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With only a small pout Brennan did as she was told, once again proving to the other woman that not all was as it should be with her best friend. Placing the dishes into the dishwasher Angela contented herself with the fact she could hear the low hum of the TV. Brennan needed this. Time for her brain to rest and sooth whatever torment had bruised her mind and body. Angela still didn't know all the details, and as a small shudder ran along her back, she realised she didn't want to know; not if it meant Brennan living through it again to tell her. While she didn't consider herself new-age-y, she did know that her friend wasn't 'aligned properly' anymore, and she needed time t o heal. Angela was eternally grateful that her stubborn friend had opened herself up enough to be helped. She knew on her own the brilliant anthropologist would not allow herself the time to take a break; after all she couldn't remember the last vacation she had taken, or a time she had been at the lab for less than 10 hours. She smiled to herself once more as she grabbed a bar of chocolate from her secret stash in the cookie jar and headed to join her best friend in the living room. "Sweetie!" she admonished as she spotted her friend sat on her sofa, legs curled under her watching the news channel.

Brennan visibly jumped when Angela called out, her head whipping round and a comical look on her face, reminding Angela of a child that had been caught doing something it knows it shouldn't. 'That is not relaxing. Turn it off.' She gently scolded, walking round to sit comfortably on the sofa next to her best friend.

'I find it relaxing' Brennan protested, a playful light dancing in her eyes.

'Tough.' Angela replied, breaking the bar of chocolate in her hands in half and passing some to the auburn haired woman. 'I'm gonna choose what we are gonna watch, and you' she poked Brennan lightly in the stomach, 'are going to enjoy it.'

Rolling her eyes at her friend Brennan only settled into the softness of the sofa, enjoying the heat of the artist sat next to her and the relaxing atmosphere that caressed her like a lovers touch. Seemingly surprised by her resistance, Angela only stared at her a minute before getting up t look at the shelf of DVD's she had next to the TV. Brennan shut her eyes, relaxing her whole body as she popped a square of delicious chocolate in her mouth. Her lips pulled themselves into a small smile as she listened to the raven haired artist's mutterings while she appeared to veto all of the films she had. Brennan started at the sudden cry of triumph emitted by the forensic artist and opened her eyes to watch as she pulled out a slim case and put the DVD in. She raised her eyebrow in question, but Angela only shook her head, a teasing smile on her face, as she returned to the sofa, and snuggled up to her side, resting her head on the scientists strong shoulder.

She felt the other woman stiffen with surprise, and wondered if she had gone too far, however the taller woman quickly relaxed, shifting slightly so her own head rested gently on top of Angela's. The artist smiled and then focused on the film in front of them, it was one of her favourites and she hoped Brennan would enjoy it.

As the credits began to roll Angela gently reached forward to pick up the remote and press mute, careful not to dislodge her sleeping friend. Brennan thankfully hadn't protested too much at the unrealistic aspects of the film, and had settled down quietly, appearing to enjoy the romantic comedy before falling asleep about half way in. Angela sat upright to watch her friend, sliding the scientists head onto her own shoulder, smiling as the other woman only mumbled and slid her arm across Angela's stomach, getting comfortable. She had never seen Brennan so relaxed and she immediately fell in love with the sight, pleased that she had managed to help her friend, even if it was only for one night. She knew that tomorrow Brennan would go back to working over time, pushing away her need for comfort and reliance on other people. Loathed to wake her sleeping anthropologist, but knowing she would be more comfortable in bed she gently pressed her lips to Brennan's forehead before murmuring in her ear "Wake up sweetie. Come on, bed time."

Tempe opened her eyes sleepily, her gaze falling on soft brown eyes that were full of tender concern. She felt extremely comfortable and was surprised as the reason for her comfort became apparent; she was curled up into the artist, the raven haired woman's rhythmic breathing soothing her weary body. "Did I miss the ending?" she said sleepily, ignoring the warm feelings in her chest and choosing to stay snuggled into her friend for once, whereas any other time she would have moved away.

But tonight, as Angela had said, was about the artist looking after her. And god knows she did feel better for it.

Angela nodded, pleasure seeping through her body as Brennan didn't pull away as expected. "Come on, you can watch it another time. Bed time now."

She stood and turned to pull Brennan to her feet, loving the ability to help her friend, and determined to make every moment count as she slipped an arm round her waist. The auburn haired woman leaned in slightly, as sleep tried to claim her once more, and together they made their way to Angela's bedroom. The slightly shorter woman turned the bed down and helped her friend into it, smiling at the fact she was already asleep before she had pulled the covers back up. Shaking her head slightly she wandered back into the living room to switch everything off and get ready for bed herself. After pulling on a pair of summer pyjamas Angela slipped into bed, listening to the other woman's peaceful breathing in the dark, feeling it lull her to sleep. Just as she was drifting off she felt Tempe snuggling up to her in sleep, and she drifted into dreamland with her arms protectively round her friend and a happy smile on her face.