scared by the faces and unknowns that plagued this new portion of his life…

…But it wasn't much of a threat to him now…

…With all the crap that had happened to him during last year's league matches, he was somehow miraculously managed to keep his title. Especially with all of the crazy duelists he had to face, the insane dueling conditions and the wagers that were made on the outcome on the winner's survival.

But if it weren't for the large cut he got, the privacy in his own apartment and all of the strawberry ice cream sundaes he could eat at the bar in the Underground League's main arena, he would probably go insane.

He could even remember the rumors he had heard about the league itself. Many years ago, one Monkey Saruyama ran the Underground Duelist League, recruiting many different members of the main duelist league whenever they would be cast out of the spotlight and prey upon them all as if he were nothing more than a common vulture. This went on for a good decade…

…Until 'he' was recruited into the league…

His name…

…Ryo Marufuji…also known as The Hell Kaiser…

It was only one match that had set off the domino effect that led to ruin Saruyama's league, Ryo's first match in the Underground League. Eventually, after Ryo had deserted Saruyama, allowing everything to fall into the depths of failure.

…However…just before the Underground League was finished, a new man stepped into Saruyama shoes to take over at the last second. His name was Isaac Walker, a successful English business man who had a love for the game of duel monsters. Due to his money and business know-how, he was able to bring the league back from the brink of destruction…and not only that, but due to his large amount of money and 'persuasive' friends in the mafia, he made the league appear legal in the eyes of the common folk.

The past…he was willing to forget that and look forward…

…for with each step he took through the dimly lit hallway, the youth remembered why he got into this mess of a dueling league. Being kicked out of duel academy wasn't the best way to get into the pro league or to get sponsors to cover you and fund your duels…that's what got the young man to be noticed by Isaac Walker…

…The fact that he was relentless in his duels and managed to win almost any match. But the young man…he dueled for a different reason…

'…If it wasn't for her…'

That thought would always pick at the young man's mind, often making him return to his signature scowl.

Then suddenly, stopping slowly, the young man stood in front of… 'His' office. Most of the time, the young man hated this guy for involving him in this underground duelist league.

…and this would be another reason why he'd hate Isaac.

Knocking a few times on the door, the young man immediately slammed the door open with his foot, surprising the well-dressed man inside. "Walker! We've got some things to discuss…"

Looking up from his latest papers, the man whom the young man was looking for was sitting behind the fancy desk with many gold and expensive accessories. The man sitting behind the desk smirked underneath his glasses that matched his fancy dark blue suit and duster that managed to hang loose off his thin body. At the bottom of his face was a small goatee that was the same color his finely combed down dark brown hair. "Aah…Mr. Odoroki Ryusei; to what do we owe this honor to?"

Leaning up against the wall next to the door, Odoroki crossed his arms over his chest and glared daggers at his 'boss'. "…I'll make this clear and simple for you, Walker. I'm outta here."

Mr. Walker's eyes widened at Odoroki statement, immediately adjusted his glasses slightly and chucked thinking that this was all just a strange ploy for a prank. "G-good one now Mr. Ryusei. Now, what is it what you really want?"

"I've got other ideals to fulfill, so I'm outta here," Odoroki stated once more closing his eyes.

The truth of the matter was, that yes, Odoroki had other ideals to fulfill…but they themselves were unknown to him. Every night for the past two months he had been plagued by a mysterious voice in his dreams that kept awakening him every time he began to sleep.

"…That's not funny anymore," Mr. Walker replied standing up from his desk and lifting up another piece of paper. That's when Walker took note of the serious look on Odoroki face. "Hmm…you're serious…should've expected that, the last time you had a practical joke planned, the guy lost his big toe…"

"Good, then we're on the same page then," Odoroki sighed opening the door and preparing to walk out. "Hopefully we won't meet again…"

"Unfortunately, you can't Mr. Ryusei," Mr. Walker stated with a smile appearing on his face as he lifted up a slip of paper he had taken from his desk. "You have a contract with us for the next seven years. So you better get back to your private room and prepare for you next duel…"

"My lawyers have you trapped in my web…"

"Too bad, you're not the only one who took a few law classes," Odoroki replied, a smug look appeared on his face that made Mr. Walker sweat a little bit. "According to the hard copy of my contract, that I can void it if one of three conditions has been met…"

Lifting his pointer finger up, Odoroki smiled. "One, if my living conditions are not set up to standard."

