We emerge from it and we end buried in it.

It is the continual cycle of life – The earth creates the plants that animals eat that which the humans feast upon and eventually man dies and returns to the earth to start the process once more.

At the chance to sound corny – It's the circle of life.

And now… We're going to see the cycle in the works once more…

Let's see how the circle would deal with a situation like this – The thunderous lizards of the prehistoric age fighting against the beastly men that roam the land now…

Well… We're about to find out.


Draw 30

Gaia Power


"Uah… Kono doesn't feel too good…"

Sai sighed loudly as she threw her arm around the sniffling Kono, both of them seated on the bed. "Just relax Kono… I'm sure everything will be alright."


Although Sai was comforting Kono, she was secretly telling herself that everything would be fine in the end. The truth was Sai knew that probably wouldn't be true.

After what seemed like a half hour ago, the two girls were knocked out by the same mysterious gas that had hit them before they both awoken to this mysterious room.

Kono was crying her eyes out ever since she woke up, and pleading to be with her bigger brother. It was obvious that she was scared.

And although she didn't want to show it, Sai herself wasn't being too courageous herself.


"So… You guys failed?"

"Don't talk like you're the boss here, F-Stop," Kinjou growled holding his fist up. "You were the one out here in the first place! If you had just taken a moment to stand by the door…"

"No way!" F-Stop snarled back, slamming his foot into the ground. "I don't do hospitals!"

Meanwhile, leaning up against one of the trees near Domino City Hospital, Odoroki just adjusted his cap at the two arguing underground duelists…

Five minutes…

That's how long the two were fighting with each other… So much so that Rei and Misawa had retreated back into the hospital in order to acquire a few cups of coffee for the group.

'… Maybe this was a bad idea,' Odoroki thought to himself as he crossed his arms and slowly began to close his eyes…

"Tell me where these feelings should belong!

"I can't restrain this hot flame!"

As the loud ringtone buzzed through the air, Odoroki snapped his eyes wide open, padding his pockets searching for his cell phone, 'Dang it! I knew I should've gotten an unlisted number!'

It burns away my doubt! It helps me forget everything I've felt up till today! No one ever knows my sound!

"I everlastingly evolve! A part of myself that I wasn't aware of is awakening...


"… What the hell is that?" F-Stop asked tilting his head slightly.

'Crap!' Odoroki thought, continuing to frantically look for his cell phone, the ringtone blaring out louder and louder.

"I think it's coming from Odoroki," Kinjou said as both duelists turned towards the worried –former- Emperor of the Underworld. "Hmm… Didn't consider him a fan of that…"

Finally fishing cell phone from his inside vest pocket, Odoroki blushed madly as Kinjou and F-Stop laughed loudly. 'Damn it…'


"Yeah?" Odoroki sighed lifting the opened cell phone up to his ear.

"... O-Odoroki…"

Odoroki's eyes widened.

"… Th-Thank… The he-heavens…"

"Kenshin?" Odoroki asked back into the phone.

He never heard Kenshin sound like this before, so shaken up, sounding so broken. Although… There was one time that Odoroki had heard his friend sound like this. It wasn't when he lost his sight…

… It was when he lost his wife…

"Are you okay?" Odoroki questioned into the phone.

"Odoroki… It… It's Saika…" Kenshin replied through the phone, his voice starting to break, probably from yelling too much.

"… Kenshin," Odoroki muttered into the phone pushing himself from the tree. "I'll be there in a few minutes… You can tell me all about it."


And with that, Odoroki snapped his phone shut and leered at Kinjou… Who in response shrugged a few times, "Something up little man?"

"Kinjou," Odoroki growled, his eyes narrowed down at the superior duelist in front of him. "I'm heading back to the dojo… Something's up and I need to see what's happening with Kenshin. You get done with your pointless arguing with Hot Spot here…"


"Whatever!" Odoroki snapped back. "When you get done with whatever you're here for, come to the dojo… I'll text you the address when I get there so you don't get lost."

The two continued to leer at each other for a few seconds…

"And what if I say no?" Kinjou chuckled crossing his arms over his chest.

"Then I'll make you change your mind," Odoroki answered swiftly as he slowly moved into a martial art stance. "By force if necessary…"

The tension in the air was enough to make even F-Stop tremble slightly, even he could feel the powerful auras that were surging around the two duelists…

"Heh… Fine," Kinjou sighed waving his hand in front of his face. "I've already left my mark on your face… I don't need to add another."

And with a quick nod, Odoroki slowly passed his predecessor, neither of them looking each other in the eye before Odoroki broke off into a fast sprint.

F-Stop blinked a few times in confusion as Odoroki slowly disappeared into the city of Domino, "… Any reason why you're letting him go?"

"He's a fish," Kinjou replied, keeping his back to F-Stop.

