The Demon Chronicles

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Rating: PG-13 / T
Genre/s: Drama, Action, Adventure, Romance, Tragedy, Horror
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Description: Everyone has secrets, even the Demon Lords. Told in eight sessions, we learn the Scourge of the Digi-Underworld's pasts, what brought them together, and the viciousness of their great founder.
Author's Note: A small note about my other story (Digimon 02: PARALLELS) -- I'm still working on it, it's just gone on a small hiatus until I'm done posting up this one (which I've already finished writing, I just need to upload it). :)

So, without further adieu...

The Demon Chronicles


Belphemon's fist plunged into the flooring, shattering white-as-snow tile and dirt, shrapnel exploding around him and striking his face. Belphemon swiped away the shrapnel like it was nothing and launched again, this time instead his gargantuan tail whipping forward to wrap around the dark creature's leg. The dark creature dodged the attack with ease and snickered as his fist, not even one-fifth the size of Belphemon's, belted and crunched against the behemoth's knuckles. However, it was not the dark creature who cried out but Belphemon, who reeled backwards in a hiss.

Lucemon lunged, orbs of light and dark energy flinging forward, spraying dust and debris and wreckage, wings fluttering and causing white feathers to fall like snow around them. Pain spread up through his leg where he was bleeding, but the Demon Lord of Pride could care less because this was his objective, this was what he'd been waiting for all his life, this was what he WANTED.

Barbamon went to his side, staff readied, crackling with green and black energy. Barbamon would not be left alone; he would get his revenge, too. He hadn't lost her for nothing; refused to lose her for nothing. Tick-tock, was all Barbamon could think about, Tick-tock, your time's run out. The time has come. The time for them to get their revenge.

All of them.

At Lucemon's other side was Leviamon, who let out a reptilian hiss as his red body slithered forward, listlessly knocking down Roman-fashioned pillars, jaws clamping down on buildings and ripping them to nothing but remnants. The whole world was shuddering beneath them; a world which was nothing compared to their great and horrifying power.

Beelzemon laughed and jumped atop Leviamon's back, white angel feathers falling around him, white feathers tainted red by the spray of blood as his comrades were all shot not by he, but by GranDracmon, but Beelzemon at that moment didn't care. He pointed his gun right at the dark creature's head and, tilting his head to the side, gave a toothy grin. "Badda BING, badda BOOM, baby!"


This was their moment of triumph, for they knew where the dark creature had gone (to this white heaven this white snowy haven this was where he was this was where they would fight him), where he'd been hiding from them all along (in the winds of winter oh that snowy abyss), and they were going to make him


(PAY the snow falls PAY)

They were going to make him


(BLEED make the snow turn RED)

For he was



they'd been waiting for.

And they would destroy him.

Together, as brethren and as enemies, united against the dark creature (whispering whispering GraaanDraaaacmoooon whispering whispering whispering), they would truly obliterate the great and mighty Digital Monster which had made them what they were today.