Chapter Seven
Destroy My World

"Don't make such an ugly face, Bastet"

They were the words he uttered as she entered the room, and although the woman did not know what she looked like at the moment, if her expression matched the feelings inside of her then Bastet understood that ugliness was belittling to how terrible she actually looked to him.

"I don't think I can comply with such a request, high priest" she offered in a voice that was as cold as she felt, fingertips numb. She suspected herself of glaring at him while he undressed, his face showing no emotion but his body betraying such a mask. "It appears I am far less apt at readying myself then you have been"

"It takes a great deal of effort, actually" he responded cuttingly. "The mere thought of touching you is like dousing myself in water, but I will do what is necessary to assist the pharaoh, no matter how sickening. I suggest you put such diligence into your mind as well"

Liar, her mind and heart hissed simultaneously. You helped decide this. Or have you forgotten?

"I shall place it in my mind, but it will not be thought of again" she murmured, her unfeeling fingers moving to her neck, unclasping the gold ornament circling her throat. It slid down her body, soft and chilling as it took the cloth attached with it, hitting the floor with a light thud and sharp ring of the golden decorations on it shivering.

Bastet stood before him bare now, nothing covering her but the amulet resting at her chest, the gold pendent feeling heavy and cold. Too quickly the space between the two was closed, the man taking a few purposeful steps towards her and grasping her arms, leading her- no, pushing her to the room's bed. Leading was a gentle action, and such comfort was unfound in his hands.

Limply she allowed herself to fall to the sheets, face turned up at him but eyes looking at nothing, forcing her vision to blur. He followed her shortly, nudging one of his knees against her leg.

"At least you're relaxed" he muttered stoically, pushing her other leg to the side with a hand. "It won't hurt as much"

But it still hurt, more then she'd imagined it would, and the first thing she thought of through the pain swamping her mind was how proud she was of herself that she didn't cry out. Seto moved inside of her at an unforgivable pace, and Bastet gripped the sheets beneath her tightly, breathing so low that almost no air reached her lungs. Any motion meant that she might touch him, including the rise and fall of her breasts and the trembling in her limbs. Her eyesight had become dark and hazy, for which she was glad, but even with the impaired vision she was unable to escape from reality.

When he leaned closer to her body a strong shudder passed through the woman at the thought that he might have been trying to be intimate. Their chests brushed against each other and she found that it felt horrible, trying hard to sink further into the bedding in order to escape the unnecessary physical contact. The priest moved closer still, his hands leaving the bed.

"I don't want this either" he hissed into her ear, the man's hands gripping her hips too tightly. "Not with you"

For a moment, Bastet recognized the tone in his voice as one of anguish, and felt sympathy for him with thought that he was in pain. But then her pain returned to mind, and the voice that lingered in her ears no longer held emotion.

The woman's head tilted off to one side with a blank look in her eyes, the ginger hair that obscured them becoming wet. Seto doubled his efforts, nails biting into her skin and far-off chocking noises coming from his throat, mixed with the repeated utterance of a name she didn't know.

Hot blood and even hotter tears ran across her skin as Bastet shut her eyes.

The wind had become colder since she had last been outside. It lashed at her form, passing through the fine cloth over her skin as though it had never been put back on. The gold ornament which clung tight to her neck jingled in the harsh breeze, cool metal touching her. The amulet at her breast swung back and forth like a pendulum, in perfect time with her footfalls as Bastet carried herself down the empty streets of nighttime.

The iciness of the air combined with the sweat on her body made her feel bare, the woman shivering in between steps. Sand stirred up in a new rush of wind, pricking the uncovered skin of her arms.

Seto had dressed himself and left long before she had. How long had she been lying on the bed?


Lying there, waiting for the priest's presence to fade. Waiting for his seed to soak into her core. Waiting for the pain to leave. It all seemed to take forever.

Finally, forever had passed, and the woman left Seto's quarters as silently as he himself had.

Now she arrived at home, feeling frozen and almost dirty.

Bastet sighed as she passed through the threshold, her feet moving slowly and carefully towards her destination. Cold sweat beneath her clothes was clinging to her and making her itch. The dried tears on her face felt uncomfortable and the faint grittiness between her legs was even worse. A bath was what she needed.

Wash it all away, she thought while submerging herself in warmed water.

From her toes to her neck it surrounded her, making the coldness on the woman's body ache and fade away. Inhaling softly, Bastet let her head slip beneath the water's surface.

The outside world was soundless to her like this, almost non-existent as she managed to forget about reality for a fleeting moment. Then her heart beat firmly inside of herself and things came back. Bastet may not have been able to hear things above the water, but she could hear herself all too well. The bending of joints and her twitching fingers. Thoughts prickled at the very tips of her hair, moving yet not moving, like how the water suspended her body and let it waver only lightly.

A burning in her lungs started to make itself known. They needed air. Sparks of darkish light covered the inside of her eyelids.

I can stay here, she told herself. Under the water, where there's nothing but myself. Soon I'd forget about my troubles. Any child that might want to grow inside of me would forget too. They'd forget about becoming alive and I'd forget about it and life would forget about me-

Water splashed around her as Bastet tore through the tranquil surface, gasping for breath. Coughs slipped in between the woman's shaky breaths as droplets fell from her figure, making soft tinkling noises when they touched the face of the water.


