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I : The Stadium

Brian battles in a tournament

The eyes of the world watch

"And that means I've only got two left" Brian muttered, as he watched one of the yellow lights under his picture on the score board go out. The two of them also had two of their six lights lit up, one trainer had one light, and the match was to go on until their was only one trainer standing. All Brian knew they could pick him off if they wanted.

It was 11:00, the flood lights were on in Platinum Stadium, but all Brian saw were the out lines of the others on top of their podiums. He stood on his yellow podium, knowing he had to make an attack, but he didn't know what command to give. The words were stuck in his throat.

"Trainer Brian McKay seems paralyzed" The voice over the speakers said, "If he doesn't try something immediately, then he could be eliminated"

The people in the stadium were cheering, but all you could here was the wind. Brian felt alone, more alone then he had ever been, with Rose mere feet away.

"I've got to do something" Brian said, "But what? God, these morons don't realize the outcome of their stupid tournament could mean the outcome of the world"

He only had to beat two, Brian knew that. But jeez, what a trio of trainers to be battling, Miguel, Riddly, and Jo Ann, amazing. Trainers who worked hard, to get where they are, and here was Brian, he had expected his line up to be the pokemon equivalency of playing with a corked bat. Instead, they had gotten their asses kicked numerous times, and had gotten where they were by luck, against three good trainers.

Not all of them are good though Brian thought, One of them belongs to Grovyl. Brian looked around the stadium quickly, seeing no faces, only shapes. He's probably here, watching me.

In each of the four trainers minds, similar thoughts rushed through. The thought was, why they were here, what motivated them, and drove them beyond their potential. They had all examined their reasons a million times before.

For the money

For the glory

For my sister

For the world

"I can't even read any of their minds" Brian mumbled, "Unless we want another fifth round repeat, with out Max to help me. Ugh, the sliders are counting on me. I've got to hold it together. Lets kick some ancient evil ass"

Brian opened his mouth

A command issued forth

And he wondered

How the fuck did I end up here?

AN : Doesn't make sense? Good.