Rockband anbu-style

Chapter 21

Chuunin exam finals

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(Naruto's house. 6 hours after training began.)

Naruto was in the kitchen making a simple rice dish for Hinata who was sitting at the kitchen table, and Kiba who was still working on the Kuchiyose no jutsu (summoning jutsu) They had been working five hours strait and Hinata and Kiba were both completely out of chakra, but Kiba was still willing to push his limit when it was stretched to the limit.

"I am ashamed of myself." Hinata said looking down on the table.

"Why do you say that?" Naruto asked facing the shy girl... well once shy girl. Her outfit was still grabbing Naruto's attention. "There is nothing to be ashamed about."

"No." Hinata said almost demanding. "Look at Kiba he is still working so hard. He is so determined to succeed that he is willing to push himself to a state of collapse."

"That is because right now he is being stupid." Naruto said looking out a window to see Kiba fail again at summoning anything but a wolf puppy that bit his hand. " The amount of power that you need to summon, what you need to summon is incredible. It is a mark of a great shinobi that can summon the boss of any contract and still have strength enough to fight along side them. That kind of amount of chakra is not something that can be gained in a day, You will have to train with it for some time before you can even summon the boss not to mention fight with it. Tomorrow you guys will summon your respective bosses."

"But you just said," Hinata was about to interrupt.

"I didn't say by yourself. There are ways to transfer chakra from one person to another safely, but it is only a temporary boost, you will both need to build up your chakra reserves." Naruto said plating the rice dish for each of them.

"I will have it down before the Chuunin exams," Kiba yelled from out back.

"Sure you will," Naruto said sarcastically. "Get in here and eat something. Start training tomorrow if you mom allows it."

"Shit my mom, I totally forgot about, damn damn damn. I am so dead when I get home." Kiba complained as he walked into and sat down at the table and began eating.

"I have told you several times that your mom will not mind you skipping your training today. And you didn't really skip training you were just training in a different way." Naruto said.

"You tell her that." Kiba said.

"Sure that sounds good," Naruto said drinking a cup of water from the sink.

"REALLY!!!!," Kiba yelled.

"Yeah sure why not?" Naruto said.

"Naruto! I am home," A voice came from the front door. "I don't really have anything planned for dinner right now, but we can go out and get something.

"Kaa-san," Naruto said happily. "Uhm I actually already kind of ate, Kiba and Hinata are here too."

"Oh well then we can make this a party," Rin said looking at her 'son's' friends.

"I probably won't be able to do anything," Kiba said. "My mom is probably already going to kill me for skipping out on training today. I should get home and take my medicine," Kiba said a little guiltily. But then he smirked at Naruto who sighed.

"Fine you want to go now. I am not sure how well I can protect you from your mom, but still think that she is going to be fine with this." Naruto said shrugging his shoulders. " Hinata do you want to come?"

"Actually Naruto-kun I need Hinata for a little," Rin interrupted Naruto. "That is if it is okay with her," Rin looked at Hinata questioning.

"of course," Hinata said right away.

"Okay I will be back in about an hour. If you are still here Hinata I will walk you home," Naruto said.

"Yeah yeah very chivalrous. I have to go now our my goose will be too cooked to be saved," Kiba walked out the door. Naruto followed him shaking his head.

Rin smiled waiting for the door to close. 'click' "Okay Hinata do you think that they outfit has helped."

"Wwwwhat," Hinata said desperately. She was freaking out, "You are his mother you shouldn't be thinking about his personal life."

Rin pouted. "It isn't a mother's duty to make sure that He is interested in proper young ladies."

"Well of course but..." Hinata was interrupted.

"And I have chosen you as the prime, example of the girls in his age group. You happen to have an affection toward my son and that was a bonus." Rin said.

"This is.." Hinata blushed.

"So was he paying any kind of special attention to you?" Rin asked the blushing girl.

"Well I didn't really notice I was to busy focusing on the summoning jutsu." Hinata said. Then there was silence, Rin seemed to have frozen into an immoveable statue. "Rin-san?"

"He taught you Kuchiyose no jutsu?" Rin managed to whisper.

"Yes he did, that is why he was gone for two weeks didn't he tell you?" Hinata asked.

"What contract did he get?" Rin asked.

"Naruto got the toad contract." Hinata said.

Rin's eyes flaired a little. "So this is his doing,"

"He gave me the falcon contract," Hinata continued because she didn't hear Rin talk.