Odoroki's second finger slowly began to rise making Walker sweat even more. "Two, you haven't been paying me my full amount of pay for my success…

"Or three…" Odoroki continued lifting his third finger. "By confronting you, I have officially challenged you, forcing you to set up a duel against anyone of your choice. Since I've chosen this condition then I have wager the number of years I am signed up left for the league…"

"I'm impressed Odoroki," Walker complimented walking past his desk to standing directly in front of Odoroki. "To think that you were able to figure this out on your own…I knew I shouldn't have hired Lopez to create that contract…"

"However, you need to realize the risk you're taking correct?"

"Indeed I am," Odoroki replied combing back the three long strands of his brown hair down…only to get them to spike back up a second later. "But a man has to do, what he has to do for freedom…"

'And to shut that god damn voice up!'

"Anyone seeing you right now wouldn't think you were a man," Walker commented walking past Odoroki and into the hall. When he stopped in the doorway, Walker grabbed the top hat that was on the hook above Odoroki's head and placed it on his head. "I'll set up your duel, but know this…even if you do succeed, you won't last long out in the real world."

"My eyes will follow you all over…"

"Do what you want…" Odoroki sighed, his head slightly lowered, his head felt slightly disoriented. "Like it matters anymore…"

"Very well…" Walker snickered as he walked into the hallway. '…if you think that I'm going to let my heavy hitter go without a fight, then you're dead wrong Ryusei!'


"Greetings ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the Underground Duelist League!"

The female announcer's voice boomed through out the spacious arena, signaling that the duel that Mr. Walker had set up would be starting in a few minutes. Tables were set up all over the dueling platform that was set up for the duel, fully occupied by the rich viewers sipping on fancy drinks and engorging themselves on expensive foods.

"Tonight you all are in for a special treat! Tonight, the Emperor of the Underworld shall duel in a clash of the titans! But, enough of my blathering, let's introduce our duelists!"

At the same time at opposite sides of the duel arena, two spotlights were activated over the two entrances. At the north entrance, a brawny man, looking around to be in his mid-twenties, wearing a large black weighted vest and baggy gray cargo pants, exited the doorway and began to make his way to the arena. His shaggy black hair waving slightly above his shoulders and his three strands standing in the front slowly flew in front of the man's developed face. On his left arm, a large duel disk that resembled that of a bronze shield was strapped tightly on his muscular arm.

Meanwhile at the south entrance, a small teenaged man, around sixteen or seventeen years of age, walked through with the spotlight gleaming over his small skinny body. His combed back, reddish brown hair also had three strands standing towards the back. Over his slightly tanned body, was a red vest covering a pure white shirt and a pair of black jeans. On top of that was a large black overcoat that looked to be a few sizes too big, and on the back of the overcoat was a large golden crown engulfed in flames. Strapped to his left arm was the traditional Battle City duel disk that was a memento

…But the most noticeable feature on the young man was the large scar that raced down his left side of his face.

As soon as the two men walked down onto the duel platform, the announcer spoke up once more. "Meet our duelists! Meet the Emperor of the Underworld, Odoroki Ryusei!"

A loud flood of applause filled the arena making the brawny man chuckle slightly raising his hands behind his head.

"And his opponent! Our very own Nathaniel Walker!"

The crowd was filled with more whispers than applause, and teenaged man didn't seem to care for it either.

"Now then duelists! Hand your decks to your respective opponents and we'll get the added condition to the duel!" The announcer flared out from the speakers as the two men began to walk towards each other, both of them lifted up different sized decks.

After the two exchanged cards, the bigger of the two men smirked down towards the smaller man. "Ya sure you want to go through with this little guy?"

The smaller man closed his eyes as he lifted up the cards to his opponent. "I'm sure…they don't call me my title just for fun…"

"Heh, we'll see how smug you'll be after I hand you your thrashing Odoroki," the bigger man, Nathaniel, chuckled, as he slapped the cards into Odoroki's free hand.

