Reality according to Ino

Ino starts to feel more than friendship for her friend, Naruto Uzumaki. At first, he seems to be much more interested in Sakura, the school's favorite girl. She, along with the school hotshot, Sasuke Uchiha, may be the only things getting between Ino and the possible love of her life.

Ino had liked her friend, Naruto since way back in sixth grade when they met. The circumstances under which they met were probably not so great. She'd yelled at him about 'coming out and saying it when you like someone.'

Sure, it was just like she was trying to tell him something. She had been crying, somewhere nearby when he'd gotten shot down by some heartless bitch. Or, that was what Ino liked to call her.

Anyway, her feelings had been coming out more than ever, recently. She was dropping much more obvious hints than before, or so she thought. She'd hugged him, cuddled with him during movies, asked him how his day was every day for a couple of months(or at least every day they saw each other).

Then, there was Sasuke. Your average Star-player, favorite guy. Sasuke Uchiha, who every girl wanted and every guy wanted to be. Naruto wasn't far behind him, and besides, Ino hated that opinionated a-hole of a quarterback.

Not to mention Sakura. Just a few days ago, someone told her about Naruto's obvious attraction to her. What the hell was so special about her that made guys swoon everytime she walked by?

Okay, well she was drop dead sexy, even a straight girl could say that. She had legs that were smooth, long, and toned. Her skin was pale and creamy. She had a beautiful face, with dimples when she smiled, green-blue eyes, and perfect lips.

Then there was that hair. Blonde with pink streaks. Half her hair was pink. Pink, of all things! Why that would turn anyone on, she didn't know. But, apparently, it turned on most of the males at her school.

Even with all that, Ino was pretty hot too. Maybe not quite as hot as Sakura, but close. She had a little bit more weight on her than sakura, five pounds at most. She had equally perfect skin, only well-tanned, and mostly, the main difference between the two was Ino didn't have pink streaks in her hair.

The main thing she had against Sakura was that Naruto was attracted to her. That's when it got a whole lot worse.

It was after school, and Ino was heading to her locker, walking down the school's enormous hallways, when she spotted Sakura and, a little further down the hall, Sasuke pushing Naruto toward her.

Ino, wanting to hear what was going on, waited around the corner. "Hey, Sakura, Naruto has something to ask you!" Sasuke cat-called. It disgusted Ino, and probably disgusted Sakura a little, too.

"Um, h-hi. I w-wanted to know . . . well, will you go out with me?" naruto tripped over his words. He must've been blushing like crazy. "I'll think about it." Moments later, Sakura came around the corner.

As soon as Sakura was gone, the two boys parted ways. Ino went to follow Naruto. She felt pretty bad about what had just happened. For one she was mad that he'd done that, but she also felt bad for him. She knew what 'I'll think about it' usually meant, coming from girls.

"Hey, Naruto! How was your day?" She asked cheerfully, hugging him as she came close. He hugged back loosely. "Pretty good. Sakura said she'd think about going out with me." He seemed pretty much exstatic. "How was yours?"

"Okay . . . Hey, you wanna go do something today? Maybe we could go see a movie?" It came out almost too happy. "Well, I kinda told Kiba we would do something. Sorry." He scratched his head guiltily.

"Where are you guys going, I wouldn't mind coming along." Naruto shifted nervously at the comment. "Y-you won't wanna come." He tripped up. "Okay . . . Well, I should leave, my dad's here." Ino started to leave, then turned and hugged Naruto again. She wanted to tell him how she felt right then and there, but decided it was probably best not to.

She got in the car, and with that, she left.

Naruto had been thinking a lot recently. He was somewhat confused about the whole 'Ino' thing. he definitely liked her, that was something he could admit, but he liked sakura too. The two girls were similar in a lot of ways, and Naruto didn't know why he'd like one over the other. It wasn't sakura's pink streaks.

At first, Naruto had thought maybe that was it, but he came to the conclusion that it was because she wasn't hanging on him like Ino had been doing recently. Another factor might've been Sakura's age being the same as his. They were both 16 and in junior year, whereas Ino was almost two years younger than him, and a grade lower.

Why any of this had anything to do with it was beyond him, but that's what he'd decided. Maybe if it didn't work out with Sakura, he'd go out with Ino, but that would only be after he got up the courage to ask Sakura out and if Ino asked him out, though he didn't see that happening.

Back when Naruto had met Ino, he had been in the seventh grade, while she was in the sixth. They had gone to the same school since she was in kindergarten, but they'd never met yet. Until that day. It had been right after he'd gotten rejected by his crush, a girl named Miyoko. Ino had jumped out from behind a tree and yelled, 'If you like someone, come out and say it, coward!'

Those were inspirational words, but Naruto could now admit that he was still as much a coward as back then. Actually, he'd finally been able to ask Sakura out, though Sasuke had made him.

There was someone real inspirational that Sasuke. He was one of the popular bastards. Naruto didn't really call him a friend, more of an acquaintance. He was too cocky, too rich, and way too obsessed with always having a girlfriend, no matter who ended up hurt. He was that way with a lot of people. Naruto had always had this idea that one day they'd end up enemies.

Naruto snapped out of thought suddenly as Kiba was talking to him. "What?" Naruto said, in a daze. "Nevermind, man. Something going on,you seem real distracted today." Kiba said, irritably.

"Oh, not much, just . . . I asked Sakura out, but she hasn't really given me an answer yet. She said, 'I'll think about it.'" Naruto replied without any interest in what he was saying. It was like he was reading the weather report.

"Way to go, Naruto! Went for the big catch, huh?" Apparently, it was much more interesting to Kiba than it was to Naruto. "You would say that. I wouldn't call it that, but whatever. I actually like her more than just cause she's hot." Naruto remarked almost angrily.

'C'mon, don't get so worked up over it. What the hell's wrong with you today?"

"I don't know . . . I think Ino's mad at me, I kinda told her about it, and she was acting weird, like she really wanted to come hang out. She wanted to come along, even though I told her you would be here for awhile." Kiba punched his shoulder. "Well, why didn't ya say something. You coulda just said ino was gonna come over, I'd understand." He had a sly look on his face.

"What are you talking about? It's not like we were gonna do anything. You're sick . . . let's get out of here." Naruto got up, heading for the door, Kiba followed after him.

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