Why He Stayed Part III

Why He Stayed Part III

By Andie O'Neill

Summary: He left her twice in the past, but now he's finally ready to stay.

A/N: This is the third part to the "Why He Left" series. Indiana Jones has left Marion Ravenwood twice, the first was many years ago. The second was before their wedding. Now he's with her to stay. Part I will show why he left the first time, Part II will go into why he left the second time, and Part III will go into why he stayed this last time around. Anyway, enjoy the story and don't forget to review! :D Oh, and I have a small flashback that fills in yet another gap… but then again, that's kinda what this story is about… filling in the gaps.

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Year: 1957

When he awoke he couldn't move. At first he almost panicked, afraid to learn what was restraining him. Then finally his memory returned and he smiled as he looked down to see raven, black hair and a beautiful woman in his arms… the woman. He loved, had loved her for many decades. It was rare to find that kind of love, the kind that spans over twenty years, the kind that lasts a lifetime. He'd loved her from the very beginning… it was only right that he'd love her to the very end. Indy kissed her softly… over and over until she began to stir with a moan. Sleepily she looked up at him, moving her head from its resting place on his chest, and kissed him on the lips. The kiss was soft and short, but filled with more love than most ever could. "Can't sleep?"

Indiana frowned, staring at Marion… Marion Jones. That was her name now. They were married… she was his wife, finally his… forever. "Tell me again why I could ever leave such an amazing, beautiful, stubborn, and clever woman?"

"I don't know… you tell me," she shot back with a sad smile.

He'd missed so much… lost out on so much. He envied the time she'd been able to spend with Mutt… raising him and teaching him. He envied the memories she'd made with their son. And he envied Colin Williams for the life that could have been his. "You never told me how our son got the name Mutt."

Marion laughed at that, kissing his chest lovingly. "How else do Jones men get their names? He was a husky, American Eskimo mix."

Indy laughed along with her, shaking his head. "Yeah… he's mine." He paused for a second and smiled. "He's a good kid, little rough around the edges… but a good kid."

"Yeah, kinda reminds me of another man I used to know," she teased.

Indiana kissed the top of her head and smiled. "I missed so much… not sure where to begin."

"Just… be there."

"Trust me, honey… I'm not going anywhere," he assured her. He wasn't about to leave her a third time. He wasn't that stupid.

"Good, because you're the one who gets to convince him he needs to go back to school. He's turning into a bum."

"He sounds like another bum I used to know," he teased. 'The most gifted bum he ever trained,' Abner'd said. He was probably right.

"My two bums… I certainly have my hands full!"

Indy rested his arm around her, pulling her closer. "Well, you can't have it all I guess."

Marion paused at that, looking back up at him with a gleam in her eye. "Yes you can," she assured him. "I didn't believe it until recently… now I know. Yes you can." Marion again rested her head on his chest.

Indiana just smiled, closing his eyes. "Yeah… maybe you can."

Following the events of "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"

Indiana Jones was finally ready. Over the years since he'd left Marion he'd realized just how important family was… his father had taught him that. After both Marcus and his father had passed away he'd lost that family. He'd never felt more alone in his life. He had a second chance… third chance, and he wasn't about to waste it. "Marry me," he whispered to the love of his life as she lay in his arms.

Marion frowned. "Indy… I just don't know."

He wasn't about to let her go. He glanced over at Mutt who was fast asleep… Oxley was nearby resting as well. Without transportation it would be a long walk back to civilization. "Abner never wanted me to be with you."

"You were like a son to him," she fought.

"I know, but you were his daughter. He loved you. Dragging you around the world on his quests… it was his biggest regret. He wanted more for you… so did I."

"Did anyone ever stop to think about what the hell I wanted?" she asked angrily, pulling away from him.

Indy shook his head. "I thought if I left… that maybe I could give you the life Abner always wanted for you. Then the whole Ark adventure reminded me of just how much you meant to me. I thought it was enough… that we'd be okay. When I started putting my work ahead of the wedding… I could see how it was affecting you. I figured that Abner had been right, that you deserved better than me… than want I could give you. Being second place to a job isn't want it's cracked up to be… believe me I know. I didn't want to do that to you. I was turning into my father and I didn't like it."


"I love you, Marion. I always have and I always will. I didn't know what I was giving up until I walked out on you. I lost Marcus… then I lost Dad, and I can't be alone anymore."

Marion smiled, stroking his cheek. He leaned into her touch, closing his eyes. "You don't have to be," she assured him.

"Then marry me," he urged, opening his eyes… begging her.

Finally she sighed. "I swear if you leave me one more time, I'm coming after you and killing you myself," she warned.

