Reaper/Supernatural Fic. This is my first story without just being about Supernatural and I love both shows and thought I'd try to put them together and I have thought about the way they could cross over for a long time. I don't know as much about Reaper as I do Supernatural, only watched them once, but a few twice, so if I get a few bits wrong, sorry in advance. Set after Rebellion for Reaper and Jus In Belo for Supernatural. This is an entirely Reaper chapter so Supernatural fans hang in there. The bank is totally made up, I have no idea if it really is there, as I don't live there.

Chapter 1: Reaping Rewards

Beeping constantly until the alarm was turned off by a lazy hand as it appeared from under the cover. Sam awoke drowsily, before wiping the sleep from his eyes and heading to the bathroom. As he walked around the apartment grabbing something quick to eat Sock came out of his room.

"Hi Sock." Sam said as he ate a spoonful of cereal.

"Sam. I have some very, sad, news." he said in his way that normally meant trouble.

"What now?" Sam said with annoyance.

"Ted has found me out, yeah and now, me and you, are working nights."

"Wait, Sock, I can't do nights. I already screwed up my first date with Andi because of the demons' rebellion."

"Hey! Hey! It'll be OK. It'll be OK." his friend replied in his calm tone, "I thought I'd warn you, before you got into the workshop and you got yelled at by Ted, being the awesome friend I am."

"What did you do?"

"I may have used some of the equipment and got spotted on a camera."

Sam sighed as he grabbed his keys and headed out of their apartment with Sock in tow. He started the engine of his Prias then pulled out of the car park under the apartment complex onto the road which led to the Workbench. Now he would have to work nights so he was hoping that a soul wouldn't escape, but since when has he been that lucky.

Making it to the store they met up with Ben, who seemed to be dodging the manager, before disappearing again. Ted spotted the two guys standing alone at the entrance before he marched over to them, with an angry look on his face.

"So you finally decided to come to work. What's the excuse this time? Car ran out of gas? Alarm stopped working?"

"Actually the washing machine didn't wash our lovely overalls so we were waiting for them to be dried. Need to look respectable when working." Sock lied to their boss with a smile.

Ted actually fell for his lie, "Next time put it on earlier," he said calmly, "Oh and Sam. Thanks to Burt here, you will be working nights."

"Thanks Ted." Sam said before walking off to log in.

Ben was waiting for them in the locker room after having snuck away from Ted, "I've been trying to stay away from him all morning. He's been searching for me all morning to ask where you were."

"Sorry about that." Sam apologized.

"Saw you've been moved to nights. Guess you'll have to cancel your plans with Andi."

"Yeah." Sam sighed, "Sure she'll understand though."

"At least it's actual work and not Devil's bounty hunter work." Ben said with a sympathetic tone.

Sam smiled as he closed his locker and shoved his car keys into his pocket. As he placed his hand in, he felt a small coin. After pulling it out and inspecting it he realised it was a quarter.

"Huh? Don't remember putting that in there." Sam mumbled to himself before placing it back in his pocket, only to find another one next to it, "What the?" Sam exclaimed.

"What?" Ben curiously asked.

"I keep finding quarters in my pocket. Another one of the Devil's pointless gifts." Sam replied.

"Guess there'll be a bit of soul hunting tonight then."

"Great. How could this week get any worse." Sam rhetorically asked himself as he stepped out of the locker room, only to find himself standing in a bank.

Waiting for him against the wall was the Devil, looking all smug as he watched people walk in paying checks and bills. There were only a few people as it had only just opened a few moments ago.

"Money, the root of all evil." the Devil grinned as he watched the men and women walk by.

"And why are we here?" Sam asked.

"Straight to business. You're getting more and more grown up each time I see you Sammy." the Devil said with a smile as Sam rolled his eyes, "In life the soul was called Dwayne Edwards. He was a bank robber and had robbed this very bank only a few years ago." he continued as he handed over the folder.

"So what's his deal? Who's he after?" Sam asked.

"All the information you need is in here," he said tapping the file in Sam's hands.

Sam opened the file and staring at him was the mug shot of the young man. He had black hair and dark hollowed eyes, he was slightly taller than Sam and was slightly older with a more built body. After reading the snippets of information that the Devil has so kindly given to him, he closed the file and as he looked up he found himself back in the locker room. Sighing, he shoved it into his locker, then went out to find Sock and Ben.

"So who's it this time?" Ben asked, walking around some shelves.

"Dwayne Edwards. I put the file in my locker." Sam answered.

"What'd he do?"

"Robbery. Still don't see a pattern for who he's going after." Sam said.

"Sweet a bank robber," Sock said as he suddenly appeared, "He get caught?"


"Killed anyone yet?"

"Not that I know of so far."

"That's a bit weird, normally someone has died when he drops in to say hi." Ben said.

"Yeah. There could've just been one we haven't heard of." Sock said.

"I hope not. This time I'm hoping to get there first." Sam said with determination.

"Oi! Back to work!" Ted angrily yelled at the trio.

The group smiled, shook there heads before splitting up and starting their job, in their usual sloppy way as they fill up the shelves and help the customers.

At break they all went to the cafeteria and in the area there was a small radio in the corner. Andi came over to join them at the table.

"Hi Sam." she greeted him.

"Hi." he calmly replied.

"Know why Ted's been in a bad mood today?" she asked as she chose a seat next to Sam and Sock.

"I heard it was people were shoplifting." Ben said.

"No, I heard it was, what's the word, constipation." Sock said plainly.

The table filled with laughter as Andi said, "Now that wouldn't surprise me." before it slowly calmed down.

"I…" Sam began but cut off when he heard an announcement on the radio.

'A body has just been found of one Johnathan Davies. His death is the result of a gunshot wound to the head, just outside Seattle National as he was walking home. If anyone saw the attacker…' the man on the radio said.

"I better get back to work." Sam quickly stated before trying to slip away from the table.

"OK." Andi replied.

Sam quickly went to his locker to retrieve the file before heading off to the computer. Opening the file he quickly looked for a list of people working at the bank at the time of the robbery. It was no coincidence, Johnathan had been killed and the soul had just escaped from Hell, so piecing two and two together Sam knew the reason. Sam's fingers whizzed over the keyboard until he found the information he needed. Dwayne used to shoot his victims directly in the head if they found out who he was, and Mr Davies fitted that MO.

Seattle National Bank was the one the soul last got caught at and it seemed like the soul was going to go after the people who worked there, but there was no proper evidence to show that theory. Some of the people had moved away so hopefully there would only be a few people left to actually go after and save.

"Ooo. That's bad," Sock said looking at the screen as he suddenly appeared at Sam's shoulder, "Think it was the soul?"

"Yeah. I think it may go after people who worked there but I don't know who it's going after next." Sam answered

Sam then started thinking about ways he could figure this out without more people dying. For now though, he had to get back to his normal job before he went gallivanting around in the night for escaped souls.

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