As soon as the two duelists were finished with the pre-game trash talk, they slowly returned to their original positions as many people of the technical staff arrived on the scene with many different dark metal rings in their hands. "And this added bonus, a favorite from the same match as Mad Dog Inuzaki and Ryo Marufuji!"

Odoroki didn't even flinch as the technical staff immediately strapped the metallic rings around his body (he did blush slightly when the female member of the staff was strapping the metallic ring around his neck). As soon as the staff was out of his way, Odoroki saw that his opponent was also strapped in with the metallic rings. And here he thought that Isaac treated his own flesh and blood on equal grounds with the other duelists.

"Duelists ready?"

Both duelist threw their duel disk wielded arms, the field blades snapped together, the five slots glowed red on Odorki's field while Nathaniel's shield disk had illuminated with a bronze hue. The holographic projectors built into the stage tuned to the two duel disk, the lights flashed red and bronze.


At the same time, Odoroki and Nathaniel drew their five card hands and scanned them over quickly. Odoroki drew his sixth card adding it to the rest. "I'd say youth first, but you're hardly a pleasure to look at…" (OLP: 8000)

"Just keep tossing fuel on the fire," Nathaniel egged on with a smug look on his face. "I'll rip that title from your dead body…" (NLP: f8000)

"A lot better duelists have tried, brute," Odoroki replied looking at his hand and shook his head slightly. Slipping a card from his hand into his duel disk, a single card appeared in front of Odoroki. Then slapping another card, a face down set monster appeared before him. "That's all…"

"Hmm…not a good hand?" Nathaniel chuckled pulling his sixth card and smiling to show a crooked smile. "What do expect? You've got a deck of eighty cards! That's your weakness!"

Only blinking a few times, Odoroki kept silent as Nathaniel lifted three cards from his hand and immediately slipped them into his duel disk, making them materialize in front of him. "Ha! I've got you speechless! My three face down cards I'll save for later, but right now, I'll summon Rock Soldier (2200/0)!"

From the platform, a powerful shockwave began to quake around the area as the ground opened up to release a large knight completely made of stone onto the field, lifting up a large stone lance that it raised towards Odoroki.

"Attack his face down monster Rock Soldier!" Nathaniel commanded as his Rock Soldier began to move slowly towards the face down monster.

"To your attack I chain my face down trap card!" Odoroki countered throwing his arm over his face down card to have it flip up to show a beautiful woman with her arms held up over her head from rain falling over her. "Solemn Wishes grants me five hundred life points every time I draw a card!"

"That's seemed unnecessary," Nathaniel stated a little confused just as his Rock Soldier was standing directly over Odoroki's face down monster, its lance ready to pierce right through the monster. "Sides my attack still goes through! Make a monster shish-ka-bob!"

The large rock monster stabbed its lance through the face down card, making it materialize into a small toy robot monster that looked like Robby from Lost in Space (400/400), and then shatter immediately.

A small smile then appeared on Odoroki's face slipping his card into his graveyard and reached for his large deck. "Thanks, that was my Card Trooper, and his effect allows me to draw a new card from my deck when he's destroyed…"

As if on cue with Odoroki snapping his next card from his duel disk, a bright shower of light rained over him. "And since Solemn Wishes is on the field, I gain a five hundred point boost!" (OLP: 8500)

"Heh, we'll see how long that lasts," Nathaniel scoffed looking at his two card hand and then closed his eyes. "I'll end my turn…"

"And that activates your Rock Soldier's ability!" Odoroki pointed out as the Rock Soldier's armor began to crack slightly (1700/500). "It loses five hundred attack and gets five hundred defense points!"

"I know my monster's ability!" Nathaniel growled watching Odoroki draw his next card and immediately get engulfed in light once more. (OLP: 9000)

"Sorry, I was under the impression that you were nothing more than a muscle bound pea-brained idiot," Odoroki snickered looking at his full hand, and then taking a card from his hand, Odoroki slapped it onto his duel disk making the card appear before him. "But…I summon a monster face down and then I play the spell card, Graceful Charity!"

