Rockband Anbu-style.

(I was inspired by a couple of things, mostly fanfiction about Naruto being trained by anbu such as the Anbu Brat by Naruto-pwns-Kyuubi and Anbu Elements by x-EliteAssassin-x you should read their stuff because they are awesome.)

Summary:Uzumaki Naruto demon container, at the age of five years old is given a guitar for his birthday. Naruto is brutalized the same day, the anbu are getting sick and tired of his treat meant. Naruto will be raised by Anbu. Naruto is a music prodigy with no equal, see his development and his rise to fame. Strong, Smart Naruto. Parings to be decided.


(October 10th)

One blonde haired blue eyed boy in black shorts and a white t-shirt about 5 years old is walking through the streets of Konoha the village hidden in the leaves. The boy is about 3'6" tall, was tan skinned and had whisker birth marks on his cheeks. This boy was very cautious as most people were extremely violent toward the boy during this day. This boy was hiding in alleyways, behind trash cans behind any kind of cover that he could manage right now. The boy had no idea why people in this village beat him, harassed him, and even tried to kill him. He had no idea that he was a container, a container for the infamous and all powerful Kyuubi kitsune. This is his burden, this is his pain, this is his power. He is Uzumaki Naruto and today is his birthday. Naruto arrived at the Hokage's tower to see one of the very few people that didn't hate him.

"Can you please tell Oji-san that I am here to see him," Naruto asked the receptionist politely for a five year old boy.

"Get lost, the Hokage has better things to do then talk to trash," The receptionist said not looking up from the paper work she had to sort.

"But I want to see Oji-san, He said he had some sort of present for me," Naruto said pleading slightly.

"I said get lost, or I will call the Anbu on you," the Receptionist said now painting her nails.

"Give me one good reason why I can't see Oji-san!" Naruto yelled now, he was starting to get sick of it. He didn't do anything wrong he was just treated like he was something a dog dragged into a house.

"Do you want to know why because you are..." The receptionist was bound and gagged by two Anbu one with a dog mask and the other with a bird mask.

"Naruto-san you are expected by the Hokage so please go inside, but knock first," Tori said looking at Naruto. "Inu you know what to do,"

"Yeah," The dog masked anbu through the receptionist over his shoulder carrying her somewhere.

Naruto knocked on the Hokage's office door, and hearing a muffled come in Naruto walked in.

"Oh Naruto I have been expecting you since lunch time," The Hokage said looking at Naruto, making sure there weren't and new bruises from his last beating two days ago.

"Yeah I had to take a round about route to make sure I don't run into thick crowds," Naruto said.

"Well now that you are hear I can wish you a happy birthday Naruto," The Sandaime Hokage said standing up congratulating Naruto.

"thanks Oji-san I have been waiting for somebody to say that to me, but everyone other then Tenchi-san and Ayame nee-chan said anything." Naruto said a little dejected because the only people that cared about him were the Ramen chief and his daughter. "They gave me all my Ramen half off today so that was nice,"

"Well maybe I will have something that will brighten your day," Sandaime took a rather large and oddly shaped package from underneath his desk. It was a little bit smaller then Naruto. "There is a second part to it but you should open it up first,"

Naruto said a quick thanks before completely shredding the package's wrapping. Naruto was holding a simple guitar. What Naruto saw confused him, he saw several people playing these or learning how to play these around Konoha when he walked around Konoha usually hiding from a mob or two. "What is it Oji-san,"

Sarutobi sighed, of course he doesn't know what it is. "That that is a musical instrument, it is called a guitar,"

"Oh, thank you Oji-san but I don't know how to play," Naruto said cheerful grateful for the present no matter if he couldn't use it.

"I also have a few books to give you that should teach you how to use it properly, and a couple of song books for you to practice with," Sarutobi said taking said books out of his desk. "I didn't have enough time to wrap these so I decided to give them to you seperately."

"Thank you Oji-san," Naruto said grabbing the books excited that he would have something to do other then hide from villagers in his spare time. He wasn't allowed to join the ninja academy until he was eight. Even though he had acquired his chakra (energy used by Ninja) a year ago. "I am going to be the greatest."

"I would like to hear it when you think you are good enough," The Sandaime said. "Naruto you should go back to your apartment now I have preparations for the festival to make."

"Okay, buy Oji-san," Naruto said rushing out of the office. Naruto was rushing because if it got dark and he wasn't in his apartment or somewhere he could hide he would be beaten for sure. Fortunatly not many people knew where Naruto lived and those who did wouldn't hurt him.