"Huh?" F-Stop questioned, officially stumped. "What the hell does that have to do with anything?"

"Odoroki's a fish," Kinjou repeated adjusting some of his hair from out of his eyes. "You see… He's a fish in a lake, sure, I just let him go into Domino City, but he'll be back… After all, I have the information that he needs in order to leave this lake of a city."

"… It's still confusing," F-Stop scoffed to the side running a hand through his red and yellow hair. "Then again… You Japanese and your sayings always run me through a loop."

"I'd be careful who you say that to," Kinjou advised.


"Man, how long is Dorkus going to take?" Faust asked sitting back down in the monitor room.

"I figured he'd be a little down about losing," Aka muttered using her fan to cool her down. "But that's a little much…"

"It doesn't matter," King sighed as he whiffed his newest rose. "As a great man of the theatre once said 'The Show Must Go On!' and thus we are to continue…"

"You're not next, King," Faust pointed out…

… Making King stiffen up like a statue with a rather surprised look on his face. "URK!"

"No… The next duelist is actually our American friend," Faust answered with his arms crossed. "I just wonder…"

"Wonder what, Thriller?" Aka asked.

"Stop calling me that!" Faust snarled slamming his fist into the table. "And anyway, I just wonder if our little friend will be able to even defeat a little girl…

"After all, the only thing that 'Fang' has done since getting here was sightseeing…"

"I don't think peeking in on someone," King growled with a large blush appearing on his face. "While they're in the shower qualifies as sight seeing!"




Sai leapt through the air, heading right for the Psycho Mantis wannabe who had Kono under his arm, trying to take the kicking and screaming little kid away.

Normally, Psycho Mantis would've been able to swat the young Sai to the side and finish his simple task.

Of course, normally, Psycho Mantis wouldn't have had a small brat kicking him in the back of his shins, so his concentration was a little shoddy…

… Allowing him to easily get swept to the ground by the blue haired teen slamming into him, "URK!"

"Take that you, masked freak!" Sai shouted as Kono immediately crawled away from the pinned down psychic user.

"I… Am… In no mood for this!" Psycho Mantis snarled with his eyes glowing a dark hue through his yellow eyepieces.

Sai blinked a few times as her body began to feel lighter and lighter…

And then all at once, a powerful rush sent her flinging off of Psycho Mantis and into a nearby wall, making Sai's eyes widen greatly before she slowly slid down to the ground, slumping slightly.

"Saisai!" Kono yelped running over to her fallen friend…

Only to be lifted up by the back of her jacket, by none other than Psycho Mantis, "… Sorry little brat," He coughed out holding Kono away from his body to make sure she couldn't kick him. "But you've got an appointment and we don't want to be late…"

"Meanie!" Kono shouted twisting and turning about as Psycho Mantis slowly headed for the door.


A few minutes later…

"Oof!" Kono yelped as she landed hard on her behind. "You big meanie!"

Slowly, Kono pushed herself off of the ground, patting her outfit a few times, realizing that she had her duel monster deck in her jacket's pocket. At least that was enough to make Kono smile slightly, so much so that she didn't realize that she was standing on a large earthy platform in the darkness that was surrounded by four statues that had what appeared to be in the shape of a large tiger…

"Oh, dang it!"

Kono perked up her head, turning to see that she wasn't alone in this large room.

Laying on the earthy platform in front of the young duelist was a young lass, probably at least a good ten years older than Kono herself judging from the fact that her body was tall and well developed. Dressed in a gaudy brown overcoat, the teenaged girl was dressed in a pair of black slacks and a white dress shirt that was tied up to be under her well portioned chest.

She had a catty frown on her face as she looked at Kono, brushing some of the long strawberry blonde hair out of her face to reveal her bright blue eyes. "… I was hoping to be paired up with one of them cute guys… 'stead I get stuck babysitting some little girl with hair braids."

There was something else about this young woman… She had a small statue hanging around her neck by a string, that was also a large tiger with amber colored eyes.

"Hey! Kono's not little!" Kono snapped pumping her fist into the air at the mysterious young woman in front of her.

"Ya say that now," The young woman sighed pushing herself off of the ground, spinning around to get the dirt from the ground off of her overcoat. "But when ya look at me… And ya look at yerself…"

The woman leaned over, her arms folded under her chest. "I think it's obvious of which one of us is the more mature of the two."

"Humph!" Kono scoffed to the side.

"Now, now, now," the young woman chuckled standing up straight. "No need to pout. Ya'll got a name?"

"… Kono's name is Konohana," Kono answered, keeping her eyes away the strawberry haired girl.

"There, that wasn't too hard now was it?" The young woman asked with a tooth grin. "My peeps call me Fang… But my real name's May."

"May?" Kono questioned blinking a few times.

