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I wanted a perfect ending. Now I've learned, the hard way, that some poems don't rhyme, and some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next. Delicious Ambiguity.

Gilda Radner

"I love you," I breathed, closing my eyes as I leaned my forehead against his. I gasped then, realizing what I had done, and opened my widened eyes to see his looking similar.

There was a moment of complete stillness where all we did was stare at each other, the shock of the moment keeping us frozen in these seconds. Finally, Edward inhaled a deep, shuddering breath, his eyes still wide as he stared at me. His grip on my waist became even tighter - almost uncomfortably so. I dropped my eyes in disgrace, blood burning in my cheeks. He'd woken up just barely three days ago…he was still getting used to sounds. He had asked me to not ruin this for him.

And I just did.

I knew I didn't deserve it, but I still looked up at him anyway from under my eyelashes, pleading silently for him to forgive me. Only he didn't look angry. On the contrary, he looked awed.

"Bella…" he whispered, raising a slightly trembling hand to my cheek, caressing it softly. I leaned in to it willingly, though I was still confused.

I'm sorry Edward, I signed, leaning back a little. I didn't mean to…

It was his turn to look confused, before his brow furrowed. He retracted his hand from my face. Don't be.

But…I ruined it for you, I signed, still ashamed.

He shook his head before he leaned forward, kissing my neck softly. His lips elicited that familiar tingle deep within my chest that spread rapidly throughout my whole body.

Not possible, he told me when he pulled away, his eyes gentle, swimming with love. Not at all. How do you say 'perfect'?

I was startled for a minute, taking in what he was asking me to do. I bit my lip, feeling shy for some reason. "Oh," I murmured. I took a deep breath and then said it slowly, letting him see how to do it, like so many years ago when I taught him my name. This was easier though. And a lot faster. "Per-fect."

He nodded, closing his eyes as he leaned back down to kiss my neck again. I heard him mumbling it under his breath, getting it right. He messed up a few times, trying out the sounds. "Pp…ah…," I felt him shake his head, his lips still working wonders to turn me into a trembling mess, as his hands ran up and down my body slowly. I was remaining on my feet only by grasping onto his shoulders tightly, my nails digging into his skin. "Er…fff…eh..ct."

He finally nodded, satisfied, pulling away my neck. I took in a deep breath, only to have his lips transition over to my face.

"You," he whispered, kissing one cheek languidly. "Are…" He kissed the other one. I didn't question where he learned it. Probably when the guys were talking the other night. "Perfect." He kissed my lips this time, and I swear I truly did melt. I locked my arms around his neck, the only support I had besides his grip on my waist, and whimpered into his mouth.

He inhaled sharply at that, breaking away but not going far, his face only an inch from my own. I opened my eyes to see his own green ones darkening, mouth parted as he breathed heavily.

He pulled back a little bit more to sign, That sound was…He shook his head, closing his eyes. When he opened them again, they were near black. I'll make you do it again, he promised seriously, and my breath hitched as he crashed his lips onto mine, scooping me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist automatically, tightly securing myself there. His tongue slipped into my mouth, and my hands came up to entangle into his hair, letting him support my weight.

"Bedroom," I gasped when he gave me a second to breathe, and pointed upstairs. He got the message, beginning his stumbling, unmindful way to the stairs, as neither of us were willing to stop the ferocious attack on the other's mouth for any amount of time.

I have no idea how he managed to get us up the stairs or to the room, but I had long since stopped asking myself how he did half the amazing things he did. It wasn't an easy journey though. There were quite a few walls that got paused at and got pushed up against.

I was pressed against the door to our bedroom currently, and I knew it was going to be my duty to get it open. My hand grappled frantically across the wood, looking for the handle as my husband sucked on my neck. With a wild gasp, I finally found it and twisted it open roughly, falling through. Edward kicked it shut when we were inside and strode quickly over to the bed, throwing me down on it.

"Bella.." he whispered, brushing his lips all over my face adoringly.

"Edward," I moaned back, clutching him tightly, and he groaned. He kissed my swollen lips firmly once before pulling away.

"Ahh…" I whimpered softly, hating the loss of contact, reaching desperately for him. He smiled, his eyes flashing mischeviously.

How do you say 'scream'?

My mouth dropped open in shock, and I stared at him, blinking; astonished. He remained kneeling where he was, waiting for me to speak. And that was when it hit me he really expected me to teach him. I blushed furiously. Obviously there'd never been anything close to dirty talk in our relationship. I knew that this wasn't exactly "dirty talk" but still…

Well? he asked, impatient but amused.