The redhead smiled wearily at the water's surface, her body shaking from the sounds in her throat. More ripples formed as she dipped her hands into her reflection, cupping them together and lifting the lukewarm clarity to her face. It slid over her already wet skin, beads of water trailing down her copper cheeks.

More drops hit the bathwater as the woman began cleaning herself. With lathered hands she combed through her hair, scraping her scalp with her nails as the water gradually mixed with the soap. She continued the clawing motions until her fingers became tangled and then she threw herself back into the water, bubbles surging around her as the hazy clouds of soap and dirt floated out of the ginger strands.

As quickly as before she broke through the surface of the water, pushing her soaked hair out of her face as she breathed quietly, the cooling water lapping at her stomach. Fisting a cloth in her hand, Bastet wetted it before running it over her body. The force used was almost vicious, and there was no belief that dirt would remain as her skin tingled. The woman dropped her cloth, the sound of it hitting the bathwater being drowned out as she stood up.

Climbing out of the cold water, the redhead shivered while clinging to the side of the tub.

"I should change the water tomorrow" Bastet breathed, resting her forehead against the ledge as she squeezed her roan eyes shut.

Bastet's hair was still damp as it brushed over her ears, the woman lowering her head while placing her palms on the softness of her bed. Despite all the comfort it had provided her in the past, her hands could only feel the bedding's blankness at that moment.

The amulet around her neck was laden from the wet string that held it, the smooth gold pressing hard against her chest. It made her knees weak, the woman's legs urging to bend as she shivered. Her figure was illuminated by the moonlight that streamed through the window, turning Bastet's quivering form a dusky brown, ginger hair gaining a mahogany sheen as it fell over her face.

A pair of arms wrapped around her bare body and she gave a faint gasp to the touch. Feeling unbalanced from the sudden warmth, the woman released her hold on the sheets and leaned back instead of being pulled like the times before.

"I thought you left" she said after a moment, her eyes wet and hot.

"I went for a walk" Bakura said simply.

"I see" the woman breathed as his fingers traced over her skin. "How was that?"

"Very good, thank you"

Thank you. The words of gratitude she'd wanted to hear were so unimportant now.

Turning around in his arms, Bastet's hands moved against the knowledge of how unacceptable this all was, sliding up the thief's chest and over his ears, burying her fingers in his hair as she pulled him downwards.

She had always been yearning for something in life, not knowing what it was as she patiently completed her daily tasks, waiting for it to appear before her. The callused hands running down her back and the hotness of Bakura's mouth probably wasn't what she truly wanted, but it felt closer to it than anything else so far. Bastet arched against him as the thief king pulled her closer, the woman's mouth parting in a silent gasp as his lips left hers to drag along her neck. Teeth grazed over her skin and the redhead heard herself whimper, fear and excitement becoming indistinguishable.

Raking through his hair, Bastet's palms traveled down his front until her fingers found the ties of his robes, unraveling them with ease. For a brief moment Bakura released her, allowing the loosened cloth the slide to the floor before caging the woman in his arms yet again. She welcomed her capture, one hand running across the muscles of his back while the other pulled away the last barrier between them, the dark blue material falling to their feet soundlessly.

In seconds the woman felt the mattress beneath her, a startled noise leaving her throat as her skin tingled from the force of being thrown.

"If you like," he told her, a hand pressing down near her thigh "You can think of this as thanks"

After a few faint intakes of air the redhead had regained her senses and shook her head, ginger hair splaying beneath her untidily.

She saw a smirk play across his face as the thief joined her on the bed, a feral gleam in his eyes. Hot puffs of air washed over her stomach as he advanced, the man's gaze never leaving hers as his mouth roamed over the skin of her breasts. Bastet's eyelids flicked shut from the contact. For a moment she remained like this, eyes closed as Bakura curled his lips over a nipple. Her stomach tightened, the redhead's breath coming out in uneven rasps as she tried to contain whatever was pushing through her veins. With a flutter Bastet reopened her eyes, his gaze still on her. The intensity he watched her with felt unbearable, but it seemed equally unbearable to look away, his steel eyes glinting in the darkness.

Beautiful, she thought, her ability to speak fading further away with each lap of Bakura's tongue.

The thief king bit down on her wetted flesh lightly before removing his mouth, one hand trailing up her side while the other slipped under the woman's neck. Bastet had thought he planned on taking hold of her hair, but instead Bakura traced his fingers over the string around her throat, his other hand grasping the golden amulet resting on her chest. Without warning he pulled it tight, two fingers hooked under the string to keep it from pressing into her while he leaned forward and dug his canines into the thin strip of leather.

An audible snap could be heard as his breath seared her throat, the clank of metal dull in her ears. After tossing the amulet aside Bakura rose slightly, staring down at Bastet's moonlit figure as if to admire his handiwork.

"Much better" he growled approvingly.