"Yep, yep!" May snickered before she turned around to pick up something behind her, grabbing something. "Now… Konohana… Wanna play a game?"

May spun on her heel, revealing that she had a pair of duel disks, both of them an earthy brown color with light green card zones on them.

"Duel monsters?" Kono questioned as May placed one of the disks on the ground.

And with a swift kick, May sent the duel disk skidding across the platform, spinning around until it slowed to a halt at Kono's feet. "Yep, yep! Beat me, and ya get a one way ticket outta this hell hole."

"Really?" Kono questioned raising an eyebrow at May.

"Yeppers!" May snickered fitting the duel disk she had kept onto her arm. "If there's one thing I pride myself on, it's being a gal of my word. And trust me, I'll make sure that ya'll get outta here if ya win…

"But that's a really big if."

Kono nodded and slowly slipped the too big duel disk over her arm, adjusting the grip on the device to clamp down on her arm. "We'll see about that! Kono accepts!"

Both duel disks lit up as the two duelists slid their decks into the deck slots, "Duel!"


"Anyone want to make a bet on this duel?" Aka asked as she held her fan up to her mouth, in an attempt to hide her smirk.

"Any reason why you're willing to say that?" King chuckled fishing into his pockets.

"Humph!" Aka huffed, snapping her head to the side.

"I think I can answer that," Faust snickered adjusting his glasses. "Aka here never really liked May… Although, when you two first met, you both were close… What the hell happened when you two went out on the town?"

Aka snorted in reply.

"Ah, I know that look," King chuckled with a devilish smile appearing on his face. "You two were all set to be BFF's correct?"

"… BFF?" Faust muttered raising an eyebrow at Aka.

"It's a thing between girls around Aka's youth group tend to create," King explained wagging his finger at Faust. "It's a shortening of the phrase 'Best Friends Forever' which as it sounds…"

"I know what it means," Faust growled. "I was a professor for people around Aka and May's ages. I've had to confiscate so many phones that I was forced to learn what it meant a long time ago."

"Ah, right," King chuckled, not really caring to listen to Faust. "Anyway, from what I can gather (guess) is that there was a guy that they both wanted to have a drink with and well, things tend to lead to other things and the two probably got into a small fight."

"K-King!" Aka blurted out with a large blush appearing on her face.

"And there's the evidence," King pointed out…

… Ending up with a fan smacking him in the eye.


"Kono goes first!" Kono cheered flicking her first six cards from the top of her deck while May drew her first five. "Kono hopes that you don't mind." (KLP: 8000)

"Hey, I haven't complained about ya talking in the third person," May sighed, taping the side of her head a few times. "And that could actually make a gal go crazy." (MLP: 8000)

Kono puffed out her cheek slightly, pouting over to the side.

"Heh, way to act mature," May snickered with a large smile appearing on her face.

"Kono summons Gilasaurus!"

May's eyes widened as a large brown scaled raptor materialized in front of the young lass, roaring loudly as it snapped its head around (1400/400). "Great… Dinosaurs…"

"Kono likes them like my bigger brother does!" Kono announced pulling off the card from her duel disk. "And here's one of Kono's bigger brother's favorite moves! Kono can trade up from this little dino…"

A powerful surge of energy coursed over the Gilasaurus, making the monster warp and distort greatly until it finally began to grow into a large dinosaur/bird combined monster, its talons stabbing into the platform. And with a loud roar, the dinosaur made May take a step back (2400/1500). "For Dark Driceratops!"

"Simply great," May muttered.

"Next, Kono throws down a face down," Kono announced as the set card appeared behind her large dinosaur. "And Kono will end Kono's turn!"

"… Yeah, that's starting to really get on my nerves," May muttered as she drew her next card. "I'll simply set a monster in defense mode…"

The face down monster appeared, followed by a vertical set card, "And a set card oughta do it… Yer up runt!"

"Oh! Kono's not a runt!" Kono pouted pulling off her next card. "Kono attacks with Dark Driceratops!"

With a loud roar, the bird like dinosaur stomped off of the ground and pounced towards the face down monster, that immediately flipped up to reveal a small white mechanical rabbit with the words 'Love it' on top of its head. And with a robotic squeak, the rabbit glowed brightly as the dark Dinosaur was about to land on it (800/100).

"Before yer attack hits," May interrupted as the bright light from the mechanical bunny. "I gotta tell ya about the effect of my Mecha Bunny! When flipped, I can select one card on the field, and the controller of that card gets blasted for five hundred points.

"I'm thinking that yer face down card is my safest bet."

Kono's eyes widened as the same light appeared around her set card, making her stumble backwards. (KLP: 7500)

"Y-Yeah! But your monster's still gone!" Kono announced.

Slamming its talons into the robotic rabbit, the Dark Driceratops caused a powerful explosion to flow through the air towards May.