I gulped a few times, my face still violently red. I could feel the intense heat on my face and neck.

That is so becoming, he grinned. I don't think I mention that enough. Anyway, continue.

"S-scream," I mumbled.

His smirk became more pronounced. Sorry? I didn't quite catch that.

"Scream," I said a bit louder, embarrassment making me belligerent, and I looked him right in the eyes as I said it.

He laughed and dropped back down to kneel over me on his hands and knees, his hands on either side of my head, taking my bottom lip into his mouth and sucking. While his mouth was occupied, his moved his hands to make quick work of my t-shirt, lifting it up easily with years of experience behind him. I sat up a bit so he could take it off, and he started trying out the new word under his breath as he unhooked my bra; his strong, muscled back rippling as he bowed over me, his sweet breath fanning warmly over the skin of my chest, his lips brushing it too. My jeans went next while I unbuttoned his shirt, and pushed off his trousers and boxers simultaneously.

It'd been over two weeks since I'd last felt him within me, and my body was craving him: badly. And especially with all the worry and anxiety that the last two weeks had been filled with…I needed this. Needed this bliss, this relief, this pleasure. Needed him to make love to me.

"Edward," I breathed in a moaning prayer as his lips grazed over my breasts, his tongue flicking out and tasting the soft skin there as his hands massaged them as well. He let out a hum of approval at that, the vibration tantalizing on my skin.

I rolled us over, gently pushing him until I was on top this time. I slid down so our faces were level again and I kissed him gently, enjoying the feeling of my naked body pressed against his. His hands roamed all over my shoulders, back, behind, thighs, sides. Anywhere he could reach. Slowly, I started to sit up a little bit so I could begin kissing his chest, laving all the indents with my tongue, enjoying the taste of natural sweetness from his skin, and salt from the light sheen of sweat starting to form.

I reached my hand down to stroke his length, and he shuddered, a groan escaping him, but he pulled me back up, rolling us over again.

He shook his head as he sat up some. No. I want to hear you. I want to hear every sound you make when I touch you.

I blushed, but shivered in excitement.

He kissed his way down the center of my chest, nipping lightly along the way, doing the things he already knew that I enjoyed very much. I let out a soft, pleasured cries whenever his teeth met my flesh, and his grip would become tighter on where ever he was touching my body.

His lips reached my stomach, and he paused, gliding a soft, gentle hand over it before planting a sweet kiss over my navel. I giggled a little, my stomach automatically lifting a bit. He looked up at me, his mouth parted, his eyes widened in wonder again. His expression softened into a smile. I love that sound, he signed briefly, before continuing on his journey down my body.

When he reached the heat between my legs, I was already wet, I could feel it. I was trembling with anticipation, my hands gripping the sheets tightly. He knew I was loud during this particular act. I was already aching and dripping for him and I knew he knew it; I could even smell it, and he was much closer to the source. My leg automatically lifted up and threw itself over his shoulder, his breath even closer to the center of my immediate pleasure and discomfort, and my breathing became even shakier. I swallowed loudly and closed my eyes, expecting to feel him soon, only to suddenly become aware of his head turned to the side, his hair tickling my core, and his soft, gentle lips brushing and lightly sucking the skin of my inner thigh.

I almost screamed in frustration, but resisted the urge. "Edward!" I growled instead. That was a loose adverb for it though. It was much more pathetic than a growl could ever be. Pleading.

Despite the odds though, I knew I won with that. He groaned in defeat, and then he turned his head.

Oh, the wonderful things those lips could do. How they started off the with lightest of butterfly kisses, making me ache more than a body should be able to, practically dying and squirming for a firmer touch. How he made me beg. "Please...Edward..." How our groans came in unison when he did press harder, his tongue penetrating me and making me cry out, bucking against him. How he could elicit uncontrolled noises from my mouth, sounds I couldn't recognize as something I was moaning. "Oh...oh...ahh..." My hips started to rock in time with his movements, and he gripped them, keeping them gentle enough to make his job easier; my teeth bit the pillows harder as I almost wanted to cry from the absolute pleasure he was giving me.

I could feel the pressure building, but it didn't want it topped this way. I wanted him... "Edward...Edward, come...come here..." I panted. I reached down to hold his hands on my hips, eyes still rolling backward from the continued stimulation his mouth was giving me. I gently pulled him up and he understood, following me, breaking away from my center with a low, deep breath.

