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#02 Cure the Boredom - Check

"Bbbbbbbbbbbbooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddddddddd." Reika looked at the world around her. Everything was upside-down. Which would have freaked her out, if she wasn't laying on her back on her bed. With her head dangling from the end. Her hair brushed the floorboards as she let out another sigh of complete and utter boredom.

She lifted her head and glared down at her stomach. "It's all your fault!" She grumbled poking the slight bump that was growing. She dropped her head and looked back at the doorway praying someone came through it. She didn't know how much more of this nothingness she could stand.

It had been a little over three months since she had told the brute he had infected her with his seed. Suddenly the perverted bad ass became the perverted mother hen. Reika wasn't allowed to do anything, according to him. First chance he got he went to the general commander and demanded she be taken off all active duty. Then the male had the balls to tell her she wasn't allow to fight AT ALL! She wanted to do something but everyone was too afraid of 'the beasts' rage to even hear her out. She rolled over and growled. "I WANT TO LAY ON MY TUMMY!" She yelled out with a whimper. It felt weird to lay on it now and was no fair!

Finally standing she huffed and stomped her foot on the ground. "Fuck this!" Reika quickly got dressed and headed towards the door. 'If the stupid caveman knew me at all, he should have known trying to lock me up would just piss me off!' Throwing the door open she peeked out making sure no spies were sent to watch her.

Skipping out of the building she whistled, trying to think of places to go. 'Stay away from the 11th district.' Was her only real conclusion. That and that the brute was getting NO sex from her for a while. Nodding her head, as if to say 'yes that's perfect' she hopped down the steps. Swearing she heard footsteps behind her she twirled around but nothing was there. Chalking it to being paranoid she went back on her operation - operation get un-bored!


Idly she rubbed her tiny bumped belly. Honestly she didn't know she had been doing it. Though she had, and did it quite often if you asked anyone who saw her. Her face lit up when she saw someone who could possibly cure her boredom! "RENJI!!" She screamed and ran towards him and jumped at him.

The red head swung around just in time to catch the flying pregnant woman. "Reika-chan! You shouldn't do that!" He gently placed her on the ground and shook his head. Reika wrapped her arms around his neck grinning. "What do you want?" He asked suspiciously. She just continued to grin causing him to sigh. "Alright just stop being so close. If the Captain of yours sees us like this, he might really take my head off this time."

Reika nodded and took a tiny step away, finally releasing his neck. "Keep me company!" She proclaimed happily, wrapping her arms around his. Renji had to do a double take and stared at her like she was insane.

"I have work Reika-chan." Reika pouted and stomped her foot childishly.

"Rennnji! I've been in my house ALL day. And no one will play with me because stupid brute scared them all away." She looked up at Renji glaring slightly. "So! YOU will have to solve my boredom since he's already tried to kill you once. And you're probably not as scared as the other because of it."

Renji felt his head shake and a chuckle leave his lips. 'Wouldn't that make me more terrified?' He thought but decided Reika was on a mission and she was going to get her way one way or another. "Fine, how about lunch. I was going to eat at the office but we could go out."

Nodding franticly and smiling happily she skipped of. Gently pulling Renji to walk awkwardly next to her. Not far away a tiny bell jingled but when she turned around there was nothing there. Shrugging her shoulders she continued her trek towards food.


"Oi, does Captain know you are here?" Reika growled and glared at the man that sat down at the table. Ikkaku reached over and plucked up a piece of her food. Which earned him a fork being stabbed between the small space of his fingers. "What the fuck was that for!"

Reika hissed before returning to her food. "Your barbaric captain is not my keeper!" She grumbled taking a few more bites of her food. Renji shook his head and kept quiet. "And if you touch my food with your dirty hands again I'll be sure you loose a finger."

Ikkaku rolled his eyes and leaned back in his chair. Yumichika took that chance to take a seat on the other side of the girl and flicked his hair back. "Reika-chan, you're glowing today. Seem more beautiful. Though, still nothing compared to me." He mumbled the last part as he smiled at her. Reika clenched her fist on the table. Renji looked at the two males bugging her and neither seemed to notice the vein almost popping out of her head. Yumichika sure didn't. "They say pregnant woman have horrible mood swings. I don't know if we will be able to tell with you though Reika-chan. Plus what are you going to wear, you're going to be very round soon. Hopefully you are one of those glowing pretty woman when you fill out."

