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"What are you waiting for? Turn the ship around!" Colonel Sheppard's voice echoed across the bridge.

Caldwell had had the Deadalus taken into hyperspace the moment things had finished exploding from the wraith energy weapon. This had caused a lot of objection from Sheppard who was all for invading the wraith hive to rescue McKay.

"You saw that weapon, Sheppard!" Colonel Caldwell sunk back into his chair. "They'd destroy us the moment we came back, and besides there's no way to track them through hyperspace, you know that."

Sheppard's faced became hard, all friendly emotion seemingly gone. "We don't leave our people behind Colonel."

Caldwell looked up at Sheppard, his expression challenging.

"And what is it you want me to do, Sheppard. Risk the entire crew to save one man? Or maybe just sacrifice a select few for your strike force?"

His tone was mocking and dripping with sarcasm. During the argument he had stood up again and was now face to face with Sheppard, and between them had drawn quite a crowd of shocked faces.

They stood facing each other for what seemed like minutes; each seemed to be waiting for the other to back down. The sound of hyperspace was the only source of background noise despite the audience that had gathered around them.

Finally Sheppard, realising this was a battle that could not be won, receded, turning sharply on his heel and storming out the room; Ronan and Teyla following quickly behind him bearing glares themselves.

Caldwell signed and fell back into his chair. He understood the Colonel's anger, he, himself, did not like to willingly leave people behind. But he would not sacrifice the safety of his ship and crew for anyone, and that included Dr McKay.

"You want me to what?!" Rodney McKay looked at the looming wraith in front of him and cleared his throat. "Oh no, no way, I'm not doing it."

He had somehow managed to gather enough courage together to reject their request, although it seemed to fade slightly with the glares that they had given him for his answer.

The female wraith that had been standing in front of him waved her hand over a glowing panel on the left of the door. The organic material that had once provided a make-shift barrier between him and the apparent queen had slid back into the slides.

She advanced on him slowly, as he backed up towards the back wall, until they were almost touching. She was close enough that he could feel her cool breath on his face as she spoke.

"Your response is disappointing Doctor-" Her voice had broken into more of a hiss as she went deeper into her conversation with him and he began to hear it echo in his head. "-but as I understand, you are very…compatitable under the right circumstances."

Before he could blink, before he could register the fear that sentence had caused him, she backed up. Her hand raised and for a moment he thought she was going to strike him. He went to duck, to shield himself from the blow, only to find that nothing in him seemed to be responding.

He felt her sharp nail trail slowly down his face, down to his jaw. Kneel.

The word was dragged out in his head, echoing over and over again, blocking any other thoughts he may have had. He felt his knees buckle under him, and the brief pain as he hit the ground, eyes still fixed on the figure in front of him. He watched, paralysed, as she turned and looked over her shoulder, hissing at the wraith behind her.

"Bring her!"

Rodney wasn't sure what was happening at first, until the shocked face of a young woman met his own. He stared in horror as she was dragged in and slammed in front of him. Her eyes were red and blotchy; her face a constant look of panic and surprise. Her gaze wandered quickly between the now smirking face of the leading wraith and his own face. He found it odd that he briefly recognised her, maybe she came from the planet.

The Queen began pacing in front of him her eyes looking around her as though she'd never seen a hive cell before. Her eyes met his for a moment cementing her hold on his mind.

"You see Doctor; I have acquired a rather important piece of technology recently, something that will improve my Hive's capabilities greatly, although up till now we have had no way of activating it." She looked down at him, her eyes boring into his as she searched his mind for answers.

"This is why we have acquired you. Think about my request Doctor I'm sure this one will very grateful if you accepted." She waved a hand at the girl lying on the floor. The woman's eyes widened as she was picked up from behind by a leather-clad male and hoisted up until she could no longer touch the floor.

McKay watched as she grabbed the hand now wrapped from her throat, clawing at it in her attempt to free herself. This only seemed to agitate the wraith holding her to the point he slammed her into the uneven wall. He brought his hand up above the woman's head, bringing it down hard on her chest. The girl gasped as the breath was taken from her.

"No! Wait!" McKay looked up at the Queen from his spot on the floor, and she waved a hand for the male to stop. "I'll do it."

He watched disgusted as the Queen smirked, released his mind and walked out of his cell, several wraith trailing behind. The male that had been feeding on the girl dropped her to the ground, and followed the others out, closing the cell doors behind him.

McKay watched for a moment trying to wrap his head around what he'd just been involved in. He looked over at the girl on the floor, she hadn't aged too much, he guessed a few years at most; the wraith wasn't feeding that long. He studied her as she pulled herself to her knees and pushed her long black hair from her face. She met his eyes briefly and he looked away. He pulled himself back across the floor to the wall and rested his back against it. Taking a deep breath, he shut his eyes.

His team would come for him soon. They always did.

Daynygh followed the Commander back to the control room. The excitement he had felt at the thought of pleasing his Queen had faded quickly when he had witnessed the events of the human female being fed on.

Instead he had been filled with an odd feeling, one he couldn't quite grasp. He had witnessed feedings many times, had no quarrel with the process of feeding on humans. Most were not worth much more than cattle anyway and he was far passed the point of accepting humans as sustenance and nothing more.

No. It wasn't the feeding that gave him this odd stir of emotion, despite him knowing the human. He had thought about it long and hard while performing his duties and although he had not discovered all the reasons, he felt he had discovered the main one.

It was look on his Queens face that had unsettled him; the look that showed how his once close friend was slowing fading and instead she was becoming more like the previous Queen.

He had growled to himself for even thinking it, he refused to let that happen to her. He would not let her become that.

Mainly because he had the sinking feeling that if she did, they would all be dead.

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