Many feathers flew from the air above and landed upon Odoroki's deck, allowing him to draw three cards…allowing more light to shower on him. (OLP: 9500)

Then with a quick selection of two cards, Odoroki lifted two cards up showing two monsters. "I discard Man of Fortune and Brow, Huntsman of Dark World!"

"And thanks to Brow's ability," Odoroki continued as he snapped another card from his duel disk, making more light shower over his body. "I get another card and five hundred more life points." (OLP: 10000)

"Padding your points?" Nathaniel snickered rubbing his chin expectantly. "Well, I don't blame ya…"

"And I'll end my turn with one card face down," Odoroki concluded as another card appeared next to the Solemn Wishes card. "Your move again brawn boy…"

With a loud growl, Nathaniel nearly ripped his next card from his deck and looked at his card. "It's Nathaniel to you, and now I'll activate my two face down cards! Go Rock Bombardments!"

Pulling out his deck, Nathaniel quickly fanned it open and selected two cards from his deck, slipping them into his duel disk graveyard. "So by discarding my two Giant Soldiers of Stone from my deck, I can catapult five hundred life points of damage to you for each one sent!"

Two cards shot out of Nathaniel's deck, allowing him to lift them both up into the air before he slid them into his duel disk's graveyard. "So by sending two of my Rock type monsters from my deck to the graveyard, I can inflict five hundred points of damage for each of them!"

Two large catapults appeared on both sides of the larger duelist, each of them loaded with a large boulder. "Ready…Fire!" Both catapults launched at the same time, sending the boulders towards Odoroki.

Even though the boulders were holograms, Odoroki easily sidestepped the boulders as they crashed into the platform…but, Odoroki didn't escape unscathed. (OLP: 9000)

'I always hate this part…'

"And here comes my favorite part!" Nathaniel laughed turning his thumb down. "You know what I'm getting at!"

Indeed, Odoroki knew all too well what would happen, the collars and rings began to light up red…several jolts of electricity surged into Odoroki's body, his teeth barred in pain as he tried not to bite his tongue due to the pain. "D-Damn it…"

One of the reasons the Underground League was illegal was wrapped around the two duelist's limbs. Known as the Damage Flux Devices, these dangerous scraps of metal that delivered shocks to a duelist whenever their life points would decrease, they're sole purpose was to provide entertainment for the guests of the underworld…

…and of course, right now the purpose was being fulfilled on Odoroki's part. "Urk…is…is that all you've got, cheap tricks?"

"Oh, you're one to talk!" Nathaniel laughed throwing his hand over his other card, allowing the trap card to show a picture of two Giant Soldiers of Stone climbing out of the Earth. "Trap card go! Revived Gardnas!"

"And now since one or more earth attribute, rock type monsters were sent from my deck to the graveyard this turn, I can special summon two normal earth rock monsters from the graveyard. So why not just bring back my two Giant Soldiers of Stone (1300/2000x2)?"

The ground shattered open allowing two extremely large soldiers appear before Nathaniel crossing their arms across their bodies in a defensive manner. "And I still have my normal summon too, so I think I'll sacrifice my two Giant Soldiers of Stone…"

Both of the Soldiers shattered into many different sized shards of stone flying upwards forming into what appeared to be an extremely large stone golem crashing on the ground making the entire arena rumble. Even Odoroki stared at the monster in surprise, taking note of the monster's dragon like head, long tail and chiseled wings. Even the large axe in the monster's clawed hands was menacing enough. (1000/1000)

"…for the Rock Emperor!"

A single thought began to surge through Odoroki's head once he saw that strangely large rock monster. 'Aw crap…there's part one of his strategy…'

"And due to his effect, I can increase his attack and defense by the defense power of my Stone Soldier!" (1000/1000 + 2000/2000)

"Okay, I guess I'm impressed a little bit," Odoroki breathed slightly still a little tired from the shock he received.

"Oh and I suppose should remind you that I still have my Rock Soldier out on the field," Nathaniel chuckled lifting his hand up towards his large soldier. "Destroy that face down monster!"

Once more the large soldier immediately stabbed his lance into the face down monster, making it reveal to show a faint old man dressed in ruined rich clothes, with chains running over his body connect to gold bars, bags of money and an iron ball (200/300). The lance speared through the monster's chest making him moan in pain before shattering into many pixels.

