Chapter 1 – A Force of Mum

October 31, 1981

Lily heard James' warning and ran to the nursery to get Harry. Closing the door, she took a cleansing breath and centered herself using her meditation techniques. She quickly considered her options. If she fought Voldemort then stray curses could hit Harry. She knew the prophecy and that no matter what she did it was Harry who had to defeat the Dark Lord. Voldemort was here for one reason only – he was here to 'mark him as his equal' even though he thought he was here to kill Harry.

She knew that James was already dead. She felt the lack of his presence and knew that her time had come as well. She hugged her son one final time and kissed his forehead. Calming herself, she prepared for the next journey. Her sacrifice would save her son and provide him with the chance to fulfill his destiny. Voldemort would fail tonight, but the Horcruxes were still out there so she knew this would not be the end.

She turned quickly as the door was blown open. There stood the so-called Dark Lord. "Lily, step aside. I only came for the boy."

Lily stood in front of him defiantly, "Not a chance. I will give you some advice – Leave now and prepare for the inevitable. You can not win."

He chuckled at this rare show of defiance. "No one can defeat me, let alone a toddler. Now step aside or die."

"Die? If I must sacrifice this life for my son then I will, however I will not die. Physical death is but a gateway to the next experience."

Voldemort was starting to cast but paused at these words. This mudblood was standing in front of him defiantly and seemed to accept her fate. There was no groveling, no crying, no pleading – she just stood calmly between him and her son looking him straight in the eyes. Something was disconcerting about it and it bothered him. He shook the doubts out of his head and pointed his wand at Lily and said "Avada Kaderva". The sickly green light shot out of his wand and hit the witch. Voldemort was shocked. Instead of her body hitting the floor, her clothes crumpled and her body disappeared. He was so shocked that he did not see the faint glow surround the young boy.

Voldemort paused for a moment. This was so not going the way he thought. He heard a sound and saw the boy staring at him. He turned to finish what he came here for. He pointed his wand at the boy and cast the killing curse. The room flared with a blinding green light. The curse hit Harry and he glowed as if his skin was magic itself. The curse was modified and rebounded back on Voldemort before he had a chance to move. As it struck him, there was a loud explosion as his body literally ripped itself to shreds and the shockwave obliterated most of the second floor of the house. All that was left of the Dark Lord was something best described as a spirit or life force which fled the scene quickly.

The magic which had protected harry from the curse also protected him from the explosion. He settled back down to sleep as he heard his mother's voice singing to him.

/Scene Break/

June 30, 1985

Four-year-old Harry Potter was tired. This day had been like most others in his short life. He had spent most of the day cooking and cleaning for the Dursleys. His free time was spent avoiding his cousin Dudley and his friends and their favourite game of 'Harry Hunting'. He had just been locked in his cupboard under the stairs for the night as he anticipated the best part of his day – ever since he could remember, a voice sung him to sleep at night. He didn't remember his mother but somehow he knew that it was her voice singing to him. Feeling his mother's presence around him every night made him feel secure and loved no matter what the Dursleys told him or called him.

Tonight was different though. Instead of singing, he heard someone calling his name.


He sat up in his bed quickly and just avoided banging it on the stairs. The woman's voice sounded again, "Harry, don't be afraid."

Harry looked around his cupboard into the darkness. Shimmering light started to appear at beside his cot. It grew brighter and brighter until Harry saw the ethereal form of a woman sitting on the floor beside his cot.

"Got it," she happily said to herself. She turned to look at Harry with a big smile on her face.

Harry wasn't sure what to make of this. I mean, a ghost had just appeared in his cupboard. He looked at the ghost. She looked familiar somehow and the way she was smiling at him didn't seem threatening. He found his voice, "Hello?"

"Hello Harry."

"Who are you? What are you? How do you know my name?"

"Well, I know your name because I am – or rather was – or am a portion of – hmm I'm not sure how to exactly tell you right now what I am, but let me say a mother always remembers her son's name."

Harry's eyes widened, "Mum?"

The figure smiled broadly and nodded.

"How did you get here? How come I can see you? I thought you died in a car crash? I …"

"Harry, please calm down," Lily interrupted, "I'll answer all your questions but it will take time. Yes, I am dead. No, your father and I did not die in a car crash, we were murdered – I'll explain more of that later."

Harry settled down a bit as she continued speaking, "I've always been with you Harry."

His face brightened, "So you have been singing to me?"

"Yes, that was all I was strong enough to do. Now that you are approaching your fifth birthday, your Force abilities are starting to manifest themselves and I was able to appear to you."

"Force abilities?"

"Yes, Harry. You are a very special boy. You have abilities beyond what normal people have."

"But my Uncle Vernon calls me a freak. I'm nothing special."

Lily tried to contain her anger, "Harry, listen to me. You will be a very powerful person. I never wanted you to live here with my sister and her husband and we are going to change that now that I can talk to you."

