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Ok, I know these ages and stuff are FAR off but that's the way I need 'em so bare with me.



Pan: 1

Bra:6 months

No Buts!

Bulma was having a very busy day, taking care of Bra, cooking breakfast, and watching Trunks. As Bulma walked into the den and put Bra in the pin, the phone rang.

"Moshi, moshi?" Bulma asked. "Hi Bulma, it's Gohan" "Oh, hey Gohan, what's up?" "Can you do me a favor?" "What is it?" "Well.I know its short notice and all but Videl and I have to go to America for a couple of days for very important meeting and I need you to take care of Pan while we're gone. Please?"

"Sure Gohan, anything for you, when you need me to pick her up?" "Um.now." "Oh, well I can't do it right now.unless I get Vegeta to go" she whispered. "I doubt it" "He'll be there in 20 minutes" "ok Bulma, I trust you" "Bye Gohan, have a nice trip, tell Videl I said hi" "Ok, bye!". Bulma hung up the phone.

Bulma walked in to see Vegeta in the living room watching that 'stupid box' as he called it. Trunks was playing with his toys next to the couch. "Oh Vegeta" she chirped. 'Uh oh, what's she up to?' he thought. "No" he stated. "I didn't even ask you to go pick up Pan from Gohan's house yet, how can you say no?!?" She yelled. "You expect the Prince of Saiyans to go pick up some brat?!" he asked, disgusted, "I don't think so onna!"

"You're going Vegeta and that's final!" Bulma screamed, " I am very busy at the moment and I don't have time to go pick Pan up, now Gohan is counting on me to take care of Pan for a few days while he and Videl are gone and I'm NOT gonna go back on my word because you don't wanna go pick her up!" "You're the one who told that brat you'll baby-sit her, not me!" Vegeta yelled back. " If you don't go I swear I'll break that gravity machine and never build it again!", "You wouldn't dare!", "Oh, wouldn't I! Now be a good monkey and go." Bulma said calmly before exiting the living room to go tend Bra.

"Stupid onna, I'm gonna kill her one of these days." Vegeta muttered before picking up the car keys and the capsule. He walked outside and threw the capsule, which turned into a black convertible. 'Why can't I just fly, baka woman!' He thought as he got in. He pressed the peddle and drove off.