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Defense Mechanism

Strategies that the self uses to protect itself from problems of everyday life.

Chapter 6: Denial

Arguing against an anxiety provoking stimuli by stating it doesn't exist.

It did not happen.

The above statement was sounding more like a mantra for Shinji, mainly because he still could not accept the fact that he had just extended an 'invitation' to that girl to travel with him. What the hell possessed him to do such anyway? Was he THAT desperate to have a traveling companion?

He wanted to slam his head against anything, just so he would forget what he had just said. Maybe he could get amnesia from doing such, or maybe, he could fake the amnesia and…

"Shinji? Shall we continue?"

Suzuna had snapped him back to reality. "Ready?" she asked once more.

He nodded slowly. "Dodaitose, you're up. Don't embarrass me now!" he growled at his starter Pokémon, who gave out a growl and stomp his right front paw against the icy surface of the field.

Hikari suddenly recovered from her shock and began to cheer once more, minus the high kicks and the pompom waving. "Go, Dodaitose! You can do it!"

Shinji snorted. "And I thought you wanted him to lose?" he asked her angrily.

She instantly blushed. She really wanted Dodaitose to win… the reason, of course, was already obvious. "Oh, shut up and just do your job!" she told him. "Besides, you should give out a command because Suzuna-san already asked Yukinoo to do a Mist attack!"

He shifted his eyes back to the field and found the whole area under a blanket of thick fog. He swore to himself and ordered his Dodaitose to stand his ground for now.

"Ice Shard!"

"Counter it using Razor Leaf! Block it!"

Suzuna chuckled. "That's not a nice strategy, Shinji. Continue the Ice Shard attack, Yukinoo!"

As the female gym leader continued with the offensive, Dodaitose did his best to counter every attack that came his way. Unfortunately, since he was vulnerable to any ice attack, the Snow Warning ability was weakening him slowly. Despite this, Dodaitose still placed his complete trust on his trainer. The Pokémon knew that his owner had a plan in mind.

Hold on for a little bit, Dodaitose.

For the past few minutes, Shinji had managed to determine where Yukinoo was hiding in the mist and had commanded his Dodaitose to do a Leaf Storm attack and Earthquake.

"Not enough, Shinji." Suzuna smiled. "You won't knock my Yukinoo down with those attacks."

As the mist slowly cleared, Yukinoo was revealed to have been using Ingrain and had been rooted to the ground for the whole duration of the attacks.

Shinji glared at the Yukinoo and could not believe that he would have to resort on something that he considered very much against his principles. However, he had no choice on this matter. It was either Dodaitose would lose or he would win. He'd pick the latter any day.

His pride as a trainer was at stake.

Add to the fact that his 'rival' was watching him closely.

He will not lose!

"Dodaitose, Leech Seed!"

Bullets of seed made its way to the body of Yukinoo. Shinji had decided on this strategy to counter the effects of the Snow Warning.

Suzuna shook her head.

It was useless.

She would end this now.


Hikari gasped out loud as the ice attack completely covered Dodaitose.

The fight was over.

Shinji refused to believe that this fight was over.

Far from it.

"Dodaitose, you're far better than that! Shake off the snow!" as if on cue, his Pokémon suddenly shook his body rapidly to toss away the snow that had been responsible for burying him and let out a deafening roar. "Charge at Yukinoo!"

Suzuna could hardly believe that a Grass-type had been able to stand a Blizzard attack. It was nearly impossible for such an occurrence to happen, but then again, Hyouta had told her that such a feat would happen, for he had been a witness to such. He had told her some time ago that his Ishitsubute (1) had defeated a Mariruri (2), and that an Elekid had managed to defeat his Rampard (3). She was the second newest Gym Leader in Sinnoh, next to Sumomo, and she was still new to the Gym Leader business.

Nevertheless, she now knew what Hyouta had been telling her.

However, her mind was now in a state of distress.

She did not want to lose either.

She promised Denji that she would not lose.

"Sheer Cold, Yukinoo!"


Dodaitose avoided getting hit, but the full blast of the Snow Warning ability was slowly weakening him. Shinji knew that he had to act fast if he wanted to win.

"Use Crunch, then toss Yukinoo up in the air!"

"Yukinoo, cease using Ingrain at once!" Suzuna tried to save her Pokémon, but it was too late. As Dodaitose ran as fast as his quadruped legs could carry him, he opened his mouth as wide as he could to take a bite at the Snow Pokémon's torso. Yukinoo growled out in pain upon contact with Dodaitose's teeth and struggled to get free from the Continent Pokémon.

"Dodaitose, toss Yukinoo upward!"

Dodaitose complied.

Yukinoo now went flying skyward.

