Title: No More Waiting

Pairing(s): Harry/Charlie

Summary: During a game of Truth or Dare, Harry reveals a secret he has kept for almost four years. The results are much bette than he would ever had expected.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction set in the Harry Potter universe – all recognisable characters and settings are the property of J. K. Rowling and her associates. No copyright infringement is intended. No profit is made from this work. Please observe your local laws with regards to the age-limit and content of this work

Warning(s): Slash. Just in case for some homophobes.

Author's Notes: For the sake of this piece, Voldemort has already been defeated. I may may not mention him much in the course of the story as it's mainly a romantic work. Also this work is unbetad as I'm a newbie in the fandom and have yet to find anyone to check things through so pointers will be great.

--No More Waiting--

Harry hadn't felt so happy in such a long time. Voldemort had finally been defeated a year ago and after a few stressful months afterwards, the wizarding world had finally moved on with their lives and realised that their hero, just wanted a quiet life. It was a enjoyable turn of events that lead to him moving into the Burrow after the final battle in preparation for his last year a school and his NEWT exams.

Now, he was sitting leant up again a tree in the vast yard of the Burrow, listening to the drunken laughter and chatter of his friend's as they played childish games, long forgotten.

"Harry, your turn, truth or dare?" A surprisingly tipsy Hermione asked with a giggle.

"Er…truth," he said with a shrug, not really having much to hide around these people as it was only the Weasley siblings, minus Percy who was already in bed, Hermione Granger, Lee Jordan and Neville Longbottom.

"Umm…" she said slowly as she contemplated a good question for her friend from her position laying in the grass with her head nestled in her boyfriend Ron's lap, "Ooh. Who do you fancy?" she said finally with a fairly ear-splitting giggle, which was joined by laughter from the rest of the circle.

Harry's cheeks turned red at the implications of the question. He'd had a crush on a certain person for an almost unbearable amount of time and he was trying his hardest to get over it and finding someone else. He really didn't want his secret to be revealed in this manner but he knew that his friend's would know if he was lying as he was far to bad at it.

Sighing sadly, he said, "Charlie," in a quiet voice before closing his eyes and trying to sink back into the bark behind him.

The other side of his closed eyelids, mouths were dropping from nearly every person, except Ron and Charlie himself as Ron was currently choking on his drink and Charlie had his eyes closed, a small frown on his face.

"Wow, I didn't expect that," said Bill, the first to recover. The ice was broken then and the two girls, Ginny and Hermione, burst into giggles; the twins appeared to be exchanging money placed on a previous bet about Harry's sexuality and Neville and Lee just smiled and laughed at the antics of their friends. Ron was quiet but he did not appear distressed, merely shocked and a little hurt that his friend had not confided in him.

"Since when, Harry?" George asked as he handed over ten galleons to his smug twin. Harry refused to open his eyes but he knew he would not be able to escape the barrage of questions from his friends.

"Around fourth year," Harry answered.

"Bloody hell, mate," Ron exclaimed loudly, surprising Hermione, who jumped. "Why have you never said anything?" he said in a hurt voice.

"Well, I wasn't too sure at first, then I wasn't sure how you would react, then I was busy killing Voldemort and then I've been busy trying to get over it," Harry opened his eyes to address his closest friend, allowing him to see the truth in them. Ron nodded, placated.

"Harry, no one minds who you love, we just want you to be happy," Neville said gently, always the sensitive one.

"Thanks, Neville."

"Yeah, no one cares, right guys?" Lee said in a louder voice, and the group of friend's echoed his sentiments with replies and smiles and Harry felt his heart melt at the support of his friends.

"You've been pretty quiet mate," Fred said to Charlie, drawing everyone's attention to the, in Harry's opinion, most attractive and caring red-head, who was currently staring into his bottle of Firewhiskey, contemplatively. He looked up at his brother's words and was met with the gazes of the whole group.

His eyes met Harry's across the circle and he saw the mix of emotions in them. Confusion, hope, anxiety, happiness, fear but mostly, love. A strong love that could only be built up from years of adoration for a person. It frightened Charlie that he had never noticed the love in the boy's eyes before and he quickly looked away but not before noticing the hurt and disappointment in the same eyes that had just shone with unconditional admiration.

Harry could barely breathe as he looked into the blue eyes he so admired, but when Charlie looked away, the startling emerald of his own was clouded and blurred by unshed tears that wobbled dangerously on the roots of his thick, black lashes. He choked out a barely stifled sob as he realised that his greatest fear had come true and Charlie had rejected him. Tears broke free and tumbled down his cheeks as he stood and ran into the house, not stopping till he reached the room he shared with Ron before throwing himself on his bed and sobbing his heart out into his pillow.

Back in the garden, silence had fallen over the group of people. Charlie was staring in the direction Harry had run in a daze, barely noticing that his companions were waiting for him to speak.

"Charlie, what are you going to do?" Bill asked gently. Charlie turned to look at his closest brother and cleared his throat to find his voice.