"And you get blasted too!" Kono cheered jumping into the air a few times. "My dino has a trampling ability!"

Just as the force of the explosion was about to slam into her, May simply pushed a button on her duel disk. "Hate to disappoint ya, but I'm the kind of gal who likes taking damage. So I activate Defense Draw!"

The force immediately disappeared, allowing May to pluck a card from her deck, "So, my life points are safe, and I get a new card to boot."

"No fair!" Kono shouted stomping her foot into the ground a few times.

"Oh, it's completely fair," May snickered as a card popped out from her deck. "Oh, and I should point out that my Mecha Bunny has another ability… When destroyed, I can special summon another one from my deck in face down defense."

And just like that, another face down monster appeared in front of May, replacing the first Mecha Bunny.

"Anything else ya wanna try?" May yawned stretching her arms up into the air. "Cause ya just made things so much easier…"

Kono narrowed her eyes as she looked at her four cards, "Kono activates the spell card – Card Trader!"

The continuous spell card appeared in front of Kono, revealing a masked nobleman holding a card in his hand with a mysterious aura around it. "Now Kono's done!"

"Hmm… I bet ya are," May snickered twirling some of her hair before she snapped off another card from her deck. "Now then… To start my turn, I flip my face down Mecha Bunny face up!"

Once more, the face down monster flipped up, revealing the mechanical rabbit, glowing brightly once more to make Kono stagger backwards. "So, I'll choose yer Card Trader, and give ya another five hundred points of damage!"

Kono yelped loudly as her Card Trader's light intensified, making the young duelist fall backwards and onto her behind. "Ack!" (KLP: 7000)

"Next, I'm thinking that I should show ya what my deck really is," May snickered, slapping a card onto her duel disk. "I summon X-Saber Airbellum!"

A loud roar blasted through the earthly arena, allowing a large beastly barbarian to claw its way out from the earthy platform, its lion like face and bronze armor revealed its grizzly choice of weapons – Two bladed gauntlets that gleamed brightly (1600/200).

"W-What is that?" Kono stuttered pushing herself off the ground.

"Oh, it's the first of many, many monsters," May snickered fitting two cards into her duel disk. "But, to end my turn, I'll just set two cards face down. Yer up, runt."

"Ooh! Stop calling Kono a runt!" Kono huffed out loud as she threw her arms at her side before she quickly drew her next card. "… Kono doesn't like this card… So, Kono activates Card Trader's effect!"

Taking the card she just drew, Kono placed it on top of her deck and pushed the auto shuffle function on her duel disk.

As soon as the deck was done, Kono slowly plucked her next card… Her eyes brightening at the card's art, "Yay! Kono likes! Kono activates the spell card – Fossil Dig!"

The ground began to rumble, making May and her two monsters stumble about slightly. "Now, Kono can add one level six or lower dino monster from Kono's deck to her hand!"

'… Not that it matters what monster she'll bust out,' May thought to herself looking at her two set cards. 'Looks like she doesn't know what my X-Saber can do…'

"Kono now summons Giant Rex!" the young girl announced as the ground continued to rumble greatly, parting the dirt to reveal a large dinosaur that looked like a T-Rex with a large finned spine sticking from its back.

The dino roared loudly as it stomped its foot into the ground (2000/1200).

May only gulped in return as she lifted up her duel disk. "Heh, ya think that overgrown iguana is going to intimidate me? Fat chance!"

"We'll see about that!" Kono announced throwing her hand up into the air. "Dark Driceratops! Attack her Bunny!"

Stomping forward, the large feathered dinosaur snarled loudly at the mechanical bunny…

"I activate my trap card!" May announced as the trap card began to lift up. "My Urgent Tuning allows me to…"

Before she could continue, the Giant Rex slammed its foot into the trap card, shattering it. "No, no! Kono activates Dinostamp! Bye bye face down… And hello Driceratops!"

With a powerful stomp, the empowered dark themed dinosaur crushed the small Mecha Bunny, sending a powerful force directly through the air, and crashing into May's body. "ACK!" (MLP: 6400)

"Yeah!" Kono cheered.

"D-Don't celebrate just yet," May growled as another face down set monster appeared before her. "I get another Mecha Bunny in defense mode…"

"Giant Rex!" Kono interrupted, not listening to May. "Attack her X-Saber!"

Spinning around, the powerful dinosaur whammed its tail directly into the beastly barbarian, shattering the monster upon impact. (MLP: 6000)

"Kono's winning! Kono's winning!" Kono cheered for herself as her two dinosaurs stomped back to her field.

"Grr… I take it that yer turn's over," May growled slowly flicking off her next card. '… This can work…'

"I activate Cup of Ace!"

A large coin appeared in between the two duelists, immediately flipping into the air, "Now, depending on the outcome, one of us will get to draw two cards! Heads for me, tails for ya."