"Finish this off with Leaf Storm!"

The leaves on the back of Shinji's Pokémon began to glow a bright green, and instead of pure, white snow, the field had suddenly been bombarded with green leaves that had been swirling around Yukinoo, who had now fallen down on the icy floor on her back. The leaves then trapped her in a vortex, closing off any attempts of escaping. When the dancing leaves ceased, Yukinoo had fainted.

A tense silence followed. Even the referee of the match was in shock, for it took him several seconds before he could scream out the verdict.

"Yukinoo, Center Floor! And the winner is Shinji of Tobari City!"

Dodaitose suddenly sat on the icy floor, clearly exhausted. Much to Shinji's surprise, Hikari had ran to the field and went on her knees, despite the biting cold. "You alright, Dodaitose? Not hurt anywhere?"

The Pokémon looked at the young girl before him. Although he was surprised that someone had expressed some concern over him, he knew that the girl only meant well. He let out a soft growl and continued his position. He might as well get punished by his master for slacking off but hey, he was tired!

Hikari then began patting his head. "You did great! I'm impressed that you manage to defeat a Pokémon! Shinji must really be giving you some kind of special treatment or something!"

Dodaitose didn't know what she meant by 'special treatment', but whatever it was, it must be something nice. Maybe the way she was patting his head was the 'special treatment' she was referring to?

Well, his master did pat his head, but then again, it was a rare occurrence…

Dodaitose felt content when the girl kept patting his head.

If he had heard right, the girl would be traveling alongside with his master…

Well, he didn't have any complains with that.

As long as she always pats his head…


He suddenly stood up upon hearing the familiar voice. The girl who was patting his head stood up as well and beamed a smile. "Congratulations on your win, Shinji."

His master grunted, ignoring her. "You did well, Dodaitose." He held up the Poké Ball and Dodaitose was suddenly enveloped in the familiar red light.

"Congratulations on your win, Shinji!" Satoshi had made his way on the field and was grinning like the usual idiot that he was. "It was one awesome battle!"

Shinji rolled his eyes. Apparently, his stupid rival still could not comprehend the fact that he was levels higher than the Pikachu trainer. For Arceus' sake, it was obvious, but then again, his rival had always been the dense and stupid one. "Whatever."

"What, can't you even be grateful?" Satoshi had finally enough of his arrogance.

Just before the two boys were about to argue, Suzuna had walked over to where they were and in her two hands contained the badge. "You bested me, Shinji. You deserve the Icicle Badge." She smiled at him.

Shinji took the badge from the velvet-covered tray, bowed at Suzuna to let her know that he had been grateful for the battle and walked off. Before he could even take five steps away from the trio, Takeshi decided to crack a joke. "So, Hikari, I guess you should start packing now. You're going to start traveling with Shinji from now on."

Before Hikari could react and deny that allegation, Shinji suddenly burst. "You thought I was serious?" his piercing stare was on the blue-haired girl. "You're a bigger fool than they are. Why would I even let a girl join me? For all I know, you're just going to be a pain in the neck."

Instead of crying, as Shinji predicted, she had clenched her fists instead. Shinji could also tell that she was restraining herself from throwing a punch. "What gave you the idea that I would be accepting your offer?" her sapphire-colored eyes glaring back at him, and frankly, he was feeling very much intimidated. "Don't be so full of yourself, Shinji. I'm not that desperate to travel with you. I'd pick Satoshi and Takeshi as my traveling companions over you any day, for your information."

Shinji blinked.

She did have a point…

But did she just have to rub it in his face that she actually preferred the two idiots over him?

His pride suddenly felt like it had been crushed by mere words from an amateur.

Nice move, Shinji. You just screwed everything up, big time

What chance? There never was! I am NOT having her as my companion!

Right. Whatever. Who's brooding now? I'm not. You are.

I am NOT brooding!

Stop denying it.

... Oh, shut up.

"Neither am I desperate to have you as my companion, troublesome girl. I don't even like you. Don't even assume that I was expecting you to join me. That will never,ever happen."

Hikari raised an eyebrow at this. "Right. I'm not the one desperate enough to ask for a travelling companion." She shot back. "Again, my congratulations, and good riddance to you."

As she walked off, the purple-haired trainer felt very much weird.

It felt like someone had punched him in the gut, and the pain wouldn't go away.

In anger, he stalked out of the Gym and back to his room in the Center, frustrated.

What the hell was happening to him?

He should have been happy that he had gotten the damn badge.

He felt hollow instead.

He knew why he felt that way but…

Still, he denied it.

He was not in love with her.



Ishitsubute (1) - Geodude

Mariruri (2) - Azumarill

Rampard (3) - Rampardos

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