"Thanks, that was my Greedy Phantom!" Odoroki announced lifting his hand to his deck and pulling two cards. Immediately the light from the Solemn Wishes fell upon his shoulders. "Depending on the level of the monster that destroyed it, we can draw cards!" (OLP: 9500)

Just as Nathaniel was about to draw his card, many coins fell from the sky onto him making him growl in pain, followed up by a powerful surge of dark electricity surging through his body, making him kneel down. "W-what the heck?" (NLP: 7000)

"It's my trap card, Greed!" Odoroki explained gesturing towards his now active trap card showing an Egyptian man being bombarded with coins. "Every time one of us draws outside our draw phase, that person takes five hundred points of damage for each card drawn outside our draw phases."

"Then how come you didn't lose life points?" Nathaniel questioned trying to catch his breath while standing back up.

"Don't you remember when I discarded my Man of Fortune?" Odoroki asked with an annoyed look on his face. "As long as it's in my graveyard, I'm unaffected by Greed's effect…pay attention…"

"I think you should be the one to pay attention," Nathaniel chuckled pointing towards his large Rock Emperor that was raising its axe in the air. "Cause you have nothing to stop my attack! Slice and dice him!"

With a great swing the large, rock monster slammed the blade of its axe into Odoroki's torso sending him flying back slightly on the back of the dueling platform. As Odoroki's life point counter began to drop at an extreme speed, the electrical shock surged through his body, making him roar in pain. (OLP: 6500)

"Ya know, I like the fact that you keep increasing your life points," Nathaniel chuckled looking at his two cards and then crossed his arms. "The more I get to shock you…"

Sitting up, Odoroki closed his eyes in pain as he tried to catch his breath, and then immediately Odoroki snapped his eyes open and glared daggers towards Nathaniel. "Well then…I think it's time for me to return the favor…"

"I'd like to see you try," Nathaniel challenged as his Rock Soldier began to crack even more (1200/1000). "Oh, and my soldier loses five hundred attack points, and has it added to his defense points...not that it matters..."

"If you want," Odoroki stated looking at his newest card, just as the light began to flow over his body. "Then I'll start by summoning this!" (OLP: 7000)

As soon as Odoroki slapped his card onto his duel disk a large, muscular man crashed onto the field standing up to reveal his large baggy jacket over his silver jump suit that had many card imprints on the design. Over his face was a large silver mask with a dollar sign on his forehead (1700/1200). "Meet the Card Brawler in attack mode!"

"Hnn, that weakling? What's he going to do?" Nathaniel laughed loudly pointing towards the brawler. "Flex a few muscles?"

"Did I say I was done?" Odoroki asked lifting up another card from his hand. "No! Now, I'll set another card face down…and have my Brawler attack your Rock Soldier!"

With a quick blur the powerful Brawler slammed his fist into the Rock Soldier's head sending it flying directly into Nathaniel's stomach, knocking him back a few feet. After taking a deep breath, a powerful shock of electricity surged through out Nathaniel's body making him scream. "ARGH!" (NLP: 6500)

"And when my Brawler destroys a monster as a result of battle," Odoroki replied lifting up another card from his deck, allowing the light from his trap to bask him in a pure light. "I can draw a new card from my deck…" (OLP: 7500)

"You've got eight cards…" Nathaniel spat out barely holding his chest. "Are you going to use any of them?"

"Yeah…I'll place two cards face down ending my turn," Odoroki replied as the two cards appeared in front of him. "Ya got anyway to beat me down?"

"…Hmm…let's see," Nathaniel chuckled lifting his next card up. "And I think I'll summon my D.D. Statue (0/2200) in attack mode!"

The ground shattered once more, this time allowing a finely crafted stone statue of the D.D. Warrior Lady to appear that just stood there.

"Okay, what are you planning on doing with this?" Odoroki questioned raising an eyebrow.

"Simple, I'll activate the spell card," Nathaniel shouted slapping his card into his duel disk, making his statue begin to crack. "Go! Terra Explosion!"

