PART III: Revenge

Feral hadn't been able to move at first when T-Bone left him. All he could manage was to shiver and pant. Soon though, he was able to get his body to obey him enough to allow him to go down the hall toward a set of stairs leading upward. He held onto the banister tightly and pulled himself up each step. His strength gradually came back to him by the time he reached the top and pushed open a closed door.

Peering around the door frame, he cautiously looked around. It was another hallway, filled with dust and debris. Several broken windows let in the morning's light. There was no sound but the distant roar of the airport traffic.

He stepped into the hall carefully so as not to step on the debris strewn floor in his bare feet and stepped over the two unconscious slavers the SWAT Kats had left trussed up. He picked a direction and searched the offices lining the hall. He felt totally exposed not because he was naked but because he was unarmed. He picked up a plank with some nails at one end and felt a little better.

He reached the end of the hall which spilled out into the entrance lobby and found two more slavers. He saw footprints showing the traffic that had gone in and out of this place during his incarceration. Moving forward, he spotted someone moving away quickly just outside the glass doors to the facility. Before he could shout, the SWAT Kats had caught up with him with the two toms.

"He's getting away!" Feral hoarsely shouted, pointing in the direction he saw the figure.

Carefully putting their charges down, T-Bone and Razor ran outside. The culprit had already reached a jeep parked out of sight in some bushes. He tore away toward the city.

The SWAT Kats ran to the Turbokat and were soon in pursuit. It was far too easy for them to catch up to their prey and snatch it up with their grappling claw. They flew back to the building where Feral and the others waited.

His fellow prisoners were sitting on the floor, too weak to stand, while Feral had moved slowly out the door and watched the Turbokat return. A grin of pleased vindication spread across his face at the sight of the captured slaver. The car was lowered to a couple of feet from the ground then released causing it to hit hard and bounce once jarring its occupant enough to disable him for a moment.

Forgetting how much he hurt and how exhausted he was, Feral charged forward, ripped the door open and snatched his tormentor from the car. In a blind rage, he wrapped a massive paw around the black Kat's throat and squeezed.

"Who sent YOU!" He roared in the other's face. "Who do you work for?"

The choking Kat scrabbled with his claws at Feral's arm, trying to get him off but Feral just squeezed tighter. The Kat was gasping helplessly and his eyes were bulging.

"Woah! Get us down quickly, T-Bone before Feral kills that guy." Razor shouted.

"Man, I've never seen Feral lose it before." T-Bone commented as he quickly landed the jet and popped the canopy.

They jumped down and ran to Feral. T-Bone grabbed Feral by the waist. "Commander, let go! You don't want to do this!" He shouted at the furious dark tom.

Razor tried to pull Feral's arm off and succeeded in pulling it far enough to give the black Kat a chance to catch his breath.

Feral roared furiously, his eyes wild as he swung his other arm out and knocked Razor away then spun around fast to dislodge T-Bone.

T-Bone jumped back to his feet but kept his distance. He raised his paws up and tried to placate the furious tom. "You don't want to be like this scum, Feral. We'll get the answers you want but not if you kill him." He coaxed.

"Come on, Feral, you don't want this on your conscious. None of your officers will respect you if you do this. It breaks all your precious rules." Razor said urgently.

Feral stood there still gripping the black tom tightly, heaving hard, eyes still wild but starting to calm a bit as they coaxed him.

'Man they really messed with Feral bad!' T-Bone thought in consternation.

After another tense few minutes, Feral let out a huff of air and released his prisoner. T-Bone grabbed the gasping slaver firmly.

"Now, if you don't want to be returned to the Commander's tender mercies, I suggest you tell us what we want to know." Razor said coldly, leaning close to the black tom.

The prisoner coughed, "I will say nothing. To speak is death anyway." He said flatly. "All I'll say is the deals with our customers are now null and void due to our capture. Our clan will have nothing to do with us now. It would be a kindness if you put us out of our misery."

"I can arrange that!" Feral rumbled coldly.

"Uh...I think we'd better get everyone off to Enforcer Headquarters now." Razor said diplomatically.

"Good idea, Razor. I'll help get those other toms aboard." T-Bone said as he tied up the prisoner in his paws and handed him over to his partner then turned and went back into the building.

In very little time, everyone was loaded aboard the jet. Feral and the two other toms sat in jump seats while their prisoners were placed in a net and hung from the ceiling. Feral eyed them balefully the whole trip.

"Lt. Feral, you out there?" Razor called over the enforcer frequency. He repeated the call a couple more times before there was a burst of static.