I gripped his face in my hands, kissing him as he positioned himself. His hands stroked my face and shoulders, holding me close as he slipped into me easily; open and waiting. We both let out moaning sighs of contentment, holding still for a moment to enjoy it more. I felt complete...whole. His warm, strong body comfortingly placing just the right amount of weight on my own, the skin of his hips firm but soft between my thighs as I wrapped my legs around him. My hands slid down from his face to gently place where I could reach on his chest.

"Bella," he whispered, kissing the hollow beneath my ear as he began to rock into me, my back habitually arching. I moved my hands to grip his shoulders, my nails digging into his shoulders as our breathing became more labored. He wasn't going fast, but his thrusts were sure; deliberate. His hips pressed into mine every time he thrusted forward forcefully; an erotic connection. He started kissing my neck. "You are perfect..."

"Uhnnn...I love you," I groaned into his bronze hair, turning my head slightly. His movements started to get faster, his thrusts going deeper. Tiny mewls and moans erupted from my throat, and I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck, burying my face in it. It felt so good. I would never tire of him making love to me. Never. There was no way I could.

His arms wound themselves around me, lifting me up closer to him, his thrusts coming harder and faster as a consequence. The slap of skin against skin filled my ears along with the sounds of our ragged breathing, and loud groans. There was that pressure building, so close in the near distance. I started getting louder as he slammed into me.

"Bella...scream," he breathed, his mouth going to my ear. "Scream, Bella."

His lips trailed along my jaw until he reached my neck, and then he bit down. Hard. And with that, I did scream, throwing my head back. He drove into me roughly once more, and then my world exploded too, more screams being thrown from my mouth as my heart pounded and I released everything for just a split second, clamping down on him and tumbling off the cliff and into the heated water... He was close behind me.

I snuggled deeper into Edward's chest, the small smile on my face still refusing to leave. We'd been staring at each other for quite a while now; neither one willing to move, or even get dressed. We just remained pressed against the other, his hands stroking the sides of my face, sometimes running through my hair.

I leaned up quickly and kissed his lips softly, as I'd been doing sporadically for the past...however long we'd been laying here. Over Edward's shoulder, I could see that the sun was beginning to set, which meant that we'd been in here for quite a few hours now. But it didn't feel like it.

Edward sighed, smiling, and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me even closer as he rested his forehead against mine. He tilted his head forward and kissed me lovingly, his movements unhurried and caring. His hand ran up and down my back lightly, his teasing touch making tingles erupt on my skin where they met.

"Beautiful," he murmured against my mouth. That was something else he'd made me teach him how to say in the time we'd been laying here. The familiar blush touched my barely cooled face.

"Was it everything you thought it'd be?" I eventually asked quietly a few minutes later, saying and signing. I had meant it as teasing, but I think we both knew that I seriously wanted to know.

He studied me closely for a moment, before he pressed his lips to mine firmer than before. No, he told me. Because I never thought it could ever be as amazing as that.

I giggled softly, bending my head to kiss his neck, swirling my tongue in the hollow at the base of it, above his collar bone. He hummed softly in pleasure, gripping my hair lightly. "Perfect," he breathed.

I pulled away and kissed his lips. "So when are we going to go tell Esme and Carlisle that we changed our minds...again?" I laughed, signing it roughly in time to the words.

He groaned, rolling his eyes. Later, he said. But I'd rather not think of that right now, if you don't mind. His hands began kneading my hips, and I certainly didn't mind.

I hitched my leg around his hip, bringing our lower bodies much closer. My heat pressed very near to him, and we groaned simultaneously.

"Edward," I whispered as he grabbed my waist, rolling over on to his back, and bringing me with him. I raised myself on my knees, feeling his tip tease my entrance. I placed my hands on his muscled stomach, bracing myself as I slowly sheathed him with in me. I gasped in complete bliss when I was settled.

"I love you..."

"I still can't even believe you guys thought of doing that," Rosalie scowled, leaning back in her chair as she raised the glass of wine to her lips. Her loud, red cocktail dress creased with her movements. "And then this whole thing would've been a tragic affair, and a waste of our time and money."

"You're so sweet and understanding, Rose," Emmett smirked, leaning over to kiss her cheek, one hand on her knee. "It's what makes you so gosh darn lovable."

"Oh hush," she snapped, smacking his suited arm hard. He just laughed in response, capturing her lips in his own.

