A/N: Okay, so I originally wrote this part as connected with the first chapter. Then I cut it out because I liked the open ending. Well I rewrote this part and am adding it because I figured it should have a bit of a more definite ending. So, I hope it's up to all your guys' standards. Enjoy!

Three years later…

The credit card had been used. After over three years of waiting and watching, finally she had used it.

Edward sat on his couch, flipping his cell phone closed. He had reported to the credit company that a member of his family had the credit card, was allowed to use it, but had disappeared, so any use on it needed to be reported to him. They bought it and had just let him know that Bella had bought a plane ticket to Italy.

Taking a deep breath, Edward picked up his cell phone once again. After calling the airline she had booked with, he found out that she would be leaving the next day from Maine. He immediately booked the soonest flight he could get to that airport. Edward wanted to intercept her before she ever left the country.

Needing to leave as soon as possible, Edward was only able to tell Alice before he left. She immediately grabbed her shoes and chased after him, not wanting him to be the only one to see Bella.


I grabbed my bag out of the taxi. It was nothing more than prop, but I didn't want to forget it. After three years of living without a point to my existence I had decided to put an end it. Edward had been my life. My reason for choosing this life. What was the point of it if he wasn't there to share it with me?

I kept in touch with Alice, as I had promised. But it wasn't very frequent and I was never on the phone long. The emails I sent and received while in internet cafes were better, longer. She had said Edward wanted to talk to me, but I couldn't handle it. I didn't know what he wanted to say, but I was sure it would do nothing more than hurt me.

I felt bad because I knew that my lack of communication would sadden Alice, but I just couldn't live as I was anymore. I was sure she could understand that living in a world without Jasper would be unbearable.

Walking through the doors, I was immediately assaulted with the overwhelming scent of human blood. There were hundreds of people there and my thirst was just barely under control. I knew I would never hurt anyone, but suddenly I felt that taking this sort of risk was too soon. I had just not wanted to suffer any longer.

Halting my breathing, I continued my walk towards the checked baggage lines. Eyes turned and followed me, it was uncomfortable, but I guess this was how every vampire felt.

When I took a shallow breath to answer the lady at the counter's questions I smelt something different, familiar. Vampire.

I shook it off as another vampire coincidentally traveling the same day I was. I would not let myself get emotional, it only made controlling my thirst that much harder.

As I stepped out of line I felt two strong and familiar arms wrap around my middle. I was frozen, my arms trapped at my sides, as Alice came into view. She looked absolutely ecstatic, but I could not understand why she was there, why he was there.

The hole in my chest where my heart had once been burned red-hot. He was touching me. Broken sobs came from my chest at the thought. He had ignored me, shied away from me for months. Now he was touching me. Why did he have to torture me?

"Bella, my love, I am so sorry. I was such a fool. I was so ashamed and guilty; I felt so unworthy that I pushed you away when I should have been showering you with my love. You are my everything, my life, my meaning for existence. Even if I have to grovel for the next thousand years, please come back to live with us, to be with me. Please, I love you." Edward's voice was a husky whisper in my ear. It sent shivers of longing down my spine even as the rage inside me grew.

He had done it again. Just like before, when he had left me for my own good, he had made a decision about my life thinking it was best for me without even thinking of consulting me.

I straightened up, letting the rage take over. Alice's face was blank for a second, obviously seeing my decision, before turning into a very satisfied smirk.

I turned around slowly, letting the anger contort my features. Before Edward could so much as breathe in a hiss of air at the look of my face, I backhanded him. Hard.

A resounding crack echoed through the airport. People stopped and looked around, wondering what could have possibly made that noise. Thankfully none noticed Edward and his head snapped back at an uncomfortable angle with a slightly dazed look on his face. He blinked a few times before finally bringing his head back to its normal, facing front position.

I leaned in close, putting my lips almost to his ear. I wanted to make sure none of the humans around could hear me. "How dare you. Are you so stupid that you didn't learn the first time you did this to me? You do not control my life! You cannot make decisions for me Edward! If you want to be in a relationship Edward, you do not tell the other person what to do, or make decisions for them! You ask, you share, you communicate! It's a partnership! Not a dictatorship!" Edward flinched with every special emphasis I was using on certain words.

"I can make up my own mind about things Edward, even if you don't agree with it." My voice lost its deadly hiss, turning soft. "I wanted you. I didn't care how unworthy or how much of a monster you thought you were. I wanted you."

I was barely containing the sobs at the memories of the first months after my change. Leaning back to look him in the face again, I could see the pained expression on Edward's face. It hurt to know that I caused that, but I also knew that he would keep doing these sorts of things unless he understood.

Edward's lips trembled slightly as he spoke, his words barely a whisper, his tone unsure but hopeful. "Do you still want me Bella? Can you forgive my stupidity? Come back with me?" He looked so scared, so lost. I couldn't deny him anything he wanted with that look on his face. Even if I hadn't wanted to, I would have agreed with him.

Feeling my eyes soften, I slowly nodded my head. Edward's face broke out into my smile, that beautiful crooked grin. Relief was evident but there was also a bit of hesitation. He stood there a little awkwardly, looking as if he would like nothing more than to scoop me up into his arms, but was too afraid to do so. I took care of his indecision by throwing myself at him, sobbing in relief into his chest.

"Oh, Bella." Edward softly crooned my name as he smoothed my hair back. "I love you. I'm so sorry."

I don't know how long I clung to him, there in the middle of the airport. It was the small hand on my back that finally pulled me out of myself. Alice was trying to lend me her comfort and understanding too. I immediately let go of Edward's shirt and swung around, grabbing the little pixie into a long hug. She seemed surprised at first, but hugged me back just as fiercely.

After our long hug, Alice hopped back onto a plane and headed home. Edward took me, instead, to a hotel. He said that it could be our true honeymoon if I wanted it to be. I had a feeling he just didn't want to share me with the rest of our family yet.

The entire first day and night I spent curled up on the bed, pressed against his chest. He alternated between humming my lullaby and telling me how sorry he was, how much he loved me, and how he would never do anything to hurt me again. I didn't care how wary I should have been, I believed him. It hurt to much not to.

I had been trying so hard to live without him. To exist without meaning and I couldn't. The meaning in my life had been restored and I didn't care if he didn't mean it. I was prepared to live in a fantasy. Without him I could not exist, so even if he was only pretending, I would still openly take it.

We stayed in the hotel for a week, not leaving our room once. We spent the time making up for all those months we had lost, not only from Edward's brooding, but from my disappearance. It was only when my thirst became slightly overwhelming that we checked out.

After my thirst was satiated, Edward and I made our way back to the airport. It was time to head home and be with our family.