Harry perked up at the thought of leaving the Dursleys. He listened intently as Lily continued, "Harry, there is much hidden from the average person. Over the next month I will visit every night and whenever you are alone and explain to you as much as I can. I left a gift for you before I died for your fifth birthday."

"I'll actually get a present this year? From my Mum?" Harry asked happily with tears running down his face.

Lily very much wanted to give her little boy a hug, "Yes. But until then I will be teaching you a few things you will need to know before you can get your present. You will have to listen and take in everything I tell you and will have to work at some things. Can you do that for me?'

Harry smiled and nodded so hard that he nearly gave himself whiplash. Lily chuckled at his eagerness, "Good. Now I think you need to go to sleep but don't worry, now that I can appear to you, I won't be going away for a very long time. Oh, and Harry?"

"Yes Mum?" He liked the sound of that.

"Only you can see me right now. People would not understand if you told them you were talking to your mother. It has to be our secret until I say otherwise. OK?"

"OK Mum. I know this may sound selfish, but I'm kind of glad I can keep you to myself."

Lily felt tears in her eyes – a strange feeling for an ethereal spirit. "Now lie down and close your eyes."

Harry lay himself down and Lily started singing to him. It was so much better now that he knew the voice was really his Mum's.

/Scene Break/

July 31, 1985

Harry woke up on his birthday morning more excited than he had ever been. His Mum had told him that today would be his last day at the Dursleys.

Over the past month, his Mum had told him a lot about himself and his heritage. First, he found out that there was a whole society built around the use of magic and that he was a wizard. While she had not yet let him try any magic, she was teaching him how to meditate and organize his mind. Harry had found that sitting in a dark cupboard every night helped him clear his mind and organize his thoughts. She told him about how some wizards could read minds and how he could work at defending against that.

She also told him that he had an ability that was even more rare than being a wizard. He could use the Force. Lily had also been Force-sensitive and had passed the ability on to him. She taught him through how through meditation he could connect with the Force and feel it's presence. He remembered the night two weeks ago when he finally felt his connection.


Lily's voice floated through his head, "Remember how I taught you to relax and breathe. Now listen – not with your ears but with your mind."

She had instructed him to do this for the past few days and while it seemed impossible on the first day, the deeper he willed himself to relax, he began to understand what she was trying to say.

He cleared his thoughts and focused on her words. Slowly it came to him. He began to be aware of the world around him – not just the cupboard, but he seemed to feel the area around the house and the neighborhood even.

Lily saw the change in his expression and felt his presence in the Force, "I can feel your connection Harry, do you feel it?"

Harry nodded but kept his eyes closed – this was just so cool he didn't want to let it go. "I feel like I'm connected with the whole street. I can sense the animals outside and the people sleeping in their homes. Yuck!" His eyes opened quickly and he dropped out of the meditative state.

"What happened son?"

Harry's face was contorted as though he had just licked a mothball, "I sensed Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia kissing."

Lily started to laugh and soon Harry joined in. She looked at him warmly, "I'm very proud of you son. Tonight was a big step. You felt your connection to the Force for the first time. Now you will never lose it and over time you will be able to strengthen that connection so you can always feel it."

/End Flashback/

Since then Harry found it easier and easier to connect with the Force through meditation and he was starting to feel it at the edge of his consciousness all the time. The connection also helped him with organizing and protecting his mind. Once he became comfortable with the sensations he felt from the connection, he was able to focus his mind more and his progress in what his mother called Occlumency was progressing well.

While he had not said anything to them, the Dursleys had noticed a change in the boy. He seemed to be more confident and held himself differently. He still did his chores, but when they would call him a freak or try and put him down, he would just look at them and shrug it off. Dudley was also having a tough time in his games of 'Harry Hunting' – the boy just could not be caught. It seemed like Harry was able to anticipate every move.

His Mum had already gone over the pans for the day. Harry would do his chores like normal and this afternoon when he went out to play, he would not return.

The morning went as usual. No one wished Harry a Happy Birthday. He still had to cook and clean. When he was finished his chores and his aunt kicked him out of the house Harry, accompanied by his Mum, avoided Dudley and proceeded to make his way out of Little Whinging. Midway through the afternoon, he found a deserted road, raised his hand and concentrated as his mother had taught him. There was a loud bang and a bus appeared.

The door opened and the driver said, "Welcome to the Knight Bus, how can I help you today young man? Why are you alone way out here?"

Harry proceeded to sound scared just like his mother had told him, "Please sir, can you help me. I was in Diagon Alley waiting for my parents when some other kids started to tease me. I got so upset that I just wished to be somewhere else and I felt a weird squeezing sensation and ended up here. I don't even know where 'here' is."

The driver smiled at Harry. "Don't worry. It's just a bit of accidental magic. Come on in. We'll get you back to Diagon Alley – no charge."

Harry smiled and thanked the driver and made his way in. As he sat down, his mother stayed beside him and congratulated him on a job well done.

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