"Alright, enough of that," Alice said, her eyes narrowed as she looked at them from the corners, her lips pursing as she lifted her own glass of wine to her lips. "You're ruining the mood. We're going to have fun damn it."

"That's what she said," Emmett muttered, amused.

"Or else?" I asked with a raised eyebrow to Alice, ignoring Emmett's comment entirely. We were getting some strange looks sometimes for how we were all speaking and signing - Jasper and Rose excluded, since they weren't exactly proficient with the art - but we ignored them. It was just going to be part of our basic speech now. I started to lift my lemon water to my lips when I suddenly stopped, setting it down. "By the way, I think it's really low of you guys to all order wine when you know I can't have any." My glare transitioned over to Edward. "Especially you. You're supposed to suffer with me."

He grinned sheepishly. Well you know, I can't really understand what you're I guess I missed that memo...

But I signed it too!

Yes...well...maybe I just...misinterpreted. He looked away from me as he took a sip of wine, eliciting a laugh from the table.

We were at one of the fanciest, most expensive restaurants in town. According to Rose, her and Alice had made reservations the night we'd informed everyone of the pregnancy. It was Friday night now, and this was meant as a celebration of sorts, for being the first ones. Carlisle and Esme had declined coming, understanding that this was a friend thing for us, a night to just relax and have a good time. They'd been very happy - and exponentially relieved, I think - when we'd informed them of our changed decision. Carlisle had jokingly rolled his eyes though, and told us to make up our minds already. But I believe the good doctor was very excited at the prospect of being a grandfather.

"But Bella," Jasper said, his smooth voice falsely innocent. "If we didn't get just slightly intoxicated, then nobody would get to have any fun. As it stands now, you're the only one who has to suffer. So that's got to be comforting, right?" He let out a loud laugh as Alice smacked his chest with her arm.

"What is with women being so violent now a days?" Jasper asked teasingly, pinching Alice's side.

"Love," Edward said softly to me then, while everyone got caught up in their own conversations. Would you like to dance?

It was then that my ears perked up to the music, and I stifled a gasp. "It's our song," I said and signed, surprise making my eyes widen. "Well, one of them," I corrected, slightly embarrassed. That was mostly my fault. I couldn't decide which one I wanted to be "the one" at the wedding, and Alice couldn't decide either. So I just picked my top favorites and we put them on the play list randomly. Lullaby, by Spill Canvas got to be first, but there was one more...

He smiled at me, his green eyes twinkling past the stray bits of bronze hair falling in front of them. I …persuaded the managers to play it especially. Will you dance with me or not?

I smiled at him and stood up. There was a reason that this was the most expensive restaurant. Besides the fabulous décor, right in the middle of the - admittedly - already massive room, was a dance floor for anyone. Edward led the way, holding onto me tightly to make sure I didn't trip and break my neck in these deep navy blue heels Alice had forced me in to.

Unfortunately, this wasn't exactly slow dancing, but Edward was good at leading. He twirled us around effortlessly, managing to dodge people without even having to look. I held on to him tightly, though against my will I was enjoying myself. I leaned more into him as I listened to the lyrics.

You're just too good to be true,
Can't take my eyes off you.
You feel like heaven to touch.
I want to hold you so much…

Edward spun me out then, and my ring front, silky navy blue thigh-length dress whirled around me, before he pulled me back in. I landed heavily against his chest as he held me tightly to him. "Beautiful," he told me, one hand running up and down the silk of the dress on my side as he grinned. Have I mentioned that tonight?

"Well, maybe once, or twice, or thirty times," I smiled back. In truth, I didn't mind. It made me feel loved. On top of the nice dress, Alice had also curled my hair so that it cascaded across my shoulders and down my back perfectly, like I'd walked straight out of some shampoo commercial. My make-up made my entire face pale, even my lips, which made my especially smoky eyes pop. Alice definitely never did anything half way, and yet she still found the time outside her miracle working to make herself look amazing in her own purple cocktail dress.

It's too crowded in here, Edward said, glancing around swiftly. He wrapped an arm around my waist and held me close as he lead the way to the balcony that the restaurant had, overlooking the sparkling, bright-lit city. It was on the edge of town though, so it was far enough away that we could still see the stars.

I placed my hands on the marble railing as Edward wrapped his arms around me from behind, gently kissing my bare shoulder. We both looked up to the sky, staring at the silvery pin pricks of light scattered across the deep blue and vaguely purple universe.