In a matter of seconds, the beautiful statue exploded into many shards that bounced off of the Rock Emperor, but actually sliced right through the Card Brawler, making the warrior scream in pain and shatter into many pixels. "In case you didn't notice, all I have to do is send one Earth rock type monster on my side of the field to the graveyard and I can destroy all monsters whose attack or defense are lower than the monster I sent to the graveyard's defense power!"

"Oh crap…" Odoroki cursed under his breath before the large Rock Emperor stomped in front of him raising its axe up. "Oh…double crap…"

"I'm enjoying this more and more!" Nathaniel laughed throwing his arm towards Odoroki. "Attack directly once more!"

Not having any chance of dodging…Odoroki just stood there to take the powerful axe slam again, this time in the ribs and sending him flying a few feet once more. Not even given a chance to stand up, the collars sparked to life once more zapping Odoroki…this time making him growl in pain. (OLP: 4500)

"My, my, my, seems to me that you don't look as good as you usually do…"

Odoroki turned his head slightly seeing Mr. Walker standing at the side of the arena, wearing his usual top hat on his head. "…perhaps you should throw in the towel Mr. Ryusei…"

"Funny…" Odoroki coughed out slowly standing up with a smile on his face. "I seem to remember you told me the exact opposite when I first got here…"

"Times change," Mr. Walker replied shaking his head a few times before smirking. "Right now, I'm rooting for my son that you're currently facing at the moment Mr. Ryusei…"

"I thought the resemblance was uncanny…" Odoroki joked as a face down card appeared behind the Rock Emperor.

"Get over yourself," Nathaniel chuckled crossing his arms. "I'll show you a really powerful technique of dueling!"

"…Didn't your daddy ever teach you to think before coming up with threats?" Odoroki chuckled pulling his next card from the top of his deck, increasing his full hand to seven and his life points once more. (OLP: 5000)

"I tried so hard," Mr. Walker sighed shaking his head a few times.

"Okay, that was odd," Odoroki commented rubbing the top of his head. "Now then…I think I'll play my spell card…Friendly Greed?!"

Odoroki's newest spell card appeared before him, showing a greasy freebooter giving money to a monk, only holding a dagger behind his back. Raising an eyebrow, Nathaniel's duel disk began to beep a few times. "That can't be good…"

"Really all depends," Odoroki commented lifting his duel disk up showing that his duel disk life point counter began to increase. "You see, I gain a thousand life points…while you get something in return…" (OLP: 6000)

That's when two cards popped out of Nathaniel's duel disk and into his hand, making his eyes bulge slightly before a large mass of coins fell from the sky and landed directly on Nathaniel making a powerful shock zap him a few times. "YEEWOUCHIES!" (NLP: 5500)

"And now…I'll play the spell card…Card Destruction!" Odoroki announced before the spell card appeared before him. "Now, we both discard our hands…which is good for me…but for you…"

"Greed will get me again!" Nathaniel stated throwing his five card hand into his graveyard while Odoroki did the same.

However…what happened to them both was very different. While Odoroki was basked in a powerful light, an even larger amount of coins fell from the sky, slamming into him and making a powerful electric surge go through his veins. "ARGH!" (OLP: 6500) (NLP: 3000)

"Next up, I'll summon this guy!" Odoroki shouted slapping the card onto his duel disk.

In a bright flash, a new monster appeared in front of Odoroki resembling that of a cowboy wearing a black duster with a large imprint of the back of a duel monster card on the back. The western warrior spun a pair of revolver guns in his hand as his long brown hair blew in the non-existent wind (500/1000). "So meet the Mercenary Quick-Draw, a personal favorite!"

"Uh huh, I hate western movies and country music just so you know," Nathaniel commented shaking his head slightly. "So unless your plan was to keep pissing me off, good job."

"Actually, my plan is just starting," Odoroki replied taking two more cards from his hand and lifting them up in front of his face. "But if pissing you off is an added bonus, then I'll happily add it when I play Relinquished Greed and Call to Arms!"

Odoroki's two spell cards appeared on the field, the first one showing a little man swiping some money from a confused citizen while the second one showed three Hero Kids jumping into action. All of a sudden, two more Mercenary Quick-Draws (500/1000 x2) appeared on the field lifting their guns up into the air towards Nathaniel.