Ikkaku took that time to snatch some more food from her plate. "Yeah, ya gonna be extra fat soon. Ya don't need all this food." Renji nearly choked when suddenly Ikkaku went flying across the room. Reika took a deep breath, her fist still in the air where the bald mans head once was. He groaned from the other end of the room causing Yumichika to whistle.

"So maybe the mood swings are true." The peacock said offhandedly. Without much warning he was suddenly on the ground cupping his precious parts and Reika was standing with a very satisfied smirk on her face.

By then Ikkaku was off the ground and glaring at the woman. "Wench!" He growled stomping over to her. "Y'er lucky ya got that baby in ya or I'd toss ya on y'er ass!" He threatened gripping the front of her shirt lightly. Renji stood ready to pull the bald man off of his friend. Yet he stopped when Reikas smirk only grew.

"That's funny cause even when it wasn't in there you seemed to have a bitch of a time just getting me injured." She chuckled lightly and rolled her eyes. "And if I remember correctly you had your sword and I was barehanded and just took out three other shinigami. But hey who was counting…"

Growling Ikkaku glared at the woman that was in his face. How badly he wanted to just toss her outside and show her who he was. Yet in the back of his anger filled mind a nagging voice was reminding him. 'She's not only you captains woman but she caring his baby.' The nagging voice thankfully became louder and louder until he finally let her go and stepped back. "Stupid wench." He mumbled angrily picking up his chair and sitting back into it.

Reika huffed and turned away from them. As she walked away she purposely kicked out Ikkaku's chair legs and stepped on Yumichikas foot. "What the hell was that f'er!" They both yelled in pain.

Turning back she stuck her tongue out the two. "For calling me fat and ugly!" She stomped out of the restaurant grumbling about stupid bald men and pretty boys. Renji sighed again and he swore he felt someone with an intense killing aura but he didn't see anyone. Shaking his head at the two idiots still grumbling in pain he paid for their meal. Normally he'd go after Reika but he had to get back before Byakuya noticed his absence. A block away from the restaurant he heard a hellish scream but something in his body told him to ignore it. So he did.


Rubbing her belly the woman frowned and sat under a random tree. 'Stupid shinigami.' She grumbled and glared down at her stomach again. 'They wont fight me cause they think you are some weakling.' She hissed scrunching up her face in anger. "Weakling my ass…" She mumbled when suddenly she felt a weight pounce on her back.

"Rei-chan!!" Yachiru squealed from the girls shoulders. "Ken-chan said you were resting!"

Reika glared and hmphed. "I don't need to rest! Everyone acts like I'm gonna break!" She lightly rubbed her scarred face in aggravation.

Yachiru looked down her concerned before placing her normally childish smile on her face. She crawled in front of Reika and poked her belly. "Wah! It's growing!" The small pink head said happily. Reika peeked out at the girl from between her fingers. "Ya know Ken-chan is just worried about you." The tiny girl said absentmindedly.

Reika quickly looked around. Usually where ever the pink haired wonder girl was the big male was not far behind. Yachiru giggled probably figuring out what the older girl was looking for. "I know he's worried and shit." Reika mumbled falling onto her back in the grass. "But even a big oaf-y pervert should know when they are suffocating someone with boredom."

Yachiru frowned lightly before making herself comfortable half laying on Reika. Reika felt her eyes getting heavy and her mind slowly shutting down. Swearing she heard the jingle of bells and the grunt of a familiar male, before she let sleep take her.


Reika woke up snuggled into her bed with covers tucked all around her. Sleepily she sat up and glanced around the room. 'How'd I get here?' She wondered scratching her messy head. Shrugging she flopped back into the bed and stretched. "Guess it's another day of complete boredom…"

She got up and took a shower. As she stepped out and wrapped a towel around her body there was a knock at her front door. Not bothering putting on anything more she sluggishly walked to the door and opened it. "What?" She growled when she noticed who it was.