The coin bounced a few times on the ground, immediately spinning around to reveal a large Egyptian eye symbol on the other side of the coin. "Heh, would ya look at that… I get the draw!"

And with two quick draws, May nodded to herself as she spun around one of the cards, "Next up, I'll summon XX – Saber Fulhelmknight!"

A powerful orange light emerged onto the field, forming into a young orange armored lad with a long billowing red cape and flowing blonde hair that covered one of his eyes. With a smirk, the young man pulled his electrical chain linked sword out from the cape and whipped it about (1300/1000). "So, let's try this again! First, I flip up my final Mecha Bunny…"

Once more, the set card flipped up, forming into the white armored mechanical rabbit (800/100). "And once more, I'll make ya take five hundred points by selecting yer Card Trader!"

Kono muttered under her breath as the bright light erupted from her continuous spell card. (KLP: 6500)

"Next, I think it's time that I do something new," May chuckled as the XX – Saber nodded, transforming into three rings of light that flew around the Mecha Bunny. "I tune my level three Fulhelmknight to my level two Mecha Bunny!"

"Tune?" Kono questioned blinking a few times as the Mecha Bunny was engulfed with a pillar of light.

The pillar shattered, revealing a black leather wearing and blue armored/cloaked western theme barbarian with a cowboy hat atop of his head. In his hands he held onto a taunting gunblade with the handle of a shotgun (2100/400).

The warrior pushed his hat up and winked at Kono.

"Meet X – Saber Wayne!" May announced. "And normally, when he's Synchro summoned, I get to special summon a new Warrior monster from my hand… Unfortunately, I don't have one at the moment…

"But that don't matter! X – Saber Wayne! Attack that Giant Rex!"

Running forward, the cowboy barbarian spun around and sliced the bladed shotgun through the Giant Rex's neck, making the beast roar in pain before it shattered into millions of pixels. (KLP: 5900)

"And that's my turn!"

Kono slowly drew her next card, turning it over, "Kono skips Card Trader's effect… And Kono goes right into Kono's battle phase!

"Dark Driceratops! Smash the cowboy!"

With a loud roar, the large dinosaur charged towards the smirking Wayne…

"Nice try! Ya may have gotten me last turn," May announced as her face down card flipped up, revealing a cybernetic warrior holding onto a large futuristic sword. "But now I can activate – At One With The Sword!"

A powerful glow appeared at Wayne's left hand, transforming it into a large cybernetic blade that glowed brightly in the dimly lit arena (2100/400 + 800/0). "My trap combines with my monster and gives Wayne a little boost…

"Which is more than enough to slay yer dinosaur!"

Roaring his battle cry, Wayne leapt over the charging dinosaur, lifting both of his weapons into the air before he stabbed them directly into the back of the larger creature. Crying out in pain, the Dark Driceratops slowly fell into its beaked face, shattering to let the X – Saber back onto the ground with smirk. (KLP: 5500)

"And when my monster equipped with my trap," May explained flicking off another card from her deck. "Destroy one of yer monsters, I get to draw a new card."

"Um… K-Kono sets a monster," Kono announced as the set monster appeared in front of her. "And… Kono ends…"

May smirked.

Then she drew.

"I summon X – Saber Anu Piranha!"

In a red flash, a rather dashing young lass dressed in tight red armor and long blonde hair stepped onto stage… Whipping her steel, whip-like sword in front of her (1800/1100). "I know that there are a few kinds of dinos with high defense… So…

"Wayne! Destroy that face down card!"

Licking his lips, Wayne simply raised his shotgun up, and fired a round into the set monster…

Revealing another raptor with a large hammer like snout, that roared loudly as the bullets pierced its body, making the monster explode in a flurry of shards (1500/1200).

"Next, I get to draw once more…" May announced before she realized something…

Wayne was groaning loudly and immediately disappeared. "W-What the?!"

"Ha! Kono got you!" Kono laughed loudly with a bright smile. "That face down monster was Hyper Hammerhead, and any monster that battles it goes back to the hand… Or Extra Deck in this case."

"Yeah? Well that left ya wide open!" May snapped as Anu Piranha leapt through the air, slashing about with the whip-like saber…

Kono yelped as the blade struck in her left shoulder, making a small spurt of blood pop out from her shoulder. (KLP: 3700)

"O-Ow!" Kono sniffled as she knelt down slightly, holding her arm tightly.

'Uh oh… Did I over do it?' May thought staggering backwards, she forgot for a moment that her opponent was a little girl…

"Um… I set one card face down… E-End turn."

Kono took a few breaths… Trying to hold in her tears, 'W-Why does it hurt?'


Faust could feel the leers digging into his body. "… What?"

