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"Shipper Nightmares"

02. Dreaming RoyxMaes

Roy gasped as Maes' hot tongue made its way down his neck; his knees going weak and his cock getting harder. He pressed himself closer to Maes, tangling his fingers in the bespectacled man's hair as his mouth came to Roy's chest.

Maes bit a nipple, licking roughly to east the sting.

"Ma-aes." Roy moaned. "Please." Maes obliged him, moving to sit between his legs. Roy felt him grab on the sides of his boxers and a loud noise went off in his ear.

Roy's eyes snapped open at the sound of his alarm clock. For a long moment he stared straight ahead of him, oblivious to the noise, before he remebered.

Maes Hughes was dead.

Not for the first time, Roy felt the tears on his cheeks.

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