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Elizabeth Masen's POV:

She was perfect. She was the perfect bride for Edward. She had deep brown eyes that you could drown in, long brown hair, and a heart shaped face. She was a beauty. Her name was Isabella Swan the only daughter of one of my closest friends who ad just passed away, and she was here with her father since she would be staying with Edward Sr., Edward Jr., and I while her father got settled. I would have a daughter to dote upon finally. I turned to the stairs "Edward stop playing that piano and get down here this instant to meet Isabella!" I yelled up to my son, who's greatest pride and joy was music. Less than a minute later I heard quick footsteps on the stairs, and then my son walked into the room. He had my deep green eyes, his father's reddish brown hair, with a perfectly defined face. He looked to me and in the perfect polite tone that he always used he said "You called me motheā€¦" He was looking at her, Isabella Swan, eyes wide. "Yes Edward, this is Isabella Swan, Mary Swan's daughter, and she will be staying with us until her father gets settled." Edward quickly stepped out of the trance he was in and introduced him "I am Edward Masen as you probably already know, and it is a pleasure to meet, may I give you a tour of the house?" Now my eyes went wide he was actually giving her the time of day, girls fell over his feet all the time and he barely even looked at him, but now he was offering to give Isabella a tour of the house? Things were going way better than I had planned since I first laid eyes on her.

Isabella Swan's POV:

The house was huge I couldn't believe it; it was bigger than our old house had been. When Edward had offered me a tour of the house I gratefully accepted. He gave me his arm which I held on to more for reassurance then balance, I was having a hard time grasping the subject that my mother, who had been my best friend was dead. He started pointing out the different rooms, their history, and other little trivia facts as we walked, and I was quickly absorbed in listening to his voice and trying fruitlessly to remember what he was telling me about.

Edward's POV:

She was amazing her skin was pale, she had deep brown eyes, full lips, and a button nose, and when she blushed her whole face colored. In every respect she amazed me. I could tell she was getting a little tired when we reached the gardens but she would not admit it so I suggested we sit down on a bench that over looked all of the gardens. She took the seat without complaint as I spread my jacket over the bench. I decided to change tactics and asked her some of her favorite pastimes. She had the most beautiful voice, one that I could listen to forever; I bet she would sing wonderfully I thought. But quite abruptly I was woken out of my daydreams when she said she loved listening to music. Really she enjoyed music. Unfortunately my mouth was ahead of my brain, since I took her hand and pulled her along with me to where my piano was. I sat down and pulled her next to me, playing one of my favorites, Claire de la Lune. And then a minute later I knew I was right she did have an amazing voice.

Isabella's POV:

I was immensely surprised to find myself being pulled along and sat down on the bench of a grand piano next to Edward Masen. But when he played Claire de la Lune I couldn't help myself I sang along. It was the most fun I had since my mother had died. As the song finished I looked over at Edward and I saw his eyes were bright with excitement. He jumped up and exclaimed "I knew it; you do have a beautiful voice!" and then he turned crimson.

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