The day of the Chunnin Exams finally arrived and Team Mutant or Team 7 depending on who you asked stood outside the accademy and Naruto said "So it's in Iruka old room, the first exam."

Tenten said "Yeah, that's room 301."

Naruto grabbed her hand and placed his other hand on Isarabi shoulder before all 3 disappeared in a puff of smoke and appeared in the room pushing several people away and startling more.

Naruto said "Sorry." with a sheepish grin as he offered his hand to some of the people he knocked over who mostly refused it.

After walking away from the group Kakashi stuck his head inside the room from outside the door and said "Team 7, your suppose to use the door to enter a room."

Naruto said "Ninja don't use doors. That's for civilians."

Kakashi thought a moment and said "True, good luck." as he left quickly pissing off several gennin who thought they were being called civilians.

A few minutes later Team 9 with the Lee who was back dressing like his old self, Sasuke, and Neji who both had sticks shoved up their asses, so to speak.

A shout of 'Sasuke-kun' was heard as Ino dashed for Sasuke who dodged her attempt to glomp him and he delivered a knee kick to her ribs and the sound of bones breaking was heard as Ino coughed up some blood and fell to the ground.

Naruto growled as he saw this and Tenten placed her hand on his shoulder to stop him as they saw Shikamaru and Choji glare at Sasuke who had a smug look on his face and they whispered to Ino a few moments before heading toward the door.

Naruto said "Remind me to hurt him if I get the chance."

Tenten said "Not if I get to him first."

A silver haired kid with glasses started to walk toward team 9 and he said "You should reall...." anything else that was going to be said was silenced as a group of Chunnin and a man in a trench coat appeared and said "Settle down you maggotts. You, Uchiha. Take your team and get the hell out of here. The permission slip you signed told you there was to be no fighting before the exams started and you broke that rule. Get the hell out of here."

Sasuke said "You can't do that. It was self defense because she attacked me first."

Ibiki glared at Sasuke and asked "Does anyone agree with his statement."

The silver haired kid said "Yes Proctor-san. The girl did act agressive toward him but I am unsure of what her full motives were but they could have been thought of as an attack."

Ibiki glared at the silver haired kid and said "Very well. Since he's not a member of your team I will accept his answer but I am placing you on warning Uchiha. Any more fighting without the proctors permission, self defense or not will result in your being expelled from these exams. Now everyone is to draw a number and find their seats so we can begin."

Naruto found himself in the front right corner of the room and he smirked as he read Ibiki mind and thought "Tenten, Isarabi, here are the answers, number 1." as he told them the answers.

After both girls wrote them down surprising Ibiki and the chunnin proctors since the plants had only just gotten to the first couple of questions as to not make things to easy.

Naruto for his part though put his hands behind his head and smirked at Ibiki who said "What's the matter, afraid to answer any questions." seeing Naruto smirk.

Naruto said "It has my name on it, that's all I will need."

Ibiki frowned and said "Oh, why is that."

Naruto said "We start off with 10 points so I have full score right now, if I write a single answer then I lose 1 point and if I cheat I lose 2 points. Why cheat or try when by only writing my name I have all 10 points even without knowing the last question. That's the loophole in your test and you could pass a rule saying we have to at least answer 1 question but because I brought that loophole in your rules to you then you can't punish me by the law because the law was made to fix a hole I expoited."

Ibiki said "Smart ass. New rule, everyone else here without a brain like this kid and his 2 teammates since they finished before anyone else has to at least try to answer every question, right or wrong. You only pass with a completed paper."

Several people who were thinking of using Naruto example glared at him.

As the first exam ended a woman dressed in very revealing clothing crashed through the window and she said "Don't relax, the second exam is about to start. My names Anko and I am your second proctor. You have 20 minutes to make it to training ground 44 or you fail. Follow me."

Ibiki said "Your actually on time this time Anko."

Anko shrugged and jumped out the window.

Naruto laughed and said "I wonder if her and Wolverine had a kid together who it would take after."

Tenten shuddered and said "I don't think the universe could handle another her or him. Come on." as she got up and the 3 quickly left.

When they got to training ground 44 Anko looked at a watch and said "Time. Anyone else who arrives fails. Now..." as she explained the test about getting 2 scrolls and getting to the tower in less then 5 days.

15 minutes later Naruto sighed as they stood in front of gate 5 and said "This is so boring. Is this really what it takes to advance to be a ninja. I mean I can get the scroll and get to the tower in less then 10 minutes by myself."

Tenten said "Yeah, but you got to realise not everyone has our which team has the scroll we need."

Naruto thought a moment and said "The team at the next gate has it."

Isarabi said "I still think that's freaky how you do that....but if it gets me away from the damn cat, I don't care."

Tenten chuckled and said "Yeah, most gennins have to chase it but you have it chase you."

A alarm went off and the gates opened and Naruto disappeared and appeared in front of the team at gate 4 just as they entered the forest driving a knee in the first guys stomach and said "Sorry." as he grabbed the scroll from the guys weapon pouch and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

The guys to teammates asked "What the hell." as they began to help their teammate back out of the gates.

