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Bill eyed the blonde swaying to the music. Eyes glued to the firm ass and slender hips. He tipped back the rest of his drink and wove his way through the crowd, still watching the dancer. Across the dance floor Bill laid a hand on the dancer's smooth hips and followed their movement, torso pressed against the others back. He could see the smirk on the others lips from corner of his eye and nipped at the blond's ear lobe. Slim arms rose to hold onto the back of his neck as the music became faster, demanding attention and a more seductive pace. Bill pushed his hips forward to the blonde's ass and ground his hard cock against him. It was only a few seconds later that he apparated the blonde back to his apartment.

Charlie grinned happily as he saw his brother whined his way through the crowds, followed by three smaller figures. Ron was taller than ever, measuring at what must have been at least six foot six. He wore a pair of navy jeans that were a little baggy on him, and a shocking orange polo shirt supporting two large black 'C's. The top looked ridiculous against his pale skin and clashed with his hair. Hermione smiled happily at the second eldest weasley boy, holding on loosely to Ron's hand. Her slim figure was wrapped in a floral blue halter neck dress, holding on beautifully to her slender waist and curvaceous hips, and her once wild hair was now gently curled down her back, a few stray locks framing her face wonderfully. It was a shame that she was taken, Charlie thought. His cousin Edward trailed after Hermione, curious young eyes taking in the dragon reserves main entrance. He wore a crisp white shirt open wide at the neck over a black tank top, both garments hugging his muscular chest and nipped waist. His faded blue denim jeans rode low on his slender hips with a thick black belt barely holding them up. His skin had managed to tan instead of burn, something that Ron had not managed to achieve, if his nose was anything to go by. And Edward wore simple black sandals on his feet. Charlie was amazed at how smart yet casual he'd managed to look, and how effortlessly he seemed to do it. Not even his older brother Bill managed to do that without more effort than it was worth; and the last of the group, and by far the smallest, tripped along after them, holding onto Edward's hand like it was a life line. Like Edward Harry was drinking in all of the sights, the high arched ceilings, the magnificent artwork on the walls themselves, dragons swooping around each other in harmony (something Charlie himself had yet to see on the grounds without sedatives). Harry wore a similar looking tank top to Edward, and by the looks of it, had grabbed one of Edward's jumpers, as it was falling easily off of both shoulders, held up by apparently nothing. He also seemed to be wearing a pair of Edward's jeans, as they also looked three sizes too big for him; the whole outfit made him look even smaller and younger than he normally did.

Charlie pulled his youngest brother into a tight hug and bent to kiss Hermione's cheek. The young witch blushed and let Ron pull her into his arms. "Edward! Long time no see! How's aunty?" Edward grinned at his cousin and shook his hand.

"She's good, still wanting to kill me for leaving but good." Charlie laughed and turned to Harry, "Heya mate, Eddie been keeping you safe?" Harry blushed as Charlie added a suggestive wink. He led them through the entrance to the back, where a car sat idle for them. Charlie explained as they climbed in that driving was the safest way through the reserve, if only slightly slower than flying.

The trip back to Charlie's home was long but eventful. They passed through several huge thick boundary fences, watching as men and women ran around getting ready for the night shifts, most waving a greeting to the group as they passed. Harry watched as enormous, leathery skinned dragons flew over head, occasionally dive bombing other dragons on the ground, or swooping at handlers keeping watch on broomsticks.

Hermione and Charlie talked animatedly about the reserve and its dragons for the whole of the two hour trip, both laughing and joking as the day drew on. Closer to night fall Harry pulled his legs onto the back seat and curled happily into Edward's lap, resting his head in his boyfriend's neck.

"So Hermione, what are you planning on doing now that you've left Hogwarts?" Charlie asked curiously.

"Well, as I've been taking muggle subjects during my school holidays, I would like to take my GCSE exams, and then go to a college. I want to be able to live in both the wizarding and muggle worlds; but I haven't decided what to do after that. I'd like to do something with animals, like a muggle vet, or even something like this; it all looks brilliant to me. Charlie grinned at the young woman's enthusiasm, unable to stop himself admiring Hermione's love of learning and her devotion to it; "Personally I think you'd be amazing at what ever you decided to do." He told her. She beamed at him, neither noticing Ron's frown from his seat next to Charlie.

They arrived at Charlie's home close to eight o'clock that night; all four of them surprised to see the small town built in the reserve. Charlie explained as he opened the door that the rent paid by tenants not working with the dragons, and the many holiday makers helped to pay for the dragons up keep, whereas the handlers stayed for free.

Ron, Hermione, Edward and Harry looked around the parlour in awe. The large room was made entirely of white marble, and a bronze chandelier hung from the centre of the ceiling, each candle lighting the moment the door opened. Underneath the chandelier was a small fountain, pushing water high into the air, with the highest reach nearly splashing onto the lowest candles. Blue and black carp swam around the deep pool which sunk into the marble floor.