"Feral here! Have you found something?" Came the female Feral's anxious voice.

"Good news, Felina. We found the Commander and the slavers. On our way to Enforcer Headquarters now. I'm sure your uncle and the two other guys we found with him would appreciate some clothes when they get there. They were stripped of everything except for some new piercings." Razor told her.

"Piercings?! Uh...right. I'll meet you there and have the Sergeant rustle up some pilot jumpsuits. See you soon." She said in relief and cut the connection.

Some fifteen minutes later, the Turbokat was touching down on the enforcer flight line. The Commander's Sergeant and Felina were waiting for them as well as a small squad of enforcers. When the canopy was opened, Razor jumped down and reached out for the bundle of clothes the Sergeant was holding. He nodded at them and went back up to the jet and disappeared from sight.

Going down into the cargo hold, Razor held out the jumpsuits. "Here's some clothes so that you won't die of embarrassment when I open the door." Razor said quietly. He helped the more injured of the three dress then when everyone was attired, he opened the cargo hold door.

Felina came up the ramp first and went to her uncle. She couldn't hug him as much as she truly wanted to so had to satisfy herself by looking him over.

"I'm glad you're safe Uncle. Are you okay?" She ask quietly.

"Yeah, I'm just tired and I want to get this stuff off me." Feral said heavily, as he never took his eyes off his tormentor that was being hauled down by his enforcers. The group of prisoners were quickly hustled off to be processed.

"Certainly Uncle. Let's get you and these other two to the medical unit for a look over." Felina said, signaling for a medical team to come over.

Feral tried to protest but the medics ignored his complaints and hustled him off.

The SWAT Kats cornered Felina before she could follow the medics.

"Just a warning, Felina. They messed up your uncle bad. He was trying to kill that black furred slaver before we managed to pulled him off. I'd watch him, if I were you. The slaver wouldn't talk but said he and the others were a writeoff with whoever their boss is so you might not get anything from them." T-Bone told her.

Felina frowned and bite her lip. "Thanks for the warning and info, guys. We'll see if we can't squeeze something from them anyway." She said with a glint in her eyes that spoke of retribution against the slavers. She gave them a slap on their shoulders in thanks then hurried off.

Tired but pleased by their night's work, the SWAT Kats got back aboard the Turbokat and were soon on their way home.

Feral had to endure the indignities of a thorough medical exam. He was cleaned up, the piercings removed, and firmly told he needed to submit to a psychiatric exam. He grit his teeth at that but knew he couldn't duck it since his security clearance hinged on it.

When he was finally released from their clutches and was freshly dressed in a uniform the Sergeant retrieved from the Commander's office, he headed for the cell block. Because slavery was as bad an offense as a pedophile, the prisoners had been segregated from the general population in the jail.

His eyes dark with a coldness that made his own officers step back from him and tough criminals avoid his gaze, Feral strode down the cell block with a definite goal in mind.

Reaching the cell of his tormentor, he signaled the cell monitor to open the door. It slid smoothly into the wall allowing Feral to step in. He stopped just inside the cell as the door quietly slid closed behind.

The prisoner eyed Feral quietly. He saw death in those golden eyes that stared down at him without a word. He had known that, if this Kat had managed to turn the tables on him, it would be a short but extremely painful trip to a nasty death.

He had already made his peace with his God and only waited for whatever fate had in store for him. He stood slowly and stared back.

Feral didn't know what he wanted to do at that moment as the black Kat that had done so many terrible things to him, stood up and stared at him with an eerily calm expression. There was no fear in his eyes as he waited for whatever the big tom intended to do. This wasn't the reaction he wanted to see. This kind of behavior spoke volumes about how this Kat viewed his life and death. Nothing Feral could do would change that demeanor.

Mentally, he railed in fury at the unfairness of it all. He wanted revenge, he wanted his prisoner to be groveling in fear not this calm acceptance. He wanted the black tom to pay for all the things he forced Feral to do in the past seventy-two hours but that wasn't going to happen. He would get no satisfaction in trying to beat the information out of him. With a huff of thwarted desires, Feral turned around sharply and signaled the door to be opened.

He stepped out of the cell and stood there thinking furiously. He needed to know who had dared to desire him for their slave. He had to know! He moved slowly down the cell block, trying to come up with a way to get the information he desperately desired. He looked into each cell and studied each slaver.

When he reached the cell of the sixth prisoner, he paused and studied the occupant for several minutes. The slaver had flinched just a little at that golden stare, Feral's eyes narrowed speculatively.

