PART I: Kidnap and Torture

Author's Note: A short piece of nastiness I had spring into my head. Beware, graphic torture, nude male described in detail. Please don't read if this subject matter disturbs you. It is an extreme departure from my usual writings. You have been warned.

"I'll survive this! I've always survived and I won't surrender no matter what you do to me!" He panted through gritted teeth, sweat dripping down his face as he defiantly snarled at his tormentor.

"Oh, I certainly hope so! I don't intend for you to die. As for surrendering, well the night is still young. We've a long night ahead of us yet!" The evil creature gloated gleefully. "Now let me see..." He mused as he went to a table laden with nasty devices and other things that looked benign, though Feral suspected there was nothing pleasant about them.

The creature reached for a device that resembled a taser. He clicked a switch and a blue spark burst forth for a moment.

"Yes, just the thing." The hooded figure said in a pleased and sadistic sort of way. He approached his prisoner and ran a clawed paw down the bare chest that bore bleeding claw marks from previous work by the sadist.

Feral shuddered at the touch. He was firmly chained to a wall by paws and feet. He'd been here for a long while...exactly how long he didn't know. He'd been captured and knocked unconscious and when he awoke he'd been stripped naked and hung on this cold brick wall. The room felt like it was in a basement somewhere but there were no windows and nothing to tell him where he was.

His tormentor had been working him over in the usual fashion for a while; beatings, cuts, depriving of food and water, but now he was being gradually subjected to greater and nastier tortures.

His torturer was bare chested showing a black pelt, wore a black hooded mask, black billowy pants, and dusty brown boots. His chest was well built and muscular. He stood only half way to Feral's present height stretched against the wall. Cold, calculating eyes of amber studied his prisoner with an appraising eye that made Feral squirm uncomfortably. He had no clue who this creature was, who hired him, and why he was doing these things to him. All his questions had been ignored.

The device was brought up by a dark paw and laid against his right thigh. A fiery jolt of pain knifed up his body dragging a scream from him. Pleased with the result, the fiend moved the device to the other thigh and repeated the action. Feral couldn't hold back the yell of agony. For the next few minutes, the Kat touched the dark tom in various place always eliciting a scream of pain.

The Kat pulled the taser away finally then shocked the hanging tom by using his other paw to gently fondle the limp genitals for a long moment.

"Get your jollies off fondling helpless victims? Can't get off on your own?" Feral hissed snidely trying to get the Kat to stop.

The Kat merely grinned. "Just seeing how much there is of you. Nice set of balls you have there and your cock is quite impressive even limp like this. Why don't we see just how impressive it is?" He asked rhetorically, as he put the taser device down and reached for a needle holding some kind of yellowish fluid.

Feral's eyes widened and he licked his lips in fear. He really didn't like the idea of someone pumping him full of strange chemicals. It reminded him too much of Dr. Viper but there was nothing he could do as the black Kat injected him in the thigh.

It stung at first then a warmth seemed to race throughout his body. Soon he felt his heart race, his blood pound and his body harden. The sensation didn't stop and the hardening became painful and hot.

"Oh yes! Most impressive!" The evil creature smirked looking down at Feral's crotch. His cock was swollen to a hard throbbing length and a clear fluid was leaking out the tip.

Rumbling with pleasure, the black tom reached his fingers out and barely traced a claw along the hard length.

Feral shrieked. His body shuddered violently and he came, shooting his seed across the floor. He trembled and shook as much as the chains would allow, his breath coming in hard, fast pants. To his shock, his cock was already getting hard and painful again. The orgasm had been far too intense, setting his nerves on fire.

Making a sound of pleased satisfaction, the hooded figure reached for something else on the table. Bringing it closer, Feral could see it was a ring of gold and a needle. Without the use of an anesthetic, the Kat drove a hole through Feral's right nipple.

Feral exploded again to his shock. The pain had acted as a lightning rod through his body sending a jolt of pleasure as well as pain through him.

While the huge dark tom panted hard, his tormentor casually threaded the ring through the bloody hole he'd made then attached a long gold chain then he took the needle and drove it through the upper layer of Feral's straining cock.