"You're a sick man," Aka muttered, continuing to glare at the kyonshi wielding professor.

"I must concur," King added, rubbing his slightly bruised up face.

"I wasn't the one who picked this girl for the trial!" Faust snapped.


"D-Draw!" Kono sniffled as she slowly drew her next card, shakily holding it up to her teary eyes.

"… Hey, little ru…" May stopped herself. "I mean, Kono… If ya give up now, the pain will…"

"Kono activates Kono's face down card!" the young girl announced as she fitted another card from her hand into her graveyard. "By discarding one card from Kono's hand, Kono can activate Fossil Excavation!"

The ground began to rumble greatly, soon parting the ground to unleash a large black scaled monstrosity that roared loudly (3000/2200), "Now Kono can special summon a new dino from Kono's graveyard – Like the Ultimate Tyranno Kono just discarded!"

'I think I may have crossed the line…' May thought to herself as Kono lifted up another card.

"Next, Kono activates the Monster Reborn card!" Kono announced as a powerful light swept over her field forming into a large familiar and daunting figure. "So Kono gets back… Dark Driceratops!"

With a loud roar, the bird like dinosaur lowered its head (2400/1500), scowling at May.

"And… Kono summons Sabersaurus!" Kono announced.

A large ring of light appeared at Kono's side, unleashing a large red armor scaled bladed triceratops onto the field, screeching loudly into the air (1900/500).

'Hoo boy…' May gulped in her thoughts.

"Sabersaurus!" Kono announced as the large dinosaur stomped forward. "Attack Anu Pi… Pi… Attack the lady who's name Kono can't say!"

The female X-Saber's eyes widened just as the bladed horns stabbed through her stomach, making the warrior disappear as quickly as she came. (MLP: 5900)

"Dark Driceratops! Ultimate Tyranno!"

Both dinosaurs erupted into powerful roars, both sending powerful shockwaves that flew directly into May's body, sending her flying backwards to the ground with a loud slamming sound. "O-Ow…" (MLP: 500)

"Kono sets one card face down," Kono announced as the set card appeared behind all three of her dinosaurs. "And Kono's done!"

It took a few seconds, but then May was able to gather enough energy to get back to her feet. "That's it! I was starting to feel bad for ya since yer a kid… But now I'm just pissed!"

May nearly ripped off her next card, spinning it around before her eyes. "I begin this turn by summoning X-Saber Passiul!"

Materializing in front of May was a large blue armored warrior with a large broadsword grasped in its hands (100/0), with a loud roar, the warrior slammed his sword into the ground.

"Next, I activate my trap card – Gottoms' Emergency Call!"

A loud roar echoed through the arena, allowing the X – Saber Anu Piranha (1800/1100) and X – Saber Airbelleum (1600/200) to reappear on the field. "When I have an X-Saber out, I can special summon two more of them from either of our graveyards! But, now… I tune Airbelleum to my Anu Piranha!"

Snarling, Aibelleum transformed into three rings of green energy that flowed over the beautiful X-Saber, transforming her into four stars that immediately flared up into a tall tower of light. "This allows me to summon X-Saber Urbellum!"

The light died down, revealing a brutish barbarian dressed in black leather and rusted black armor with a large bull skull for a helmet with a pair of blades strapped to its back (2200/1300).

"But don't worry… He's not what I'm going to be using against ya," May announced as Passiul shattered into two more green rings circling around the Urbellum, breaking the barbarian into seven stars. "I'm tuning my Passiul to him… In order to Synchro Summon…"

Once more a powerful pillar of light crashed into the ground, only this time there was nothing in front of May.

"Um… Nothing's happening," Kono muttered.

May couldn't help but smirk, "… Wait for it…"

That's when a silver armored fist crashed through the earth, clawing at the earthly arena as it began to pull out the rest of its body, revealing a large bodied beastly warrior draped all over with silver armor and a large red cape billowing over its body. And the warrior's right hand, the large broad sword it wielded was held up quite easily (3100/2600).

"Welcome XX-Saber Gottoms!" May announced with a large laugh following. "One of the biggest, and worst monsters in my deck! And now – Gottoms! Slay that Ultimate Tyranno!"

With a bellowing battle cry, the beast-warrior spun the broad sword in his hands before he brought the blade down on the larger dinosaur, slicing the monster in two. (KLP: 3600)

"I'll end my turn," May stated fitting a card into her duel disk. "By giving Gottoms a little back up… Yer move runt."

"Okay, Kono's done playing nice!" Kono announced, giggling slightly thinking that would've been something that Solo would've said. "Kono draws!"

Looking over the newest card, Kono smirked as she spun the card into her duel disk, "Kono activates the effect of Destroyersaurus, so Kono discards the card and Kono can add a field card from Kono's deck!"