He turned about and went out of the cell block. He ordered prisoner number six to be brought up to interrogation room four. When the slaver was brought in he was shoved into the seat at the table. Feral gestured for his enforcers to leave. Frowning in surprise, they did as ordered, the door closed behind them.

Felina had only just learned that her uncle had been released from the medical ward more than two hours ago. Her heart pounding in her chest in apprehension, she asked the cell block officer if her uncle had been there. She was informed that he had and that a prisoner had been taken on his orders to interrogation room four.

Now Felina was practically running to the interrogation area. Reaching room four, she put her paw on the handle only to have the door open and nearly hit her. Her uncle was exiting, a look of cold satisfaction on his face and the scent of blood drifting from behind him.

Swallowing in fear, Felina waited for her uncle to clear the door before she could look in. She was careful not to let her uncle hear her sigh of relief, when she saw the prisoner was alive but bloody.

"Get anything from him, uncle." She asked carefully.

"Yes! Now I'll finish this!" He growled moving away from the interrogation area at a fast pace. He was on a mission and nothing would stand in his way.

Felina had to hurry to catch up to her uncle after she'd paused to order a couple of enforcers to get the prisoner treated and returned to his cell.

He went his office and went to his desk. For the next fifteen minutes he made some calls, then summoned a special ops team, ordered them to load up for a mission in ten minutes and to change into jumpsuits with no sign of who they were. When they had left to follow his orders, he changed his own clothes. Felina had hurried to do the same then joined her uncle as he went down to the armory with Felina like a ghost behind him. She was silently shocked by his choices. No gas grenades, tasers or other more non-lethal weapons. He took a pair of knives, an extra charger for his own laser pistol and a needler.

She didn't dare protest his choices. Something about him right now made her uneasy. Whatever they had done to him, had made him in this moment, hard and cold with a fury barely leashed.

She took out her favorite weapons as well as some gas grenades and mask. She quickly followed him back up to the flight line where a flight of jets were warming up. She took her position as his weapons officer as he took the pilot's seat.

They were airborne in minutes and heading due east. She frowned at the choice of destination. She wished she knew where they were going. She heard her uncle give coordinates to the flight but they meant nothing to her. Felina wished the SWAT Kats were backing them up on this mission.

The flight took them over an hour and it was late afternoon. Shadows were falling over one half of the mansion that sat on a plateau with a magnificent view of a wooded canyon with a lazy river running through it. Feral made the flight pass some distance from the residence so they wouldn't attract attention.

Felina realized they had crossed the border of the Tasmeer Empire. They were a friendly neighbor of Megakat City. Her uncle should have contacted the authorities instead of breaking several treaties about taking police action without asking for extradition rights first. This was bad! She didn't know what her uncle planned but whatever it was it was going to cause an international scandal.

He had them land a mile from the mansion in a field. They all jumped down from their jets, gathered their weapons and moved to stand before their Commander.

She listened as her uncle gave orders about what he wanted done.

"Maintain radio silence, take out any security quietly, harm no resident of the mansion, gather them to one area and hold them there until I'm through with my business. I'm looking for a Kat by the name of Kasmiran. Ask everyone who he is and if you find him before me, hold him and bring me to him."

Everyone split up and slipped up to the mansion as silently as they could. The place was quiet, not too much activity going on. As they got closer, they could finally see security guards doing a circuit around the decorative fence that surrounded the place.

To everyone's relief, the fence was not electrified and they climbed over at different points. The guards were rapidly taken out without a shot fired. A small squad remained outside while Feral and his group broke in a side door that lead to the kitchen and servants area. There was an outcry by the servants that spotted them but they were quickly subdued and made to go into a large pantry and locked in.

Moving on through the kitchen area, Feral paused to peer around the door leading into a dining room. It was empty. He pushed open the swinging door and signaled his enforcers to spread out. He and Felina went on through behind him and took a winding stair up to an upper floor.

Their invasion of the mansion was quick and efficiently completed within twenty minutes. As Feral and Felina searched yet another wing, a runner caught up to him and told him the Kat he was looking for had been found and was in a private study downstairs. Feral quickly followed the runner back downstairs and to the study.

Sitting in an expensive leather chair behind a huge oak desk was a large tiger cross male. His face showed his fury at the invasion of his home. Behind him was a large window that looked out over his well manicured lawns, pool and gardens.