"Wait there were two contracts," Rin demanded of Hinata.

"No, three. Kiba-kun got the wolf contract," Hinata said wondering at the distress in Rin's voice.

"Naruto is in so much trouble," Rin said the burning in her eyes becoming more and more apparent.

"What, why!" Hinata was worried, she had never seen Rin like this, so inwardly aggressive. This was true anger more so then her rampage when she found out that Naruto had gone durring the time of the chuunin exams.

"Kuchiyose is well beyond the skill of any gennin, Naruto being the one exception but he has had almost endless training since he was 7." Rin said he fruy about to brim over.

"So if it is beyond our skill then we will get the skill while we practice," Hinata argued.

"This also makes you and Kiba targets for people that would like to get at those summoning contracts." Rin said. "He has put you at risk with this gamble, and he should know better then that."

"We can take care of ourselves. And do you really believe that my clan or Kiba's family would let something like that happen." Hinata asked a little patronizing to Rin.

"Well of course not but this is still an unnecessary risk." Rin said unhappy.

"We will be okay," Hinata said. " We will become stronger then you could ever imagine,"

"With the help you are getting I don't doubt it." Rin said not saying anymore.

(Two weeks later)

Naruto was waking up from a heavy sleep after a light workout, this was the day of the chuunin exams final. Naruto was working hard to help Hinata and Kiba to summon, after their training with their parents, to say this was a grueling task was really redundant, their parents worked them into the ground as it was plus the summoning practices they were often collapsing from exhaustion in the middle of practice. Each of them have managed to summon the boss of their repecive contracts. A little summary of how the entire collection of contract summons reacted to Naruto's teammates. The falcons and the bird boss love Hinata for the respect she has shown them, all of them in short love it when she summons them. Kiba is pretty much the opposite, to them he is an ignorant pup, or so thought they listen to him, they don't respect him at all. Naruto got dressed, but froze without his shirt on, when he noticed his combat gloves and scroll set out. The gloves were locked in a safe that only his family could get into. Naruto's mind raced through possibilities, there was only one that came to mind. There was going to be something extremely dangerous going on. The lack of Rin in the house confirmed this. Naruto grabbed a couple apples and ran out. Naruto arrived at the stadium at the same time as Kiba and his mom, and his sister.

"Kiba," Naruto called getting the attention of the Inuzaka Family.

"Naruto?!" Kiba called confused.

"Kiba, no talking to your opponent," Kiba's mom said all business.

"That is fine," Naruto said quickly, "Just one thing... take your weights off," Naruto vanished. Kiba's eyes widened that was more then enough of a warning, and Kiba did leaving them by a tree for later retrieval.

(Other side of the stadium)

"Hinata!" Naruto said rushing quickly to his teammate and her family. Hiashi look like he was worried about something and was totally on edge right now.

"Naruto, what is..." Hinata was cut off.

"Take off your weights, and be careful," Naruto said as he rushed off into the stadium.

(The Line up durring the exam)

Naruto was nervous, not about the exam but about what was going to go wrong, everybody was nervous as far as he could tell, except for Gaara the fact that he was strong gave him a sense of strength. That was all well and good, if Gaara was confident that probably meant he would keep his cool and survive. Sasuke wasn't there, but that probably meant that he was going to make a dramatic entrance, possibly last minute.

"I am Genma and I will be the proctor for the final part of this exam," Genma said authority in his voice. This added to Naruto's nervousness, what happened to the other proctor. "Well lets get too it,"

Everyone except for Naruto and Kiba, went up to the viewing area.

"For the best showing, No energy supplements. Show them what you can do naturally," Naruto said slightly nervous. "Just a suggestion,"

"Sorry Naruto, No can do if I am going to keep up with you," kiba said a karambit in each hand

"You are taking this extremely seriously aren't you?" Naruto said getting into a fighting stance, Naruto's left index pressed with the kanji for fire, fire erupted from the sticks into short swords.

"I knew from the moment we started these exams that it was going to be difficult," Kiba said quietly. "I thought that if this entire thing was a team test, we would have won with our hands tied behind our backs. As soon as I found out that you were my next opponent, I knew that it is the end of my progress in the chuunin exams. For the past month the only thing that I have been focusing on was defeating you. After that I am going to have to give up. Even if I go all out, I doubt that there is anything that I can do against you. This Chunin exam is over for me, But I will die if I don't put on a good show of my skills."