"What do you mean?" Even to Charlie's own ears, he could tell his speech sounded strained.

"Charlie, I'm you're brother and best friend, I know you love him too," Bill said, earning gasps from everyone else.

"Charlie, if you love him too, you need to go after him, I think you already broke his heart, but you could get him back," Ginny said, speaking for the first time, in a voice far more sober than it was before Harry's revelation.

"Are you sure?" Charlie asked slowly, eyes darting once again to where he had last seen the boy he had loved for years but never dreamed to think could love him back.

"YES!" came the reply from the whole group and Charlie was startled enough to laugh at the frustration in their voices. He nodded, standing up and blushing at the cheers and whistling that followed him as he made his way slowly back to the house.

His mind was reeling and his body moved almost on auto-pilot to the room that Harry slept in and most likely was now. He paused before the door at the gut-wrenching sobs coming from the other side and his own tears slid down his face at how broken Harry sounded. Taking a deep breath, he reached out a hand and knocked on the door.

The cries sopped immediately, though Charlie could still here sniffling as Harry gathered himself.

"Who is it?" Harry's voice was rough and hoarse from crying and Charlie fought down the spike of lust it sparked in his stomach.

"It's me, Harry," he said softly, "Can I come in?"


Charlie sighed in relief and opened the door, closing it carefully behind him before turning to the young man who had haunted him for so long. The dark-haired boy looked a mess, but Charlie still thought he looked beautiful. His eyes were framed in red circles and were puffy from crying and he had tear-streaks down his reddened cheeks. Charlie felt guilty for causing him so much pain, knowing it could have been avoided if he had got over his shock quicker and responded to Harry's declaration with a passionate one of his own. Harry would just have to listen to it now instead.

He sat down on the edge of the bed next to Harry so that their bodies were only centimetres apart. He tuned to face the younger man but could not meet his gaze as he was staring determinedly into the floor, still sniffing occasionally.

"Harry I didn't mean to upset you, I'm sorry," he said delicately, fighting the urge to just wrap his arms around his smaller frame.

"It's ok, I was expecting it, it just hurts that's all," Harry sighed resignedly.

"No, Harry. You misunderstand me. I'm sorry I didn't recover from the shock quick enough to tell you that I love you too," he smiled as Harry's head snapped towards him. He reached out a hand to cup the side of Harry's face and smiled wider when Harry's eyes fluttered and he leaned his cheek into the touch.

"Oh god, please tell me you're telling the truth. I don't think I could bear it if you took it back now," Harry said in a breathy voice, eyelashes still rested gently against the skin of his face.

"I am, Harry, I'm not taking it back, I really love you, I have for years. I just never believed that you would love me too," Charlie said firmly, before leaning forward and claiming Harry's lips with his own in a tender kiss.

After a few seconds, Harry began to push back and the both relaxed into it. Charlie began to deepen the kiss, bringing his other hand up so that he was cupping the other man's face as Harry's own hands came to rest on his waist.

He swiped his tongue over the seal of Harry's plump lips, which opened eagerly to welcome it. Harry's own came to meet his and their tongues entwined delicately as they began to explore each other's mouths. They kissed for long minutes between short gasping breaths as they became more greedy with each careful taste of the other.

Charlie sucked on Harry's tongue and the boy released a lustful groan that vibrated through Charlie's body and travelled straight to his groin. In that moment all tenderness was gone as they began to devour each other's mouths with unrestrained lust, built up from years of want.

Charlie pressed forward and they two men shifted around until Harry was lying on his back with Charlie half on top of him, legs tangled together as they continued to kiss heatedly. Harry's hands ran up and down Charlie's muscular arms as the red-head moved a large calloused hand from the side of his face to trail it down his chest. Harry shivered at the light touch and arched his body upwards just as Charlie slipped the hand underneath Harry's thin t-shirt.

Harry moaned loudly and broke off the kiss, grinning at Charlie's confused and disappointed look he sat up slightly and pulled his t-shirt over his head and threw it to the ground before grappling with the buttons on Charlie's white shirt. Charlie let out an amused breath as Harry struggled with the buttons and covered the smaller hands with his own. He moved them to each side of the shirt before pulling hard, ripping the shirt open and sending buttons scattering around the room.

Harry laughed loudly at this before his laugh was cut off by a moan at the sight of Charlie's toned and tanned body. He reached out with his hands and stroked the soft flesh in front of him, barely registering the quickened breath from above him. When his fingers bushed gently over a taut nipple, Charlie mewled desperately and Harry spared a glance for his flushed face before stretching further upwards to latch a mouth over it. Charlie's hands shot out to the back of his head, holding his face against him as Harry swirled his tongue teasingly over the hardened surface. He finished with a final nip before pulling back to admire the now rosy nub.