Naruto appeared just inside of gate 5 as Tenten and Isarabi stood there inside the gate and Naruto said "Got it." making the proctor at the gate wide eyed and Naruto placed his hand on Tenten and Isarabi shoulder before a bubble of energy appeared around them and they began to lift off the ground and then when they got above the trees where they could see the tower disappeared and reappeared in front of the tower and Naruto lowered them back to the ground.

When they walked into the tower only 10 minutes had passed since the begging of the test and as they opened the scroll Iruka appeared and he said "What the hell...10 the hell did you do that."

Isarabi said "Were just that good." causing both her teammates to laugh.

Iruka said "Well anyways you got 5 days to rest before the exams are over. You have choice of rooms so find one room for all 3 of you to share while you wait. Good luck." as he left in a swirl of leaves.

Tenten said "This is so much of a let down. I almost wish we were still trying to dodge miss moter mouth."

Naruto said "Well lets find us a room." as the group left to find a room a figure merged from the ground and thought "You are indeed interesting Naruto."

The next 5 days flew by very slowly for team 7 with team 8 and the sand team arriving on the first day after a few hours. Finally on the last day of the exam, Kabuto team arrived and the group of gennin stood in front of the Sandaime who said "This is a very big surprise that only 4 teams has made it this far. 4 teams of 3 equals 6 matches. While that may not seem like a lot of matches that is still to many do to the fact our VIP time is very valuable. I offer you all the chance to drop out now.....seeing as none of you wish to drop out then please call the first match proctor."

A sickly looking Chunnin walked to the front of the room and said "If everyone would look at the board that is coming out of the wall, it will show us who you are facing.....the first match is between Echo and Kabuto. Would everyone else please leave the arena floor."

Tenten leaned over and kissed Naruto on the cheek and said "Good luck." as she walked up to the balcony where the Jounin senseis were.

Down on the floor Hayate looked between the 2 members and said "Let the first match of the semifinals....end." before a blade shot out of his arm and slammed into Naruto and through his chest shocking everyone and an energy field appeared on the arena floor.

Tenten screamed "Naruto." as she jumped down and tried to get to the arena floor to Naruto who was still frozen in place on the blade sticking out of him and the Sandaime screamed "What are you doing Hayate."

Hayate stood up straighter as he was covered in smoke and Tenten said "Reload....what are you doing, why did you attack Echo. What's going on."

Reload who was now seen with the blade sticking through Naruto turned and looked at Kabuto and said "Apacolypse, leave now. The X-men and the Brotherhood are already on their way and the dimensional portals to this world are being sealed off. Go now before it's to late."

Kabuto chuckled and began to change shocking everyone into Apacolypse who said "And why should I care if some insignifigant ants such as those weakilings were to come."

Reload smirked and said "Because if I don't stop pulling the energy out of Echo here then you will cease to exist....after all, before you appeared in the desert in ancient Egypt as a child you were born from a union between Echo here and another. You created your own father and if he dies before you are born then you will cease to exist. The Paradox of time travel...Now go or I will kill him and you."

Apacolypse frowned as he eyed Naruto and said "Very well...I do not believe your words but I will investigate this myself." as he touched a button on his arm and a portal appeared behind him and he walked backwards into it and said "I will return." before the portal closed.

Once it did Reload quickly withdrew the blade from Naruto chest and ran over placing his hand on Naruto chest and said "Hold on bro, I'll heal you up in a moment." as the color that began to drain from Naruto started to return as the wound in his chest began to heal.

Baki said "Will someone please tell us what is going on here."

The Sandaime frowned and said "That is what I am wondering...who are you and where is Hayate."

Reload said "Hayate is currently in the hospital after I knocked him out and gave him a cure to heal his disease he was plagued with. As for who I am, remember the baby you heard the story about from Echo and Cache when they returned from their wedding. That's me."

The Sandaime, Tenten, and Kakashi all went wide eyed and Tenten asked as she kept trying to get through the barrior stopping her from getting to Naruto "Why did you attack Naruto and let Apacolypse leave. Your suppose to help kill him and what were you talking about Naruto being his father."

Reload sighed and said "If I had not just done what I did Naruto would have killed Apacolypse today and in doing so would have resulted in the deaths of several hundreds of billions of lives." as he pulled out a CD from his Jacket and said "Give this to the Professor, in it is the explanatioin about what is going on. I have healed Echo but have used my powers to take his. I have a mission that I must complete now and if I fail then we are all doomed. Cache, Take care of him. He deserves happiness. I probably won't see you again for many years..Goodbye brother." as he stood up and pressed a button and a portal opened and he walked into it before disappearing and the barrior disappeared with him as Tenten ran over to Naruto side as Kakashi jumped down as well and as Tenten held Naruto, Kakashi picked up the CD and thought "Why is it things are never simple Sensei." as he looked at the couple in front of him.

What does the future hold and what is the mission Reload spoke of. How is Naruto Apacolypses X2 Weapons.