"Inu look after him tonight, he is in danger tonight," The Hokage said as the dog masked Anbu appeared next to him.

"Hai Hokage-sama," Inu said vanishing.

(Naruto apartment 20 minutes later)

Naruto looked at a clock and it read 6:20. Naruto had been working on his stringing for his guitar for a full ten minutes and he still wasn't even close to the song he wanted. Naruto looked over his fingering again and the instructions in the book to make sure he was doing it right. Naruto then realized that he was going to have to put a lot more practice into this before he got any better. Five minutes later he heard a knock at the door, which was something he didn't expect right now, the only person that visited was the Hokage and he had just seen him so who could this be. Naruto strapped the guitar to his back and the books in a bag that he was hanging on his shoulder. Naruto got a chair and dragged it to the door so he could look through the eye hole. What he saw made his blood run cold there was a mob of people that he didn't know holding weapons and pitchforks. This shouldn't be happening, Naruto moved from his last apartment after it was burned down, they can't have found him so soon that was a week ago.

"Open up we are with the demon hunter group!" A person with a Konoha forehead protector yelled at the door.

"He isn't here," Naruto said trying to mask his voice as much as he could.

"Well if you have nothing to hide open the door so we can make sure he isn't in your air vent hidding, he has done it before," Another person in the group yelled.

"No!" Naruto yelled still in the fake voice.

"If you don't open the door we will blow it open with a Katon jutsu, just open the door if you have nothing to hide." The a ninja said doing handseals in front of the door. Naruto ran away from the door, running into his bed room locking the door behind him. Naruto heard the explosion as his front door was blasted with a fireball.

"We told you that you could have just opened the door and we wouldn't have had to do that," The Ninja said looking around for the person they were talking to.

"Where is he?" some civilian was asked.

"He is probably hiding in the bedroom," One of the Shinobi said. "It is obviously the demon brat, we have to finish him so the Yondaime can rest in peace."

Naruto was seriously nervous as there was another loud explosion destroying the door that was his only means of protection. To Naruto's misfortune there wasn't another way out of his bed room, no windows so people couldn't break in that way and attack him, no other room that connected to that room.

"There he is get him." The Civilians said as they immediately started beating Naruto with hammers smashing every part of his body they could reach. Naruto couldn't feel anything but pain as kitchen knives stabbed him, baseball bats clobbered him in the head, hammers broke his bones, and many other horrible things.

"this is interesting, looks like the demon brat got a new toy and some books I should keep them," A civilian said.

Naruto wasn't sure what he was talking about so he looked up at the civilian, now fury in his eyes. "Give that back," Naruto yelled trying to stand up as people kept on beating him.

"Oh, it is important to the demon brat maybe I should destroy it," the same civilian said.

"NO!!," Naruto was in such a fit of rage his chakra overloaded blasting all the Civilians still beating him to fly into the walls off his bed room. Before anybody could see even the Ninja Naruto punched the civillian threatening his guitar and books in the stomach grabbing his gifts while everybody was in shock and hid in the corner covering his guitar and books with his body.

"You will pay for that brat," The civilian said about to attack Naruto when he was stopped by a Shinobi.

"No, He might blow out his Chakra again, we don't know how much that thing can do that." The shinobi said. "We will take care of him."

Four shinobi were left standing doing the same handseal combination. " Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu (Flame Type: Powerful Fireball Technique)," Four fireballs were headed for Naruto's back. Naruto wasn't even moving, Naruto wouldn't let his give be destroyed not even if it meant that he would die. Naruto felt the flames strike his back the pain being so overwhelming he passed out thinking that he was dead.

(In the Hospital one day later)

"Why didn't anybody tell me this earlier," Sorutobi yelled at all of the doctors in general.

"Hokage- sama, we couldn't leave with Uzumaki-san in such bad condition, and your anbu were so worried that they stayed in the waiting room until they found out that he was stable." A doctor said trying to placate the angered Hokage.

"How long will it take?" He asked, "for him to fully recover,"

"We don't really know, by all accounts he should be dead but, he has amazing resilience probably caused by the... his tenant," The doctor said. "But according to his past dealings in the hospital this isn't even the worst beating he has ever had, he should be up and about in a week, fully recovered a few days after that." (Think Kyuubi not realism)

"why is it that only his back is burn, what about the rest of his body?" Sorutobi asked.

"He was protecting a guitar and some books," The doctor said waving off to Naruto's belongings.

"Oh... I see, well please inform me if anything develops," The Hokage said leaving the hospital, Naruto was still unconcious so he didn't bother seeing the boy. This was his twentieth time in the hospital for a long period of time this year.