"Begin," Genma said jumping out of the way of the two combatants.

"Jujin buunshin," (Man Beast Clone) Kiba called out as Akamaru jumped onto his back. Akamaru-Kiba drew the next set of Karambit from Kiba's pouch. "Gatsuga," (Fang destroyer) The two Kiba's charged at Naruto in two tornado's of destruction destroying the ground toward Naruto. Naruto jumped out of the way, the destruction that the two fangs wrought was significant, and it was till coming toward Naruto. Naruto avoided it twice more then his back hit the wall.

"Crap," Naruto cursed under his breath, as he used the wall to through himself into the air. Both tornadoes of destruction headed right for him. 'His maneuverability while using Gatsuga have improved a lot.' Both tornadoes fell back to the ground, landing both Kiba's back to back knives in hand.

"What is wrong Naruto, you should be able to stop that level of attack," Kiba yelled at his air born teammate.

"You are better then you give yourself credit for, Kiba," Naruto said the drumsticks in his hand vanishing. " I never thought that I would ever have to pull this out for some time," Naruto landed and two different drumsticks came out of his gloves. With a snapping noise, the drumsticks broke into segments connect to chains. A crackling noise could be heard reverberating through the arena as yellow chakra ran through the chain, from one set to the other connecting them. The end of the chain could be seen forming a chakra blade, then reshaped into a weight.

"New weapon?" Kiba said on his guard, he could feel the amount of chakra Naruto was putting into this weapon, and it was dangerous for just about everything in it's way including him.

"No, it is one that I really hate using," Naruto said frowning, "it takes a lot of effort, as I have no talent in Lighting manipulation. Get moving," with that one of the changes ends flew at the two Kibas who quickly split directions. Where the chain hit a crater was form with a discharge of lighting. Neither Kibas decided to waste any time talking.

"Gatsuga," a Kiba charged in from the left. Naruto's chain came to meet with kiba, but the spinning tornado hit the ground, burrowed in a dodged Naruto's electric chain.

"Gatsuga," The remaining Kiba yelled charging at Naruto's back. With a crack, Naruto brought the chain back to him, and at the remaining Kiba, the spinning tornado of destruction bounced into the air dodging the chain. The tornado was coming strait down on Naruto who was preparing the electric chain to strike the tornado of destruction, when the ground rumbling under his feet and the crumbling earth stole his footing. As a second Gatsuga came from beneath Naruto. The two tornadoes collided with each other, a huge amount of dust exploded from the focal point of all that destructive energy. The cloud of dust covered the stadium for a couple of seconds before clearing, revealing Kiba and Kiba sniffing desperately for their prey.

"Dangerous tactic, But well executed," Naruto said on the other side of the areana next to the tree. At a glance Naruto's chain was looped around a branch of the tree.

"used that chain instead of worrying about bad footing," Kiba said as the other Kiba walked next to him too.

"Well I wasn't going to get hit by that combo attack. Having Akamaru dig a hole directly under me was a good move but If I had moved during that assault it wouldn't have worked out that well." Naruto said his chain falling down by his side.

"Wouldn't have happened, He was following your scent." Kiba said going to the left of Naruto as Akamaru went right.

"through what must have been 6 feet of earth... impressive or do I reek that much," Naruto said jokingly. The Kiba from Naruto's left charged in his Karambit out. Naruto countered with his chain which was blocked by one of the knives which was instantly dropped before the electricity could travel through it. Kiba charged with his one knife in hand assaulting Naruto while his chain was extended. Naruto ducked. "This is sloppy Kiba," Naruto said as he ducked then kicked Kiba into the wall. Naruto had kicked Kiba hard enough to make it difficult for him to catch himself on the wall. And Kiba's back hit the wall hard knocking the wind out of him... Kiba burst into a cloud revealing Akamaru, who landed on his feet and he ran to Kiba who had just finished doing handseals.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu," Kiba called out slamming his hand to the floor. Seals spiraled out from the ground and exploded into smoke. A dark brown wolf about the size of Akamaru appeared in the middle.

"Waaa... Brat, why the hell have you summoned me," The wolf cub yelled at Kiba. "I was winning a race against, my brother."

"Who you calling brat, brat," Kiba yelled at the summoned wolf. " I need some help if you don't mind."

"Hmph, you made me lose a race why should I help you," The wolf yelled back at Kiba.