A single card popped out of Kono's deck that she smiled at the card's art, "Next," Kono's field card zone flipped open allowing the young girl to fit another card into her duel disk. "Kono activates the field card – Jurassic World!"

Once more, the ground shook greatly, this time allowing several trees and boulders to sprout from the earth, empowering the Dark Driceratops (2400/1500 + 300/300) and Sabersaurus (1900/500 + 300/300).

"… Are ya going daft?" May asked holding up her duel disk like a shield. "Even with that boost, neither of yer monsters are strong enough to beat my…"

"Kono activates the spell card – Book of Moon!"

May's eyes widened as Gottoms yelped loudly before it transformed into a face down horizontal card back. "W-What in tar nation!?!"

"Kono's spell card turns your big baddie into a set monster," Kono explained holding her fist up. "That means that your big baddie is now fair game for Kono's Dark Driceratops!


The feathered dinosaur charged towards the face down monster, screeching loudly…

"Don't think so!" May snarled pushing a button on her duel disk. "I activate my face down trap, Negate Attack!"

A wall of light appeared directly in front of the rampaging dinosaur, making the monster crash into the wall.

"Sorry, but ya don't get a choice in attacking this turn," May chuckled fitting the trap card into her duel disk's graveyard. "So ya'll have to try again next turn… If ya have a next turn, that is."

"K-Kono ends Kono's turn," Kono gulped looking at the other card in her hand, it was completely useless at the moment.

Licking her lips, May clicked off her next card, smirking at the card's art. "Now then… I think that it's time that we end this…"

"Um… Could Kono ask a favor?" Kono asked with puppy dog eyes.

"Uh, what is it?" May questioned, raising an eyebrow.

"Can Kono please go now?" Kono asked with a cute smile on her face.

"… Did ya'll really think that'd stop me?" May chuckled flipping a card around on her duel disk. "I flip up Gottoms once more!"

The face down card shattered, unleashing the powerful armored beast (3100/2600), stabbing his sword into the ground.

"Next," May announced pulling her next card up. "I set one card face down, then… XX-Saber Gottoms! Slice and dice that Sabersaurus!"

With a beastly cry, the powerful armored Beast-Warrior slammed the sharp edge of the broadsword directly into the side of the red dinosaur's body, cleaving the monster in two before the halves shattered back into Kono's body. "A-AAAH!" (KLP: 2700)

Crossing his arms, Gottoms dropped the blade into the ground, leering at the young girl before him, "Turn end."

Kono shakily drew her next card, "K-Kono activates C-C-Card Trader!"

Whistling a small tune, May didn't really care that Kono was shuffling her deck and immediately drew afterwards. "Yawn… That's really starting to get on my nerves, ya know."

With a loud gulp, Kono shakily lifted the card up at her eyes, "K-Kono switches Dark Driceratops to defense mode… A-And Kono's ends Kono's turn."

May couldn't help but smirk like a cat at the sight of the crouching feathered dinosaur in front of Kono. "… And ya'll played into my hand…"

"H-Huh?" Kono questioned as May drew.

"Now… I activate my trap card!" May announced as the face down card flew up, revealing a large Battle Ox falling from the sky with several meteors following it. "Meteorain gives my monsters the ability to inflict damage through defense…"

"NO!" Kono gasped taking a step back.

"Gottoms!" May commanded as the armored beast warrior snapped up its blade.

Gottoms' eyes flashed greatly, alerting Kono to lift her arms up defensively… Although, when the broadsword crashed into the crouching dinosaur, the force of the attack lifted Kono off of her feet, sending her flying over the stage and nearly off of it! "AAAAAH!" (KLP: 1400)

Although her opponent was a kid, May knew that she had a job to do… Besides, it was either her, or the kid…

'And I like breathing, thank you very much,' May thought fitting a card into her duel disk, making the card appear behind Gottoms. "I'll end my turn with a set card… Turn end!"

Kono began to push herself off of the ground, keeping to the ground as she wrapped her arms around her body. '… K-Kono's scared… Kono wants to go home! Kono wants…'


Snapping her head up, Kono realized that she wasn't in the arena any more, but rather surrounded by darkness… However, she wasn't alone…

Standing before the young duelist was a large muscular teenager, probably a good ten years older than her, defined by his build and the fact that his face was defined. He wore a wore-out yellow jacket that had the sleeves ripped off to reveal his tanned skin while he wore a sleeveless green jacket and combat pants. Over his head was a bandana that was similar to Kono's hat with a dinosaur face while around his neck was a necklace of dinosaur bones.

And his long black hair consisted of several dreadlocks.

"B-B-Bigger Brother?!" Kono gasped as the larger man slowly walked over to Kono.

"Heh, that's right, little sis," the older brother chuckled as he knelt down in front of Kono. "Now listen don. I need you to get up Konohana-zaurus, ya can't let this backwatered hick beat a Kenzan!"