(In the Hokage's office)

"Hokage-sama, I must speak," Inu said from the shadows.

"Yes, Inu what is it?" Sorutobi asked looking at his Anbu captain.

"The situation with Uzumaki Naruto is ridiculous, we can't keep on protecting him like this, from the shadows when he is the most critical. We either have to have him under constant care which would be a strain on resources or put him somewhere where he will be safe," Inu said.

"Kakashi, we can't take him out of the village, think the mayhem it would cause all of the other Hidden Villages would try and kidnap him, or kill him for what he holds," The Hokage said.

"He isn't any better off here, but that wasn't what I was getting at," Inu said. "I have talked with the other anbu, most of them are getting sick and tired of constantly going after the boy to protect him even though most of them have grown quite close to him, we in Anbu atleast understand his situation not to judge him for things out of his control."

"If you are suggesting what I think you are suggesting I don't think I can," the Sandaime admitted. "The council..."

"That council that hates Naruto has no say in this is a shinobi matter and under yours and the clan heads jurisdiction. Most of the people that Hate him are civilians or shinobi that aren't as informed as the major clans. The Clans treat him with indifference and with you making the argument that it will save the anbu that constantly have to go and save him they will agree,"

"At least ask him, if he wants to stay with people that have been protecting him since the day he was born," Inu said returning to the shadows.

"Kakashi, this is the first time you have ever confronted me in this manner, and I must say I wish you would have done this a whole lot more," Sorutobi said.

Chapter 1

A new place to live.

(If you prefer to listen to the music then read it look up "Over my head" by Sum 41)

(The hospital 1 week later)

"ow, it still hurts," Naruto said walking around apparently his bones weren't completely fixed up yet but he was able to move around. His bone should be back to normal in a couple of days. Naruto regain consciousness about the second day he was in the hospital and instantly wanted out, He couldn't take it he hated hospitals. There was nothing he could do of course ever bone in his legs were broken in five different places, there was no way he could have moved, so during that time Naruto practiced with his guitar and learning from his books which he was relieved had survived his awful ordeal. Naruto was getting better fast it seemed to the Sandaime who visited Naruto while he was practicing that the boy was a guitar if not a music prodigy.

"Naruto you are going to be released today," The Sandaime said walking into Naruto's room seeing that the boy was on his feet.

"Where will I live, now that the villagers know where I live they will be coming for me every night Oji-san," Naruto said thinking about the future. Being beaten and learning to avoid attackers had forced Naruto to grow up much faster then anybody that cared for him would have liked.

"I have an idea but I have to get your approval," The Hokage said looking at the boys reaction.

"Whatever you think is best Oji-san," Naruto said grabbing his guitar and books.

"Well okay, but I will tell you just in case you can think of something better," The Hokage was startled at the amount of trust he had in him. It was rather heart breaking. " I have talked it over with my Anbu and they have agreed to what I am about to say and before I say it, I want to tell you that you can trust them they have tried their best to protect you while being restricted by their responsibilities. I would like you to live in Anbu HQ."

"Why Oji-san," Naruto asked a little worried he seen the Anbu and they seemed so emotionless that it scared him.

"Well it is the place that you will be safest for now, at least until you can protect yourself," The Sandaime said.

"Okay, if that is what you think is best Oji-san," Naruto said. "When do we go?"

"Naruto I can't go with you right now, I will have one of the Anbu take you," Sarutobi said waving his hand and anbu with a tiger mask came out of the shadows. "Toru can I trust Naruto with you?"

"Of course Hokage-sama," Toru said. "Please come with me Uzumaki-san,"

"Please call me Naruto, do you mind if we go kind of slow, my muscles are aching," Naruto said.

"That is fine Naruto-san," The tiger masked anbu "please follow me,"

Naruto followed the Anbu at Naruto's pace which was a surprise since anbu usually try and hide in the dark and move as fast as possible... at least as far as Naruto knew. They were walking a good 20 minutes in almost complete silence with the occasional question from Toru about Naruto. When they arrived at a nondescript black building.

"Well here we are," Toru said looking at what Naruto thought. Naruto's look was impassive he didn't seem to mind but he was ecstatic either probably because of his injuries.

"You will be staying on the 3rd floor, if you like I can carry you if you don't want to walk any more," The anbu asked the five your old boy.

"Yay!!" Naruto jumped onto the Anbu's back who wasn't completely ready for it so he stubbled to the left before he caught his balance.

"Well lets go, hold on tight," Toru said going into the building and up the stairs to the third floor in about 20 seconds, a slow pace for an anbu.