"Because Shounen," Kiba said frustrated. " you will get to show off how awesome you are in front of this crowd." Kiba waved his arms in the general direction at the hundreds of people that have come to watch the chuunin exam. The little wolf looked slightly starstruck at the sight of so many people watching them and a grin crossed its muzzle.

"I'll do it," Shounen smirked.

"What we were practicing," Kiba said. At this both Akamaru and Shounen jumped onto Kiba's back. " Jujin Buunshin ni kai," (Jujin Buunshin times 2) Two Kiba's were standing on top of Kiba, both with a slightly evil smirk on their face. The two canine clones charged at Naruto with speed that was almost blinding. Naruto ran to avoid the reckless attack.

"Gatsuga," Kiba cried cutting Naruto off, which allowed the two pup clones to charge in. Naruto used his chain at it's fullest extent to impale the wall and he pulled himself out of the way of danger. Or so he thought.

"Gatsuga," Shounen-Kiba yelled as he followed Naruto in the same kind of assault Kiba just had used. Naruto withdrew his chain from the wall and he used his left leg to kick off the ground into the air.

"Gatsuga san kai," Kiba yelled as three Gatsugas either charged or changed directions to assault Naruto.

Naruto's eyes widened slightly. This kind of tactic wasn't exactly what Naruto was used to out of Kiba. He must have been planning this entire match for one month in between his training with his mom and summoning practice. Naruto was impressed, this was a new Kiba, one that definitely deserved to make Chuunin. "Sorry Kiba," Naruto whispered to himself as he made his chains vanish and he clapped his hands together. Naruto instantly started to do hand seals and three seconds before Kiba and his partners could hit him, he finished.

"Fuuton: Dai-Tasumaki jutus," (Wind style: Big Tornado Jutsu) Naruto called out a tornado emitted from his mouth at the three on coming vortexes of destruction. It wasn't much of a contest, Kiba, his partner, and his summon had lost a lot of momentum because of gravity. Where as Naruto's Jutsu was using Gravity and his massive chakra reserves. Kiba, Akamaru, and Shounen were blasted into down and out in a spiral patern, strait into the ground. Kiba and Akamaru hitting the ground hard, Shounen managed to return to his realm before he hit the ground. Naruto unfortunately was sent even higher by his jutsu, and at the rate he was falling he wouldn't be able to land without shattering his shins. As Naruto fell and gained more and more momentum, he did hand seals. "Fuuton: Daibokufu no jutsu," (Wind style: big explosion jutsu) Naruto barely put enough chakra into the jutsu to make it work, so it would slow his decent enough for him to land but not hurt Kiba again. Kiba was out cold along with Akamaru.

"Match to Uzumaki Naruto," Genma said to huge applause from the crowd. With that Naruto rushed to his teammate and dog, checking all of their vitals and running tow diagnostic jutsus to make sure he didn't do any permanent damage. To Naruto's surprise both of them were perfectly fine just unconscious, not even so much as a broken bone. Naruto took some smelling salts out of a small pocket in his pants and used it on Kiba and Akamaru. It didn't take long, for both to pretty much jump out of their unconsciousness.

"you did very well," Naruto said smiling at his teammate.

"Hell if I wasn't against you the first round I would have made it to the final match," Kiba said laughing, but then he started falling to one side, where Naruto caught his teammate.

"You did great, but you used up way too much chakra during this match," Naruto said disapprovingly.

"Hell I only have this one match to show off, what else was I supposed to do." Kiba said chuckling now.

"Lets get out of the way so the next match can get underway," Naruto said. Kiba nodded and started walking up to the viewing area Akamaru by his side walking just as slowly. "By the way how did you get Akamaru talking?"

"small speaker on his collar. I thought that would through you for a loop," Kiba said smiling.

"Uzumaki-san," Genma called out to Naruto, who turned to look at the proctor. "The Hokage wishes to speak with you,"

"Understood." Naruto said to Genma. " See you after I am done talking to the Hokage." Naruto used his shushin jutsu to appear about twenty feet away from the Hokage and the Kazekage. All of the gaurds around the kages were instantly on guard, but the Hokage waved them off.

"Hokage-sama, you wished to speak to me." Naruto said respectfully because they were infront of another kage.

"I wish for you too watch the next set of matches until your next opponent with me Naruto-kun," The Hokage said thinking, 'I would like to have Naruto's idea of who is ready to make Chuunin.'

'either something is wrong or he wants to know who I think is ready for chuunin,' Naruto thought. "Yes Hokage-sama."


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