This time he did grab her hair, pulling Bastet's body against his as he licked and nipped at the skin of her bare neck. She clung to him helplessly as he forced her head to tilt backwards, overwhelmed by the throbbing beneath her scalp and between her legs. The hand that wasn't tangled in her hair pressed hard against the small of her back, her legs slipping around his waist as their stomachs touched. The woman felt his hardened manhood rub against her, hot and pulsing as it grazed over a part of her that was utterly hypersensitive. The feeling was so raw that she had nearly mistaken it for pain, crying out sharply in response. Bakura chuckled lowly at her reaction, grinding against Bastet again to draw out another stricken yelp.

"Have you never known pleasure?" he inquired, sliding his hand from the snake tamer's hair as she pressed her face against his neck, trying to muffle conflicted whimpers.

No, he supposed, loosening his hold to lay the redhead on her back again, one arm still beneath her as he took hold of his member and pressed the tip to her wet entrance. Leaning close as he slid inside of her, Bakura rested his forehead against hers lightly, observing every flicker of detail in her expression. Her roan eyes had been wide and hungry at first, drinking in the sight of him entering her, but once he was completely buried her jaw tightened slightly, legs reflexively trying to close. He was sure she wasn't confused about what she felt this time, and so he bated himself.

It was very different than with Seto. Bakura filled her slowly, the unrushed action tantalizing. Dazedly she had been enjoying it, somewhat mystified at how careful the man was being. Then his manhood rubbed against still-tender flesh and Bastet was unable to ignore the remnants of pain shooting up through her body. Her legs squeezed against his waist as an unpleasant jolt ran through them and the redhead froze immediately, fearing the man atop her would think of her actions as encouragement.

Bakura did not move as she had expected him to. Closing his grey eyes, the man tilted his head, brushing his lips against hers before kissing her firmly. The callused hand under the woman's back slid up to cradle her head, leaving Bastet in a state of bewilderment. While his mouth was as warm and capturing as before, this kiss felt entirely different. Slow and soft, with the man tasting her lips as though he had all the time in the world.

It was the sort of kiss she imagined lovers would share.

The fingers of his free hand grazed along her hip, touching the crescent indents on her skin as he pulled out of her slightly, thrusting back inside at an even slower pace than before. Why was he being like this? Bastet tore her mouth from his as a soft sob forced its way from her throat.

"Shh" he breathed into her ear. "I don't like it when my women cry"

She nodded obediently, biting her lip as he continued with the gentle motions that were making her eyes well. Without notice the tendrils of pain drifted away, and for a brief moment she felt numb before a flash of something much more desirable raced through her. Her teeth lost their hold as Bastet gasped, arching against him eagerly. She forgot about gentleness she had found so painfully odd, no longer knowing why tears ran down her cheeks.

The separation between body and mind became evanescent, the woman's sense of time and memories of what had occurred before every second that passed becoming lost. Burning friction became slick heat, her hips moving in time with his as she followed the instincts that drove her to edge of what felt like madness. Her pounding heart and suffocating gasps were one and the same, each pushing her body to go further, begging him to go deeper. She felt her head tip backwards, Bakura's tongue tracing over her jugular temptingly.

"I'm going to kill the pharaoh, Bastet" the man growled into her ear. The proclamation was out of place to a sickening degree, and yet the snake tamer could only moan in agreement. "I'll destroy everything he knows and cares for…" his thrust were becoming erratic, pushing the woman beneath him towards her inescapable climax. "The priests…the villagers…and you!"

As though his voice had been the driving force, Bastet saw the world flash white and she was swallowed by immoral bliss. Yes! How she had longed to hear such promises. Everything…the things I hate…this body…please…!

Only when the thief king covered her mouth with his own did Bastet realize she was saying her thoughts aloud. Letting him drink the rest of her words, she felt no worse for it.

Their lips parted, the ginger haired woman panting quietly as her body went limp. It was a few seconds afterwards that the steel eyed man atop her let out a low hiss of pleasure, liquid heat filling her core. Bastet shut her eyes as he pulled out of her, squeezing her inner muscles tight to try and hold onto the sensation for just a little longer.

Bakura rolled onto his side wordlessly, his eyes hidden from sight as his ragged hair cast shadows over his face. Bastet did the same, searching for his lost gaze before raising a weak hand to his cheek. Her fingers brushed against the scar below his eye in a way she might have called affectionate had she enough courage. The thief grabbed her hand with one of his own, pulling her arm down to his waist where their intertwined fingers came to rest.

"Sleep" he told her.

The woman managed to shake her head, pressing a damp cheek against his chest. "I don't want to sleep yet…" she murmured, her eyelids feeling like lead. "Because once I awaken…you will be gone…"

A brief chuckle passed through the air, the sound of his laughter vibrating through her skin teasingly. "That's true. You're too weary to be any fun a second time, however. What's the point in staying any longer?"

The redhead let her eyes close. "Tell me a story to put me to sleep, then"

"A story?" echoing her words like a question, Bakura sounded nearly human. "Which story might that be?"

Opening her eyes ever so slightly, Bastet focused on the blurred vision of the moon outside her window. "…Yours" she breathed, shutting her eyes again when they started to sting.

The End

I am so sorry it took me this long.