A large arch way led into a long dinning hall, with a deep red carpet and cream coloured walls. The table sat for six with high backed black chairs, which surrounded the glass table top. Charlie led them through the next arch at the other end of the table to a spacious living room, dressed in blue and white. Hermione walked over to the open balcony and lent on the rail, drinking in the stunning view of the city and beyond, dragons swirling against the crimson skies, "It's amazing, Charlie, you're so lucky to live here." Charlie smiled at the young woman's back and led them all to their rooms.

Ron stomped to the dresser and began to roughly shove his clothes into the empty draws. Hermione eyed her boyfriend warily, knowing how Ron could get violent when he was in one of his moods. He'd never hit her but sometimes she wondered whether he would.

"Ron…?" Hermione took a step forward but stopped short when Ron whipped around, his face drawn into a tight snarl. His pupils were undulated so there was only a threads width of blue. Hermione recoiled a little as his eyes passed over her body. He crossed the room in two steps and pulled her mouth to his in a possessive and harsh kiss.

WARNING: attempted rape (poor Hermione (. we'll give her a nicer weazey later).

Hermione stilled as Ron's hand grasped her hips to hard and his mouth moved to her neck, marking the tan skin with a purple bite. She hissed in pain. He pushed her small body to the bed and climbed above her, "Ron, please, we've only just got here, can't we wait 'till tonight?"

"You know you belong to me. I'll take what I want when I want it."

"Ron please, I don't want-." He covered her mouth with his hand and slid his hand up her skirt to pull away her underwear, throwing the fabric to the floor. He forced her legs apart harshly and knelt between them. Hermione raised her hands to push at Ron's chest, still unable to speak past his hand. He pulled out his belt and wrapped it too tightly around Hermione's slim wrists, and tied the other end to the bedstead. Ron lent down to Hermione's ear and hissed, "I'm going to show you who you belong to." He ignored the tears streaming down her cheek as he unbuttoned his jeans. Hermione's eyes widened as she heard their names being called. She began to thrash on the bed, trying to get Ron to notice, but he sneered down at her, letting her know he'd heard. Charlie opened the door a moment later, grinning. "Dinner's ready-." His face fell at the scene before him, taking in Hermione's tear strewn face, Ron's angry red one and her bound wrist's. Anger stirred in Charlie's veins as he ripped his youngest brother away from his girlfriend and threw him to the floor. Next he pulled off his jumper and covered Hermione's lower half with it, moving his hands to untie the belt. "You okay sweetheart?" he ran his knuckles over her red cheeks as she nodded, averting her eyes in embarrassment. He picked up her quivering body and carried it through to the living room, passing her on to Edward with instructions to keep her safe.

Charlie strode back to the bedroom and stood over Ron, thick arms crossed over his wide chest. "Ron do you quite realise what you were about to do?" Ron gave no sign to having heard his older brother, and instead began to inspect the carpet, "You were about to rape a girl that you've known since you were eleven." He sunk to his haunches and grabbed Ron's chin, forcing the smaller to look up at him. Ron's eyes met his, hate swirling in the icy blue iris' "Ron you can't do that to somebody, whether they're your partner or not. You're going to go out there and apologise. When you've done that we're apparating to my friends place and you're staying there for the week. Understood?" Ron gave one jerky nod and scrambled to his feet.

Hermione sat quietly next to Harry later that night, slowly falling asleep as the night wore on. Charlie watched her silently as the headstrong lioness curled into the smallest member of the trio. A sharp flick to Charlie's ear bought his attention back to the game of chess. After taking his move he glanced back to Hermione. "You like her, don't you?" Edward murmured, his chin resting on his fist. Charlie just smiled in reply and gave the young woman another glance.

Charlie woke early the next morning, hoping to be ready early enough to see the sun rise over the eastern border. He woke Edward and Harry after nearly dragging the boys out of their bed he rolled his eyes when they both squealed at the cold air hitting their heated skin.

Charlie knocked before walking into Hermione's room, not sure if she'd have woken from her companions protests. After no reply he opened the door an inch and peered at her sleeping form on the bed; he couldn't stop the lopsided smile that covered his face as he noticed her pyjamas that were covered in Unicorns and Hippogriffs. He approached the bed quietly, stroking a lock of hair from her forehead as he reached the bed. Her brow furrowed but she remained asleep. He moved his hand down to her cheek and rubbed it gently, "Hermione, Hermione love you need to wake up." She leaned in to the caress and opened her eyes blearily. "What time is it?" Charlie winced at how hoarse her voice sounded, wondering if she'd cried herself to sleep the previous night. "Earlier than anybody should be getting up" she smiled and sleepily took hold of his hand which still rested on her cheek, "Then get back to bed." She tugged on his hand and he fell forward, catching himself on his hand and knee's. He grinned and lay himself down next to her slim body, resuming his stroking. "Don't you want to see the sun rise?" she blinked up at him, obviously contemplating the pros and cons to getting up. "And besides, I've already woken the other two. If we stay in bed I think they'd kill me." Hermione smiled again, curling herself into Charlie's muscular chest and clutching at his t-shirt, "'Kay, I guess we better go, before your life really is put in danger." She tilted her head up so he could see her shy chocolate eyes smile at him.

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