Taking a step back, Nathaniel growled loudly cracking his neck. "More weaklings? Please, this won't make a difference!"

"Incase you don't realize the strategy at hand, then you're dumber than you look," Odoroki sighed lifting his hand up towards his three same monsters. "Mercenary Quick-Draws! Attack directly!"

"What!?" Nathaniel shouted looking at his face down card. 'No good! This only works if he attacks a monster, not me!'

"Prepare for the end," Odoroki stated drawing narrowing his eyes down at Nathaniel. "You see, my combo is about to take in effect…due to my Relinquished Greed card, every time I draw a card, you have to draw one during this turn."

"But that means," Nathaniel pieced together making his face fault to the ground.

"Oh and I should probably point out that my Mercenary Quick-Draws can attack you directly," Odoroki mentioned snapping his fingers as this three cowboys lifted up their guns towards Nathaniel. "And when they make damage, I get to draw one card…and thanks to my spell card…"

"I have to draw," Nathaniel gasped clenching his chest over his heart. "H-how could this happen?"

Pointing his hand towards his three Quick-Draws all who jumped at different angle while pointing their guns towards Nathaniel, Odoroki had this fire in his eyes. "Who do you think you were dealing with? I'm the Emperor of the Underworld! Doesn't that make you think that there's a level of skill between us!?"


After three quick shots from the Quick-Draws, Nathaniel roared in pain as the hot lead pierced through his body. And that's when three cards popped off the top of his deck and into his hand, making a large amount of coins to fall on top of his body, knocking him to the ground. (NLP: 0)

But the worse just about to begin, a powerful surge of electricity struck Nathaniel's body making him scream loudly and high, with the dark electric shock pulsate on his body.

And even though his opponent was in a great deal of pain, Odoroki was about to walk away…until a certain thought popped in his head. "Oh…and before I go…" The Greed duelist started, his head turned towards the rock duelist with his eyes narrowed down.

"Uh…" Nathaniel groaned, half from the pain from the Damage Flux Devices and the other scared with what Odoroki was going to do to him.

"This world…"

"T-This world?" Now Nathaniel was lost, where was this terror of the underworld going with these sentences?

"Is made up of…" Odoroki's usual cold face slowly curled into devilish smirk.

Either it was the pulsated jolts of dark energy coursing through his veins, or Nathaniel knew what Odoroki was going to say next. "I-Is made up of…"

Odoroki snapped his right hand out, the discarded Damage Flux Devices flew into the air as the symbol for victory flashed on Odoroki's hand. "…Harsh realities!"

"W-What?! Th-that's not the line!" Nathaniel shouted falling to his knees as his cards spilled onto the platform. "Y-You're supposed to say…to say, love and peace!"

"…I would've," Odoroki muttered, returning to leave the platform. "…but I've learned in this world that those are nothing more than dreams that have been lost…"

Everyone in the crowd just stared in great shock deciding whether to laugh or to be embarrassed by the choice of lines, even the electricity around Nathaniel crackled even more ferociously…

…Odoroki on the other hand, slowly made his way off the platform with his eyes closed and turning off his duel disk. As soon as he began walking past the crowds who were either staring at him or the electrocuted Nathaniel, and Mr. Walker came running up to Odoroki. "I won, so you better rip up that contract…"

"But, Mr. Ryusei, you must've realized that this is your calling!" Mr. Walker pleaded following Odoroki towards the exit. "No way could you have just acquired your victory in that fashion without feeling the thrill, the strength…"

"Enough!" Odoroki shot back making Mr. Walker step back in fear, Odoroki continued walking towards the exit. "We had a deal, so rip up the contract. Oh, and if I were you, I'd seriously think that you should not send family members trying to duel in this league unless you've got a bone to pick with them…"

And leaving Mr. Walker as he turned around towards the dueling platform, Odoroki continued towards the exit, his mind blocked the noise from the commentators…


A few minutes later, Odoroki opened the door to exit the large building to see the night's sky over the city. The stars gleaming over the city, Odoroki's overcoat gleaming over the city, he was freed from the underground duelist league, but the scars would be with him forever…

…What would he do now? Odoroki had that voice that wouldn't shut up until now…so Odoroki was out of a job and had no idea as to what he had to do. And he was pretty sure that he wouldn't be allowed to live in his apartment that was provided by the League of the Underworld…

With a slap to his head, Odoroki shook his head before he walked through the neon streets. "…I'm royally screwed…"

Clawing out from the depths of the underworld…Odoroki has freed himself from the dark shackles that had bounded him…

But…what lies ahead?

