Reality, according to Ino

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Monday rolled around and Naruto had failed to break up with Sakura. He hadn't been able to see or talk to her all weekend, and all day she had pretty much avoided him. Almost like she knew it was coming, but there was no possible way. Or else, maybe she wanted to break up with him. That would make things a hell of a lot easier for him.

Finally, he caught up to her and stopped her in the hall. Just looking at her, it seemed like she was guilty. He was thinking she probably wasnt. "Hey, Sakura." Naruto started.

"Oh, h-hi Naruto. How ya doin?" She started, feigning innocence - and poorly - to try and throw him off.

"Not so good. For starts, I know you've been avoiding me all day. Why?" He interrogated. She seemed irritated at the response she got.

"See, here's the thing . . . " She paused, but Naruto didn't let her continue. "What's the thing, you're breaking up with me, well I'm beating you to it. Bye." That was all he said before walking away, trying to leave it at that.

"What are you doing, are you crazy? You can't break up with me!" Sakura yelled at him. He turned quickly, a glare on his face. "I'm doing what I should've been doing, listening to my heart. You should do the same." Again, he turned to leave.

"Well, don't come whining to me when nobody wants you!" Naruto laughed as he continued walking, not paying much attention to the indignant screams coming from the pink-haired girl behind him. As Naruto continued walking he ran into Hinata. He suddenly got an idea of how to get to Ino, though it was more than likely to fail.

"Hinata, wait." He said, knowing she wouldn't be too happy to talk to him. "What do you want, are you trying to hurt Ino worse. Trust me, she doesn't need you around." Hinata replied, snydely.

"That might be, but I need her around. Can you tell her I'm sorry and I really need to talk to her?" Naruto attempted. Hinata glared back at the blonde. "You should've thought about all that before you got with Sakura." With that the girl walked away from him, not giving him a chance to explain anything.

'Oh, well,' he though. He'd have to figure something out later.

Just when Ino was thinking a lower depth of depression wasn't possible, she ran into a pissed off Sakura. As the two came close, Sakura shoved her meanly into a wall. 'Bitch" The pink-haired girl said, continuing on.

Ino simply slid down the wall she currently had her back against, sitting on the floor, and burst into tears. She didn't understand. Didn't Sakura already have the only thing she wanted? What reason would the bitch have for pushing her, she wondered. As tears cascaded down her face from her blue-green orbs, arms suddenly wrapped around her as Kiba sat down beside her.

Looking around, the blonde saw Hinata heading in the direction Sakura had gone in. "It's okay, Ino, just tell me what happened." Kiba rocked her slightly, holding her tightly in his arms. She wished it were Naruto with his arms wrapped around her.

"I duh-don't know what I d-did. She just came up and sh-shoved me . . ." Ino cried into his shoulder as she choked out an explanation. "I'm sorry, Hinata's going to take care of it." Kiba was so confident and sure of what he was saying, it made Ino feel a little bit better, but there wasn't much else that could be done.

It was afterschool as Hinata rounded a corner and saw Ino sitting with her back against a wal crying. She looked down the hall and saw Sakura retreating. "Talk to Ino, I'll take care of that bitch." She told Kiba, who was with her. He went to Ino's side, and Hinata headed off after 'skankura.'

After finally catching up to Sakura, Hinata grabbed her arm to make her stop. "What'd you do to Ino, bitch!" Hinata asked angrily. "Nothing she didn't deserve, now let go of me." Sakura answered sharply.

"What did she do to deserve anything from you?" Hinata interrogated. She'd just run into Naruto, but couldn't imagine it had anything to do with him. "Well, for starts, she stole my boyfriend." That got Hinata even more angered.

"What are you talking about, you stole him from her." The girl bit back. "What are you talking about? I didn't steal Naruto. He just dumped me. Now, get the fuck away from me." Sakura pulled out of her grip and began walking away again.

The news of Naruto dumping sakura was downright shocking. She had no reason to go after Sakura anymore, so she headed back toward Kiba and Ino.

"hey, Ino, how ya doin'?" Hinata asked when she got back to them. "She says Sakura just pushed her down." Kiba answered. She nodded her head at his answer, then turned to Ino. "Listen, Naruto wanted to say he's sorry and he wants to talk to you. He's not with Sakura anymore, he . . . dumped her." The sound of it coming from her own mouth shocked her even more, and apparently shocked Ino a great deal.

So, helping Ino to her feet, Kiba and Hinata headed out of the school building, Ino following along. Naruto would've gone home already, so they didn't bother looking for him at the school.

It was the next day. Valentine's day. There seemed to be a depression sinking in all over the place. Sakura was just pissed off, Sasuke was simply horny, along with his whole gang. Naruto felt guilty, and wished he had been able to fix things before 'the day.' Ino, on the other hand, had hit an all time low, though it could've been worse if Naruto were still with Sakura.

Anyway, all day, Ino and Naruto had been looking for each other, but in different places all day long. Finally it was afterschool, a good while after school had ended, and no one was around. Naruto had gone to detention, and Ino had some afterschool activity to do. They were both heading outside when they ran into each other at last.


The two shouted the other's name then ran, meeting in the middle with a hug. "Damnit, Naruto don't you ever do a thing like that again." Ino said into his ear, tears beginning to fall. "I'm so sorry, I . . . I don't know what I was thinking."

They separated. Ino was expecting him to do some explaining, which he was prepared to do. "Look, I realised what I was doing was stupid, everything just seemed to be getting worse without you around, I guess . . . you hold everything together, Ino, and I love you."

Ino laughed, tears still in her eyes. But, these tears were different, they were tears of joy. "I love you, too Naruto, so much . . ." She grabbed him in a hug again. When they let go, their eyes locked, and Naruto placed his hands on her shoulders.

After a moment that seemed like forever, they kissed deeply, Naruto's hands going to the sides of Ino's face, and her hands in his hair. The passionate kiss lasted several minutes, but finally had to end as they were both out of breath.

Naruto suddenly remembered something. The day before he'd gotten something for her. "Oh . . . I almost forgot . . . Happy Valentine's day." Out of his bag he pulled a box of chocolates and a teddy bear. Ino giggled girlishly as the two headed away from the school toward her dad's car that had just driven up.

For the first time in several weeks, Ino could truly say she was happy, as could Naruto. This seemed like the beginning of a complicated relationship, but one well worth it.

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