The Day Can Always Get Worse

The Day Can Always Get Worse

It was an average morning in the Harper household and by average I think it is pretty safe to say that it was actually pretty manic. Nick was trying to eat cereal through a straw and not succeeding while Ben attempted to make some toast but only managed to make some charcoal.

That was when things got a whole lot worse. Susan came into the kitchen and said "Ben, today you're going to go out with Roger."

"Susan! You can't expect me to do that!" Ben protested and glared at Susan, then at his toast, then back at Susan.

"No buts! He's our friend and he needs to spend time with you," Susan replied and took the toast away from Ben.

"I was eating that!" Ben cried as she dropped it in the bin.

"No you weren't; you were just glaring at it. And anyway it wouldn't have done you any good to eat that. It was burnt," she said as she added some more toast to the toaster to show Ben how it was done.

"Well maybe I like it burnt!" Ben said and rolled his eyes as he turned around and got hit in the face with a lump of cereal from Nick's bowl where he had blown into the straw to make bubbles. "Argh can this day get any better?" Ben said sarcastically as he headed for the door.

Just as he reached it, Janey flung it open carelessly and it smacked Ben in the face. "Hey everyone! Guess what?" Janey said without even realising she had just almost knocked her father out.

"What?" Susan asked, running to her daughter rather than going to help her husband.

"I'm going out with Roger!" Janey cried and grinned happily at her family.

By this time Ben had picked himself up and had been rubbing his now rather swollen head but when he heard the news of her daughter going out with Roger he fainted. Now he would have to spend the day with her as well!

When he awoke he looked at Susan and said "It just goes to show that there's always a chance that my day can get just that little bit worse!" before heading upstairs and slamming the bedroom door behind him.