"B-But… K-Kono can't!" Kono cried out with tears streaming down her face. "Kono can't do it alone!"

"… But you're not alone," the older brother replied standing up to walk behind Kono. "Konohana-zaurus, you've got me… And… You've got all your other friends with you in spirit!"

Kono stopped crying, and turned around, she could almost see everyone who was her friend – Sai, Odoroki, Hyatt, Solo, Ayame, Kenshin, and the Duelist Dojo back in Tokyo… Everyone standing behind her, all of them nodding in agreement with the brother.

"So… Stand up Konohana-zaurus!" The older brother declared as Kono slowly stood up from the ground. "And make your older brother – Tyranno Kenzan proud don!"

Eventually, the field came back, with the Jurassic World, XX-Saber Gottoms and even May reappearing back in front of Kono. And slowly, Kono drew her next card, blinking a few times at the card art. "K-Kono…"

"Lemme guess," May sighed, rolling her eyes slightly. "Yer gonna say 'Kono ends Kono's turn,' right?"


May blinked a few times in confusion before she realized something…

"Yer Card Trader is still out!"

"Yep!" Kono stated shuffling the single card in her hand, making the dueling deck shuffle greatly. "So… Kono… N-No… I-I get to draw again!"

Kono quickly drew, her newfound confidence increasing by the second…

… And as she turned the card around, Kono's eyes brightened greatly, "I… I summon Babycerasaurus!"

Popping onto the field was a small white egg… Cracking open to reveal a small cute green baby triceratops with some egg shell covering its lower body (500/500 + 300/300). And with a loud squeak, the baby ran over to Kono, rubbing up against the young girl's leg.

May couldn't help but sweatdrop, "… That's it? That's what ya got?"

"No! I activate the spell card – Dino Blast!" Kono announced as the small baby dinosaur began to glow brightly.

"Huh?" May questioned as the spell card appeared in front of Kono. "What does that do?"

"T-This spell card," Kono explained as the Babycerasaurus continued to glow brightly, illuminating the entire arena. "This spell allows me to inflict three hundred points of damage to your life points times the level of one dinosaur on my field!

"… And Babycerasaurus is a level two monster…"

May's eyes widened as she looked at her face down card, Mirror Force wasn't going to help her now!

"N-Now wait a second!" May pleaded before the Babycerasaurus charged forward. "W-We can t-t-talk about this…"

May didn't get a chance to finish, the small baby dinosaur slammed directly into her stomach… Exploding into a large orb of light that sent May to the ground. "GAK!" (MLP: 0)

The statue flew from May's neck, flying through the air until it landed directly into the middle of the earthy platform…


The moment that May's life points dropped to zero, the screen that showed the duel went off, making Faust sigh loudly, "… Two losses for us…"

"Cheer up my comrade," King requested sniffing his newest rose. "This was just the battle… The war has yet to begin."

"Yeah, yeah…" Faust sighed looking at another screen. "So… Who's next?"


Unknown to the three, whatever had happened the last time between Ducas and Solo, the same thing was happening to Kono and May. Only instead of shadows engulfing the two, the very earth was swallowing them up.

Kono kept screaming and yelling loudly for help as the ground continued to pull her into it. May on the other hand was knocked out from the attack, and was easily pulled into the ground without struggling.

Eventually, Kono's pleas were silenced due to being completely underground.

The only thing that remained was the statue that had fallen in between the two duelists…

… Which was slowly lifted up in front of a pair of large rimmed glasses. "And thus, we have reached the second wave point…

"It is… Too late to turn back…"

With a smirk on his face, the otaku couldn't help but snicker loudly… He just told a fib…

Stein didn't care if he wasn't able to turn back.


Card Stats

Giant Rex / Earth / LV. 4 / ATK: 2000 / DEF: 1400 / Dinosaur/Effect: This card cannot be summoned unless your opponent has a monster(s).

Description: A large brown scaled T-Rex with a large finned spine on its back.

This card was first used by Noah in the original Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime but then was used by Tyranno Kenzan in Yugioh GX.

X – Saber Wayne / Earth / LV. 5 / 2100 / DEF: 400 / Warrior/Synchro/Effect: [1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters]When this card is Synchro Summoned, you can Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower Warrior-Type monster from your hand.
a black leather wearing and blue armored/cloaked western theme barbarian with a cowboy hat atop of his head. In his hands he held onto a taunting gunblade with the handle of a shotgun.

This card is a Japanese Card in DUEL TERMINAL.


With the element of earth wrapped up, only four remain…

What part does Stein possess in all this?

What happened to the others?

And what about Odoroki?

Odoroki: … I'm actually kinda glad not to be a part of this.

Next time

Draw 31

Luminous Spark

King: You won't want to miss it.