I do not own a single thing, although I WISH I owned Turpin (heehee not really, he's such a creep). I know a lot of people may not approve of this pairing (Turpin/Johanna), and there will be some, er, possible questionable activities in later chapters. So please, if you are disgusted by this pairing at all, do not read any further.

WARNINGS (for later chapters): Very dubious consent. Poor Johanna.

Chapter One: Clipped Wings

She remembered how it used to be, before the changes started and she had to wear a corset, before, when she and the Judge would play together with the puzzles he had bought for her. She recalled the memories fondly, and wondered what went wrong, why, suddenly, she would see less and less of him, and was confined in her chambers with no one but her birds for company. She missed the nights when he would tuck her in for bed instead of the maid, and read her bedtime stories about magical lands and fairy princesses. It was almost as if he was avoiding her completely, and it confused her…hurt her. She was no longer allowed to play with the children of the Judge's wealthy acquaintances, and instead had to content herself with her embroidery. Yet, at dinner, one of the rare times that she would see him, he regarded her with a hungry glint in his eye that made her uneasy, as if he wanted to feast upon her instead of the roast chicken that was laid out before him.

Johanna let out a shaky breath as hot tears spilled over and streamed down her cheeks. What had she done wrong? She missed his company, and the places he would take her to…she missed his embraces and the way his arms would hold her so tightly as if to protect her from all of the evils in the world. But now, the warmth and comfort was fading away, replaced instead with cold emptiness. Outside, the world was spinning and spinning, while inside, everything was completely still.

She heard the door creak open slowly, and craned her head to see who it was. The Judge stood there in the doorway silently, watching her.


The Judge stepped in the room and shut the door behind him. He turned back around to stare at her again, and Johanna felt the tiniest pinprick of fear ebb through her.

She cleared her throat nervously.

"Sir, I was wondering if, well, you would read to me."

The Judge sat down on the edge of her bed with a sigh and a smile.

"Certainly, my dear."

The dark winter that lay dormant in her heart gave way, and a single, beautiful rose began to sprout up from the snow.

"Johanna, come lie on the bed. I'll tuck you in," the Judge murmured softly, and Johanna complied, climbing into the bed slowly.

Something was off, she just couldn't place her finger on it…

But then the Judge tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear, and warmth flooded her insides. He was really here, caring for her. He hadn't forgotten after all.

He picked up the storybook that sat on her bedside table and flipped through the pages.

"Hmmm…Beauty and the Beast?"

Johanna smiled.

"That sounds lovely," she replied quietly, while the rose bud opened up to stretch its face out to the sun.

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