Next time…


Card Stats

D.D. Statue / Earth / LV. 3 / ATK: 0 / DEF: 2200 / Rock/Effect: During the end phase this card was removed from play, you may return this card to your graveyard, or your opponent's graveyard. This card cannot be special summoned.

Description: A large glowing statue of the D.D. Warrior lady.

Rock Soldier / Earth / LV. 4 / ATK: 2200 / DEF: 0 / Rock/Effect: During each end phase this card is face up on the field, decrease this monster's attack by 500. And then increase this monster's defense points by 500.

Description: A large knight made out of stone lifting up a large stone lance.

The Rock Emperor / Earth / LV. 8 / ATK: 1000 / DEF: 1000 / Rock/Effect: This card can only be tribute summoned by offering two EARTH Rock type monsters on your side of the field. If this card is tribute summoned successfully, you may increase the original attack and defense of this card by the attack or defense of one of the monsters that were tributed for this card. When this card is destroyed and sent to the graveyard, you may remove this card from play to special summon one 'The Stone Emperor' from your graveyard (ignoring summoning conditions) and increase its attack and defense by half of this monster's original attack or defense points.

Description: A large stone golem with a large dragon head with a pair of dragon wings on his back and a long tail. In the monster's clawed hands are a large battle axe made of stone.

Terra Explosion / Instant Spell / Effect: Tribute one face up EARTH Rock monster on your side of the field. Destroy all face up monsters with lower defense than the tributed monster's attack or defense.

Image: A Giant Soldier of Stone exploding into many different shards engulfing many different warriors.

Revived Gardnas / Continuous Trap / Effect: This card can only be activated when one or more normal EARTH Rock type monsters are sent from your deck to the graveyard in the same turn. Special summon two normal EARTH Rock type monsters from your graveyard in defense mode. When this card is destroyed, return the special summoned monsters back to your hand.

Image: Two Giant Soldier's of Stone climbing out of the Earth.

Card Brawler / Earth / LV. 4 / ATK: 1700 / DEF: 1200 / Warrior/Effect: When this card destroys a monster as a result of battle you may draw one card from your deck.

Description: A muscular bodied masked man wearing a black jacket, with a silver gray jumpsuit underneath with multiple card's on it. His silver mask has a dollar sign on the forehead above his green eyes.

Mercenary Quick-Draw / Fire / LV. 3 / ATK: 500 / DEF: 1000 / Warrior/Effect: This card may attack your opponent directly. When this card inflicts damage to your opponent's life points, you may draw one card.

Description: A brown haired cowboy wearing a black duster with multiple cards on it. His guns have built in revolvers.

Greedy Phantom / Dark / LV. 2 / ATK: 200 / DEF: 300 / Fiend/Effect: When this card is destroyed as a result of battle, all players may draw one card for every two levels of the monster that destroyed this card.

Description: A faint old man, dressed in ruined rich clothes, chained to golden bars, bags of money and an iron ball. On his face appears to be a small eel like mustache.

Man of Fortune / Light / LV. 6 / ATK: 0 / DEF: 0 / Spellcaster/Effect: This card cannot be special summoned, or removed from play. As long as this card remains in your graveyard, whenever you take damage from a card with 'Greed' or 'Avarice' in its name, reduce that damage to 0.

Description: A rather fancy man with long white hair wearing a beautiful velvet tuxedo holding onto a beautiful gold cane with multiple jewels on it.

Friendly Greed? / Spell / Effect: Your opponent draws two cards. Increase your life points by 1000.

Image: A greasy freebooter giving money to a monk, only holding a dagger behind his back.

Call to Arms / Spell / Effect: This card can only be activated by selecting one face up warrior type monster with 500 or less attack points. Special summon two more copies of the selected card from your deck on your side of the field.

Image: Three Hero Kids jumping into action.