Feral only spared the obvious signs of wealth a brief glance. The tiger cross held all his focus. The tiger's green eyes widened at the sight of him as the huge dark tom stepped into the room. Feral locked eyes with him.

"Everyone out! Wait for me outside!" He ordered coldly. Felina hesitated but her uncle flicked her a glance that told her not to push him. She slipped out behind the others and closed the door.

Feral had his laser pistol drawn and pointed at the chest of the tiger.

"So, we meet but on my terms not yours!" Feral hissed, the fury he'd kept leashed now blazing from his eyes. "How dare you try to make me your slave?"

The tiger licked his lips. This male was even more magnificent in person than the pictures he'd seen of him. He was also extremely dangerous. The tiger didn't miss the fury in those eyes.

"I doubt you would have come to me of your own free will!" Kasmiran said carefully. "In person you are truly a prize."

"I am no ones prize and you are right. I would not have come willingly. Your kind make me sick. Resorting to slavery to satisfy your depraved tastes. You can't manage to get someone the civilized way." Feral snarled in disgust.

He startled the tiger by suddenly moving closer and yanking him up by the arm. He shoved his face into the tiger's. "How would you like to experience exactly what your torturer did to me? Believe me when I say, you will never be the same after such an experience. Unfortunately, I haven't time to indulge myself in giving you such a lesson so I'll have to satisfy myself with giving you the one lesson they insisted I learn before I was rescued." He growled coldly.

He shoved the tiger face down onto his desk. He kicked the powerful legs apart...hard, nearly making the tom fall. Using one of his knives, he ripped the Kat's expensive pants open causing them to fall, exposing his rear. Feral pulled something from his jumpsuit pocket while holding the knife very close to the tiger's genitals, guaranteeing Kasmiran would not move.

He applied something from a small squeeze bottle to the tiger's genitals. The big Kat gasped then groaned at the sensation of heat that poured through him. The dark tom undid his own clothes and released his limp organ.

Feral's eyes were glowing with anticipation as he applied a very small amount of the gel to himself. His cock hardened and with a grunt of satisfaction, he leaned forward and grabbed the tiger by the scruff of his neck with his fangs. Without any further preparation he thrust home into his unwilling victim. The tiger roared in pain and shock. Despite the aphrodisiac he'd been smeared with, he was still unprepared for the invasion.

Feral ignored the tiger's cries and forcefully pistoned in and out of the form below him with hard, powerful thrusts that shoved the tiger violently against the desk. The tiger orgasmed but Feral didn't stop his hard rhythm. Kasmiran whimpered and came again. Finally, Feral reached the end and allowed himself to release.

Pulling out, he put himself away and straightened his clothes. The tiger lay panting and moaning on the desk, unable to lift himself up. Feral helped him by grabbing him by his shirt collar and yanking him upright.

"Now how does it feel?" He growled in the helpless Kat's face. "Don't ever come after me again or I will kill you!" He promised coldly and tossed the tiger to the floor. He turned his back on his victim and opened the door and closed it behind him.

He signaled his squad to evac quickly before the authorities learned of their presence. As quickly and silently as they had entered they departed. They were airborne within ten minutes leaving a traumatized household to recover on their own.

Felina felt a little sick. Everyone waiting in the hall had heard the tiger's cries and could only guess what her uncle had been doing to the tiger. She was worried how this would effect her uncle from now on and whether this action would bite them in the tail. It was a silent and unhappy flight back to Megakat City.

After landing, Feral debriefed the squad and had them keep silent about this mission. No word of it was to be spoken of from now on. He would handle the report and they were returned to their normal duty. Though understandably confused, they were well trained and knew how to keep silent. It had been an unusual mission but it was a mission that was apparently successful and that was the end of it.

To Felina's relief, they heard nothing from the tiger, Kasmiran. Whatever her uncle had done, there apparently would be no repercussions. The slavers had been killed by an assassin squad that had managed to slip into the city and out again while the prisoners were being transferred to Alkatraz Prison.

As for her uncle, he seemed to have returned to normal. She wished she knew what was going through his mind most times, but knew she would never find out.

Though angry at the slavers ease at getting into his city, Feral wasn't unhappy about the prisoners death, especially the black furred tom.

Feral felt a fierce relief at getting his revenge. He thought it would screw with his head but except for enjoying more dominance games at the special clubs he was wont to frequent, he had no remorse for what he'd done. He was certain that he had managed to convince any other would be seeker of his body to think twice before trying and, after all, that was what the 'lesson' he had given that tiger had been all about. He put the affair behind him and returned his mind to the concerns of protecting his city.