Author's Foreword-
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This fic is kind of fast-paced and should be enjoyed scene by scene.The main story frame itself begins in the middle of the formal introduction on how the characters became like this or like that or how they developed this kind of feelings for another.
Without further ado,let's get on with the story!
Always Faithful
Chapter 1

Eriol Hiragizawa looked at his passport for the ninth time before sighing.He leaned on his reading chair,confused.

Suddenly,Tomoyo Daidoji burst in his room,holding a tray piled with sandwiches,a cup of steaming black coffee and a pitcher of juice. "Rise and shine,Eriol!Time to eat your breakfast!" She placed the tray on the nearby table before reaching for her camera and taping him as he rose from his chair.

"Tomoyo,please!It's only 6 am in the morning!Get that damn thing away from me!" He groaned as he went to the lavatory to shower.

"Oh shut up and pretend you don't see me!" she said as she followed him.

"Tomoyo,get out!I'm going to take a bath!" yelled the 16-year-old boy.

"Fine." she pouted. "I know when I'm not needed." She went out of his bedroom. "Double time,Hiragizawa or we'll be late for class!" she shouted.

Spinel watched the two humans from the window as Nakuru got their breakfast ready.

"Look at them!They never seem to separate even for two seconds,but they aren't married!What the heck do you call that kind of relatonship?" sighed the creature exaperatedly.

Nakuru Akizuki shrugged. "Just leave them alone,ok?The important thing is,Master is happy,Ms.Tomoyo is happy,I'm happy and you're not."

The animal didn't bother to make a retort.It was too busy thinking how that purple-eyed woman entered the concretely-walled Hiragizawa mansion with no other weapon than her kind nature and captivating smiles.

"Besides,Ms.Tomoyo needs a break from all her heartaches. Since her best friend's world started to revolve around another person,she might as well find another one whom she'll consider as her second best friend." explained the woman.

"But why Master Eriol?" wondered Spinel.

Eriol nearly had a heart attack when he found Tomoyo standing outside his bathroom taping him. "To-mo-yo!!" He covered the lens of her camera with his palm.She slapped it away playfully. "Hey,no need to be shy!Why hide such a great body as yours?I mean,look at those well-toned muscles of yours..they're to die for!And your chest..ooh ,any woman in the world will eat her lipstick just to feel it."

He began to redden.Didn't this woman know the words 'lethally arousing'?

"..and your arms!" continued the girl,unaware of her friend's situation. "Who wouldn't want to feel those around their-"

"Enough!" he snapped. "Tomoyo,please be a good girl and wait outside till I get dressed?PLEASE?" he asked through gritted teeth.He was fighting desperately this stupid feeling coursing all throughout his body.

"Make me!" she said defiantly.

He inhaled deeply before pushing her down the bed.He smiled wickedly and started to tickle her mercilessly.

"Ok!Ok!Stop!Stop!!" pleaded the girl.He stood up,a triumphant smile on his face.

"I'll go in one condition:Wear this outfit I made for you when we dine out tonight." She showed him a dark outfit she made.

Eriol groaned. "Tomoyo,why don't you just ask your mother to buy you a Ken doll and dress that up instead.Or better yet,ask her to buy you a real male model."

"I want only you,Hiragizawa." she replied breezily,but her cheeks turned slightly pink.

Eriol noticed it but didn't say anything about it.Instead,he pleaded, "Tomoyo,leave the room and leave me to clothe my wet,shivering body in peace before I catch a cold."

She looked away. "Alright,I'll go.I know when I'm not wanted.All I was asking for is one simple see your best friend dressed in your own creation that you've labored for 3 nights.."

He knew she was faking it,but he felt a tug in his heart.Oh man,he's gonna lose this one again! "Alright,already!I'll wear it!"

She instantly beamed. "Really?I knew you'll see things my way!" She hugged him happily,naked torso and all.

He forced himself not to notice the warmth radiating from her body. "Don't I always?" he replied wryly.

On their way to school,Eriol did her assignments as Tomoyo sung her piece that she will perform in the solo singing competition happening next week in a neighboring town.

After she finished,he clapped enthusiastically. "You're a sure winner!"

She sighed dreamily. "Imagine..I might get interviewed in the papers if win this one."

He gazed at her silently.Ever since he moved back to Japan from England 4 years ago,Tomoyo had been his inseparable companion,always with him in school projects,field trips,and 'friendly dates'.He never complained though.She brought him a unique kind of joy and vitality in his hum-dum existence.Her sweet,innocent nature helped him see the world in a new kind of light.Her kindness reminds him of human compassion he thought he already lost.

But lately,he began seeing her in a different kind of light too.He started noticing how exquisite her lilac eyes looked,or how her midnight black curls frame her angelic face.He began to see her as the personification of every lovely thing on earth.

But of course,he doesn't 'like' her.He liked her as a friend,no less and certainly no more.

Tomoyo wondered why he was staring at her so strangely.She started feeling uneasy-she wasn't used to her friend's teasing eyes looking at her seriously and so intensely.Often,it was she who he catches looking at him like that,but never the other way around.Never.He was too devoted to his darling fiancee in England.

She once asked him why he opted to continue his stay in Japan when Kaho was in another place.He didn't answer her.

She looked at his perfectly sculptured handsome face that reminded her of those Greek gods statues she saw in a museum once.His prussian blue eyes who speak unmeasurable depths and always twinkle with an I-know-something-you-don't sparkle.His bangs that fall oh-so-casually over his eyes always protected by those glasses.His charmingly boyish grin.

Little did her friend knew how affected she was awhile ago in his bedroom when she described his beautiful body that showcased Nature's work of art.and she foolishly thought that he would kiss her when he pushed her down the bed.

But of course,like she said,he's too faithful with his beloved fiancee.Bitterness filled her heart as she again thought how lucky her former teacher was.

"Tomoyo?"the sexy voice of her friend murmured huskily.

Flustered,she looked up. "H-Huh?W-What?"

He looked at his friend,puzzled.She's doing it again. "I want to ask you if you still want me to be here,or if I'm not bothering you."

She shook her head vigorously. "Oh,not at all!"

He smiled-the smile she adored and will always do.He had reserved that smile for her and only her.That special smile was hers alone. "Then I guess I'll linger here a bit longer." he said.

Good idea!thought Tomoyo. "Why do you ask?"

He looked at her sideways. "Kaho is asking me to go back to London.She wants us to get married soon."

Her heart stopped before releasing a painfully sweet smile. "C-Congratulations."

"You look more like you're saying Condolences." commented the boy.

She exhaled. "Ok,I'll tell you the truth.I don't want you to go."

"But why?"

She chose not to answer that one.He may have her heart,but she still has her dignity. "Promise me one thing,Hiragizawa.Semper Fidelis."


"Be always faithful to me.Wherever you go,I must not part with your memories." she explained.

"Tomoyo,haven't I told you before that that I am yours forever?" he asked.

She shook her head. "Always is longer than forever."

Though still puzzled,he squeezed her hand reassuringly. "Very well.Semper Fidelis."