"Wow that was fun lets do it again," Naruto yelled.

"Not yet Naruto I have to show you where you are going to be staying." Toru said letting Naruto down and taking off his mask.

"Heh Toru you have a face under that mask?" Naruto asked and Toru almost fell over. Toru face was a rather plain man with a helmet with the konoha leaf on it.

"Of course we have faces under our masks, even if we are Anbu we are still people and ninja, you can call me Yamato," Yamato said smiling, "Most of us take our masks off when we enter Anbu HQ.

"Oh cool," Naruto said looking around, it looked like a rather plain appartment complex.

"I think it would be better if we met the other anbu on the floor before we went to your room." Yamato said taking Naruto's hand.

"Okay Yamato-san," Naruto said trusting that this anbu wouldn't hurt him.

"There are several community areas on every floor of the Anbu compound, there is the lounge, the bar, the training ground, and the entertainment area. Most of the time people can be found all over the place," Yamato said "I will be showing you to the lounge,"

Naruto was brought into a room with four people in it. Naruto didn't recognize any of the but he probably new their anbu masks better then their face. All of them were in Anbu uniforms so Naruto could only amuse.

"Hello everybody, you know what Kakashi-sempai said, Uzumaki Naruto is going to staying on this floor for a while," Yamato said to the crowd of relaxing Anbu.

"yes we know Yamato," a girl with long reddish brown hair tied into a braid said. She was very pretty with with two red marks on her cheek.

"Yeah we have all had to watch the kid at least once," (Anko look it up if you don't know) Anko said looking at the brat.

"Yes I know Rin-san, Anko-san," Yamato said.

"Why do you call Kakashi sempai and you don't call me sempai," Rin asked seeming slightly scorned.

"Well Kakashi-sempai has been in anbu longer then any of us, and Rin you joined at about the same time I did," Yamato said then Yamato noticed that it was strangely quiet. "Eeh Naruto-san where did you go,"

"Don't worry about him," A black haired guy on a couch said his head band tied around his right shoulder. This guy had dark brown eyes a smile on his face.

"What do you mean Kenichi-san," Yamato said.

"Naruto was getting bored so Kakashi was going to bring him to the entertainment area," Kenichi said "I kind of want to see what that kid can do with that guitar,"

"He won't be able to do much Kakashi and I saw him get it last week," a girl with long black hair and white eyes said.

"Yeah I guess Nana-san," Rin said. "Well lets see what they are getting up to then."

Everybody in the group agreed and walked to the entertainment area, everybody knew the way because that was where they hung out if they didn't go to the bar.

"Hey whats that?" Anko asked as they approached the door.

"I would say music, I guess Kakashi-sempai is showing Naruto a music video," Yamato said.

"Yamato stop calling that pervert sem...pai," Anko but so was everybody else as they saw and heard what Naruto was doing.

(Break in music)

What happened to you, you played the victum for so long in this game.

What I thought was true was made a fiction and I am following the same.

But if I try to make sense of this mess I'm in.

I don't know where I should begin

I'm falling I'm falling

Now I am in Over my head for something I said

Completely misread I am better off dead

now you can see

I think you can be


beginning to get too

over my head

better off dead

over my head

better off dead

(End music)

Naruto was interrupted by Rin tackling him from behind. Naruto quickly unslung his guitar before he fell flat on his face.

"Naruto you don't have to be so sad," Rin said crying into his back.

"What are you talking about," Naruto asked trying to turn around but Rin's weight against his 5 year old body's strength, Naruto never had a chance.

"That song..." Rin said sobbing lightly.

"Uhm Rin, I showed Naruto that music video, he was doing his best to copy it's guitar part as much as he could," A silver haired man wearing a mask and his forehead protector covering his left eye.

"Oh," Rin said getting off Naruto before she crushed him.

"jeez Rin I didn't know you like little boys," Anko was making fun of Rin who was now blushing very hard.

Yamato and Kenichi were talking to the side.

"You think he is a music prodigy?" Yamato asked.

"Well he copied a song almost perfectly and good enough for us to mistake it as a music video so I would say yes," Kenichi said. "He probably is better with that guitar then most who aren't professional and he has only had that thing for a week."

"What should we do?" Yamato asked

"Nothing, that kind of genius can't be guided and if it is it will be stunted just let it take it's course," Kenichi said.

"Well we should at least get him a more appropriate guitar, that one isn't meant for that kind of music is it?" Yamato asked.

"No it isn't I agree," Kenichi said.

"Well Naruto-san lets show you to your room," Yamato said loudly.

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