Their positions had moved during their passion and Charlie was now kneeling between Harry's open legs as the younger boy sat up to kiss him. They kissed slower, the edge of their lust eased for a while. Charlie trailed his hands over Harry's naked torso as the green eyed teen placed his own hands on Charlie's hips. As Harry's hand trailed inwards to ghost lightly over Charlie's denim covered groin, Charlie shuddered and pulled back from the kiss, panting.

"Maybe we shouldn't rush into this tonight," he said breathlessly as Harry's hand began to push firmer into his crotch. He cupped Harry's face with his hands turning it upwards so that their eyes met.

"Please, Charlie," Harry said in a desperate voice, "I want you so much. I don't think I can wait anymore." Harry ran his lustful gaze up and down the expanse of Charlie's body like a caress, his hand never easing its relentless stroking on Charlie's shaft.

"Do you now how often I've fantasised about you? Touching you, stroking you, having you inside me as I scream your name. I could hardly bear it sometimes. I had to run to a bathroom so often when I was around you to beat one off, just because you'd smiled at me or brushed my arm. Don't stop now, Charlie, we both need this," he raked his gaze up from where it had been firmly on his hand as it moved over the bulge in Charlie's increasingly tight trousers to look into Charlie's almost black eyes.

Charlie was panting, his barely suppressed desire threatening to take him over. All through Harry's quiet speech he had been slowly forgetting his reason for ever stopping them. He knew exactly what Harry had gone through, he had been exactly the same. No wonder Bill knew he loved Harry, he realised suddenly in his mostly lust-filled brain, the amount of times he had found Charlie wanking in their shared bedroom after a party. The sight of Harry's body swaying to the soft beat of music always got him going quickly.

He looked at Harry laid out before him and knew that this wasn't going to be something either of them regretted and nodded, smiling at Harry who groaned loudly at the acceptance.

Now that Harry knew Charlie was ready to carry on, he couldn't control himself. He pulled at the fastenings on Charlie's jeans until they were open and shoved his hand inside without finesse. He almost came on the spot when he realised the older man had no underwear on beneath his jeans. Above him, Charlie had his eyes screwed shut as Harry's eagerness ripped him apart.

Harry removed his hand and smirked as Charlie's hips bucked, trying to find the touch again. He pulled the jeans down gently, revealing Charlie's impressive member and his mouth watered at the thought of having it inside him. The path of the jeans down muscled thighs was stopped by the position Charlie was kneeling in. Harry tugged hard on them until Charlie realised what he wanted and stepped off the bed to remove them, along with his socks.

Finally naked, he looked over to where Harry was lying on the bed watching him with a hawk-like gaze. He ran his own hands down across his chest, gasping as he tweaked his had nipples. He panted as his touches moved slowly downward, Harry's eyes following their path intently.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god," Harry panted, chest heaving as he watched Charlie touch himself.

"Take your clothes off," Charlie all but groaned as the combined sensations of his hands and the ghost of Harry's intense eyes sent him to knew heights of arousal.

Harry scrambled off the bed and stood before Charlie, not touching him as he began to ease open the fastenings on his painfully tight jeans. He slowly eased them down and wiggled his hips till they fell to the ground before stepping out of them, thankful his sensuous display was not ruined by the need to remove any socks.

Harry reached out his hand and placed it over Charlie's and relished the broken moan he received in reply. He stepped forward, standing so that nearly every pat of his body touched Charlie's and they both gasped from the combined heat of their skin. Their entwined hands moved steadily up and down, thought their was little space between them.

"Charlie, please, make love to me," Harry asked, their breath mingling in the tiny space between their mouths. Charlie gulped and nodded.

"Please, now," Harry panted, hands clutching at the bedding and that was more than Charlie could take. He quickly covered himself in warming liquid before lining himself up at Harry's entrance.

He locked his eyes with Harry's, marvelling at the love shining there before pushing in slowly. They both moaned loudly and Charlie could barely contain the urge to pound into the exquisite flesh below him. When he was finally seated all the way in, he paused giving Harry some time to adjust. The younger man was hot and so unbearably tight that Charlie was having a great deal of trouble controlling himself.

After what could have been hours of slow lovemaking, Charlie changed the angle of his thrusts so that the tip of his erection brushed against the tender spot deep inside his lover's body. The reaction was instantaneous and Harry's back arched at the pleasure. Sensing that Harry was close to release, he reached down to stroke the man. He pulled gently in time with his thrusts and within minutes Harry let out a particularly powerful yell of Charlie's name and came spurting onto his own abdomen.

Charlie lost himself in the pleasure of Harry's inner walls clamping down tightly on him and he barely managed three more thrusts before he was coming himself, deep into Harry's willing body, before he blacked out from sheer pleasure.

Harry was exhausted. He had never experienced sex at a level like that. It was like their very souls were connecting. He looked down at Charlie who was asleep on his chest, still nestled inside him and smiled. The man had made love to him in a passion that no one else ever had. He leant over to the cabinet for his wand and cast a few simple cleaning charms before pulling the covers over them and hugging Charlie tightly to himself as he went to sleep.