Feral screamed again! The Kat ignored him and put another ring through the new hole he'd made then attached the hanging chain. Now his nipple and cock were attached to each other.

Seemingly satisfied with his work, the hooded Kat reached for the chain and pulled ever so slightly.

The helpless tom screamed yet again as another jolt of pain and pleasure shot through him. Exhausted, he hung limply in his chains, heaving for breath, eyes closed.

"You can't sleep now...oh no...we've much more to do. You're to be trained as the perfect bed slave and we have many lessons for you to learn before you're ready for your new master." The tormentor said conversationally.

Feral didn't like the sound of that. Who the heck were these people? Why did they want him as a slave? The slave trade was kept strictly out of Megakat City so he was shocked to be the victim of such Kats here.

His thoughts were jerked back to the present by his chains being undone. Unfortunately, his limbs had been suspended too long and wouldn't respond to his commands. That didn't seem to bother his tormentor.

He was half dragged, half carried to a padded table, dumped unceremoniously onto it then had his paws restrained once more. His legs, however, were placed in hanging leather bands attached to the ceiling. His heart stuttered in fright at what he suspected was coming next.

"Your new master wishes you to be properly opened up so that he doesn't have to do it himself." The black Kat said helpfully. He went to the instrument table and selected some items then returned.

Feral felt a coldness being applied to his rear. He jumped and his still hard cock jerked and bobbed. Next something smooth was inserted into his channel. Surprisingly, whatever it was he'd been injected with caused him to relax enough to allow the invasion with only minimal pain.

He clutched the sheet beneath him in anger and humiliation. The black Kat inserted the thing quite a distance before finally stopping. He reached up and pulled Feral's gold chain with a sharp but careful jerk. Feral's spine bowed upward and he screamed, spilling his seed all over his chest. He slapped down again and shuddered and moaned.

As he was recovering, his tormentor removed the smooth object, he assumed was a dildo, and replaced it with something else.

The something else was not smooth and it shocked him to the core. The barbed surface being shoved slowly within him made him scream and scream until he passed out from the pain.

When he regained consciousness again, he was still trembling and his throat was hoarse. He must not have been out long. His rear was throbbing with pain but at least the, whatever it was, had been removed. His tormentor had something in his paw and suddenly Feral felt a soothing coolness ease his pain instantly. When he moved away, the dark tom could see it was a tube of gel, possible an herbal concoction. It didn't matter, at least the pain had been eased.

"Excellent reflexes and recovery time. Your master will be pleased. Now that we've accomplished opening you up, I have a few more things I need to do before you'll get a small rest then your lessons will begin." The hooded Kat said pleasantly as he went to the table and retrieved what looked like a leather collar of some kind with studs. The Kat placed this around Feral's neck. He had a small device in his paw and pressed a button on it. Immediately, Feral felt a fiery jolt roar through his body and he yelled helplessly. After only about five seconds it stopped. He heaved for breath and looked at his tormentor wildly.

"That is a control collar. This device I'm holding signals studs in the collar to give you a healthy jolt if you feel the need to be disobedient. This and the aphrodisiac will be used to train you in your new duties. Now you will be allowed to get some rest." He told Feral as he undid the restraints.

Feral was so weak he couldn't have fought the Kat even if his life depended on it. Two Kats dressed in black clothes and with hooded masks came into the room at some hidden signal from his tormentor. They took him by his arms and dragged, walked him down a dimly lighted hall to another room. He was dropped onto a bed then left alone.

He lay limp and exhausted for some time before he could finally reach up and try to remove the collar. No amount of tugging, using his claws, or digging around it would remove it from around his neck. He gave up and looked around his room. It was plain, had no windows, there was a bare bulb shining above him, a porta potty was in one corner, a sink in another. The bed was a simple metal frame with a thick mattress on it. An equally thick blanket was under him.

He tried to get to his feet to quench his dry and hurting throat but his legs still would not hold him. He stared longingly at the sink for some minutes until his thirst drove him to slip to the floor and crawl to the sink. The water was cool and he drank for some time then did his best to wash his bloody chest and sweaty face before crawling back to the bed and collapsing in a limp heap. Too tired to do anything else he let sleep drag him down into temporary oblivion.