Ikkaku didn't seem any happier than she was. Though he had to force his eyes to not roam her half naked body. Yumichika cleared his throat bring attention to him as he stood next to the bald being. "We're here to take you where ever you want today." He saw her eyebrow raise at him suspiciously.

"To apologized for yesterday!" Ikkaku nearly yelled out. The explanation only making Reika more suspicious.

Crossing her hands over her towel covered chest she taped her foot nervously. "Why should I? You probably just want to get me somewhere with no witnesses so you can slice me to pieces." Reika finally got a good look at the two and her eyes widened. "What the fuck happened to you?"

Ikkaku growled and turned away from her. Yumichika only sighed and complained about how his beautiful face was damaged. Reika gapped as she took in the wounds all over the twos bodies. It looked like someone not only roughed them up but beat them senseless. She pointed at the particularly dark bruise on Ikkakus head. "Who did that!" She knew Renji didn't do it, not that he was weak he just didn't have it in him to hurt someone like that. Grumbling neither of them would answer her.

Suddenly it dawned on Reika. "Fucking brute…" Cursing lightly under her breath she ran back into her room and quickly got dressed. When she reemerged she was pulling a long coat over her shoulders. "Get out of my way." She hissed and the two men stepped aside, only to follow her when she started walking away. She quickly reached the 11th divisions offices and slammed the door open without knocking.

Kenpachi glared up at the doorway ready to beat the shit out of whomever entered his office uninvited. His eyebrow raised when they landed on his pregnant lover. "YOU FUCKING STALKER!" He smirked and sat back in his chair. Ikkaku and Yumichika flinched from the hallway at her tone. "What gives you the right to fucking follow me? OR to beat the shit out of anyone when they're my fucking problems?!" She stalked into the room pointing at him accusingly. "Who gave you the permission to take control over MY FUCKING LIFE?" She continued as she rounded his desk and stood in front of him. Still pointing at him with her other hand clenched at her side. "YOU HAVE NO FUCKING RIG…"

She was cut off when he grabbed her pointing hand and pulled her to his lap. Struggling against his hold she opened her mouth to give him more pieces of her mind. He leaned down and shoved his tongue in her mouth. Sure he was risking her biting it off but he knew her well enough by now. He ran his tongue softly over her lips before gently massaging her tongue. Soon she stilled and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Yumichika and Ikkaku rolled their eyes before closing the office door and walking off. After a few minutes Kenpachi pulled away and smirked down at his dazed lovers face. "Of course it's my right." He stated cockily. "You're my woman…" His hand traveled up to her stomach and his thumb rubbed circles on the small baby bump. "Plus this is half mine too right?" He asked with a smug attitude.

Reika glared at him and swatted his hand away. "You've contaminated my womb!" Finally her anger seemed to be tiring and she sighed pouting. "I'm bored…" She whimpered and laid her head on his shoulder. "Were you really stalking me yesterday the whole time?" She hated to admit it but she hoped he wasn't because that would mean she really was screwed. She had not sensed him once the whole day. Her skills were all out of whack.

His smirk turning into a small smile he wrapped his arms around her in a comforting cocoon. "Yeah…I was…" He felt her body go limp knowing she probably felt 'weak' at that moment. And she was probably cursing herself for it. "Gotta make sure nothin' happens to ya…" He mumbled into her hair. "Plus I have no problem with ya going out." He grumbled annoyed, he didn't want her doing anything. Actually he wanted to lock her in his room and make sure nothing touched her. Though he was starting to understand and control those feelings a little better. "Just stop getting into shit all the time." She nodded and held tightly to the front of his captains cloak. He idly rubbed her back as the smirk came back to his face. "You didn't seem to mind me spilling my 'horrible poison' in ya…" Reika glared up at him as he grinned perversely. "Actually I think you need another dose…" He ground his hips up against her causing her to roll her eyes and bite her lip. Gasping when he bit her neck she briefly remember something along the lines of her saying she was going to deny him sex. Though the small thought quickly flew out the window when he stood and pinned her to his desk.

Reika smirked, 'maybe, I found something that will keep me from being bored for now on…' All thoughts were gone when Kenpachi went to work on her body.

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