I leaned my head back onto Edward's shoulder, sighing contently. I played with his hands clasped on my stomach.

"Did you ever think we'd end up here?" I eventually asked, signing as well. "All those years ago?"

Well, no, I didn't ever think we'd end up on this balcony, watching the stars and discussing if I ever saw this coming, he teased, and I giggled, elbowing him lightly. But I did hope that we'd end up here. Together. You're all I ever wanted.

"You're my best friend," I whispered to him. "Always were, always will be."

There were a few moments of content silence while I closed my eyes against his chest, reveling in the perfection of this moment and him, allowing the sweetness of his previous words to wash over me. Eventually, though, I spoke up again.

"I'm scared," I confessed to him. "About the future."

He leaned down to kiss my cheek softly, hugging me tighter against him.

Me too, he said. But you know what?

One corner of my mouth pulled down as I tilted my head back to look up at him. "What?" I asked, and I didn't even have to sign it for him to know what I was saying.

He smiled my favorite crooked smile, raising his thumb to push the corner of my mouth back up. I think we're going to be just fine.

I stared at his peaceful, sure face for a few moments before my own smile broke out. I turned my head back forward to stare out at the city, a different kind of galaxy of pin points of light.

"Yeah," I agreed, smiling softly. "Yeah. We'll be just fine."

The newly eighteen year old girl stared solemnly at the small pile of presents she had gotten the previous day, still sitting untouched atop her desk. Birthdays, as a general rule, were horrible affairs, but yesterday had been even worse for some reason. She had a fair guess as to why.

It was dark outside now. A full twenty-four hours since her "party". And she was still wracked by the all-consuming, irrational, plaguing fear. Pulling out the familiar black hoodie of Edward's, Bella shrugged it on, and opened her window. Unlike so many other times though, she didn't feel like running away from the house. Instead, she latched on to the lattice on the side of the house, and climbed up to the roof.

This was something she did occasionally, when she wanted to lay down and stare at the purple night sky, just to think when she didn't want to walk far from home. It was a microcosm of her own, a place where she could truly be alone in the midst of the crowds.

Or, alone if her best friend didn't know everything about her, and all her "secret" places.

You're not in your room, he accused when he climbed over the edge of the roofing an hour later, after she had begun to doze off a little. I come by expecting sleep, and what do I find? Not you, certainly. What's up?

He laid down next to her, shifting closer so that there sides touched. He kept his head turned towards her, but she remained staring at the sky when he wasn't communicating.

There aren't any stars, she commented. The city lights are chasing them away. I can't see them.

Well...that doesn't mean they're not there, her friend told her, his eyes gentle. He began scanning the sky too. A few moments later, he tapped her shoulder excitedly.

Hey, look! Over there! He pointed off to her right, where a tiny star was bravely blinking through the blanket of darkness the lights made to cloak the area. Told you. You can always find a star in the sky. Anyway, what's up? Why are you here?


Yes, well, normally everyone does that. Or else that would mean we're dead.

She turned her head to throw him a scowl. Hilarious. Truly.

He sighed, grabbing her hand and running his thumb softly over it for a moment before letting go. Seriously, then. What's bothering you?

Bella swallowed as she stared at the sky, wondering whether or not to answer. And wondering how exactly to phrase the answer anyway. He waited seemingly patiently, though his legs twitched every now and again, along with his fingers.

I'm an adult now, she finally started a few minutes later. By law at least. And I mean…I know it doesn't make any sense, but I'm like…really panicking. I mean, after high school, I'm going to be on my own. And seriously, I'm so afraid. I don't know what to do. I don't know what the future will bring. What if I mess up? What if I don't know what to do?

"Bella," Edward murmured, rolling on his side to face her. She did the same thing, her face miserable as she looked up at him imploringly, wishing for some help.

Everything's going to be okay, he told her, reaching out a hand to stroke her cheek softly. You are going to be okay. And if you're not, you can always come over and complain to me if you want. He grinned at her, and she returned it.

You think you're still going to be in my life 10, 20, 30 years from now? Bella asked hopefully, scooting closer.

When am I going to leave? he countered, raising an eyebrow.

Hopefully…never, she told him.

Never it is then, he smiled, and put his arm around her shoulders. She rested her hand in the crook of his arm, staring up at the sky and concentrating on that lone star he had pointed out earlier.

She could never know what the future would bring. Things might go horribly wrong, or perfectly right, or some strange, natural mix of the two. Regardless, Edward right. Everything would be okay. As long as they had each other.

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