Indiana laughed at that, kissing her with everything he had. "I know."

When Indy saw Mutt sitting on the couch he was surprised to find not a knife or his comb in hand, but a picture… a crumpled old picture. He looked over his son's shoulder and smiled when he realized it was of him and Marion. Shallah had taken the picture in front of his house. "Where'd you get that?" he asked.

Mutt jumped, turning quickly, looking ready for a fight.

"Whoa kid! Just the old man," he assured him with a smirk, taking a seat beside him on the couch.

Mutt smiled, settling back down on the couch and handed him the picture. I found it years ago under mom's bed in this steal box. It was crumpled in a ball… there was some round artifact with it… looked Egyptian, and an engagement ring. I've had it for years. I wanted to ask her so many times who the man standing next to her was… with his arm around her. I've never seen her look so happy," Mutt explained.

Indiana stared at the picture. "Shallah took the picture. We were in Cairo on a search for the Ark of the Covenant."

"What? Ark? That's a joke right?"

Jones shook his head in amusement. "You're grandfather, Abner made it his life pursuit… got him killed in the end. Marion and I took up where he left off."

"Did you find it?" he asked in shock.

Indy nodded. "Sure did… and almost got ourselves killed too."

"Are you seriously gonna tell me right here and now that you and Mom found the Ark of the Covenant… from the bible?" he asked in disbelief.

Indiana was trying not to look smug about it; it was after all the find of a lifetime. "I also found the Holy Grail, but that's a story for another time."

Mutt shook his head. "Holy Grail? Ark of the Covenant? Is there anything you haven't found? I mean seriously, what's next? Gonna find Atlantis too?" he asked sarcastically.

Jones laughed at that. "You never know."

"The Ox used to say you were quite the treasure hunter… just never realized-" Mutt chuckled, never completing his thought. "The bronze artifact, in Mom's box… what was that?"

"The Eye of Ra. Abner and I found it decades ago on a dig. After he died he left it to Marion. The only way to find the Ark was to use the Eye of Ra, and go down to the Well of Souls where the location would be indicated through a beam of light. You're Mother and I worked hard to find it before the Nazi's would."

"Don't tell me you were battling Nazis too!" Mutt exclaimed.

"Had to… they'd captured your Mother."

Mutt laughed at that. "See, now I know your joking!"

Indiana gave him a serious look, making his son pause.

"What happened?" he finally asked.

"In the end the Nazi's took it from us and opened it themselves. I tried to get her back, but only ended up getting captured myself. They craved power… and the Ark was their way of getting it. Thankfully they failed to realize the Ark's danger. Once opened, it destroyed everyone that looked at it. Never been more scared in my life," Indy admitted.

"You were scared?" Mutt asked a look of shock and disappointment flashed on his son's face and Indiana sighed.

"They tied me and your Mother to this wooden pole… and when they opened the Ark I knew something bad was about to happen. We closed our eyes and I could hear the screams… people being killed all around us. Marion screamed too… she had no idea what was happening, neither did I. I was afraid for her. They faked her death the first time they captured her… I thought I'd lost her. When I realized she was alive I was sure I'd been given a second chance, and then she and I were captured by the Nazis. I didn't want to lose her a second time."

Mutt nodded, taking back the picture. Finally he put it in his pocket. They sat in silence for a while until Indy could take no more.

"I wasn't there to see your first steps, or to hear your first words, watch you grow up. I barely even know you," Indy admitted. "But Mutt… I want to be your father."

"A little late for that don't you think," Mutt told him. The words seemed to cut, but his voice showed no anger or frustration… only regret. He paused for a second before continuing. "I want you to be my father too," he admitted.

Indy smiled, wrapping an arm around his son's shoulders to pull him into a hug. Mutt laughed, pulling away. "Okay Pops think it's time for me to hit the sack."

Indiana nodded, watching his son get up and head toward his room. Finally he stood up to. "Mutt," he called.

His son turned around.

"I talked to the Dean of the university I work at. He said he'd be more than happy to enroll you. He saw your test scores."

Mutt rolled his eyes. "No son of yours is gonna be a college drop out I guess."

"You have a few weeks to think about what you'd like to do as your major," Indy assured him.

"Don't need to. I wanna be an Archeologist," Mutt said without hesitation. "Figure what a better way to spend my life than in the family business, but there's no way I'm carryin' around a bullwhip."

Indiana walked up to his son, grabbing his hat from off the wall. "Oh I'm sure you'll be fine… even without the bullwhip." With pride he rested the hat onto his son's head and nodded. The torch had been passed. "Sleep tight, Junior."

Mutt grinned; a look of pride crossed his features. "Night Dad."

The End