My co-authoress commissioned me to write this fic. I believe she is trying my sanity. She wants me to write her a hundred FMA based drabbles, pertaining to her four favorite pairings. RoyxEd, RoyxMaes, RoyxRiza and EdxEnvy. Well, as an author who never turns down a challenge, I'm doing it. –sigh- When I came up with the title, I decided to find something different but my co-authoress, a.k.a. plague of my sanity, liked it, so it stuck! These fics are rated M just incase but will range from that back to PG. Please enjoy!

"Shipper Nightmares"

01. The Truth RoyxMaes

Maes loved his wife, he really did. And an idiot could tell he loved his tiny daughter. Then why, might you ask, does he come every Wednesday to Colonel Roy Mustang's bed?

Maybe it was the look on his best friend's face as he fucked him. His eyes slits of pleasure, his mouth hanging open slightly; completely devoid of his normal smug expression. Or maybe it was the sounds he made. The way he cried Maes' name, his voice deep and strained. It could be the way he felt, warm and wet and tight around him. Or the way he looked with his body slick with sweat and his hair plastered to his forehead.

Yes, all of these are true and yet, maybe the real reason he comes here week after week was that he loved Roy as well.

um… yeah… that's all I have to say.